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CNN Top Stories
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September 22, 2021

A rush of shocking behind-the-scenes disclosures reveal America came closer to a coup earlier this year than previously known
• Watch: John King reacts to 'scary' memo from Trump lawyer • NYT: Trump campaign was aware attorneys' voting conspiracy theories were baseless ... click to read more

READ: Trump lawyer's memo
A six-page memo from a conservative lawyer working with then-President Donald Trump's legal team outlines numerous scenarios for then-Vice President Mike Pence to subvert the Constitution and throw out the 2020 election results. ... click to read more

'Scary': John King reacts to memo from Trump lawyer
A two-page memo from former President Trump's attorney John Eastman reveals how they planned to have former Vice President Mike Pence overturn the 2020 election. ... click to read more

Analysis: How Giuliani's massive ego saved the country from an utter disaster on election 'fraud'
By mid-December 2020, Donald Trump's amen chorus was dwindling, with even many longtime allies suggesting that it might be time to admit defeat in the 2020 election and move on. ... click to read more

NYT: Trump campaign was aware attorneys' voting conspiracy theories were baseless, documents show
Officials working for then-President Donald Trump's reelection campaign were aware that the voting machine claims being pushed by pro-Trump attorneys were baseless, court documents obtained by The New York Times show. ... click to read more

Opinion: Pro-Trump lawyer's memo begins with a lie, then descends into madness
The two-page memo from John Eastman, disclosed in the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, begins with a lie and then descends into madness. ... click to read more

Texas governor approves miles-long 'steel barrier' of vehicles to deter migrants
• Watch: Migrant couple documents dangerous journey to the US ... click to read more

FBI seeks public's help in finding Gabby Petito's fiance as new tip emerges about his previous movements
• Here's why it has been so hard to find Gabby Petito's fiancé Brian Laundrie • Watch: CNN tracks her last steps ... click to read more

The US is again at a point where an average of more than 2,000 people die of Covid every day
The US is battling rising death tolls and strained hospital resources under the Covid-19 pandemic, and all that could be made more difficult by the upcoming flu season, health experts said. ... click to read more

Fewer than one-third of Americans want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, new poll finds
Fewer than one-third of Americans want to see the Roe v. Wade decision overturned, according to a set of three polls released over the past week, with key elements of Texas' restrictive new abortion law also garnering relatively little support in the polls. ... click to read more

Progressives say they plan to vote against bipartisan infrastructure bill next week
... click to read more

House passes bill to avert shutdown
• • ... click to read more

See what CNN reporter saw inside US air base now under Taliban control
CNN's Nic Robertson goes inside an abandoned US air base now under Taliban control and the notorious prison that once held thousands of detainees. ... click to read more

Family of British teen killed in crash reach 'resolution' with US diplomat's wife
The family of British teenager Harry Dunn, killed in a crash two years ago, has reached a "resolution" in a civil lawsuit against the woman who was charged in his death, the spokesperson for the Dunn family said Tuesday. ... click to read more

Sexual assault linked to later brain damage in women, study finds
Women who have been sexually assaulted have a higher risk of developing a type of brain damage that has been linked to cognitive decline, dementia and stroke, a new study found. ... click to read more

Report shows telling text messages of GOP lawmakers in Florida
A new Politico report shows the internal text messages of Republican lawmakers in Florida and undercuts the claim that a restrictive voting law was not politically motivated. ... click to read more

Russia urged to pump more gas to Europe as energy prices soar
The International Energy Agency has called on Russia to supply more natural gas to Europe to help alleviate soaring energy prices. ... click to read more

China's Evergrande meets crucial debt deadline but another looms
China's Evergrande Group will pay interest due Thursday on one of its bonds, but it's keeping rattled investors guessing about the fate of second, bigger payment due this week. ... click to read more

Firefighters make progress on one of California's largest blazes but face challenges
California firefighters have made significant headway in taming one of the largest blazes in the history of the wildfire-prone state, but heat and wind are likely to persist, challenging those on the front lines of multiple fires. ... click to read more

