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CNN Top Stories
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July 28, 2021

People are dancing, bars are full and hospital Covid units are mostly empty. Health officials tout Green Mountain State as safest in US.
... click to read more

California Gov. Gavin Newsom pulls his children from summer camp over mask policy
California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife pulled their children from a summer camp over its policy not to enforce face coverings, a spokesperson in his office said. ... click to read more

Pelosi calls McCarthy 'a moron' for his mask mandate criticism
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a "moron" after being asked by a reporter about his criticism of the Capitol physician's mask mandate in the House, another sign of the souring relationship between the two House party leaders. ... click to read more

Why do vaccinated people need to mask? See Gupta's answer
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the CDC's updated guidance that recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas with "substantial" and "high" transmission of Covid-19. ... click to read more

Analysis: DeSantis and Trump pick politics over science
A new political war over masks is already deepening the national divides that slowed vaccinations and thwarted what once seemed an imminent victory over the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

See why Victor Blackwell nearly ended interview about masks
CNN's Victor Blackwell interviews a mother who is against requiring masks in schools to prevent the spread of Covid-19. ... click to read more

Simone Biles drops out of individual all-around final
• Analysis: Fear impacts gymnasts' safety • Online trolls have come for Biles • Analysis: The problem Biles just laid bare • Olympics schedule and events to watch ... click to read more

Liz Cheney rebukes GOP leadership after January 6 panel holds first hearing
• The false GOP Jan. 6 counterprogramming • Cheney reacts to GOP leader blaming Pelosi • Analysis: GOP should read Cheney statement ... click to read more

Pfizer data suggest third dose of Covid-19 vaccine 'strongly' boosts protection against Delta variant
A third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine can "strongly" boost protection against the Delta variant -- beyond the protection afforded by the standard two doses, suggests new data released by Pfizer on Wednesday. ... click to read more

Pfizer plans to apply for authorization of a third vaccine dose as soon as August
... click to read more

Satellite photos show massive Chinese missile silo field under construction, researchers say
China is building a second field of missile silos in its western deserts, according to a new study, which researchers say signals a potential expansion of its nuclear arsenal and calls into question Beijing's commitment to its "minimum deterrence" strategy. ... click to read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene puts restaurant on blast over Covid-19 rule. Hear owner react
An Atlanta restaurant owner defends his decision to enforce a mask-wearing only policy after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked the establishment on her personal Twitter account. CNN's Brianna Keilar reports. ... click to read more

Jake Ellzey wins Texas special election runoff, CNN projects
Texas state Rep. Jake Ellzey will win the special election runoff in Texas' 6th Congressional District, CNN projects. ... click to read more

Whistleblowers allege poor conditions at Fort Bliss facility for migrant children
Two more whistleblowers have come forward alleging that migrant children who stayed at the Fort Bliss facility near El Paso, Texas, received poor care, according to a complaint obtained by CNN. ... click to read more

She won a gold medal last night. Why she won't look at social media
Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus, who won two Olympic gold medals at Tokyo 2020 in the 200m and 400m freestyle, talks about why she deleted every social media app on her phone to avoid "external pressure." ... click to read more

Opinion: I used to be an elite athlete. I relate to Simone Biles's struggle
Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast in history, made a life-changing choice on Tuesday: She withdrew from the finals of the team competition, putting her own wellbeing first. Her team went on without her, winning silver as the Russian team took the gold. She told members of the media: "I'd just neve... click to read more

Remington offers $33 million settlement with Sandy Hook school shooting victims' families
Gun manufacturer Remington has offered nearly $33 million to nine families of victims killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in a proposed lawsuit settlement, according to court documents filed Tuesday. ... click to read more

GOP senator claims Capitol rioters were trying to protect officer
CNN's Ryan Nobles speaks with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and other Republican lawmakers about the Capitol insurrection hearing and the harrowing testimony from police officers who were there that day. ... click to read more

Bob Odenkirk hospitalized after collapsing on set of 'Better Call Saul'
Bob Odenkirk, star of hit TV shows "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on set on Tuesday, the TMZ entertainment website reported. ... click to read more

