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CNN Top Stories
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July 22, 2018

There are signs his office is prepared for a wind-down, but interviewing Trump still appears to be in his plan
With the recent criminal indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents, the special counsel's office made clear it has a treasure trove of information for its investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. What's less obvious is how long Robert Mueller will continue his ... click to read more

NYT reporter: Trump often tells the truth
CNN political analyst and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman discusses how President Trump operates with CNN's Brian Stelter, saying people shouldn't always look for underlying motives for Trump's actions. ... click to read more

US interpreter: Atrocious for us to testify
Former Russian interpreter for Ronald Reagan, Dimitry Zarechnak, details the exchange that goes on between two presidents and their interpreters during one-on-one meetings. ... click to read more

Carter Page calls surveillance warrant accusations 'so ridiculous'
President Donald Trump on Sunday accused the Justice Department and the FBI of misleading the courts, following the release of a previously classified foreign surveillance warrant application. ... click to read more

Ritz Crackers recalled over salmonella fears
US health officials are warning people to avoid certain foods due to ongoing unrelated outbreaks of intestinal infections caused by bacteria, viruses and even parasites lurking in some of our food. ... click to read more

Suspect in deadly Trader Joe's standoff held on $2 million bail
Los Angeles police identified the suspect in Saturday's deadly armed standoff at a Trader Joe's grocery store as Gene Evin Atkins. ... click to read more

Watch former Trump campaign adviser downplay his own words from 2013
CNN's Jake Tapper presses former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page on his Kremlin ties, referencing a 2013 letter from Page where he refers to himself as an "informal adviser" to the staff of the Kremlin. ... click to read more

Opinion: Is Trump a danger -- or just 'incompetent' and a 'buffoon'?
In The Boston Globe last week, distinguished scholar Andrew Bacevich put forth some strong criticism of President Donald Trump's opponents. He said he increasingly has come to believe that "Trump's election has induced a paranoid response, one that, unless curbed, may well pose a greater danger to ... click to read more

Fiat Chrysler CEO resigns after surgery complications
... click to read more

CVS apologizes after a pharmacist refused to fill a transgender woman's prescription
Hilde Hall says she went straight from her doctor's office in April to a CVS pharmacy in her Phoenix suburb, eager to fill her first hormone therapy prescription. ... click to read more

Former NFL head coach dies
... click to read more

Tour de France rider expelled after punching opponent
... click to read more

Source says duck boat victims weren't wearing life jackets when found
The 17 people who died in the duck boat tragedy last week in southwestern Missouri were not wearing life jackets when found, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN Sunday. ... click to read more

Dan Coats apologizes for reaction to Trump-Putin summit
Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats released a statement apologizing for his initial "awkward" response to the news about President Trump's plan for a second summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN's Sarah Westwood reports. ... click to read more

21 dead in Vietnam and 190,000 evacuated from Shanghai as extreme weather hits Asia
Extreme weather is striking parts of Asia with deadly flash-flooding in Vietnam, a tropical storm prompting evacuations and disrupting travel in China and an ongoing heat wave in Japan. ... click to read more

Alleged spy told Senate panel about backing from Russian billionaire
Maria Butina, the recently indicted Russian national accused of being an agent of Russia, told the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this year that Russian billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev had backed her financially, a source familiar with her testimony told CNN. ... click to read more

Women say train worker called them porn stars
A group of friends in Utah say a train employee harassed them after they went into the bathroom together. ... click to read more

Yankees fans boo pitcher off the mound
... click to read more

First Italian player wins major PGA tournament
... click to read more

Whoopi Goldberg kicks guest off 'The View'
Actress and host of "The View" Whoopi Goldberg got into a shouting match with Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro. ... click to read more

After racist tweets resurface, MLBer is cheered
... click to read more

Opinion: I would body-slam a groper, too
I was once a 21-year-old waitress like Emelia Holden from Savannah, Georgia. Had I possessed her confidence at that age, I too would have body-slammed a customer who groped me. As a college student waitressing my way through school in Kentucky, I worked at different restaurants over a few years, se... click to read more

