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CNN Top Stories
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November 30, 2020

Even with coronavirus spiking, Congress remains stalled on fresh relief for Americans in need. This is what they're talking about instead.
Even with coronavirus spiking and new restrictions taking effect, Congress remains stalled on fresh relief for Americans in need. ... click to read more

Congress looking at busiest lame duck session in memory
There are roughly 10 legislative days until spending for the federal government expires, and as coronavirus cases soar around the country, the Senate returns to Washington on Monday with millions of Americans counting on Congress to also come to an agreement on a stimulus package. ... click to read more

Analysis: US cries out for leadership as pandemic numbers soar
America is sliding into a winter limbo of alarming spikes in Covid-19 cases and deepening economic pain while an apathetic lame duck White House and a deadlocked Congress provide no political leadership. ... click to read more

NFL team relocates to Arizona as county restrictions tighten
... click to read more

Doctor comforts elderly patient in heartbreaking photo
CNN's John Berman speaks with Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of staff at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, about a heartbreaking photo that captures him consoling an elderly patient on Thanksgiving. ... click to read more

Opinion: Monopolies have made America's Covid response worse
As Covid-19 continues to spread, millions of Americans are losing their jobs, thousands of restaurants have closed for good and one in three small businesses surveyed by the nonprofit Small Business Majority said they won't survive beyond the next three months without additional funding. Yet the na... click to read more

If you gathered for Thanksgiving, 'You need to assume that you're infected,' Dr. Birx says
As millions of people in the United States travel back home from the Thanksgiving holiday, Covid-19 hospitalizations are inching closer to 100,000 -- the highest they've ever been. With infections expected to increase, experts say the stakes are even higher for the public to get tested to help slow... click to read more

Why Biden's broken foot reveals how different his White House will be
• Misinformation watch: Bartiromo is just teeing up Trump to lie to viewers, Stelter says • Opinion: There was only one fraud in the 2020 election ... click to read more

Moderna says vaccine is 100 percent effective at preventing severe Covid-19 cases
• CDC vaccine advisers call emergency meeting • What questions do you have about a possible Covid-19 vaccine? ... click to read more

Arizona certifies Joe Biden's victory
Arizona certified its election results on Monday, awarding the state's 11 electoral votes to President-elect Joe Biden and clearing the way for Senator-elect Mark Kelly, a Democrat, to be sworn in this week. ... click to read more

Assassinated nuclear scientist shot with remote-controlled machine gun, report says
The Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated Friday east of Tehran was shot by a remote-controlled machine gun operating out of another car, the semi-official Fars News Agency said Sunday. ... click to read more

Analysis: The 40 most unhinged lines from Trump's first post-election interview
• Misinformation watch: Bartiromo is just teeing up Trump to lie to viewers, Stelter says • Opinion: There was only one fraud in the 2020 election ... click to read more

Canada to Trump: You can't import our prescription drugs
Canada is putting the kibosh on President Donald Trump's efforts to lower drug prices by importing medications from our northern neighbor. ... click to read more

Ex-CIA director: Trump has exceeded Russia's ability to influence minds
Former CIA Director John Brennan compares President Donald Trump's disinformation campaign with similar tactics used by Russia to influence the American people. ... click to read more

Supreme Court conservatives hint at ducking ruling on legality of Trump plan to cut undocumented immigrants from Census
The Supreme Court on Monday will return and take up another of President Donald Trump's immigration-related policies as it considers the attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in the Census totals when seats in Congress are divvied up between the states next year. ... click to read more

'I'm going off-script': Boris Sanchez reacts to Donald Trump's Fox News interview
CNN's Boris Sanchez reacts to President Donald Trump's Fox News interview and the claims he made about the 2020 election, saying his comments exemplify how "disconnected from reality" Trump has become. ... click to read more

RNC chair faces tough crowd in Georgia
At a campaign stop in Marietta, Georgia, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel attempted to persuade Republicans to vote in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, even as voters expressed ambivalence about expanding "money and work when it's already decided." CNN's Ryan Nobles has more. ... click to read more

Avlon: Trump should be treated the same way as someone who thinks the Earth is flat
CNN's John Avlon details President Trump's continued efforts to spread misinformation following the 2020 election. ... click to read more

