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All About Food
home : home & lifestyle : all about food
October 1, 2020

3 truths about the glycemic index from a registered dietitian
(BPT) - It is recommended by nutrition experts that fruits and vegetables should be part of everyone's daily eating pattern. However, only one in 10 Americans meets the recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Confusion around the Glycemic I... click to read more

3 ways to embrace me-time this fall
(BPT) - Fall is officially here, and with it comes the opportunity to hit the reset button on busy schedules and remind yourself to take a moment to relax and recharge with some 'me-time.'Whether you're taking time to celebrate a small win from your day or simply need a break from your daily routin... click to read more

3 ways being a label reader helps protect people and the planet
(BPT) - We've all seen people reading the labels of food, beverage and supplement packaging to look at the ingredients and nutrition facts - chances are you have, too. More than ever, shoppers are looking at labels to make sure products match up with their values, whether it's protecting people or ... click to read more

Halloween 2020 is on: Guidelines to celebrate in a safe and fun way
(BPT) - Every year, you count down the days until Halloween. You love selecting costumes for your whole family, indulging in all your favorite treats and celebrating with friends. But this year is different - while you long to celebrate the holiday to the fullest, you also want to make choices to k... click to read more

Global flavors for your weeknight meals
(BPT) - What turns a recipe into a weeknight favorite? How about something easy and packed with flavor that can be made partly in advance? Add excitement by exploring cuisines like those of North Africa, with flavor contrasts of spicy, sweet and tart. The following recipes use grapes as a fresh acc... click to read more

5 surprising facts about beef and sustainability
(BPT) - Beef is a staple in cuisines worldwide, valued for its flavor and nutrition. However, recent conversations about sustainability and the beef industry's commitment to continued improvement have led to research on the issue - which has only served to demonstrate that the beef industry does in... click to read more

Rice: Fact vs. Fiction [Infographic]
(BPT) - There's a lot to know about rice, from what makes it delicious to its health benefits. However, sometimes what's out there isn't always accurate. Read below as RiceSelect separates fact from fiction about the world's most popular grain.For more information, find RiceSelect on Instagram or F... click to read more

6 bucket list items to check off without leaving home
(BPT) - It may be a while before you can see the sights in France or climb Mount Fuji in Japan. But even if your bucket list is dominated by world travel and adventure, that doesn't mean you have to give up on it altogether. Instead, think outside the box, or the bucket in this case. You may be sur... click to read more

Goldfish Crackers Celebrates National Family Day with Exclusive Giveaway
(BPT) - According to a new research study, Goldfish crackers uncovered that 91% of Americans who live with or visit children regularly feel that they would like to spend even more quality time with their family than they currently do! To encourage these family moments, Goldfish will release a one-o... click to read more

Tired of takeout? Make your favorites at home instead
(BPT) - When you're short on time and the family's hungry, it's all too tempting - and too easy - to fall back on takeout. But the truth is, you can probably save yourself a trip by making those same takeout items at home. With some simple planning and the right ingredients, you'll be able to whip ... click to read more

Free TV and other low-cost activities to cure boredom at home
(BPT) - Social distance, remote work and shelter in place orders continue. As seasons change, the dropping temperatures drive more people indoors as well. Now that you're spending more time at home, what can you do to make the most of it? Many people want to find fun at-home activities that are bud... click to read more

Survey Finds Breaks Help Prevent Work-From-Home Burnout [Infographic]
(BPT) - Today, EPIC Provisions unveiled the results of a national survey it conducted to understand how Americans are faring in the new work-from-home environment that is dominating 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it's no surprise that two-thirds (66%) of work from homers (WFHers) are feel... click to read more

New study on heart health: Get more omega-3s
(BPT) - If you're trying to improve your heart health, chances are you're doing things like moving more and eating better. Making sure your diet delivers heart-healthy nutrients, including healthy fats, is a smart strategy. A new study from Mayo Clinic Proceedings provides more evidence on why cert... click to read more

Raise A Glass to Farmers in Need this September
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

How to beat “Blursday”
(BPT) - Wondering how to beat Blursday and keep your days straight?The feel-good food experts at Kellogg's® Special K® tapped into the power of Twitter conversations to discover which flavors are talked about and when.Inspired by these delicious discussions, we've designed a Blursda... click to read more

Americans want a community garden now more than ever [Infographic]
(BPT) - Over the last few months, we've grown together as neighbors, and grown to realize the importance of our local communities - especially community farms and gardens that not only serve as a source of fresh, sustainable produce, but as a place to connect. A recent survey by Pure Farmland uncov... click to read more

