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CNN Top Stories
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December 8, 2019

When most girls in this country get their periods, they suffer in silence. But this CNN Hero of the Year is changing the culture.
It's something that girls and young women in western countries can't imagine: missing school, even dropping out, because of their periods. Yet as many as half the girls in rural parts of Ethiopia miss school for reasons related to their periods -- and that can have a devastating effect on their ed... click to read more

Go inside 2019's CNN Heroes tribute
... click to read more

CNN honors 10 men and women who are making the world a better place
Prepare to be inspired: CNN has revealed the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2019 -- 10 men and women who are making the world a better place by helping families affected by tragedy, cleaning up the environment, protecting neglected animals, and so much more. ... click to read more

Highlights from the 2019 'CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute'
See highlights from the 2019 red carpet and ceremony honoring CNN's Top 10 Heroes and CNN's Hero of the Year. ... click to read more

Here's how Kelly Ripa helps Anderson to not cry during CNN Heroes
"Live with Kelly and Ryan" co-host Kelly Ripa shares how she helps Anderson Cooper deal with emotional moments during CNN Heroes. Watch "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute," hosted by Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa live on Sunday, December 8 starting at 8 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

Opinion: What heroes do that most of us don't
December is a time to take stock of the year gone by. We look back, congratulating ourselves for the good we've already achieved and identifying those goals to which we're still aspiring. Often, we're grateful that a whole new year lies before us, offering a path to fulfilling those very aspiration... click to read more

Elizabeth Warren made at least $1.9 million for past private legal work
Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Sunday night released new details about her time doing corporate legal work, a period going back more than 30 years in which she made at least $1.9 million from private clients. ... click to read more

Sanders responds to Clinton: 'I'm sorry that Hillary Clinton is rerunning 2016'
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday denied an accusation made by Hillary Clinton last week that the Vermont senator's delayed endorsement in 2016 hurt her Democratic presidential candidacy, saying that he did everything he could to get the former secretary of state elected president. ... click to read more

Have Trump and Kim fallen out of 'love'?
So much for falling "in love." ... click to read more

Washington Post: Barr told Trump he was not being well served by Giuliani
Attorney General William Barr counseled President Donald Trump that his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has become a liability for his administration, The Washington Post reported Sunday, citing people familiar with the conversations. ... click to read more

House Judiciary chair: Jury would convict Trump in 'three minutes flat'
With sources telling CNN a vote in the Judiciary Committee to impeach President Donald Trump is expected as soon as this week, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Sunday that he sees the Ukraine evidence as part of "a pattern" of conduct by the President. ... click to read more

Opinion: Impeachment could make life miserable for Senate GOP
With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to move forward with impeachment, and the White House decision not to participate in the House process, the impeachment of President Donald Trump is virtually sealed. ... click to read more

Bash: Why didn't you investigate Biden's son earlier if it was wrong?
CNN's Dana Bash presses Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) on the current investigations into Hunter Biden's role at Burisma amidst Joe Biden's 2020 run for President. ... click to read more

Opinion: Pelosi's hidden message to Trump
In Shakespeare's tragedy, the ghost of Hamlet's father stalks the castle with a face cast "more in sorrow than in anger." Such was the expression of Nancy Pelosi when she announced that Democrats would draft articles of impeachment, writes Richard Galant. ... click to read more

'Star Trek' actor dies at 79
Actor René Auberjonois died on Sunday, his son, Remy Auberjonois told CNN. He was 79. ... click to read more

University faces criticism after suicide spike
Students and officials at Rowan University in southern New Jersey are grappling with grief and anger after an unusual recent spike in student suicides. ... click to read more

Tourists hurt and missing after volcano erupts
An unknown number of people are believed to be missing or injured after a volcano on New Zealand's popular White Island tourist destination erupted Monday. ... click to read more

FBI presumes Pensacola base attack was an act of terror; no motive identified
The FBI is presuming a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida that left three sailors dead "was an act of terrorism," the FBI special agent leading the investigation said Sunday. ... click to read more

NATO cool kids bully Trump on 'SNL'
US President Donald Trump was literally not allowed a seat at the NATO lunch table in the "Saturday Night Live" cold open. ... click to read more

Rapper and singer Juice WRLD dies
Rapper and singer Juice Wrld has died in Chicago, the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said Sunday. ... click to read more

His hug of forgiveness shocked the country. Yet he still won't watch it
Strangers now recognize Brandt Jean after he publicly forgave the former Dallas police officer who killed his older brother in his own apartment. ... click to read more