Covid prison riot leaves eight dead
At least eight prisoners were killed and more than 50 injured in clashes with guards at a Sri Lankan prison, officials said on Monday, as authorities tried to quell a protest over rising corornavirus infections in the country's crowded jails. ... click to read more

'Pandemic' is, unsurprisingly, the Word of the Year for Merriam-Webster
You've probably heard the word near-daily since March. It's dominated nearly every corner of the world since. And there's no better word to sum up the unbelievable year that was 2020. ... click to read more

Jennifer Lawrence's family farm loses barn in fire
Part of Jennifer Lawrence's family farm in Kentucky, which also operates a summer camp, was destroyed by a fire over the weekend, according to a statement from the camp. ... click to read more

Denmark to dig up thousands of dead mink after carcasses emerge from mass graves
Denmark plans to dig up thousands of dead mink culled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, after the animals started to rise out of their mass graves. ... click to read more

George Clooney makes surprising grooming confession
Actor George Clooney revealed that he has been using a Flowbee to cut his own hair for more than two decades. ... click to read more

Mysterious desert monolith has vanished
A tall, silver, shining metal monolith discovered in the desert in southeastern Utah -- which prompted theories of alien placement and drew determined hikers to its secret location -- has now disappeared, the state's Bureau of Land Management said Saturday. ... click to read more

Bon Appétit needs to change. Its new editor in chief is ready for the challenge
When a friend reached out to Dawn Davis about the editor in chief opening at Bon Appétit, she was quick to recommend someone else — a writer she had just signed at her Simon & Schuster imprint, 37 Ink. ... click to read more

'Jeopardy!' airs posthumous message from Alex Trebek taped before his death
In the video, recorded prior to his death earlier this year, the late host says there is a lot to be thankful for, in spite of what the world is experiencing right now. ... click to read more

'Masked Singer' reveals singer-songwriter is ...
"The Masked Singer" revealed a legendary singer-songwriter when it unmasked Broccoli. ... click to read more

Paying too much for car insurance? Do this.
... click to read more

Here are the historic firsts in Biden's administration
Several of President-elect Joe Biden's nominees would make history if confirmed by the United States Senate to serve in top roles in his incoming administration. ... click to read more

Biden names diverse economic team with four women in top roles to help build recovery
President-elect Joe Biden named key members of his economic team on Monday, with the long-expected announcement of Janet Yellen as treasury secretary along with three other women in top roles on a diverse team that will help him navigate the nation's punishing fiscal headwinds in hopes of building ... click to read more

Analysis: Is this Joe Biden pick already doomed?
On Monday, President-elect Joe Biden announced that Neera Tanden was his pick to be the next Office of Management and Budget director. ... click to read more

Vice President-elect Harris is receiving her first Presidential Daily Briefing today
... click to read more

President-elect weighs history-making picks for defense secretary
President-elect Joe Biden is entering the month of December weighing several barrier-breaking candidates to be his Secretary of Defense. ... click to read more

Cyber Monday has kicked off. Here are today's most popular deals
... click to read more

Amazon has thousands of products on sale for Cyber Monday. These are our top picks
... click to read more

Walmart's best Cyber Monday deals of 2020
... click to read more

Apple Cyber Monday sales you don't want to miss
... click to read more

'Black-ish' star sets record as youngest Hollywood executive producer
While her peers may still be learning to drive, Marsai Martin has reached a different kind of milestone. ... click to read more

Chipotle adds smoked brisket to its menu for a limited time
Chipotle is adding smoked brisket to its menu in select markets in the United States for a limited time. ... click to read more

Actress Rebel Wilson just hit her 2020 health goal a month early
After vowing to get healthy in 2020, actress Rebel Wilson announced that she has reached her weight goal one month early. ... click to read more

Cher sings to 'world's loneliest elephant'
Kaavan the elephant had languished in a zoo in Pakistan for decades. But thanks to Cher and a social media campaign, he's on his way to a new home in Cambodia. ... click to read more

Bitcoin hits an all-time high of just under $20,000
Bitcoin just hit another milestone in its impressive 2020 run. The cryptocurrency surged 9% to a new all-time high of about $19,860 on Monday, topping the previous peak of $19,783 from December 2017. ... click to read more

Nikola shares plummet on news of smaller deal with GM
General Motors is giving up its equity stake in Nikola Motors and scrapping plans to build the electric truck maker's Badger pickup as part of a new, scaled-back deal between the companies. ... click to read more

