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CNN Top Stories
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May 16, 2022

Police say 11 of the victims were Black and two were White and their ages range from 20 to 86. Here's what else we know about them.
Thirteen people were shot -- 10 fatally -- at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket Saturday in a massacre authorities believe was racially motivated. ... click to read more

Disturbing statements: Suspect talked about hate toward the Black community, an official says
The 18-year-old suspected of opening fire at a Buffalo supermarket Saturday told authorities he was targeting the Black community, according to an official familiar with the investigation. ... click to read more

Watch: Mayor identifies hero who engaged shooter
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says former Buffalo Police Lieutenant Aaron Salter is a hero after exchanging gunfire with the suspect in the Buffalo supermarket shooting and lost his life as a result of trying to protect others. ... click to read more

Analysis: Buffalo massacre further rattles an insecure nation
This weekend's massacre in Buffalo is the most terrifying proof yet of a grave threat from a wave of White supremacist terrorism -- a seething, hateful ideology that festers online and is adding a new layer of fear to a dangerous, divisive age. ... click to read more

'I'm hurt': Black community in Buffalo reels from shooting
The 18-year-old suspected of opening fire at a Buffalo supermarket told authorities he was targeting the Black community. Hear how members of community feel after the racially motivated shooting. ... click to read more

The suspect: What we know about Payton Gendron
The 18-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket Saturday afternoon was motivated by hate, authorities said. ... click to read more

Opinion: The deadly Buffalo shooting could have been prevented. Here's how
The story is all-too familiar: A man allegedly armed with grievance and a gun kills fellow citizens who are strangers to him, singling them out only because of their race or creed. ... click to read more

Ukraine claims Russians are suffering 'significant losses' as they try to advance west
• This is what the 'Russification' of Ukraine's education system looks like in occupied areas • Finland is ditching decades of neutrality • Opinion: The invasion has utterly changed how I view NATO ... click to read more

'Replacement' conspiracies driving gunmen creep into mainstream politics
• Biden will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday following mass shooting, official says • Analysis: Investigators and reporters study purported manifesto ... click to read more

Suspect in deadly church shooting was detained and hog-tied by churchgoers, official says
At least one person is dead and four are critically injured after a shooting at a church in Laguna Woods, California, according to the sheriff's department. ... click to read more

Maryland Sen. Van Hollen hospitalized after stroke but says no long-term damage
Sen. Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat, announced Sunday that he suffered a "minor stroke" over the weekend and is hospitalized. He said in a statement that his doctors have told him "there are no long-term effects or damage as a result of this incident." ... click to read more

GOP governor says that rape victims should have to carry baby to term
• Thousands are expected to travel to this Illinois 'oasis' if Roe is struck down ... click to read more

This parking garage is more than it appears. CNN reporter goes inside
CNN's Nic Robertson tours an underground bunker in Helsinki, Finland, housed in a parking garage. The Finnish capital's bunkers can shelter more than 900,000 people. ... click to read more

Trial of Clinton campaign lawyer relitigates 2016 election fights
Michael Sussmann, a former lawyer for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, is set to go on trial Monday for a single charge of lying to the FBI, as part of Special Counsel John Durham's three-year investigation of the Trump-Russia investigation.  ... click to read more

Covid has hit China's economy harder than expected
China has reported disappointing economic data for the month of April, underscoring the extensive damage Covid lockdowns have wreaked on the country. ... click to read more

'Millions of people absorb this garbage': Acosta calls out Fox host for dangerous rhetoric
CNN's Jim Acosta talks to NAACP President Derrick Johnson about Tucker Carlson's dangerous rhetoric around replacement theory after an 18-year-old was charged with killing ten people in a racially-motivated supermarket shooting in Buffalo, New York. ... click to read more

Melania Trump teases second term as first lady
• Analysis: Trump could be facing an endorsement waterloo this week • How the Pennsylvania GOP primaries are playing out in right-wing media • Oz fights off McCormick's millions and Barnette's surge in final days of Pennsylvania Senate primary • Progressive Democratic House candidates are being ha... click to read more

Reporter shows GOP candidate her Islamaphobic tweet. Watch her reaction
Rising Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Kathy Barnette, who has a long history of bigoted statements, is confronted by an NBC reporter for one of her Islamophobic tweets. ... click to read more