The Porsche dynasty is taking on Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in space
Porsche SE, the family holding company that controls Volkswagen Group, is the latest big investor to bet on space's crucial role in developing future technologies. ... click to read more

Meteor lights up night sky across Texas and four other states
This "fireball" awed unsuspecting bystanders across five states as it plummeted through the atmosphere at 30,000 mph. ... click to read more

How much do I need to sleep? It depends on your age
Do you find yourself dozing off at your desk, even after what you thought was a good night's rest? Then you probably have the same question as so many others: How much do I need to sleep? ... click to read more

Largest US retailer will cover 100% of college tuition for its workers
• Home prices can't go straight up forever. But this probably isn't a bubble • These are the industries where jobs still haven't returned ... click to read more

See dog's heartbreaking reaction after owner abandons him
A husky is abandoned on road and tries to chase vehicle that left him. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on an arrest and the pup's new home. ... click to read more

Opinion: Sohail Pardis was beheaded because the US didn't reward him for his service
... click to read more

Lorenzo Lamas announces engagement to Kenna Nicole Smith on Facebook
Lorenzo Lamas is in love and engaged. ... click to read more

Crocodile drags teen into the ocean
18-year-old Kiana Hummel is recovering in the hospital after she was attacked by a 12-foot-long crocodile while on vacation in Mexico. CNN affiliate KGO reports. ... click to read more

Pocket $200 After Spending $500
... click to read more

Federal student loan payment pause and other Covid relief programs are ending soon
Sixteen months after the coronavirus pandemic upended the economy and left millions of Americans out of work, the historic relief programs Congress put in place are set to start expiring. ... click to read more

CDC can urge Covid-19 vaccinations in schools, but can't mandate them, director says
... click to read more

Fauci: You get vaccinated because you want to save your life
Dr. Anthony Fauci and CNN's Chris Cuomo discuss the importance of wearing masks and getting vaccinated as the Delta variant of Covid-19 continues to surge around the US. ... click to read more

The economy is still not back to normal. The Delta variant won't make it easier
America's economy isn't back to normal yet, and much of the recovery depends on consumers: how much they're spending, how much they decide to participate in public life and even whether they work remotely. ... click to read more

New mask guidance shows the Delta variant has changed the pandemic landscape
The change in CDC guidance recommending all Americans wear a mask indoors in areas with high Covid-19 transmission is a sign of the change the Delta variant has carved into the pandemic landscape, Dr. Anthony Facui told CNN. ... click to read more

California residents urged to turn off lights and set AC to 78 degrees or higher
California's power grid operator has issued a statewide alert urging residents to cut back electricity use Wednesday due to higher-than-normal temperatures expected in Northern California and tight energy supplies across the West. ... click to read more

Extreme weather is upending lives in the West. 'You walk around with this vague sense of terror'
It was the heat, in part, that pushed Eric Beck to leave Los Angeles. ... click to read more

Oregon's Bootleg Fire has devoured 400 buildings, 342 vehicles
Oregon's fierce Bootleg Fire has destroyed more than 400 structures and 340 vehicles since it began three weeks ago, officials said Tuesday. ... click to read more

New York City restaurant unveils $200 French fries
Jerome Powell, this story's for you. ... click to read more

Hobby Lobby ordered to forfeit ancient artifact bought for $1.6 million in 2014
A New York federal court has ordered US craft store Hobby Lobby to forfeit an ancient artifact purchased at a 2014 auction that "originated in the area of modern-day Iraq and entered the United States contrary to federal law," the Justice Department announced Tuesday. ... click to read more

This is what Thomas Cromwell's 16th-century London mansion might have looked like
The luxurious 16th-century London mansion that belonged to King Henry VIII of England's notorious chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, has been recreated for the first time. ... click to read more

See Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart's hilarious Olympics show
Rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Kevin Hart have joined forces on Peacock TV to offer their hilarious take on the Tokyo Olympics. ... click to read more

