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CNN Top Stories
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July 20, 2018

President Trump's behavior toward Russia this week is provoking rising debate in Washington and in the media
It was a jaw-dropping moment that embodied the utterly unfathomable, logic-defying and increasingly troubling twilight zone into which Washington has plunged since the Helsinki summit. ... click to read more

See intel chief stunned by Putin invite
Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats reacted to breaking news that Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled for a visit to Washington in the fall, according to the White House. ... click to read more

Russia shows off new weapons after Trump summit
As European leaders grappled with the fallout from the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin summit Thursday, Russian authorities took the opportunity to show off some of the new weaponry Putin boasted in March would render NATO defenses "completely useless." ... click to read more

Chris Cuomo: Trump's tweet is admission he hates America
CNN's Chris Cuomo explains the dangers of President Trump's criticism of the media. ... click to read more

Pompeo: Russia will try to undermine democracies in 2018, 2020
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday he believes that Russia will try to undermine democracies around the world for the foreseeable future. ... click to read more

Jake Tapper: What the hell is going on?
CNN's Jake Tapper reacts to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' statement that says President Trump disagrees with Putin's "sincere" proposal to interrogate Americans. ... click to read more

Randi Zuckerberg responds to her brother's comments about Holocaust deniers
... click to read more

At least 11 dead after tourist boat capsizes in Missouri
Crews from multiple Missouri agencies are on the scene of a mass casualty incident with a "tourist-type boat involved," the Stone County Fire Department said in a statement. ... click to read more

Photo captures heartbreak of Iowa tornadoes
A man sits alone on a rock as chaos swirls around him in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. ... click to read more

Australian PM floats 'values test' for migrants
Australia's federal government will consider a "values test" for migrants hoping to gain permanent residence, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Friday. ... click to read more

Trump's policies were supposed to make the border safer. Experts say they haven't
Before US immigration authorities detained him and took his son, the Honduran migrant said he spent three days in the hands of armed men who identified themselves as members of the Gulf Cartel. ... click to read more

Trump official held secret meetings
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke kept about a dozen meetings off his public calendar, calling into question the details of these appointments. CNN's Sara Ganim reports. ... click to read more

Four ways Trump is changing prime time TV
The so-called "resistance" to President Trump takes many forms. In Hollywood, writers and producers are using the tools of their trade -- jokes and dramatizations -- to make statements about Trump and the dangers of demagoguery more broadly. ... click to read more

More people ill from McDonald's salads
More illnesses have been reported across the United States in two separate cyclospora outbreaks, federal health officials said Thursday. ... click to read more

UK heads for Brexit battle over Irish border
British Prime Minister Theresa May is to tell the European Union that the UK will not accept its proposals to deal with one of the thorniest issues in Brexit talks -- the issue of the Irish border. ... click to read more

Jimmy Kimmel offers cure for 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'
Is 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' a real thing? CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a "cure." ... click to read more

Tesla is finally making enough cars. It just can't sell them.
... click to read more

Olympic figure skater stabbed to death
Tributes are being paid to Denis Ten, Kazakhstan's Olympic medal-winning figure skater, who died Thursday at the age of 25 after being stabbed. ... click to read more

The myth of the sunscreen pill
If you heard that a dietary supplement would "strengthen your skin's defenses against ultraviolet radiation," "defend your skin and eyes from sun damage" or act as "basically an oral sunscreen," would you think it was too good to be true? ... click to read more

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony reportedly traded
... click to read more

McDonald's is giving away fries for the rest of the year
Say hello to Fry Fridays. ... click to read more

Trapeze artist falls to ground on TV
Husband and wife trapeze performers Mary and Tyce, known as "Duo Transcend," explain what went wrong during their stunt on "America's Got Talent." ... click to read more

Lakers 'Death Lineup' with LeBron could be scary
... click to read more

This company tried a 4-day work week. It was a hit
... click to read more

Former NBA dynasty launched themselves into mediocrity
... click to read more

'Schoolhouse Rock' pokes fun at Trump
"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" uses "Schoolhouse Rock" to explain double negatives after President Trump said he misspoke when he said "would" instead of "wouldn't" during his press conference with Vladimir Putin. ... click to read more

Video of Obama's dance moves goes viral
Former US President Barack Obama showed off his dance moves with his step-grandmother while visiting a youth center opened by his half-sister in Kogelo, Kenya. ... click to read more

Huge savings for American homeowners ends soon
... click to read more

She's accused of using sex, lies, guns to infiltrate US politics
The young Russian gun enthusiast was struggling. Maria Butina had twice applied for visas to attend the National Rifle Association's glitzy annual meeting. But she said she was twice denied. ... click to read more

Her many roles: Grad student. Gun rights activist. Alleged Russian agent
The list of allegations against Maria Butina reads like a plot from an international crime thriller. ... click to read more

Kremlin starts campaign to free accused spy
Maria Butina is a 29-year-old Russian who is accused of acting as a foreign agent in the United States and allegedly using sex and deception to build her network of influential international connections. CNN's Randi Kaye looks into her past. ... click to read more

