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CNN Top Stories
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April 25, 2019

Miller, an immigration hard-liner, is seen as a driving force behind a number of Trump's immigration policies
The White House has informed the House Oversight Committee that Stephen Miller will not testify before the panel about his role in President Donald Trump's controversial immigration policies, according to a letter obtained by CNN. ... click to read more

Trump at war with Democrats: 'We're fighting all the subpoenas'
President Donald Trump vowed on Wednesday to fight "all the subpoenas" issued by House Democrats investigating his administration, reinforcing his administration's increasingly combative posture toward congressional oversight. ... click to read more

Stephen Miller's uncle: Nephew is 'immigration hypocrite'
David Glosser, the uncle of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, says if his family had not immigrated to the United States when they did then none of them would be here today. ... click to read more

Trump digs in against Dems but there may yet be consequences
It had been more than two years since Michael Caputo, the onetime campaign communications adviser to Donald Trump, had spoken to the man he helped elect president. It was a span that encompassed special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, a probe with which Caputo had cooperated. ... click to read more

April Ryan warns Stephen Miller about upstaging Trump
CNN analyst April Ryan says top White House aid Stephen Miller should be careful about upstaging President Donald Trump on immigration policy. ... click to read more

Dems look to courts as White House stonewalls on subpoenas
Faced with all-out resistance from the White House, Democrats are turning to the courts as they grapple with a dilemma of limited options to enforce their subpoenas. ... click to read more

Opinion: Don McGahn could decide Trump's political fate
Any trial lawyer knows that it is one thing to read a witness statement, but quite another to see the witness testify live. Live testimony is the ultimate moment of truth. Prosecutors spend hours preparing a key witness, reviewing statements and doing dry runs. But when the witness raises his or he... click to read more

Analysis: Trump snubs checks on power in assault on accountability
Donald Trump's stonewalling White House is mounting a multi-front assault on accountability, testing the notion that a president must answer to citizens for whom he holds a public trust. ... click to read more

Deutsche Bank begins providing Trump financial records to NY attorney general
Deutsche Bank has begun the process of providing financial records to New York state's attorney general in response to a subpoena for documents related to loans made to President Donald Trump and his business, according to a person familiar with the production. ... click to read more

Anderson Cooper: No president should speak like Elmo
CNN's Anderson Cooper tackles President Trump's "bizarre vernacular" and ego in his "Ridiculust" segment. ... click to read more

Ana Navarro: Joe Biden is normal -- and that sounds really good to me
Joe Biden is finally making it official. He is set to announce Thursday that he is running to be the Democratic nominee for President. ... click to read more

Tax overhaul means some Gold Star families paying much higher taxes on survivor benefits
President Donald Trump's tax overhaul is forcing some military families to pay thousands of dollars more in taxes on their survivor benefits, according to a nonprofit organization that helps those families. ... click to read more

Kamala Harris chooses women of color to drive her campaign
On stage and in front of the cameras, Sen. Kamala Harris is a rare sight, as a woman of color running for President. ... click to read more

Comedian Tom Arnold secretly recorded phone call with Michael Cohen
The Wall Street Journal has obtained audio from a secretly-recorded phone call of President Trump's former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen walking back part of his guilty plea. ... click to read more

Analysis: Bernie Sanders is the new #1 Democrat in our 2020 rankings
Bernie Sanders has been running for president for the last four-ish years straight. In the wake of his closer-than-expected primary loss to Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sanders kept his massive grassroots organization active and made sure anyone and everyone knew that he wasn't done with this whole "na... click to read more

The latest way Trump is thumbing his nose at the press
For the third year in a row, Donald Trump is refusing to attend the White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) annual dinner. He has, instead, scheduled a political rally in Wisconsin for the exact same time frame as the dinner this weekend. And it has been reported that he has ordered senior a... click to read more

John William King executed in Texas for dragging death of James Byrd Jr.
A man who helped carry out the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. -- one of the most horrific hate crimes in modern American history -- is scheduled to die Wednesday evening by lethal injection. ... click to read more

Parents charged after boy's body is found
... click to read more

Carlos Ghosn, ex-Nissan chief, granted bail in Japan. Again.
Ousted Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has been granted bail in Japan, less than a month after he was re-arrested on new charges. ... click to read more