Unlock nostalgia on your favorite music and podcast streaming app
(BPT) - There's something about songs and stories that have the power to stick with us through the years. There are certain tracks that make us feel good no matter how many times we listen, and certain conversations that we can't seem to get out of our heads.Lady Gaga might remind you of that summe... click to read more

5 simple tips to make family meals count
(BPT) - While coordinating regular family meals can sometimes be challenging, the benefits of spending time around the table with loved ones are definitely worth the extra effort. Family meals not only help strengthen relationship bonds, but can also be linked to higher self-esteem, positive social... click to read more

The benefits of biking for kids
(BPT) - For kids, biking is one of the gateways to growing up. Popular films and TV hits such as 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' and 'Stranger Things' highlight the joy a bike can bring as a fun way to explore or spend time kicking around the neighborhood. Yet, according to a study from the Outdoor In... click to read more

Expert tips and tricks you need to know to make every brunch your best brunch
(BPT) - For many, regular brunch gatherings may have fallen by the wayside in recent months. With the changing of seasons, it's time to bring brunch back to create warm memories as the weather cools. If your go-to brunch plans are no longer possible, start thinking about creating a new routine and ... click to read more

Beyond pumpkin spice: How to spruce up fall snacks
(BPT) - When fall arrives, a whole new array of taste possibilities opens up for snacking and entertaining. But if you're tired of the same old pumpkin spice everything, why not try something new? Offer friends and family a bold new chip flavor that brings out the best in seasonal favorites - and i... click to read more

How to help your student upgrade their college experience with Amazon Prime Student
(BPT) - Now that summer is behind us and the new school year is finally here, students are preparing for an untraditional year. Whether students are heading back to campus, attending the semester virtually or anything in between, Amazon has a great deal to help them out - Prime Student.Prime Studen... click to read more

Kid-Friendly, Plant-Based Recipes Help Make Mealtime Less Stressful for All
(BPT) - It's no secret that this time of year looks different than in years past. For many families, the differences lie heavily in this year's 'back to school' season. Whether kids are learning virtually, attending classes in person or a mix of both, it's poised to be a challenging time for both k... click to read more

Pro tips for leveling up your battlestation
(BPT) - Whether you're an avid or casual PC gamer, chances are you could improve your gameplay set-up. Most people develop their gaming station gradually, over time. The result? A hodgepodge of equipment and furniture that often falls short. The more you play, the more you may notice your set-up is... click to read more

Tips to make the most of more time at home this fall
(BPT) - Between social distancing, quarantine, remote working and distance learning, it's likely you're at home more than you've ever been before. Add to this the change of seasons and dropping temperatures for the remainder of 2020 in most places across the country, and most families will be spend... click to read more

The Makings of a Classic Cocktail [Infographic]
(BPT) - Nothing beats a classic! Now is the time to master the art of cocktail making and show your friends what you are made of. Think of Cointreau as your guiding light.... click to read more

How moms really feel about navigating the pandemic and discovering silver linings
(BPT) - They've become teachers overnight. They go beyond kissing the occasional bump to now being on-call nurses. They've learned new skills to serve as coaches and mentors. Moms' roles have evolved tremendously during the global pandemic as they're stepping up to meet new challenges and support t... click to read more

By The Grill Cocktails [Infographic]
(BPT) - Calling all grill masters! Cointreau is taking The Original Margarita and heating things up a bit. That's right, we want you to grill your next Margarita, from watermelon to peaches. Let's mix the sweet and smokey and have some summer fun!... click to read more

3 simple ways to show love to kids during a unique back-to-school season
(BPT) - The butterflies in your stomach. The wonder in your eyes. The questions on your mind. You probably remember the mix of emotions at the start of a new school year. From nervousness to excitement - and everything in between - it's emotional for students of all ages.This back-to-school season ... click to read more

Hungry for entertainment? Blockbuster films available for free [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

5 Ways to Savor the Last Moments of Summer
(BPT) - Each year, families all over the U.S. look forward to summer as a time when they can be with one another and enjoy the longer days of sunshine.As the weather slowly cools, you might feel a sense of longing for the early days of summer. However, it's not too late to enjoy the last golden mom... click to read more

3 ways to break out of your echo chamber this election season
(BPT) - At a time when the nation is more divided than ever over politics, race and whether to wear a face mask, the opinion of one side is often not just opposed to that of the other side but incomprehensible.Living in separate digital spheres as well as different areas of the country, the two hal... click to read more

4 options for an ideal outdoor space: Pick the one that’s right for you
(BPT) - If you dream of the perfect outdoor living space for relaxing with a good book in the shade, entertaining family in your outdoor kitchen, playing with the kids in the sunshine - or just breathing in the sights and sounds of nature in your own personal oasis - here are some tips to help kick... click to read more