Actress halts Comic-Con panel for this moment
At the San Diego Comic-Con a fan shared a story about a near-death experience and how Jamie Lee Curtis' character in the movie "Halloween" kept him alive. ... click to read more

Three-year-old injured in suspected acid attack
A three-year-old boy has been seriously injured in a suspected acid attack in a shop in the English city of Worcester, police said. ... click to read more

Umpires suspended for a crazy call
... click to read more

Analysis: Are we sliding back to the chaos of the 1930s?
US President Donald Trump swept through Europe like a hurricane. He asked why his country was obliged to defend its allies, carped about "unfair" trade practices, blasted the UK and Germany as weak on migration and suggested President Vladimir Putin was as credible as America's own intelligence age... click to read more

Video of Obama's dance moves goes viral
Former US President Barack Obama showed off his dance moves with his step-grandmother while visiting a youth center opened by his half-sister in Kogelo, Kenya. ... click to read more

Forget your 401k if you own a home (do this)
... click to read more

These two things changed the internet forever
... click to read more

Kids ruthlessly mock ancient cell phones
Today's kids are surrounded by technology, but can they figure out how to operate a simple 'dumbphone' from the 2000s? Watch "The 2000s" on Sundays at 9pm ET/PT ... click to read more

What the 2000s really looked like
... click to read more

The decade's most bizarre reality TV shows
It's the year 2000. There's no such thing as "American Idol" yet, and the Kardashian zeitgeist is still a distant dream. It will be years before the big hair and Brooklyn fades of the Jersey Shore generation infiltrate our country's beach houses and gym locker rooms. Housewives are still housewive... click to read more

Shutter shades? Flip phone? Which '00s fad could you not live without?
... click to read more

What's happening this week
You've probably seen those waving Japanese cat figures, right? Take a little trip to Tokyo to learn exactly how -- and why -- these trendy felines were created. And here's what else you need to know to Start Your Week Smart. (You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbo... click to read more

Is the era of easy money over?
... click to read more

A transatlantic trade war is brewing
... click to read more

Opinion: US and EU need a trade ceasefire
Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States. Modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, or PDB, which the director of national intelligence prepares for the President almost daily, my Presidentia... click to read more

See wave of garbage off the Dominican Republic
Video taken by "Parley for the Oceans" on July 14 shows a "dense garbage carpet" covering the water in Santo Domingo. ... click to read more

He just graduated from college at 11 and wants to be an astrophysicist
He can't vote. He's not even old enough to drive. But William Maillis already has a college degree. ... click to read more

New research finds a quadrillion tons of diamonds
As it turns out, diamonds in the Earth are much more common than we thought. About 1,000 times more common, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ... click to read more

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' reboot to feature African-American lead
Buffy lives. ... click to read more

Looking to buy your first home? Good luck with that
... click to read more

How to handle multiple saving goals
... click to read more

Experimental treatment uses modified stem cells to fight cancer
... click to read more

The GOP has one big problem in November
President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to lash out at someone. (I know, what's new?) While Trump's target, special counsel Robert Mueller, was familiar, Trump's line of attack was new. The President tweeted that the Mueller investigation "seems intent on damaging the Republican Party's chance... click to read more

Montenegro writer: Trump doesn't understand us
Imagine a country so small that the whole ski-in-the-morning, beach-in-the-afternoon thing is feasible. That's Montenegro, a country on the Balkan Peninsula, full of natural wonders and beauty and where people are known for their candor, enthusiasm and hospitality. ... click to read more

Haley, Kushner: Tell the truth about Hamas
The old cliché about turning around a battleship is true. It doesn't happen quickly. But something is happening at the United Nations that proves that changing course is possible, and it holds important lessons for how the world considers issues in the Middle East. ... click to read more

