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CNN Top Stories
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December 16, 2018

A law enforcement official told CNN that police found Colin Kroll in the bedroom of his New York apartment unconscious and unresponsive
• People we lost in 2018 ... click to read more

What Hillary Clinton wrote in a letter to an 8-year-old who lost her bid for class president
Hillary Clinton wrote a letter to an 8-year-old girl who lost an election for class president, telling the young student that she knows "too well, it's not easy" to run for "a role that's only been sought by boys." ... click to read more

Cindy McCain may hold key to who gets her husband's Senate seat
Here are the stories our panel of top political reporters are talking about in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines today. ... click to read more

Opinion: Melania Trump's spokeswoman speaks out
In yet another unnecessary attack on the first lady, CNN contributor Kate Anderson Brower, who purports to be an expert on the customs and norms of first ladies and yet has never met Melania Trump, wrote Thursday that Mrs. Trump "proved that she doesn't understand what it means to be first lady." ... click to read more

Democrats no longer united on how to save Obamacare as 2020 approaches
The decision by a federal judge in Texas to side with Republicans to strike down Obamacare has opened up a new front in the long political fight over the transformative health care law. ... click to read more

California abandons plan to tax texts
California regulators no longer plan to tax text messages. ... click to read more

Internet lights up over Pelosi's sunglasses
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gets the rock star treatment as the internet lights up over her shades. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. ... click to read more

Opinion: Pelosi's drop-the-mic moment
It was supposed to be a friendly Oval Office encounter in front of the press pool — just Chuck, Nancy and President Trump (along with a silent, very still, Vice President Mike Pence). Then someone said "border wall" and "government shutdown," and soon the President was testily mansplaining ("Nancy,... click to read more

SE Cupp: Trump is in serious trouble
CNN's SE Cupp breaks down the multiple investigations President Trump is facing in addition to the Mueller probe. ... click to read more

Trump says he will review the case of soldier charged with murder
President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he will review the case of Army Major Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces soldier and Afghanistan veteran charged with pre-meditated murder. ... click to read more

Disney fires actor after police say he tried to meet a 13-year-old for sex
Actor Stoney Westmoreland has been dropped from his recurring role on the Disney Channel show "Andi Mack" after being arrested by police in Salt Lake City, according to a Disney Channel statement. ... click to read more

At least 42 injured in Japan explosion
An explosion near a pub in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo on Sunday night injured at least 42 people, including one critically, said Hokkaido Police public relations officer Ryohei Kashihara. ... click to read more

Passenger to woman: Your white privilege won't work here
A Brooklyn woman whose profanity-laced tirade on the New York subway was captured on video has been charged with a felony after she struck a fellow passenger. ... click to read more

Teen tells climate negotiators they aren't mature enough
Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old Swedish environmental activist, all but shamed the 190 countries represented at the United Nations COP24 conference in Poland last week. ... click to read more

Parents lost son to suicide. Then a priest used his funeral to condemn suicide
Parents of a teen who died by suicide say a Catholic priest used their son's funeral to condemn suicide and suggested the teen may not gain entrance into heaven. ... click to read more

'SNL' shows what life would've been like if Trump were never elected president
Instead of "It's a Wonderful Life," it was a "Wonderful Trump" on "Saturday Night Live." ... click to read more

Opinion: SNL missed how 'wonderful' Trump has made America
'Saturday Night Live' has done it again -- offending the thin-skinned President Donald Trump. This time it appears the sketch that caused Trump to take a brief break from complaining about special counsel Robert Mueller was the comedy show's cold open -- a parody of the classic holiday film "It's a... click to read more

UK flirts with second referendum to escape eternal Brexit chaos
It was only months ago that the mere utterance of a second referendum would be palmed off by the bulk of Britain's political class as wishful thinking by "remoaners" who voted to stay in the European Union. ... click to read more

Report: Team likely done with Super Bowl MVP QB
... click to read more

Offset interrupted Cardi B on stage and she was not having it
Offset is upset. ... click to read more