Making Everyday Meals that Connect to Your Hispanic Heritage
(BPT) - Across the U.S., over half of consumers have reported cooking at home more often during the pandemic and 49% of consumers have reported eating together as a family more often due to COVID-19.1 In turn, Google searches for 'online cooking classes' have increased fivefold2 and 'cook with me' ... click to read more

3 ways to boost eye health amid virtual learning
(BPT) - Whether students are attending class in person, virtually or a hybrid version of both, there's one thing everyone has in common: a lot more education will be happening digitally. Screens are a valuable tool in education, but they also can have health implications, including stress on the ey... click to read more

Financial expert reveals top grocery store savings tips
(BPT) - Now more than ever, parents are struggling to provide for their families during these uncertain and challenging times. A recent survey conducted by the Brookings Institution finds 1 in 5 young children in the U.S. are not getting enough food during this pandemic, and food insecurity is risi... click to read more

The connection between protein and exercising
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

Tips for easy backyard barbecues
(BPT) - Summer may look different this year, but you can get family or a small group of friends outside for a BBQ, even while social distancing. Not only does the food taste better on the barbecue, but getting outside is also the perfect way to relieve your cabin fever.Here are some tips to make yo... click to read more

Back-to-School Moments When Kids Need Extra Love [Infographic]
(BPT) - This back-to-school season is not in any lesson plan. From children spending time away from home to parents moonlighting as teachers and coaches, everyone needs a little more love right now. A national survey by Rice Krispies Treats with real parents and kids uncovered the key moments when ... click to read more

Fall family meal guide for a healthy, happy kitchen! [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

Immunity Boost or Bust [Infographic]
(BPT) - Debunking the facts vs. fiction for optimal ways to boost immunity!... click to read more

Back to school: How to set up your kids for success in 2020
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

Little-known facts about a 40-year-old potato chip favorite
(BPT) - Potato chips continue to hold the number one spot in the hearts of families from coast to coast as the quintessential snack of choice. Whether they're being enjoyed from the comfort of your own home during a family get-together or at a backyard barbecue, the crunchy, salty snack always find... click to read more

Garden to glass: Fresh summer cocktails to make at home
(BPT) - Nothing says summer better than sipping a fresh, seasonal cocktail while you relax with family or a few friends. And what do you need to craft the perfect warm-weather cocktail? Follow two simple steps:1. Select the perfect foundationStart with a versatile base spirit that can serve as the ... click to read more

How to start the best back-to-school routines
(BPT) - Back-to-school time can be exciting for kids, but it can also be a challenging transition for the whole family. This fall, whether your kids are back in the classroom or participating in remote e-learning, it helps to develop a routine that works - and then stick to it. In fact, trying out ... click to read more

Take advantage of breakfast as a key family moment
(BPT) - According to a recent survey commissioned by General Mills' Big G cereals, 70% of parents say the biggest morning challenge is to sit down and have breakfast as a family.[1] However, with the pandemic shaking up the usual morning routines, 73% of parents with school-aged children now report... click to read more

Tips to create the ultimate backyard movie night
(BPT) - Backyard movie nights are trending in summer 2020. Whether you want a romantic evening with your partner, a fun family activity for all ages or a memorable event with friends, backyard movie nights are a great option that can be planned again and again.To create the ultimate movie night, yo... click to read more

Make your BBQ extra tasty with these 7 bean sides
(BPT) - If you're planning a family BBQ or hosting a socially distanced outdoor party, you may be searching for new ways to bring pizzazz to your sides. Look no further than beans, the versatile and healthy legumes that are an essential ingredient for a wide range of tasty dishes, from salads to ba... click to read more

Let’s Go On A Tropical Escape [Infographic]
(BPT) - Whether you are venturing to a remote island or planning your own staycation, you can still escape with new tropical-inspired cocktail recipes from Cointreau. Your next tropical escape is only as far as your home bar cart!... click to read more

From Garden to Glass: Three Steps to Fresh, Seasonal Cocktails [Infographic]
(BPT) - The Botanist Gin provides three simple steps to hone your cocktail making skills for creating refreshing summer sips.... click to read more

Let’s Chill with Frozen Margaritas [Infographic]
(BPT) - We took the country's most popular cocktail - The Original Margarita - and went below zero! The Original Margarita you know and love is now frozen. Be sure to try some of the fruity twists for an added burst of flavor.... click to read more