Migrant couple documents dangerous journey to the US
Cubans Aliuska Carballo Romero and Yoandri Calzadilla Darias were among the thousands of migrants held under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. They talk to CNN's Rosa Flores about that experience and their harrowing journey to the United States. ... click to read more

Willie Garson, 'Sex and the City' actor, dead at 57
... click to read more

Boris Johnson admits he has 6 children
Boris Johnson has finally admitted that he has six children, a question he has previously dodged in numerous interviews and press conferences. ... click to read more

Grandparents of Senate hopeful who spread anti-refugee messages were refugees
An Ohio Senate candidate who has pushed strong anti-refugee messages against Afghans and others is the grandson of refugees from Europe who settled in the Cleveland area with the aid of at least two resettlement organizations in the years following World War II. ... click to read more

Jojo Siwa's same-sex duet makes history on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Singer and Nickelodeon star Jojo Siwa had her history-making debut on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" with the show's first-ever same-sex duet. ... click to read more

Fighter jet intercepts plane over Hudson River
A small aircraft flown by an Army instructor pilot was intercepted over the Hudson River Tuesday for violating the temporary flight restriction in place for the United Nations General Assembly gathering, which is taking place in New York City, according to North American Aerospace Defense Command a... click to read more

UK bails out US company to prevent food supply crisis
The UK government has agreed to subsidize a major US fertilizer manufacturer at a cost of several million pounds to taxpayers in order to restart carbon dioxide production vital to Britain's food supply. ... click to read more

5.9 quake strikes near Melbourne, Australia
An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck near Melbourne in southern Australia on Wednesday, according to the Victoria State Emergency Service's news feed (VICSES News) on Twitter. ... click to read more

Trump sent Raffensperger a letter asking him to decertify election. See his response
Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger responds to a letter sent 3 days ago from former President Trump asking him to decertify the 2020 election. ... click to read more

Cristiano Ronaldo set to overtake Lionel Messi as highest-paid footballer this season
Cristiano Ronaldo is set to leapfrog long-term rival Lionel Messi as the highest-paid football player in the world, according to Forbes. ... click to read more

'The Voice' debuts Ariana Grande as a new judge
Season 21 of NBC's 'The Voice', debuted with new coach Ariana Grande who takes the reign after Nick Jonas' departure. ... click to read more

Wear Designer Clothes Without Buyer's Remorse
... click to read more

A Texas couple wore masks at a restaurant to protect their baby. They were asked to leave
A Texas couple who landed themselves a rare night out with friends says it was cut short when the restaurant kicked them out for wearing face masks, which they say they wore to protect their immunocompromised 4-month-old son. ... click to read more

Covid vaccines are on the way for younger children. Here's why they're different
Vaccine maker Pfizer said Monday tests have shown its Covid-19 vaccine works well in children ages 5 to 11. ... click to read more

Restaurant owner explains why he kicked out customers
A Texas couple said their night out with friends was cut short when the restaurant kicked them out for wearing face masks, which they say they wore to protect their immunocompromised 4-month-old son. CNN affiliate KTVT has the details. ... click to read more

'Funeral home' ad spreads message for the unvaccinated
The truck had the name of a funeral home on it. But instead of a soothing thought that might double as a company slogan, the message on the side read: "Don't get vaccinated." ... click to read more

Germans shocked by killing of cashier after Covid mask row
German politicians expressed shock on Tuesday over the killing of a 20-year old gas station worker after an argument about a face mask and said that coronavirus deniers who are willing to use violence will not be tolerated. ... click to read more

Taliban request representation at the UN
The Taliban have requested representation at this week's United Nations General Assembly, a move that is expected to kick off a diplomatic battle with the preexisting Afghan envoy. ... click to read more

Biden: We are not seeking another Cold War
President Biden tells the UN General Assembly the United States isn't seeking to reenter a global era of conflict akin to the decades-long standoff with the Soviet Union. ... click to read more