Officer ambushed in police station parking lot
A Fayetteville, Arkansas, police officer was shot and killed in the police station's parking lot Saturday night, the department said in a statement. ... click to read more

Cupp: That's either a lie or a mistake
CNN's SE Cupp takes on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's statement that "politics is not even a consideration" when it comes to impeachment. ... click to read more

Analyst: Putin used to pay for trolls. Now, he has Ted Cruz.
CNN's Ana Cabrera and National Security Analyst Samantha Vinograd discuss the debunked Republican talking point on election meddling by Ukraine and the odds of North Korean denuclearization. ... click to read more

Elderly couple is found dead under the snow
An elderly couple that had been buried in snow in Arizona for an indeterminable amount of time was found dead on Friday, according to a statement from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office. ... click to read more

Miss South Africa crowned 2019 Miss Universe
Miss South Africa rules all. ... click to read more

College Football Playoff picture is set. Who's in
... click to read more

A hiker's heart stopped for 6 hours. Here's what saved her.
A British woman has made a full recovery after suffering a six-hour cardiac arrest caused by severe hypothermia -- a condition that doctors say also saved her life. ... click to read more

NFL star pays off families' holiday layaway accounts
... click to read more

Could this be the last holiday hurrah for Sears?
Could this be the last holiday shopping season for Sears? ... click to read more

Ryan Reynolds mocks Peloton with spoof
Peloton, the indoor bike start-up, released a new holiday ad that has drawn criticism on social media. In a video posted to his Twitter, actor Ryan Reynolds seemed to poke fun at the recent controversy around the ad. ... click to read more

This is a crucial week for global trade
Happy Sunday. A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. ... click to read more

They're jumping on a trampoline 100 ft. in the air
The acrobatic basketball team Dunking Devils are back? with a new stunt - jumping off a trampoline suspended 100 ft in the air. ... click to read more

Bill would make students learn cursive in school
... click to read more

Princess' shrug at Queen wasn't what it seemed
A video of Princess Anne shrugging at a NATO reception went viral when Twitter users speculated that she had refused to greet President Trump. ... click to read more

Meet the woman at the center of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. She's not been seen in months
Prince Andrew has sparked an unprecedented crisis in Britain's royal family since his disastrous TV interview about his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. ... click to read more

Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre says he was 'raining' sweat while dancing at nightclub
An American woman who accused the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein of sex crimes has revealed new details of the night she says she was forced to perform sex acts with Britain's Prince Andrew. ... click to read more

Prince Andrew crisis threatens monarchy
The Queen's former spokesperson Dickie Arbiter and cultural commentator Afua Hirsch explain why the Prince Andrew scandal undermines public faith in the British Monarchy. ... click to read more

A timeline of what Jeffrey Epstein and his prison guards did in his final hours
The federal indictment against two prison guards on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died provides a detailed breakdown of what was going on in the final hours of his life. ... click to read more

Conservative: I thought liberals lived in la la land
I am a political activist by nature. In my home country of Brazil, I helped organize peaceful protests against government corruption and abuses of power. At the time -- way back in 2013 -- Brazil was plagued by scandal, with much of the population living in poverty. And yet the country's politician... click to read more

Liberal: She was not a heartless conservative
I was in my hotel room in New York when I got a call from my friend Tracy Hollister. She invited me to be part of a Living Room Conversation, a bipartisan forum for peaceful, albeit highly political dialogue. The focus of this conversation would be immigration. As Tracy talked me through the proces... click to read more

Ken Burns: The historical secret to bridging political divides
Ken Burns speaks to CNN's John Avlon about what lessons American history can offer for healing political divides today. ... click to read more

Everything you need to know about Miss Universe 2019
Brains, beauty, talent -- every competitor in Miss Universe 2019 has these in spades. But only one queen can reign supreme. ... click to read more

Someone ate a $120,000 banana that an artist had taped to a wall
When an artist duct-taped a banana to a wall and priced it at $120,000 this week, we should probably have known where the story was heading. ... click to read more

Video captures sounds of joy when baby's hearing aid is turned on
When the video starts, 4-month-old Georgina silently stares at the camera. Then her mother says, "OK, so we've just turned your hearing on. Can you say hello to everybody?" ... click to read more

Delivery driver stunned by what's on the porch for him
An Amazon delivery driver's happy dance was caught on camera after the homeowner left some snacks out for him. ... click to read more

