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CNN Top Stories
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February 28, 2021

The CDC committee unanimously voted to recommend using Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisers voted Sunday to recommend the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine for the US. It is the first of the three authorized Covid-19 vaccines that comes in a single dose. ... click to read more

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine is different. Here's how.
... click to read more

New Covid-19 cases have stopped declining. Don't repeat the mistakes of 2020 and start a new surge, Fauci says
... click to read more

China created a story of the pandemic. These people revealed details Beijing left out
... click to read more

Dr. Anthony Fauci on case count: This is what history tells us
Dr. Anthony Fauci cautioned against relaxing pandemic restrictions throughout the US even though Covid-19 cases have plateaued, citing how premature relaxations of restrictions can lead to new spikes in cases. ... click to read more

White House and Democrats defend House passing Covid-19 relief package without GOP support
The White House and congressional Democrats on Sunday defended the House's passage of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package without any Republican support, arguing the Senate must now move quickly on the proposal to address the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. ... click to read more

He's had Covid-19 symptoms for a year. Hear his daily battle
CNN's Pamela Brown talks with Ed Hornick, a Yahoo News editor who had coronavirus over a year ago, but still deals with symptoms daily. ... click to read more

Rep. Karen Bass says systemic racism is playing a role in coronavirus vaccine distribution
Rep. Karen Bass said Sunday that the coronavirus vaccine rollout is failing African Americans and systemic racism is playing a role in vaccine distribution. ... click to read more

Cuomo changes plan, asks for independent lawyer to be selected to review sexual harassment claims
• Analysis: New York governor faces new allegations that threaten his political future • NYT: 2nd ex-aide accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment ... click to read more

Psaki: 'More effective ways' to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for Khashoggi's murder
• The Khashoggi report, annotated • Biden doesn't penalize crown prince despite promise to punish senior Saudi leaders ... click to read more

Cassidy on Trump and the GOP: 'If we idolize one person, we will lose'
GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy said Sunday that he believes if the Republican Party focuses on former President Donald Trump to win back seats in 2022 and the presidency in 2024, "we will lose." ... click to read more

Biden's chief of staff emerges as a force
• White House vows to 'keep fighting' for Tanden despite slim approval chances • Analysis: Frustration is growing over the obstacles Biden's nominees of color are facing ... click to read more

'Biggest trial of my life': Landlord says eviction moratorium has drained her savings
CNN's Natasha Chen looks at how the Covid-19 eviction moratorium has affected small-scale investors and landlords who have unpaid mortgages to face as tenants are unable to pay their rent. ... click to read more

DOJ charges man who allegedly sprayed chemicals at cops in Capitol riot
The Justice Department has charged a Texas man who was allegedly caught on video attacking a dozen police officers with a chemical spray during the Capitol insurrection, according to court records. ... click to read more

Warren Buffett admits to a rare 'mistake'
The Oracle of Omaha said he made a mistake. ... click to read more

Why these Trump supporters are convinced he will soon be the 19th president
Donald Trump lost the presidential election. But some of his supporters have bought into a conspiracy theory that says Trump will be president again on March 4. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports. ... click to read more

$3 gasoline could be around the corner
OPEC and Russia's unprecedented production cuts last spring lifted oil prices out of a death spiral. Nearly a year later, the group is under pressure to cool off the red-hot market. ... click to read more

Diversity visa lottery winners from countries blocked by Trump hope for another chance under Biden
In 2016, Belqees Al-Doais won a lottery that she was sure would change her life: the chance at a visa to come to the United States. ... click to read more

She lost everything after winning the visa lottery. Now, she wants another chance
Belqees Al-Doais, a young mother from Yemen, won the 2017 US diversity visa lottery. Then, Trump's travel ban dashed her dreams of moving to America. Now, she wants a second chance. ... click to read more

Florida golfer found drowned after searching for lost ball
A Florida golfer is believed to have drowned after falling into a golf club pond while looking for his lost ball Sunday morning, police say. ... click to read more

Taylor Swift won't reschedule postponed 'Lover Fest' shows
Taylor Swift won't reschedule "Lover Fest" shows that were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