Great grilling ideas for easy home-cooked meals
(BPT) - Any summer day is the perfect day to fire up the grill. Simple or elaborate, gas or charcoal - any type of grill can impart flavors and textures that make home-cooked meals extra special. No need to cook indoors and heat up the kitchen when the outdoor grill is ready to go.Enjoy outdoor rec... click to read more

10 creative ways to celebrate friendship while social distancing
(BPT) - Being apart from your friends is hard, especially for kids who can't spend time with their favorite people. With a little thought and creativity, you can make the most of your time with friends even while social distancing. Try some of these inspiring ideas to stay connected to loved ones n... click to read more

Cooking rut? These 10 easy ideas inspire instant creativity in the kitchen
(BPT) - Due to quarantine and social distancing measures, Americans have found themselves cooking more at home than ever before. However, after creating some of the same meals week after week, many are starting to lack inspiration and hitting a home-cooking rut. To shake things up in the kitchen, c... click to read more

Unbox the best of summer with Cheez-It and House Wine pairings. [Infographic]
(BPT) - ... click to read more

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cheese Board
(BPT) - If you have a love for the art of cheese boards, you're certainly not alone. But if you sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut making the same old spread, well you're not alone there either. This Saturday, July 25, is National Wine and Cheese Day, and to celebrate, Pretzel Crisps® i... click to read more

Give Your Daily Routine a Boost of Energy with Kerri Walsh Jennings’ Tried-and-True Recipes
(BPT) - Looking for healthy snacks to revamp your daily routine and help maintain your energy levels? These plant-based recipes from renowned Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings will keep you and your loved ones fueled and feeling good.With the 2020 Olympics postponed until next year, Kerri has had to ad... click to read more

The bottled water industry is transforming using sustainable practices and rPET materials
(BPT) - There's nothing better than grabbing a bottle of cold, refreshing water to quench your thirst. While its convenience can't be argued, bottled water isn't often considered a sustainable choice. But the industry is changing and one company is spearheading multiple initiatives to ensure bottle... click to read more

5 Simple Ways to Dig into a More Plant-Based Diet
(BPT) - If you're considering a more veggie-forward diet or have incorporated a plant-based approach to meal planning in recent years, you're not alone. According to an OnePoll study, one-third of Americans now consider themselves 'flexitarians' and more than half of Americans are currently trying ... click to read more

Superhero moms: Multitasking mavens amid the pandemic [Infographic]
(BPT) - Today's moms are real-life superheroes. Check out some statistics that show how these multitasking mavens are dealing with the pandemic, as well as a savvy suggestion for simplifying each day.... click to read more

6 cherry-licious health benefits to preserve year-round
(BPT) - It's hard to beat summertime and its boon of fresh produce harvested at the peak of flavor, from farm-fresh vegetables to sun-ripened superfruits like sweet cherries. A surge in sweet cherry research in recent years has uncovered six health-promoting benefits packed into these snackable tre... click to read more

Benefits to creating tasty meals with your family
(BPT) - Cooking at home is not just about getting dinner on the table. Creating meals together benefits your family in many ways, well beyond helping ensure everyone in the household likes what they eat.Here are five reasons to involve your children in meal prep.1. Kids learn a lotIt's amazing how ... click to read more

RD-Approved Coconut Crepe Recipe [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

How the right kind of sugar makes all the difference
(BPT) - Everyone is becoming more health conscious today, and that means people are paying closer attention to what they are eating throughout the day - from items that are bought at the store to food that's made at home. The hard part for consumers is interpreting food labels, especially when it c... click to read more

RDN shares top 5 immune boosting foods
(BPT) - The food choices you make can help you feel more energized and focused, but what some people may not realize is they also have a profound impact on your immune system. Incorporating certain foods into your diet can boost your immunity and help you feel your best."In today's uncertain times,... click to read more

Making memories: 4 fun, simple summer outings for your whole family
(BPT) - Summer is a time for making family memories, and that doesn't need to be different this season even if some of the destinations on your agenda are now inaccessible due to social distancing guidelines.Fortunately, there's plenty of fun, joy and activity to be had this summer while still foll... click to read more

5 time-saving tips for faster cleanup this summer
(BPT) - With summer in full swing, backyards are the ultimate oasis for warm-weather traditions like grilling or enjoying frozen treats and ice-cold drinks on the patio. And after months distanced from friends, family and colleagues at home, the need to physically distance from chores and get outsi... click to read more

Now available: A happy little show that helped the world find 'The Joy of Painting'
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

6 Fun Facts About How People Are Snacking in Summer 2020
(BPT) - The majority of Americans (86%) agree that summer will look different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the latest U.S. Snack Index from Frito-Lay, which looked at how consumers are snacking this summer.The U.S. Snack Index found that indulging in favorite snacks can hel... click to read more