A Facebook rumor about white vans is spreading fear across America
Terrifying rumors initially propelled by Facebook's algorithms have sparked fears that men driving white vans are kidnapping women all across the United States for sex trafficking and to sell their body parts. While there is no evidence to suggest this is happening, much less on a national, coordin... click to read more

The reviews are in for Porsche's first electric car
Just in case you were worried electric cars were going to be boring, Porsche made the Taycan. It isn't perfect and, yes, it is expensive, but it is absolutely not boring. ... click to read more

The best cookies you can buy in a store, ranked
How lucky are we to exist in the same world as cookies? ... click to read more

Retailers are scrambling to find holiday help
If you're looking for a store employee to help you out while shopping this holiday season, you're not alone. Retailers themselves are having a lot of trouble finding the help they need. ... click to read more

Linda Ronstadt's delicious takedown of Mike Pompeo
Saturday night, in one of the year's more deliciously awkward celebrity moments, singer Linda Ronstadt went head to head with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Pompeo's own turf. At a State Department event celebrating the year's Kennedy Center honorees, of which Ronstadt is one, she did away with ... click to read more

Trump must stop trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes
On Saturday night, President Donald Trump served up a buffet of anti-Semitic tropes during his speech before the Israeli American Council advocacy group in Florida. He played on the dangerous anti-Semitic theme of Jews having dual loyalty to the United States and another country, when he said, "The... click to read more

Zelensky has tough task in first Putin meeting
In one of the closing episodes of the televised comedy drama, "Servant of the People," the character played by Volodymyr Zelensky — an actor before he entered politics — delivers a humiliating public tongue-lashing to a delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He catches the group off... click to read more

Prisoner swap shows Iran's eager to deal with US
Americans abroad have too often become human bargaining chips. In places like Iran and North Korea, rogue regimes have used trumped up and unfounded charges to imprison Americans, kicking off years of complex negotiations with the US government. ... click to read more

Biden, we don't need another Trump
Sen. Kamala Harris is gone, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen, Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to have lost her momentum, and overlooking the shuffling deck from on high is former Vice President Joe Biden, who was the favorite before he was even a candidate. ... click to read more

Trump is still winning
When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning. ... click to read more

Refi rates at 3.06% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

Free report: 5 stocks under $49
... click to read more

Racial incident mars Manchester derby
A 41-year-old man has been arrested over an alleged incident of racist abuse by a Manchester City fan during the derby match against crosstown rival Manchester United Saturday. ... click to read more

Sumatran tiger fetuses found in jar
Five people have been arrested for poaching a protected Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia, after authorities discovered a dead tiger with four of its fetuses in a jar, state media news agency Antara has reported. ... click to read more

A reality TV contestant had to watch her own alleged assault. Now Spain wants answers
When Carlota Prado was asked to enter the "diary room" on the Spanish version of the "Big Brother" reality TV series, it would have seemed an entirely mundane request. ... click to read more

Hong Kong protesters keep up pressure with mass march
The organizers of the large-scale demonstrations which kicked off Hong Kong's months-long protest movement earlier this year returned to the streets again Sunday, in a bid to maintain pressure on the city's government following the success of pro-democracy groups at recent elections. ... click to read more

12 protesters killed in Baghdad as cleric warns against 'foreign interference'
At least 12 demonstrators were killed and 22 others wounded Friday when gunmen in several vehicles opened fire on a protest site in central Baghdad, medical sources and activists told CNN, marking one of the most violent days in the Iraqi capital for weeks. ... click to read more

Stunning video shows 'firenado' burn across Australia
Aerial pictures show a "firenado," also known as a fire tornado, rolling across Queensland, Australia, as emergency crews across the country continue to battle more than 100 bushfires. CNN"s Derek Van Dam explains the phenomenon. ... click to read more

A 5-year-old carried a toddler half a mile in Alaska terrain after being left home alone
A 5-year-old walked through extreme temperatures in the Alaskan terrain with an 18-month-old after authorities say they were left home alone. ... click to read more

Houston police officer shot and killed in line of duty
A Houston police officer has died after being shot in the line of duty, police said. ... click to read more

Cerebral palsy couldn't stop this 17-year-old from finishing the Santa Run using a walker
A 17-year-old with cerebral palsy just walked across the finish line at the Las Vegas Great Santa Run. ... click to read more

Jessika Carr, WWE's first full-time female referee, makes her debut on Friday Night SmackDown
Jessika Carr made history Friday with her debut on WWE's SmackDown, according to the entertainment company's Twitter page. ... click to read more

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