It's the US' deadliest avalanche season in years. Experts say Covid is partially to blame
The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the US economy, health care system and schools. ... click to read more

Mr. Potato Head is the latest weapon in the Fox News culture wars
Mr. Potato Head caused a lot of buzz last week, and Fox News played a big part in that. Over the past week, the plastic toy — and its gender — has been mentioned at least 35 times on Fox News and Fox Business combined. ... click to read more

'SNL' pokes fun at how some states classify essential workers
SNL's Kate McKinnon as Dr. Anthony Fauci, helping Americans trying to get the coronavirus vaccine. ... click to read more

Purple Heart left at thrift store is returned to the family of a deceased veteran
When Teresa Ferrin found a Purple Heart at the Phoenix thrift store where she works, she knew it had to be important to somebody. ... click to read more

Find out which countries are welcoming US tourists back
Once one of the world's most powerful travel documents, the might of the United States passport has been diminished during the pandemic. With US Covid-19 cases over the 28.5 million mark, some nations continue to view American vacationers warily. ... click to read more

CNN reporter and his wife on mourning the loss of their daughter
Anderson talks with Andrew Kaczynski of CNN's "KFile" and his wife to talk about the loss of their beloved daughter Francesca and their fight for funding for cancer research so that no other family will have to suffer the same fate. ... click to read more

Elsa and Olaf? Characters from the movie 'Frozen' could serve as hurricane names this season
We are three months from the start of hurricane season -- though the official start date may come earlier this year because hurricanes have occurred outside the traditional season in recent years. ... click to read more

Fireball lights up skies across Canada and US
There have been more than 400 reports of sightings, according to the American Meteor Society. ... click to read more

US Soccer scraps anthem-kneeling policy
United States Soccer on Saturday voted to end a ban on players kneeling during the national anthem, something they have done to protest racial inequality and police brutality. ... click to read more

Peppa Pig is getting her own theme park
Peppa Pig is looking to hog some of the Florida sunshine enjoyed by Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter. ... click to read more

Stelter: Fox News host nailed this media flaw at CPAC
CNN's Brian Stelter examines the messages that emerged from this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, and calls on viewers not to get distracted by sidebar stories over real news. ... click to read more

Trump to tell CPAC crowd the 'incredible journey' is 'far from over'
Former President Donald Trump takes the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference Sunday, looking to reclaim his role as the Republican Party's kingmaker as he positions himself to play a major role in the 2022 midterm elections. ... click to read more

2024 prospects seek breakout moments at CPAC
A slew of ambitious Republicans eyeing bids for the party's 2024 nomination used the two days ahead of former President Donald Trump's appearance at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference to begin staking their own claims as the eventual leaders of the movement built around the former... click to read more

GOP governor insulted Dr. Fauci. See how CPAC crowd responded
Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) received a standing ovation from CPAC attendees for her remarks about South Dakota's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Jonathan Reiner criticized Noem's comments, saying that her 'science denialism' resulted in the spread of the deadly virus. ... click to read more

Analysis: Why the GOP is the party of resistance
For obvious reasons, President Joe Biden made the coronavirus pandemic his first legislative priority. Polling shows wide public support for his $1.9 trillion relief plan. ... click to read more

'Disgusting': Trump ally attacks journalist's question
CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports on Trump ally Roger Stone's welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and his response to questions about his alleged involvement with the January 6th Capitol riot. ... click to read more

CPAC speakers make false claims about the election, the Capitol attack and The Muppets
The Conservative Political Action Conference began Friday with a series of false claims about the 2020 election. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump has CPAC, but Biden has kryptonite
President Joe Biden should just ignore Donald Trump upon his return to Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend, where the former president is set to throw his Republican acolytes political red meat. If his downplaying of the insurrection of January 6, and deflecting responsibility ont... click to read more

How to watch the show tonight
The Golden Globes will unofficially kickoff Hollywood's award season on Sunday, but the event will look a little different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. ... click to read more

Production veteran on how to put together a show during a pandemic
In the 30 years Melissa Trueblood has worked in production, she's seen it all -- even if she claims she doesn't have the coolest stories. But 2021 has dealt her one of her tallest orders yet: to help the Golden Globes put on, essentially, three shows in one night. ... click to read more