Prosecutors: Butina has ties to Russian intelligence
The accused Russian spy who infiltrated Republican politics used a life "predicated on deception" while she attempted to exchange sex for political access and communicated with Russian intelligence during her years in America, prosecutors said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Opinion: Why she buddied up to the NRA
As President Donald Trump spent his Monday slandering the United States, defending Russia against accusations of meddling in American elections and singing the praises of Russian president/human rights abuser Vladimir Putin, the Justice Department was announcing the arrest of Mariia Butina, who is ... click to read more

The most generous state in America
... click to read more

How volunteering can improve your life
... click to read more

How to disrupt status quo
... click to read more

Volunteering offers tourists a feel-good vacation
... click to read more

Americans can legally download 3-D printed guns starting next month
Gun-rights activists have reached a settlement with the government that will allow them to post 3-D printable gun plans online starting August 1. ... click to read more

Sleeping in China just got more futuristic
Hotel guests in China might no longer have to worry about figuring out the air-con control panels or waiting in line to check in. ... click to read more

Celebrities audition for 'Batgirl' on Conan
Celebrities audition on "Conan" for the upcoming Batgirl movie. ... click to read more

DJ who inspired Robin Williams' role in 'Good Morning, Vietnam' dies
Adrian Cronauer, the former US airman whose radio show provided the inspiration for Robin Williams' character in "Good Morning, Vietnam" has died, his family said. ... click to read more

6 things to know before the opening bell
... click to read more

Younger workers are making this major financial mistake
... click to read more

What's rattling investors?
... click to read more

The best week ever for throwing shade at Trump
In a week chock full of fallout from the President's disgraceful performance in Helsinki, it's nice to see that at least some folks are having fun with it. ... click to read more

Incredible:Trump fell for Putin's nutty idea
... click to read more

Photojournalism's long overdue #MeToo moment
... click to read more

What Trump-Putin photos really reveal
... click to read more

Confronted with Putin's lies, Trump flinches again
... click to read more

Zuckerberg gave Holocaust deniers an opening
... click to read more

North Korea failure still stings
As Americans and allied nations around the world absorb the shock of President Donald Trump's betrayal of western strategic interests during his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, it's easy to forget Trump's similar betrayal of American interests in his encounter wi... click to read more

Forget your 401k if you own a home (Do This)
... click to read more

$299 & up: Europe fall flight sale (roundtrip)
... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
... click to read more

Senate resolution introduced to show support for US intelligence agencies
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware introduced a resolution Wednesday to reaffirm support for the US intelligence community following President Donald Trump's comments Monday siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies abo... click to read more

Listen to Trump's shifting comments about Russia
From the summit in Helsinki to an interview on CBS News, here's the contradicting things Trump has said about Russia in the past three days. ... click to read more

Sanders: Trump said 'no' to answering questions
The White House denied that President Trump doesn't believe Russia is targeting the United States. Press secretary Sarah Sanders, who said she spoke with Trump about his answer earlier during a Cabinet meeting, said the President was declining to answer shouted questions when he said "no" to a ques... click to read more

DNC alleges Secret Service blocked it from serving lawsuit to Jared Kushner
The Democratic National Committee tried and failed three times to serve Jared Kushner with a lawsuit at his Manhattan apartment and was turned away by a US Secret Service agent when it attempted to deliver the packet to the White House senior adviser's Washington, DC, home, according to court filin... click to read more

Is sparkling water as hydrating as regular water?
Good news: Sparkling water (including the flavored kind), which often helps with the taste fatigue some people experience with plain water, is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water. ... click to read more

Non-dairy beverages may not be 'milk'
Got milk? If you're buying "milk" made with non-dairy products like almonds or oats, the US Food and Drug Administration isn't so sure you do. ... click to read more

Valsartan heart drug recall: 4 things to know
Several common drugs that contain valsartan, used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure, were recalled in the United States on Friday due to an "impurity" in the drug that poses a potential cancer risk. ... click to read more

State reports first whooping cough death since 2016
The first whooping cough death in California since 2016 was confirmed Tuesday. ... click to read more

Spider bite led to leg amputation, woman says
A mother of three in West Memphis, Arkansas, says a spider bite ended up costing her a leg. ... click to read more

'Mamma Mia' sequel will have you singing 'Fernando'
At a moment where gloom feels pervasive in many quarters, "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" rides a tide of joy, fun and mother-daughter bonding, again set to a jaunty array of ABBA tunes. This decade-later sequel also features a pair of natural assets -- the dazzling beauty of its island setting, and ... click to read more

Comic-Con kicks off amid fandom's ugly side
Comic-Con, we have a problem. ... click to read more

Bruce Springsteen is coming to Netflix
Netflix may have just saved you a few thousand dollars. ... click to read more

Is Sacha Baron Cohen still funny?
Sacha Baron Cohen's act hasn't changed, from "Da Ali G Show" to "Borat" to his new Showtime series, "Who is America?" But the world has, which, in light of the media uproar he's triggered, raises the question whether the timing was very right -- or wrong -- for this comeback. ... click to read more

Robin Williams remembered in new doc
The intimate bond that comedians forge with an audience makes their loss feel more intimate and personal. What remains somewhat mysterious -- and at times mystifying -- is the darker side of stand-up, which has contributed to the premature deaths of so many comedy stars. ... click to read more

California's majestic Big Sur Highway 1 re-opens
The majestic Highway 1 drive along the California Coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles has re-opened, more than a year after a major mud slide buried the road at Big Sur. ... click to read more

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