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CNN Top Stories
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July 16, 2018

Powerful GOP lawmakers are backing intelligence agencies after Trump's comments on election meddling
After President Donald Trump's stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress -- including some powerful Republicans -- were quick to rebuke Trump's performance on the world stage and Trump's refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election... click to read more

Rand Paul sides with Trump over US intel
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sides with President Trump following Trump's undercutting of US intelligence during a press conference with Russia's Vladimir Putin. ... click to read more

'How bad was that?' Trump aides question damage done
President Donald Trump hoped his hotly anticipated summit talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would amount to a triumphant television event. Instead, he returns to Washington facing sharp rebukes even from allies as his stunned aides wonder what went wrong. ... click to read more

Ex-Fox News analyst unloads: Trump licked Putin's boots
Retired Lt. Col. and former Fox analyst Ralph Peters gives his take on President Trump's performance today during his meeting and news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump's zero preparation, zero achievement summit
While this summit in Helsinki, Finland, may not go down in history alongside the moment Franklin D. Roosevelt gave away Eastern Europe to Joseph Stalin at Yalta, it has to rank as the lowest ever in modern times. It's the worst for all sorts of reasons: zero preparation, zero deliverables, zero und... click to read more

Trump: Putin was 'very, very strong'
President Donald Trump issued high praise of his Russian counterpart in an interview following his one-on-one with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. ... click to read more

Putin justifies DNC hack because information that came from it was true
Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to justify the hacking of Democrats because the information dispersed was true, after denying that Russia had interfered in the US 2016 presidential election. ... click to read more

Trump clashes with intelligence chief over Russian threat
Without consulting the White House, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats decided to reassert the intelligence community's assessment that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election Monday, publicly breaking with President Donald Trump, who earlier had expressed doubts about that finding over Rus... click to read more

NFL player helps save man from SUV that fell from fourth story of parking garage
... click to read more

Russian national charged as secret agent: 6 things the documents show
The Justice Department on Monday charged a Russian national, Mariia Butina, also known as Maria, with conspiring against the US as a secret agent. ... click to read more

Govt. shuts down website for doctors searching for treatment guidelines
After Monday, the website for the National Guideline Clearinghouse, which provides access to guidelines for practicing medicine, will no longer be available to its users -- mostly doctors -- due to a lack of funding, according to an announcement posted on the site in April. ... click to read more

Anderson Cooper defends calling Trump's actions 'disgraceful'
CNN's Anderson Cooper says he has never seen a US president "kowtow" to a Russian leader until President Donald Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland. ... click to read more

Analysis: 21 most disturbing lines from the Trump-Putin press conference
After meeting one-on-one for the better part of two hours in Helsinki, Finland, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin made statements and then took a handful of questions from reporters. It was some kind of, um, performance, from Trump as he sought to cast Russia's meddling in the 2016 electio... click to read more

Don Lemon: Trump went from alpha dog to lap dog
CNN's Don Lemon goes after President Trump after he publicly sided with Russia President Vladimir Putin who denies any involvement in the 2016 US election. ... click to read more

Opinion: How long can his war Cabinet tolerate Trump's farce?
How much longer can the foreign policy leaders in President Donald Trump's Cabinet stick by this President? ... click to read more

Analysis: Why Trump wanted alone time with Putin
President Donald Trump likes to be alone with his fellow world leaders (including the occasional despot) -- and he wanted some alone time with Russian President Vladimir Putin, too, when the two met for a summit in Helsinki on Monday. ... click to read more

See Putin's reaction to being confronted with Mueller indictment
Russia President Vladimir Putin denied that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, during an interview with Fox News. ... click to read more

Amazon Prime Day is marked by outages
... click to read more

Slugger wins HR Derby in front of D.C. crowd
... click to read more

These are the newest Final Four host cities
... click to read more

Time for NFL team to move on from $120M QB?
... click to read more

Watch 'firenado' turn into giant water spout
A couple in Blythe, California, filmed this wildfire along the Colorado River. The extreme heat from the wildfire created a vortex known as a firenado. As the firenado spun off across the water it turned into a water spout. ... click to read more

Apple shows off new iOS emojis
... click to read more

CVS worker calls cops over coupon
CVS has apologized after the manager of a store in Chicago called police on a black woman because he thought a coupon she tried to use at the pharmacy was fraudulent. ... click to read more

MLB star saw team lose 278 times in 3 years
... click to read more

Former NHL player dies at 35 while swimming
... click to read more

Child trapped in washing machine
Two parents are sending a warning to others with small children after their 3-year-old daughter got trapped in their washing machine as it filled with water. ... click to read more

Amazon Prime Day starts today! Shop top deals now
... click to read more

23 are injured when lava bomb hits Hawaii tour boat
A lava bomb hit a tour boat on Monday morning in Hawaii, injuring 12 people, the Hawaii County Fire Department said. ... click to read more

Lava creates tiny new island off Hawaii
Lava that's still flowing from the Kilauea volcano has now created a tiny new island off the coast of Hawaii. ... click to read more

Whirlwind of lava at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano
A whirlwind of lava was captured on video near Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. The spectacle is caused when "hot gases rise and punch through the cooler air above, to create a vertical column of hot air," according to the US Geological Survey. ... click to read more

Watch blue flames burn during Kilauea eruption
Blue flames rise from the ground as a result of methane gas seeping out of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano fissures. ... click to read more

