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Travel Info
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January 30, 2023

Looking for affordable family-friendly travel? Meet Rapid City, a 10 park and national monument destination
(BPT) - It's easy to catch a case of cabin fever during the dreary winter and spring months. A sure cure: A vacation with the entire family to experience the extraordinary and make lifelong memories. One destination that offers endless potential with access to 10 different national parks, state par... click to read more

Visit Arkansas: Explore 5 destinations along the Civil Rights Trail
(BPT) - The U.S. Civil Rights Trail, which now celebrates its fifth anniversary, has more than 100 locations across 15 states that follow the battle for civil rights over the years. In Arkansas, most of the locations on the trail can be found within ten minutes of one another in downtown Little Roc... click to read more

5 Unique Experiences for a Wonderful Winter Weekend in San Jose, California
(BPT) - When winter descends and days become darker, travel to a sun-filled destination can keep your spirits high and ward off winter's chill. One of the sunniest states in the U.S., California, has long been a beacon to travelers seeking an escape, and perhaps one of its most hidden gems is San J... click to read more

How the gears shift between generations of drivers
(BPT) - From younger drivers blasting music, to older drivers with their hands on 'ten' and 'two,' it's no secret that with each new generation comes a shift in values, beliefs and opinions. Those generational differences shape everything from travel plans to spending habits.With Gen Z being the la... click to read more

Destination Kohler: 7 ways to enjoy a Midwest winter wonderland
(BPT) - Winter is a great time to take a trip and get away from it all while still enjoying the hallmarks of the season. If you're looking for a place to relax and indulge yourself, consider Destination Kohler.Located just two hours from Chicago and within an hour's driving distance from two Wiscon... click to read more

Road risks: How small-business owners help keep their fleet drivers safe
(BPT) - You depend on a few drivers to keep your small business thriving. You trust your drivers, but you're realistic. You know the road poses risks, especially in the form of distracted drivers. You worry that one accident could impact your business, not to mention potentially injuring an employe... click to read more

Top 5 great reasons to visit Guadalajara
(BPT) - Travelers in search of a destination rich in tradition with exciting culinary, art and nightlife experiences will fall in love with Guadalajara, Mexico. The second-largest city in Mexico is considered the country's cultural capital as the birthplace of iconic mariachi, tequila and charreria... click to read more

Gout causing winter woes? 5 ways to manage the condition
(BPT) - Many people love to travel, celebrate and indulge in favorite foods during the winter months. However, overdoing it can have a big impact on your health, especially if you have a chronic condition like gout.Think gout is uncommon? Think again. Gout is the most common form of inflammatory ar... click to read more

Are your tires ready for holiday travel? Here are some helpful tips
(BPT) - There's nothing more magical than a journey to visit loved ones during the holiday season. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most treacherous times of year to drive.If you want to be ready for wintry roads, four-wheel drive and skilled driving aren't enough. It's vital to ride on the righ... click to read more

These Travel Destinations Are Perfect for Your Getaway in 2023
(BPT) - Heading into a new year is the perfect time to decide on 2023 travel plans. With so many places to see, both close to home and abroad, it can be hard to choose. To help, here is a short list of the best travel destinations for next year. With the right tools, you could check more than one t... click to read more

Explore Virginia’s Richmond Region for a curated floating holiday
(BPT) - Wondering how to spend a floating holiday? Richmond, Virginia, has you covered. For a quick getaway, Richmond Region Tourism offers ready-made itineraries for four 'floating holidays,' featuring great activities to please just about anyone."Richmond visitors deserve to celebrate special day... click to read more

Hidden gems in Honduras offer something for every type of traveler
(BPT) - Does winter in the Northern Hemisphere have you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Honduras, coincidentally, is at its peak dry season from December to April. If you're looking to escape the cold for a warm-weather destination offering unique, affordable, one-of-a-kind experiences for divers,... click to read more

Looking for a getaway? 5 reasons you should consider a European river cruise
(BPT) - Are you making travel plans for the upcoming year? You're not alone. According to TravelPulse, 41% of Americans plan to spend a lot more on leisure travel next year and two-thirds plan to travel before the end of 2023.When choosing a travel experience, there are many details to consider. Wh... click to read more

It's the most wonderful (read: stressful) time of the year: A look at how Americans are feeling this holiday season
(BPT) - Are you excited about the holiday season or are you dreading it? While this time of year can be filled with cheer and joy, it can also be incredibly overwhelming. In fact, 2 in 3 Americans are stressed about this holiday season.What exactly are they stressing about? Their budgets, according... click to read more