A movie that takes place in Arkansas is vying for best foreign-language film. Here's why that's controversial
Monica Yi stares at a rickety trailer in the middle of an empty field in rural Arkansas. "What is this place?" the stunned wife asks her husband. ... click to read more

Sign up for CNN's Pop Life Chronicles newsletter
... click to read more

Why not everyone is happy with Italy's €1 homes bonanza
Dozens of towns in Italy have been selling abandoned dwellings for a song, sparking a new kind of gold rush as enthusiastic buyers from all over the world try to secure a bargain in beautiful, remote villages. ... click to read more

Woman plunges into frozen pool to save her dog
A dog owner in Tennessee wasted no time jumping into a frozen pool to save her dog, Sid, who was stuck under a sheet of ice. ... click to read more

Remember when Jane Fonda revolutionized exercise in a leotard and leg warmers?
Remember when Jane Fonda became the queen of 1980s at-home exercise? ... click to read more

These Black transgender women are fighting housing insecurity for LGBTQ people in the South
Kayla Gore wants transgender people of color in the South to have a fighting chance. ... click to read more

Manufacturing CEO: Before Biden, it felt like we were fighting the pandemic alone
A former Republican operative who now leads one of the nation's most powerful business groups is praising President Joe Biden's efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

How long should movies be in theaters before streaming? Hollywood is trying to find out
With the movie business upended during the pandemic and tilting more towards streaming than cineplexes, Hollywood is rethinking its business model. One significant debate is how long a gap there should be between a film's theatrical release and its availability on streaming services. ... click to read more

What Australia's new law might mean for the news you see in the future
Facebook has turned the news back on. ... click to read more

We've tested dozens of WFH products: Here are the best items we found
... click to read more

Top sales to shop this weekend: Target, Sephora, Athleta and more
... click to read more

The Bonbowl cookware set is a dorm kitchen game changer
... click to read more

We put more than a dozen leggings to the test: Four blew us away
... click to read more

RoboKiller puts spam callers to shame with a prescreening
... click to read more

We tested 14 soundbars for months and found two clear standouts
... click to read more

40 useful products for anyone obsessed with meal prepping
... click to read more

14 healthy snacks if you constantly eat while working from home
... click to read more

28 products to help fill your home with happiness
... click to read more

The best smart plugs to use in your home
... click to read more

The smart way to refinance your mortgage
... click to read more

Take an extra $10 off with this Postmates promo code
... click to read more

What's behind Biden's release of Khashoggi report
Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation that led to journalist Jamal Khashoggi's brutal assassination in 2018, according to a declassified US intelligence report the Biden administration released on Friday. ... click to read more

Obama and Springsteen's podcast reveals a key problem
If you had any doubts that podcasting had gone from fashionable to fully mainstream, you need look no further than the latest Spotify original, "Renegades: Born in the USA," for proof that they have. Hosted by former President Barack Obama and current rocker Bruce Springsteen, the show centers on a... click to read more

Biden's tricky tango with Congress
"There are men of character in the U.S. Congress, both House and Senate. There are women of character, too. But the evidence for 'character' needs to be something other than the iteration of the word itself," writes Marjorie Garber in her book "Character: The History of a Cultural Obsession." ... click to read more

Potato Head holds a gender lesson for Congress
You know times are a-changing when a famous toy spud is getting an upgrade—and for a very 21st-century reason. ... click to read more

What Biden's bombs spell out for Iran
In a single stroke on Thursday, President Joe Biden did far more than destroy a few support facilities for Iranian-backed Syrian militias. Unlike his two predecessors, Biden has drawn a new red line in the Middle East and shown he is prepared to defend it. ... click to read more

On Trump's taxes, here's where it gets interesting
Few things are certain in life, other than death -- and that Donald Trump's tax returns would inevitably be released. ... click to read more

This dark postscript to US's role in Nazi defeat
Last weekend, the United States deported Friedrich Karl Berger, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard. The deportation was seen as a triumph of justice. When commenting on the case, Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson lauded the efforts of law enforcement involved in the process, while affirming ... click to read more

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