Why we should ditch the 'perfect woman' myth
... click to read more

Cupp: The champ of throwing shade at Trump is...
... click to read more

Forget your 401k if you own a home (Do This)
... click to read more

Japanese Billionaire's prediction will give you goosebumps
... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
... click to read more

Democratic governors set to take on the bigger names in 2020 race
A handful of Democratic governors are wading into the early stages of the 2020 presidential contest. ... click to read more

At RNC meeting, no one is sweating Trump-Putin summit
If President Donald Trump sparked a widespread backlash over his news conference beside Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland on Monday, one wouldn't have known it from the buoyant tone among Republican Party officials this week. ... click to read more

Worries linger after EPA changes coal ash rules
Concerns are rising for residents living near coal ash ponds after Andrew Wheeler, the acting administrator of the EPA, rolled back regulations on the storage of the toxic waste. CNN's Sanjay Gupta reports. ... click to read more

How Khizr Khan's American dream led him to battle with Trump
Not too long ago, voters in Maine and Alaska received a robocall from the man who owned the iconic moment of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. ... click to read more

Foodborne illness may be on the rise. Here's why
One child drank apple cider at a Connecticut farm, another a glass of juice during a road trip in Oregon; later, both were rushed to emergency rooms as they struggled for their lives. A middle-aged woman became sick more than a decade ago after enjoying a salad at a banquet hosted by a California h... click to read more

Liver disease deaths spike among young Americans
More Americans, especially young people, are dying of conditions related to liver cirrhosis, according to a new study. ... click to read more

Valsartan heart drug recall: 4 things to know
Several common drugs that contain valsartan, used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure, were recalled in the United States on Friday due to an "impurity" in the drug that poses a potential cancer risk. ... click to read more

The myth of the sunscreen pill
If you heard that a dietary supplement would "strengthen your skin's defenses against ultraviolet radiation," "defend your skin and eyes from sun damage" or act as "basically an oral sunscreen," would you think it was too good to be true? ... click to read more

Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water?
Good news: Sparkling water (including the flavored kind), which often helps with the taste fatigue some people experience with plain water, is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water. ... click to read more

'Mama Mia' sequel is a super trouper
At a moment where gloom feels pervasive in many quarters, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" rides a tide of joy, fun and mother-daughter bonding, again set to a jaunty array of ABBA tunes. This decade-later sequel also features a pair of natural assets -- the dazzling beauty of its island setting, and ... click to read more

Shondaland 2.0 arrives at Netflix
Shonda Rhimes's first batch of shows for Netflix will primarily be female-powered stories, several of which will be spearheaded by female creatives. ... click to read more

Denzel Washington's back in 'Equalizer 2'
A sequel to a movie based on a TV show is basically the ultimate commentary on Hollywood's infatuation with presold titles, but at least "The Equalizer 2" doesn't harbor many pretentions about its marching orders. Anchored by Denzel Washington's steely presence, it's a spare, brutal vigilante exerc... click to read more

Robin Williams remembered in new doc
The intimate bond that comedians forge with an audience makes their loss feel more intimate and personal. What remains somewhat mysterious -- and at times mystifying -- is the darker side of stand-up, which has contributed to the premature deaths of so many comedy stars. ... click to read more

The story behind those 'waving cats'
The maneki-neko goes by many names. ... click to read more

South America's poorest country an affordable gem
Calling out greetings in her Aymara language, a herdswoman limped as she approached our campsite, where we were sipping hot tea and stamping our feet against the morning chill. ... click to read more

Where to travel in the United States right now
Don't believe in bucket lists? This list of the 22 best places to visit in the United States may have you whipping out pen and paper or your favorite digital note-taking app so you can start one stat. ... click to read more

Meet Britain's real-life Iron Man
Richard Browning is ready for take off. He lights his engines, bends his knees, and the next minute he's ascending into the air. He hovers, defying gravity, before he begins to fly up and down an ordinary London street. ... click to read more

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