Simple ideas for celebrating every day virtually
(BPT) - For most people, 2020 is a year of change. Remote work, social distancing and more have challenged people to find new ways to connect with each other. Fortunately, humans are resilient and their spirit for finding innovative ways to connect is alive and well.Even as the country reopens, man... click to read more

How to have dip for dinner [Infographic]
(BPT) - Sometimes pulling together an elaborate meal is just out of the question. When dinnertime approaches and there's nothing in the fridge except a few basic ingredients, there's no better time to break out a box of Town House® crackers and create endless possibilities with your favorit... click to read more

From fun themes to top technology: Here's what you need for an epic backyard movie night
(BPT) - Canceled camps, postponed trips, closed pools and more - summer 2020 is shaping up to be very different for families across the country. While you may not be able to do some activities, that doesn't mean you can't make lasting memories while enjoying time together. You just have to think cr... click to read more

Staying home? 5 tips for creating a comforting outdoor retreat
(BPT) - -As Americans stay home this summer, they're looking for ways to spend time enjoying their outdoor spaces with family and friends.In challenging times, the private retreats you create in and around your home can be a substantial source of calm and comfort. Ideally, your home should be relax... click to read more

3 tips to create a deliciously hearty ‘dip for dinner’
(BPT) - First, it was breakfast foods for supper. Then, it was grilled chicken in breakfast sandwiches. Now, the next mealtime frontier is 'dip for dinner.'Make dinnertime hassle-free and adventurous by scooping a layer of flavorful goodness onto Town House® Dippers, a new cracker that won'... click to read more

Demystifying the Martini: How to make the classic cocktail at home [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... click to read more

Brighten summertime dishes with fresh grapes
(BPT) - Warmer weather is finally here, and that means more daylight for activities of all types and ideally more time for relaxation. Whether family members choose to spend their time playing outside, tackling home projects or getting creative with crafts, it's easy to work up an appetite for tast... click to read more

Social Sessions & Meals Missed Most During Social Distancing [Infographic]
(BPT) - Inspired by how social distancing has driven Americans to find new ways to stay connected with loved ones and their desires to keep mealtime exciting, Cacique, Inc. - one of the country's top authentic Mexican food brands - recently uncovered the meals and social events Americans are most a... click to read more

Demystifying the martini: 4 steps for perfecting the classic cocktail
(BPT) - With all its many styles, variations and forms, the martini continues to be a mainstay among Americans. In fact, the wildly popular martini is the second best-selling cocktail nationwide, according to Nielsen.While the exact origin may be disputed, it is believed that the first martini was ... click to read more

Sweet relief! 4 reasons to reach for fresh cherries when coping with stress
(BPT) - Stress is a common part of anyone's life, and individuals have long sought natural remedies to alleviate it. Surveys have shown that Americans are turning to plant-based diets for reasons such as improving overall well-being and mood, and with good reason. Many fruits and vegetables contain... click to read more

The power of pistachios [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

How to Make the Most of Summer Holidays This Year
(BPT) - While traditions may be a bit different this summer, some things can still remain the same. Finding new ways to celebrate our favorite summer holidays make for a great opportunity to reunite with small groups of friends and family members - safely. With a little thought and creativity, holi... click to read more

Beyond the cob: 5 sweet corn recipes for summer
(BPT) - Sweet corn season is here and every summer we can't wait to sink our teeth into those fresh, juicy kernels. Whether hot on the cob or frozen into ice cream, there's no better way to celebrate National Corn on the Cob Day (June 11th) than with these twists on classic corn recipes.Not surpris... click to read more

Food waste is bananas – here’s how you can help! [Infographic]
(BPT) - Global warming hurts everyone and we have no time to monkey around about solutions. Luckily, there's something easy we can all do to help: reduce food waste! Small consumption modifications and changes in habits can make a world of difference.Don't worry, we broke down the facts of this ser... click to read more

Affordable and thoughtful options to celebrate while staying safe at home
(BPT) - Summertime is full of celebrations including Father's Day, graduations, celebratory holidays and other important milestones where people typically gather to show love and support. However, this year those traditional celebrations might look a little different. The good news is that doesn't ... click to read more

4 reasons to support your local bakery this summer
(BPT) - COVID-19 has sent many businesses into a tailspin. According to a recent study, more than 100,000 small businesses have closed since the beginning of the pandemic. For those businesses able to reopen, it's usually for limited hours with limited offerings, which dramatically cuts profit. Unl... click to read more

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