NBAer carries baby down 46 stories in evacuation
... click to read more

Miss USA draws online anger with video
Miss USA apologized to two Miss Universe contestants after commenting on their English-language abilities. ... click to read more

Starbucks is sending Nitro to all its US stores
Nitro is coming to a Starbucks near you. ... click to read more

See stunning new images of Jupiter
NASA sent the spacecraft Juno to Jupiter in 2011. Well, it took a little while to get there -- but it delivered. ... click to read more

LeBron compares young star to himself
... click to read more

Delta changes the way fliers board planes
A new boarding process is coming to Delta Air Lines. ... click to read more

Titanic was found during secret Cold War mission
Robert Ballard, the man who led the expedition to find the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, says it was all a front for a secret Cold War Navy mission to find wrecked nuclear submarines. ... click to read more

Things to know now that hemp will be legal
Congress voted this week to legalize the cultivation of hemp in the US after months of debate and negotiation between lawmakers. ... click to read more

What we should learn from Pete Davidson's Instagram post
On Saturday, "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson posted a message to his Instagram account suggesting he was suicidal. "I really don't want to be on this earth anymore," he wrote. The troubling message prompted a "wellness check" from the New York Police Department, who met with Davidso... click to read more

Davidson appears on 'SNL' after troubling post
New York police said they performed a "wellness check" on "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson after he posted an alarming note on Instagram on Saturday in which he said, "I really don't want to be on this earth anymore." ... click to read more

'SNL' star: 'I'm depressed all the time'
"Saturday Night Live's" Pete Davidson says he was formally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder last year. ... click to read more

How to get help for someone who might be suicidal
The recent deaths of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer Kate Spade spotlights the importance of recognizing potential warning signs when someone intends to end their life. ... click to read more

The words to say -- and not to say -- about suicide
With two high-profile deaths by suicide this week and a new government report released detailing a rise in suicide rates in the United States, a topic that's often avoided, judged or only whispered about is now on the tips of people's tongues. ... click to read more

40 amazing gifts to buy on Amazon this holiday
... click to read more

How to shop Oprah's favorite holiday gifts
... click to read more

The best holiday gifts for men
... click to read more

Learn basic coding with this course bundle
... click to read more

Firefighters rescue more than 100 snakes from burning house
For many people, the thought of picking up a python or a boa constrictor is terrifying. But for some firefighters in Texas, no victim is too scary, or too scaly, to rescue. ... click to read more

4,400-year-old well-preserved tomb found in Egypt
A more than 4,000-year-old private tomb containing "exceptionally well-preserved" drawings has been discovered south of Cairo, according to Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities. ... click to read more

Cooper mocks Trump's show-and-tell interview
CNN's Anderson Cooper takes a second look at President Trump's interview on Fox News where he used printed articles to try to prove his points. ... click to read more

People we lost in 2018
A look back at notable people who have died in 2018. ... click to read more

A year-end checklist for your investments
What do I need to do before the end of the year, to be ready for tax-time and whatever next year may bring? ... click to read more

The best way to cut your stock market losses
No investor likes losing money. But when the value of your investments drop, there could be an upside — realizing losses before the year's end can help you reduce your tax bill. ... click to read more

Fear a bear market? Here's where to invest
I want to put some money into alternative investments, but I'm not sure where to begin. What's the safest alternative for an average investor? ... click to read more

Flynn mystery: Sometimes the quiet one has the most to say
When Michael Flynn goes into federal court on Tuesday to be sentenced, there will be little suspense but much mystery. It is all but certain that Judge Emmet Sullivan will not sentence Flynn to prison. But weighty questions -- about Flynn's motivation for lying to the FBI and his usefulness as a co... click to read more

Obamacare opinion threatens American health care
Late on Friday, a federal district judge in Texas, Reed O'Connor, dropped a bomb on the Affordable Care Act, and indeed on the entire American health care system. ... click to read more

US leaders make it too easy for spies to snoop on us
Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States, modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, or PDB, which the director of national intelligence prepares for the President almost daily. ... click to read more