Couple admitted sexually assaulting kids on video and were sentenced to 60 years each
A husband and wife from Killeen, Texas, were each sentenced to 60 years in federal prison Wednesday on charges related to child exploitation, according to the US Department of Justice. ... click to read more

Parkland shooter has inheritance money coming and his public defenders say he should get new attorneys
Parkland gunman Nikolas Cruz is about to come into more than $430,000 and should get new lawyers, the Broward County Public Defender's Office said in a court filing on Wednesday. ... click to read more

Bill Cosby wants bail
Actor Bill Cosby wants to be released on bail while he appeals his conviction for aggravated indecent assault, and his lawyers say in a motion filed Wednesday that his trial judge "trampled" on his rights. ... click to read more

US warships send stern warning to Russia
The United States is flexing its military muscles as a powerful warning to Russia. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen got exclusive access as US warships started their own show of force in the Mediterranean Sea. ... click to read more

Charlotte police officer who shot Danquirs Franklin said she 'didn't have a choice'
After Danquirs Franklin was shot, he lay on the ground as police officers appeared to struggle trying to request medical assistance and call for backup over the radio, new bodycam footage shows. ... click to read more

Kim Jong Un's train steals show in Russia
Kim Jong Un's bodyguards stay on their feet as the North Korean leader travels to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. CNN's Jeanne Moos peeks under the red carpet. ... click to read more

Two bombers were sons of spice tycoon
Two of the suicide bombers involved in the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka were members of a prominent family in Colombo, sources have told CNN, in a development that has rocked the small Muslim community in the city. ... click to read more

Tesla reports huge $702 million loss
Tesla's profit streak is over. Big time. ... click to read more

Rapper shoots armed intruder trying to steal car
... click to read more

Country struggles without internet for a year
How do you run a digital business when your country's president has shutdown the internet? ... click to read more

Jennifer Garner nabs cover of People's 'Beautiful People' issue
Actress Jennifer Garner says she wasn't one of the "pretty girls" growing up. Now she's the cover star of People magazine's "Beautiful People" issue. ... click to read more

NBA star rewrites career with epic shot
... click to read more

Police respond to possible burglary and find four people hiding in the ceiling at CVS
When police responded to a call at a CVS in Texas on Wednesday, they found four people hiding in the ceiling. ... click to read more

He saw widow eating alone, then did this
Three men at a restaurant in Alabama asked if they could join an elderly woman sitting alone for dinner. Their heartwarming photo together then went viral. ... click to read more

High school implements dress code for parents
... click to read more

NBA great says LeBron is better than Jordan
... click to read more

Expert predictions for the NFL draft
... click to read more

See Zoo Miami's historic baby rhino
A newborn rhino at Zoo Miami has made history as the first successful birth of its species as a result of induced ovulation and artificial insemination. ... click to read more

State senator receives about 1,700 decks of cards after saying nurses 'play cards' at work
A UPS Store says they have received 667 packages of playing cards addressed to a Washington state senator who said nurses "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day," according to CNN affiliate KOMO News. ... click to read more

Walsh slammed for saying nurses play cards for 'considerable amount of the day'
A Washington state senator has drawn the ire of nurses after remarks she made suggesting that nurses in smaller hospitals "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day." ... click to read more

650,000 nurses signed a petition to have her shadow a nurse for a day. She's accepted
In a span of three days, nearly 650,000 nurses signed a petition to get Washington state Sen. Maureen Walsh to walk in their shoes for a day. And she's accepted the challenge. ... click to read more

State lawmaker receives backlash over nurses comment
A Washington state senator has drawn the ire of nurses after remarks she made suggesting that nurses in smaller hospitals "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day." ... click to read more

Salmonella outbreak sickens 117 people in 10 states
A salmonella outbreak linked to precut melon has affected 117 people in 10 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Listeria and salmonella found in ice cream manufacturing facilities after recalls, FDA reports
After a series of recalls, an investigation into safety issues at US ice cream makers forced one manufacturer to cease operations and resulted in three voluntary recalls, the US Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday. ... click to read more

What to do when food is recalled
CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains when and why your food is recalled, and what you should do next. ... click to read more

E. coli outbreak from tainted ground beef expands
At least 156 people in 10 states have been infected with E. coli after eating tainted ground beef at home and in restaurants, federal officials said. ... click to read more