Myrtle Beach welcomes visitors to create holiday traditions at The Beach this season
(BPT) - Looking for exciting new ways to celebrate the holidays this year? Why not think outside the gift box and head to The Beach. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you and your family can start a memorable new tradition that will take your holidays from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho!For the young and young ... click to read more

3 ways to enjoy your next road trip without breaking the bank
(BPT) - Whether you're planning a quick weekend getaway or an amazing fall adventure, you know that every aspect of your journey could put a serious dent in your wallet these days. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to help make your trip less costly - as well as safer and more c... click to read more

5 tips for keeping your pet comfortable during holiday travel
(BPT) - As the seasons begin to change, the time to start planning your holiday travel is now. While you write out a packing list, map out your routes, and decide what dish you'll bring to Thanksgiving dinner, don't forget to also think about your furry family member and how to make travel easier f... click to read more

Top 6 Things Northwest Arkansas Wants You to Know About the Region
(BPT) - Rated as one of the best places to live in the country, the region is inviting travelers from all over to see what makes this corner of the Heartland a great place to explore. OZ Brands is so excited about sharing Northwest Arkansas' treasures with the rest of the country that they recently... click to read more

4 ways to gift experiences that make more memories this holiday season
(BPT) - The holidays are approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. Gift-giving can be tricky, especially if it's not your strength. Finding the perfect gift that will thrill in the moment and last past the holiday season can be frustrating.Instead of gift... click to read more

Looking for a hidden gem for your next winter getaway? Meet Rapid City, South Dakota
(BPT) - If you love winter, there's a vacation destination you'd find amazing that you may have overlooked: Rapid City. You may think of South Dakota as the perfect summer locale, with its famed national parks and monuments, but Rapid City is an ideal vacation spot for winter events and activities.... click to read more

Top 6 Reasons Northwest Arkansas is the Place to Be
(BPT) - Rated as one of the best places to live in the country, the region is already emerging as a popular choice for travelers seeking outstanding vacation experiences, and is quickly standing out as appealing relocation places to remote workers.Below are some of the top reasons NWA should be on ... click to read more

Top 5 Premium Credit Card Hacks to Save BIG on Airline Travel
(BPT) - The world is slowly but surely returning to normal after two long years of a global pandemic, and it's clear that people are prioritizing travel like never before. As any avid traveler will tell you, the only thing better than planning a trip is finding new ways to save money while doing it... click to read more

Travel Expert-Approved Tips for Planning Your Next Low Stress, Social Media-Worthy Vacation [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

Come early and stay late for the 2024 eclipse in Arkansas
(BPT) - Whether you're an astronomy buff or want a unique vacation experience, head to Arkansas for the 2024 Great North American Eclipse April 8, 2024. Two-thirds of the state, from southwest to northeast corners, will be located within the path of totality, which - in locations closest to the cen... click to read more

Why your next car will probably be electric
(BPT) - Love them, hate them, or don't really care, electric vehicles are beginning to take over transportation conversations and roadways, and soon, boats and planes. Already, there were 16.5 million electric cars on the road worldwide in 2021, three times more than in 2018, according to S&P G... click to read more

Fall Travel Fun Has Just Begun! [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... click to read more

History and military buffs: Access once top-secret facilities at the National Cold War Center in Arkansas
(BPT) - Few events have shaped American society like the Cold War in the 20th century. The global conflict, riddled with propaganda between the world's two dominant superpowers - the United States and the Soviet Union - had far-reaching social and economic impact.President Ronald Reagan referred to... click to read more

It starts at the top: The C-suite must go green to set the stage for corporate ESG
(BPT) - By Brendan P. Keegan, Chairman, CEO & President of Merchants FleetThe biggest acronym in boardrooms across the U.S. today is ESG - Environmental Social Governance. ESG is a framework for ensuring business practices have regard for the environment ('E') in which they operate, social issu... click to read more

Ready for adventure? 4 reasons to visit Niagara Falls USA this autumn
(BPT) - While some people like to relax and see the sights while traveling, others prefer to go and do. If you fall into the latter category, take a trip to Niagara Falls USA, where adventure comes naturally. Known for its iconic waterfalls, leisure and business travelers may be surprised by all th... click to read more


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