US and China feud. Canada pays the price
It must have been one of the most humiliating moments in the life of the so-called "Princess of Huawei" when Canadian authorities arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese telecommunications giant, on December 1 at Vancouver International Airport. ... click to read more

Melania shows she's a Trump through and through
In a rare interview Wednesday night Melania Trump proved that she doesn't understand what it means to be first lady. ... click to read more

Museum of the Bible offers rare respite in D.C.
Don't believe everything you hear about how divided liberals and conservatives are in Washington. ... click to read more

How To Pay Off Your House ASAP (It's So Simple)
... click to read more

Transfer your debt and pay no interest until 2020
... click to read more

Motley Fool Issues Rare "Ultimate Buy" Alert
... click to read more

New Peanuts stories in the works
The Peanuts gang is ready for some new adventures. ... click to read more

'If Beale Street Could Talk' finds epic quality
Two years after his Oscar triumph with "Moonlight," director Barry Jenkins has delivered another carefully polished gem in the form of "If Beale Street Could Talk," an adaptation of James Baldwin's 1974 novel. Timely in its themes -- including African-Americans and the justice system -- it's one of... click to read more

Behind Melissa Villaseñor's uncanny impressions
Melissa Villaseñor's career in comedy started with three words that every teenage girl in the late '90s sang at least once into a hairbrush: "Oh Baby, baby..." ... click to read more

'Spider-Verse' swings into theaters
Much like its hero, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" swings wildly from place to place, in a tone that's so uneven as to initially be a trifle disorienting. Stick with it, though, and this animated feature -- distinguished by its dazzling visual palette, which creates the feel of a comic book le... click to read more

'Reputation' coming to Netflix
It's December 13, and that means it's Taylor Swift's birthday. ... click to read more

Amazon Go is going small with tiny, cashier-free stores in buildings
Over the past year, Amazon has opened seven of its Amazon Go stores to the public, ditching checkout lines for AI that tracks what customers want to buy. Now, the retailer is taking its cashier-free shops in a new, smaller direction. ... click to read more

5G smartphones are coming in 2019. What does that mean?
5G is already here, but you can't do much to access those super-fast speeds unless you live in a specific place with a particular piece of technology. That's about to change. ... click to read more

DNA technology helps police solve cold cases
In the summer of 2017, hikers found skeletal remains on the side of a highway outside of Baltimore. ... click to read more

Apple is spending $1 billion on Austin campus
Apple is putting more detail on its plan to create 20,000 jobs in the United States over the next five years. ... click to read more

Uber invests millions to build flying taxis in France
Uber wants to build flying taxis in France. ... click to read more

Iowa Poll: First poll of likely caucusgoers finds Biden, Sanders, O'Rourke atop the field
Former Vice President Joe Biden holds the pole position in the first CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll among likely 2020 Democratic caucusgoers, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke joining him as the only possible candidates in the field with double-digit support. ... click to read more

Here's what's at risk in the Texas Obamacare ruling
Whether you know it or not, Obamacare has affected nearly every American. ... click to read more

Elijah Cummings calls for Cohen testimony in January
Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings said Sunday that once his party retakes control of the House, he hopes President Donald Trump's estranged former attorney Michael Cohen will testify before Congress. ... click to read more

Impeachment 101: Here's how it would work (if it actually happened)
President Donald Trump used the threat of impeachment to rev up his base before the 2018 midterms and since then he's given thought to the prospect he could be impeached. ... click to read more

Washington's mad holiday dash begins
This week was a blur as political Washington works frantically to clear its plate before hopping on planes, trains and automobiles to head home for the holidays. (Oh, and there's also a partial government shutdown that may or may not happen next Friday.) ... click to read more

Youngest survivor of Ebola outbreak brings hope to Congo caregivers
The youngest survivor of the Ebola outbreak received her discharge certificate from the Beni Ebola Treatment Center on Wednesday, according to the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ministry of Health. ... click to read more

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