Opinion: Al Capone's descendant roils America
In 1930, the Chicago Crime Commission branded gangster Al Capone, aka "Scarface," the city's first "Public Enemy No. 1," popularizing a phrase that's inspired countless songs, movies and more. ... click to read more

Finland's president reveals what Putin told him on phone call
Finland's President Sauli Niinistö discusses his phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Finland announced their intention to join NATO. ... click to read more

Pizza has a delivery problem
Pizza places have always been experts when it comes to delivery, flexing with remote drop-offs and robot delivery cars. But now they're facing a problem: not enough drivers. ... click to read more

Man Ray's 'Le Violon d'Ingres' photograph sells for record $12.4 million
Man Ray's famed "Le Violon d'Ingres" made history Saturday when it became the most expensive photograph ever to sell at auction. ... click to read more

Police take on alligator outside elementary school
Charleston, South Carolina residents called police after spotting an alligator making its way to an elementary school. Watch animal control capture the six-foot reptile. ... click to read more

These are the places with the highest wildfire risk in the US
Forecasters say the West could be looking at a particularly bad wildfire year, as several destructive fires have already ignited well before the hottest, driest months. A fast-moving blaze Wednesday night destroyed 20 homes in a wealthy Orange County, California, community. In New Mexico, more acre... click to read more

The southern US could break more than 200 high temperature records this week
... click to read more

California is in a water crisis. Officials are focused on the wrong problem, advocates say
• ... click to read more

Selena Gomez looks for love on 'SNL'
During her "Saturday Night Live" monologue Selena Gomez announced that she was single and looking for a relationship. ... click to read more

Opinion: This Supreme Court case could blunt the blow to Democrats in midterms
It has been some 30 years since a Supreme Court abortion case generated such a fierce outcry. The recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion has sparked pundits on both sides to make predictions about the long-term future of reproductive rights and the short-term effect on the midterm elections. ... click to read more

Why didn't Democrats do more to protect Roe v. Wade? See Pelosi's response
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) calls former President Donald Trump a "creature" while talking to CNN's Dana Bash about his Supreme Court appointees and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. ... click to read more

Billboard Music Awards 2022: Here are the winners
The winners of the Billboard Music Awards are being revealed Sunday. ... click to read more

Rapper Lil Keed dead at 24, record label says
Atlanta-based rapper Lil Keed died Friday at the age of 24, according to a tweet Sunday from his record label Young Stoner Life (YSL). ... click to read more

Jason Momoa apologizes after taking photos in the Sistine Chapel
"Aquaman" star Jason Momoa took to Instagram to apologize for taking photos in the Sistine Chapel -- by posting a sweaty, shirtless workout video. ... click to read more

Travis Scott makes first major public appearance at Billboard Music Awards since Astroworld tragedy
Travis Scott returned to center stage at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. ... click to read more

Naomi Judd remembered in song and tears at public memorial
Remarks and music with lyrics about love, loss and heaven were a common thread throughout the public memorial held for Naomi Judd Sunday at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. ... click to read more

Podcast: Shaka Senghor ran away from home seeking acceptance. Instead, he found drug culture
... click to read more

A total lunar eclipse is turning the moon red. Here's how to watch
May's full moon will have stargazers seeing red. ... click to read more

Look up! The flower moon is blossoming in the sky tonight
May's full moon, known as the flower moon, will blossom in the sky on Sunday night into Monday. ... click to read more

Crowds across the nation march in support of abortion access
• Analysis: A majority of Americans back abortion rights, but the support may be smaller than you think • ... click to read more

South Dakota city goes completely dark as massive wall of dust hits
A powerful storm system hit the Midwest with winds over 100 miles per hour. Watch a wall of dust completely engulf Sioux Falls, South Dakota. ... click to read more

Dog's barking led rescuers to a missing woman in 'small miracle'
Man's -- or in this case, woman's -- best friend came to the rescue of a missing Texas woman. ... click to read more

Revenge travel: How vacation vengeance became a thing
As more and more countries reopen their borders to eager tourists, a trendy new phrase has emerged on social media: revenge travel. ... click to read more