Apple, Google and Microsoft made $57 billion last quarter
A rapid shift to digitization due to Covid-19 has handsomely benefited the world's biggest tech companies. Yet even as the pandemic eased, they still minted record sums of money. ... click to read more

Amazon is everywhere. Here's how the US could break it up
On any given day, you might receive a package you ordered from Amazon, log onto a website hosted by Amazon, ask an Amazon device about the weather and grab groceries at a Whole Foods owned by Amazon. Amazon is more than just the "everything store." It's become something of an "everything company" t... click to read more

Home prices can't go straight up forever. But this probably isn't a bubble
Home prices are climbing at the fastest pace in history, eclipsing even the boom in the days leading up to the Great Recession. Bidding wars have become common, many are forced to pay all cash and some bids are coming in $1 million over asking. ... click to read more

Is a Yeti water bottle worth it? Absolutely. Here's why
... click to read more

We cooked 48 meals to find the best nonstick pans. Here are our favorites.
... click to read more

Are Swedish dishcloths worth it? Absolutely. Here's why
... click to read more

These $60 earbuds rival the AirPods in many ways
... click to read more

The best products to splurge on from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale
... click to read more

We spent months testing mesh Wi-Fi routers and the Eero 6 is the best
... click to read more

From bikes to basketballs, 19 storage solutions for all your sports equipment
... click to read more

Apple's new $99 MagSafe pack extends the battery of your iPhone
... click to read more

We tried Keurig's new smart coffee brewer and it's the highlight of our morning
... click to read more

Our pick for best liquid eyeliner finally went on sale: Here's what to know
... click to read more

25 phenomenal beauty products our editors can't live without
... click to read more

Now's your last chance to get Delta's increased 90k-mile credit card bonus
... click to read more

It was riveting, disturbing, emotional
On January 6, the day the attackers came to kill American democracy, its defenders thought they, too, might die. ... click to read more

This is the most GOAT thing Biles has ever done
Just days before Friday's Opening Ceremony, news broke that a member of the US Women's Gymnastics team had tested positive for Covid-19. I have no doubt that many of us had the same reaction: ... click to read more

Where the fight to build a better democracy starts
During former President Donald Trump's rally in Arizona on Saturday, he, once again, asserted that the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud when no such evidence exists. Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country are not backing away from passing laws that attempt to dilu... click to read more

The real reason for sexualized women's uniforms in elite sports
You know the old line about Ginger Rogers doing everything Fred Astaire did, just backward and in high heels? That's also the story of world-class women athletes: They're doing most of what the men do (and sometimes more), and doing it while being ogled, booed, scolded, sanctioned, fined and otherw... click to read more

Lurching back to 'normal' is risky
Through all the horror of the pandemic, something unexpected has happened: The last 18 months have been perhaps the most accessible period in American history for people of all abilities. Covid restrictions and safety measures forced nondisabled Americans to expand the public use of outdoor spaces ... click to read more

You can't keep us from teaching honest history
With a new school year around the corner -- when students will return needing more support than ever -- what topic is trending on Twitter and animating the airwaves? Ensuring that schools are safe and welcoming? Nope. Helping students recover from the isolation and anxiety of Covid? Nope. How to ac... click to read more

Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter credits a fearless streak to a strong career
... click to read more

How the King of Calypso helped change the world
... click to read more

Save over 25% -- Summer Stays in Ocean City, Md
... click to read more

Why You Should Refi ASAP
... click to read more

6 reasons this is the best cash back card of 2021
... click to read more

Ecuador revokes citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
An Ecuadorian court on Monday ruled in favor of revoking the citizenship of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to a judgment published by the Judicial Branch of Ecuador. ... click to read more

First person charged under Hong Kong national security law
The first person to be tried under Hong Kong's sweeping national security law faces life in prison after being found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism in a landmark court ruling. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports from the High Court in Hong Kong. ... click to read more

Tanzania's President gets coronavirus vaccine on TV, reversing country's policy of Covid denial
Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan on Wednesday launched the country's Covid-19 vaccination campaign after receiving just over a million Johnson & Johnson shots donated by the United States through the COVAX scheme.  ... click to read more

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