Child-killer taunted investigators for 30 years. DNA ends the mystery.
For three decades, the abduction, rape and murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley in April 1988 had frustrated Indiana investigators. ... click to read more

Chewing gum, a bottle of water and new DNA technology may have solved teacher's murder
Investigators knew his name. Now they needed his DNA. ... click to read more

Georgia cold case suspects allegedly bragged about crime for years
Witnesses say the suspects in the 1983 killing of a black man allegedly bragged about the crime for years, according to the testimony of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent at a probable cause hearing on Thursday. ... click to read more

Showtime refutes Palin's claim that Cohen posed as disabled vet
Showtime says comedian Sacha Baron Cohen did not claim to be a disabled veteran to secure any interview subjects for his series "Who Is America," despite claims from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the contrary. ... click to read more

Woman who survived 7 days after SUV plunged off cliff shares her story
Angela Hernandez survived on her own for seven days after her SUV plunged off an oceanside cliff in Big Sur, California. Two days after she was found by two surfers, she described her ordeal in detail in a Facebook post. ... click to read more

Trump throws Putin's gift to Melania
During a press conference following their summit, President Donald Trump received a World Cup soccer ball as a ceremonial gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin and tossed it to first lady Melania Trump. ... click to read more

Why oil prices are suddenly tanking
... click to read more

Why Bank of America branches are disappearing
... click to read more

Wall Street's $6.3 trillion man is worried about a trade war
... click to read more

The best stock this year isn't Netflix. It's...
... click to read more

Trump deals a shocking blow to US intelligence agencies
At FBI field offices and CIA stations around the world, our nation's intelligence professionals turned on their televisions Monday and witnessed their own commander in chief take to the airwaves and completely undermine their work. ... click to read more

Clinton was right about Trump being Putin's puppet
On the heels of the World Cup final and the eve of Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, Finland, Hillary Clinton took a jab at her former presidential campaign rival. ... click to read more

Stop worshipping guys like Elon Musk
The ancient Greeks had a great story about the dangers of overconfidence. Remember Icarus from eighth-grade Greek mythology? He flew too close to the sun, fell from the sky, and drowned. The moral of the story: Don't get too cocky. ... click to read more

Trump: A profile in cowardice
Confronted with a true alpha male in Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump -- who likes to talk tough -- turned into a fawning beta in Helsinki, Finland, abandoning American interests in favor of appeasing the man who allegedly attacked the integrity of the 2016 presidential elec... click to read more

Why young royals snubbed Trump
... click to read more

Trump is no longer leader of the free world
Since the Second World War -- spanning 14 US presidents, Republican and Democratic -- the occupant of the Oval Office has been referred to as "the leader of the free world." Until now. ... click to read more

Forget your 401k if you own a home (Do This)
... click to read more

Save up to $75: Arlington (TX) hotel stays with Six Flags tickets
... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
... click to read more

Maryland election contractor has ties to Russian oligarch
Maryland elected officials are sounding off about an FBI tip that a third-party company contracted for elections has ties to a Russian oligarch, officials said on Monday. ... click to read more

Corker: Putin gained a tremendous amount today
Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said that Russian President Vladimir Putin gained a "tremendous amount" today and was probably eating caviar on the plane home from his meeting with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland. ... click to read more

Putin denies Russia interfered in US elections
Speaking at a joint press conference with President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin denies Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election. ... click to read more

How one Indian state is leading the way for transgender rights
The southern Indian state of Kerala announced this month that it would reserve places for transgender students in the state's higher education institutions, a move aimed at easing their stigmatization. ... click to read more

What to ask when your child wants to use social media
After months of asking, you took the plunge, and now your kid has a phone. Inevitably, soon after the smartphone comes social media (insert parental scream). For most parents, social media feels scary when they think about their kids using it. Why is it such a potential pit of despair for parents? ... click to read more

$4.69 billion verdict against J&J talcum powder
After 8 hours of deliberations Thursday, a St. Louis jury awarded $4.69 billion to 22 women who sued pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson alleging their ovarian cancer was caused by using its powder as a part of their daily feminine hygiene routine. ... click to read more

FDA approves first drug to treat smallpox
The US Food and Drug Administration announced Friday its approval of the first drug to treat smallpox. ... click to read more

The final season 'UnREAL' is here
Good news and bad news. ... click to read more

Blake Shelton blames alcohol for stage fall
Blake Shelton has no shame in his falling game. ... click to read more

Luann de Lesseps returns to rehab
Luann de Lesseps has returned to rehab. ... click to read more

Kate Upton is pregnant
It's a baby home run for Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. ... click to read more

Taylor Swift 'third wheel' in proposal
Their "Love Story" started at a Taylor Swift concert so it just made sense that they would get engaged there. ... click to read more

Serious shortage of airline pilots in US
The national security of the United States relies on a healthy airline industry. That requires modern reliable airplanes -- and highly skilled pilots to operate them. ... click to read more

Five guys, same photo, every five years
Five friends have been snapping the same photo in the same pose on the same cabin bench every five years for the past 35 years. ... click to read more

Biltmore estate is America's 'Downton'
Standing on tall ladders, two workers place pieces of brightly colored glass onto a tree-like structure in the middle of a manicured garden at Biltmore. ... click to read more

Crazy rainbow lake suddenly appears in desert
... click to read more

This Mexican town once banned kissing
... click to read more

Today's the day! Shop Amazon Prime Day 2018 now
... click to read more

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