Opinion: That sex scene on 'Game of Thrones' is a big deal
A sex scene on "Game of Thrones" doesn't normally constitute news. Sex is practically punctuation for the HBO series -- more noticeable in its absence than its presence. ... click to read more

Luke Perry's final appearance on 'Riverdale'
Thanks for everything, Fred Andrews. ... click to read more

Remember that time the Queen had to ignore Obama?
CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on presidential flubs with the Queen of England as President Donald Trump preps for his second encounter with Queen Elizabeth II. ... click to read more

Netflix may have to say goodbye to 'The Office' and 'Friends'
Some of the greatest American sitcoms of our generation, from "The Office" to "Friends," could be leaving Netflix, the Wall Street Journal reports. ... click to read more

Facebook expects FTC fine could be as much as $5 billion
Facebook is bracing for a massive fine from federal regulators after a year of data privacy scandals. ... click to read more

Ford invests $500 million in electric pickup truck maker Rivian
Ford is investing $500 million in electric pickup truck maker Rivian, saying the two companies will work together to develop a new battery plug-in vehicle for Ford. ... click to read more

Here's one more reason not to be negative at work
Your summer cold isn't the only thing you can spread to your co-workers. ... click to read more

What explains rich-kid terrorists
Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said Wednesday that most of the terrorists who killed at least 359 people at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Sunday were "well-educated and come from maybe middle- or upper-middle-class. So, they are financially quite independent, and their families... click to read more

The show flipping the script on 'fat' and 'millennial'
On paper, the story of a 30-something millennial woman finding her way in the world, embracing her sexuality and learning to love her body sounds a lot like the formula for any successful piece of media from the past five years. ... click to read more

Trump's crackdown on visa overstays is absurd
First, they came for the asylees and the refugees. Then they came for the children at the southern border. And now they are coming for the visa overstays. In a memorandum issued on April 22, President Donald Trump ordered the Department of State to work with governments with overstay rates of more ... click to read more

Robert Mueller made a big mistake
Robert Mueller's failure to reach a decision about whether President Donald Trump should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice was a mistake that failed both his mission and our country. ... click to read more

Harry and Meghan, Africa doesn't want you
Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, may be considering a move to Africa sometime after the birth of their child. Just as with their wedding, the proposed move is being framed in largely positive terms -- with Meghan wanting to explore her and her child's African roots. ... click to read more

Refinance rates at 3.125% APR. Do you qualify?
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

Your guide to the high-performance life
... click to read more

Kim arrives in Russia after 9-hour train journey
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is headed to Russia for his summit with Vladimir Putin, the North Korean state news agency KCNA said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Search closes in on missing Japanese F-35
Search efforts may be closing in on the wreckage of a Japanese F-35 stealth fighter that crashed into the Pacific Ocean two weeks ago, perplexing investigators and raising questions about the reliability of world's most-advanced warplane. ... click to read more

Duterte threatens 'war' with Canada over trash
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to "go to war" with Canada if the country doesn't take back tons of trash a Canada-based company had shipped to Manila several years ago. ... click to read more

Man City inches closer to back-to-back titles
Manchester City cleared a major hurdle in the quest to win back-to-back English Premier League titles for the first time in its history with a battling 2-0 victory at the home of crosstown rival Manchester United on Wednesday. ... click to read more

Thousands more Scout leaders accused of sexual abuse than previously known
The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) believed more than 7,800 of its former leaders were involved in sexually abusing children over the course of 72 years, according to newly exposed court testimony -- about 2,800 more leaders than previously known publicly. ... click to read more

Potentially defective air bags in 12 million vehicles
A federal agency is expanding an investigation into potentially defective air bags in more than 12 million vehicles produced over the past decade. ... click to read more

Measles outbreak largest since disease was declared eliminated
Measles cases in the United States have surpassed the highest number on record since the disease was declared eliminated nationwide in 2000. ... click to read more

Deputy on leave for posting anti-LGBTQ comments
After the suicide of a teenager who had been bullied for being gay, a local news station in Huntsville, Alabama, posted a story to its Facebook page raising awareness about LGBTQ bullying. ... click to read more

A visual history of female rage
In the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings last September, I developed a new self-care routine: I put on a sheet mask, cue up some soothing music, and look at paintings of murderous women. ... click to read more

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