Starting Dec. 1, refinancing will be more expensive. Here's why
If there's one part of the economy that is doing well, it's the mortgage industry. Record low mortgage rates are driving so many people to refinance that the housing market is on track to see $2 trillion in refinances in 2020, second only to 2003, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. ... click to read more

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is getting paid in cash because banks won't deal with her
US sanctions have cut off Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam from the global banking system, the controversial political leader says, forcing her to stockpile cash. ... click to read more

Cyber Monday deals under $50 you honestly can't refuse
... click to read more

The best AirPods sales to shop today
... click to read more

The best tech worth shopping this Cyber Monday
... click to read more

Cyber Monday TV sales actually worth checking out
... click to read more

Lululemon is slashing prices during its Cyber Monday sale
... click to read more

Nearly every Apple Watch model is on sale today
... click to read more

Replace your old mattress today with these top sales
... click to read more

Treat yourself to a Chromebook with these Cyber Monday deals
... click to read more

The best of Wayfair's massive sales going on now
... click to read more

DNA kits are up to $100 off this Cyber Monday
... click to read more

Save up to $60 at Amazon with targeted American Express cards
... click to read more

The best Cyber Monday sales at JCPenney
... click to read more

The story I had to share after Kyle Rittenhouse posted his $2 million bail
"Innocent until proven guilty" is a phrase we can all recite without even thinking about. It's as synonymous with America as "Liberty and justice for all" or "Land of the free and home of the brave." ... click to read more

SCOTUS's decision will cost lives
Last month, I wrote that Amy Coney Barrett would help to usher in a new post-truth jurisprudence on the Supreme Court. While I had cited her anti-science statements on climate change, her arrival on the court has created a new 5-4 majority against public-health science at the height of the Covid-19... click to read more

To the next US secretary of education: It's time to focus on students
The outside of the northwest Baltimore elementary school where I have been principal for seven years is covered in a brightly colored, student-designed mural featuring portraits of our children and their families reading together. Our community can, quite literally, see themselves reflected in this... click to read more

What the death of Iran's top nuclear scientist means
The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's leading nuclear weapons scientist, could set off a tinder box of violence between Iran, Israel and the United States -- and put the incoming Biden administration in a tight spot when it comes to resetting relations with Tehran. ... click to read more

Trump transition show is jumping the shark
If your grandparents or great-grandparents were living in Mississippi, Colorado or Texas in 1939 (like two of mine were), they may have celebrated Thanksgiving twice, thanks to Franklin D. Roosevelt's effort to bail out struggling retailers by moving Thanksgiving up a week -- thus extending the hol... click to read more

What tree rings can tell us about the death of stars
The death of a star is one of the most spectacular events in the universe. After millions and often billions of years, the star's fuel supply runs out. Without its nuclear fire to sustain it, the star collapses in on itself, compressing and heating the remaining gas until the pressure becomes so h... click to read more

Why it will take a village to save our sons
Raising children may be the single most demanding responsibility a person can have. ... click to read more

Justice Department rushing to expand execution methods like firing squads for federal death row inmates
The Justice Department has rushed to change the rules around federal death penalties as they expedite a slew of scheduled executions in the final days of the Trump administration, including expanding possible execution methods to include electrocution and death by firing squad. ... click to read more

Senior leadership team charged with planning Biden inauguration unveiled
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday announced the senior leadership of the committee charged with planning and executing what will be an unprecedented presidential inauguration, as it is set to take place during a global pandemic. ... click to read more

First president's daily intelligence briefing set for Biden and Harris today
President-elect Joe Biden marks a milestone on his path to the White House Monday when he gets his first President's Daily Brief -- the intelligence community's collection of secrets, intelligence, and analysis about long- and short-term threats US leaders need to know to run the country and keep i... click to read more

Former astronaut Mark Kelly to be sworn in as a US senator today
Former astronaut Mark Kelly will be sworn in as a US senator for Arizona at noon ET on Wednesday, a senior Democratic aide told CNN. ... click to read more

Biden picks up votes in Milwaukee County after Trump-requested recount
President-elect Joe Biden saw a small net gain in votes as Milwaukee County, Wisconsin's largest, certified its presidential general election results Friday after a recount requested by the Trump campaign. ... click to read more

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