Elon Musk says Twitter legal team told him he violated an NDA
Elon Musk on Saturday tweeted that Twitter's legal team accused him of violating a nondisclosure agreement by revealing that the sample size for the social media platform's checks on automated users was 100. ... click to read more

Robinhood soars after 30-year-old crypto billionaire takes stake
It's been a brutal year for Robinhood. The twin plunges of stocks and bitcoin have crushed the online brokerage's sales. The company also reported a loss and drop in users. The stock has plummeted 40% this year and Robinhood recently announced a big round of layoffs. ... click to read more

First on CNN: Record-high gas prices slash US spending by $9 billion a month
Pain at the pump may be forcing Americans to cut spending elsewhere. ... click to read more

35 graduation gifts they'll actually use
... click to read more

30 wedding guest outfit ideas for every kind of dress code
... click to read more

20 Amazon products our readers were obsessed with last month
... click to read more

Windmill just released a gorgeous AC unit for small spaces — and you can score an exclusive discount
... click to read more

20 hair products and tools that celebrity stylists and colorists swear by
... click to read more

You need a clothes steamer in your life. Here are the 3 worth the money
... click to read more

The 25 best tinted moisturizers that makeup artists love for glowing skin
... click to read more

Here's why this Zojirushi rice cooker is definitely worth the investment
... click to read more

Keep your hardwood and tile floors sparkling with the best robot mops
... click to read more

Crocs are now my favorite travel shoe — here's why
... click to read more

Our favorite product releases this week: Sonos, Hill House Home, The North Face and more
... click to read more

The iPod Touch is being discontinued — here's why you should buy one while you can
... click to read more

My country shares a border with Russia. The war in Ukraine changed my view of NATO
The topic of whether to join NATO has been debated in my native country of Finland for decades. Or, I should say, it used to be debated, until Russia's invasion of Ukraine helped settle the question for us. ... click to read more

Covid-19 keeps firing 210-mph curveballs at us
After more than two years, the United States has now passed the tragic milestone of a million Covid-19-related deaths -- and the pandemic is not remotely done. ... click to read more

GOP extremists will soon make Trump look tame
Former President Donald Trump might get out-Trumped. As the campaign season accelerates, Trump has thrown his weight behind several Republican candidates. The point is not only to shape the electoral playing field but to offer clear evidence he still calls the shots within the GOP if he ends up run... click to read more

Why the baby formula shortage is so terrifying
As soon as a mom gives birth, she faces a question: breast milk or formula? It is a decision many mothers like me don't take lightly. ... click to read more

The breathtaking cluelessness of Musk
Every weekday morning between January 20, 2017, and January 8, 2021, I checked President Donald Trump's Twitter account. It was as critical a step in my routine as brushing my teeth -- albeit one that left me feeling far less fresh. ... click to read more

SCOTUS could step away from racial justice
The Supreme Court's likely evisceration of Roe v. Wade is more than an assault on women. It will be a further perpetuation of racial injustice in America that has a long history. ... click to read more

Could digital currency change the world?
... click to read more

Rub-a-dub-dub: Why Americans love the bathtub — and the shower, too
... click to read more

Xi Jinping looms large over Australia's election
The faces of Australian election candidates are plastered on campaign posters across the country -- but there's one face that stands out, and it belongs to Xi Jinping. ... click to read more

Lebanese vote in high-stakes parliamentary election
Lebanese citizens voted Sunday in a high-stakes parliamentary election, the first since a 2019 popular uprising demanded the downfall of the ruling elite, blaming traditional parties for corruption and mismanagement. ... click to read more

Israeli police will investigate 'events' surrounding funeral of Palestinian journalist: Minister
Israeli police say they will hold an investigation "into the events that ensued during the funeral" procession of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on Friday. ... click to read more

China tensions loom as Japan's Okinawa marks 50 years since US handover
The Japanese island chain of Okinawa marked the 50th anniversary on Sunday of the end of US occupation and its return to Japan with ceremonies and celebrations amid growing worry about its proximity to an increasingly assertive China. ... click to read more

At least 2 dead, multiple people injured in shooting at a Texas flea market, sheriff says
A shooting at a flea market in Harris County, Texas, Sunday left multiple people injured and at least two dead, according to a tweet from the sheriff. ... click to read more


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