Brazilian health minister tests positive for Covid-19 while in New York
Brazilian Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga has tested positive for Covid-19 while in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the Brazilian president's office announced Tuesday evening. ... click to read more

Fall: The season of cozy, delicious, wisdom-inducing rediscovery
Fall is the season for all senses. The feel of cooler temperatures after a long summer. A warm, visually pleasing palate of reds, oranges and browns. The taste of pumpkin spice in everything. The sound of crunching leaves underfoot. The smell of woodsmoke. ... click to read more

This lipstick has been around for decades. Now stores can't keep it in stock
Clinique Black Honey lip color launched when Richard Nixon was president, but all these decades later it has gone viral on TikTok. Now, beauty stores and retailers can't keep it on shelves. ... click to read more

Lava swallows swimming pool and homes in Spain
The Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island erupted on September 19. Authorities say the volcano is expected to continue to spew lava in "the coming days." ... click to read more

First day of fall: Why the equinox isn't as equal as you might think
Twice a year, everyone on Earth is seemingly on equal footing -- at least when it comes to the distribution of light and dark. ... click to read more

Google expands in New York with $2.1 billion office purchase
Google is dramatically expanding its office presence in New York City with a $2.1 billion purchase on Manhattan's West Side. ... click to read more

Wall Street's attempt at a rebound falls flat
US stocks are rebounding Tuesday, after concerns about potential contagion from Chinese real estate giant Evergrande's debt crisis led to the worst session for the market in months. ... click to read more

He beat Uber in China. Then he got too big for Beijing
Cheng Wei built a world-class ride-hailing app that not even Uber could keep up with in China. ... click to read more

We spent 5 days testing the iPhone 13 to see if it's worth the upgrade
... click to read more

Is Bee's Wrap worth it? Absolutely. Here's why
... click to read more

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max deliver on long battery life and serious camera upgrades
... click to read more

The Nest Mini is an essential part of my home — and it's a no-brainer at $30?
... click to read more

Get ready for cozy season with up to 50% off Adidas fleeces and more
... click to read more

Take $50 off an under desk elliptical during this one-day Amazon sale
... click to read more

How — and how often — to wash your sheets, according to experts
... click to read more

Keep your dorm spotless with these 20 items under $20
... click to read more

'Friluftsliv' is trending: ?Here's what to know about the interior design craze
... click to read more

How to use a French press coffee maker, according to experts
... click to read more

The 18 best work bags for women, according to stylists
... click to read more

When should you use a credit card to pay your rent?
... click to read more

Texas doctor could be what real allyship on abortion rights looks like
Women in Texas need allies. And not the silent kind who quietly grumble to like-minded people about how heinous it is that a group made up of mostly well-off White men decided to pass an abortion law that would disproportionately affect the poorest women of color: those who can't afford to travel o... click to read more

How to fix damage of Trump presidency
In the torrent of books published about Donald Trump's presidency, few have offered recommendations for both repairing the damage done by his norm-busting term and addressing the vulnerabilities he revealed in our existing system of checks and balances. ... click to read more

Democrats' disastrous mistake
Back in July I pointed out that the Democrats' massive $3.5 trillion reconciliation spending plan put their fragile congressional majorities at risk. Since then, and to make matters worse, House Democratic leaders tied passage of this partisan reconciliation spending to the painstakingly negotiated... click to read more

A Covid pass takes France by storm
At our first meal in Paris, at a charming outdoor table on the Boulevard Saint-Germain the waiter immediately asked for our "pass sanitaire," or health pass, an app showing proof of either vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test or of past infection. Using a tablet, he scanned the QR codes on our iPh... click to read more

Penalize the unvaccinated? It's complicated
One night many years ago, I was looking forward to finally getting some sleep after working 17 hours straight as a medical intern. But before I could leave, I got called to see another patient: A homeless man with black grime covering his plaid shirt and brown pants who had a severe blood infection... click to read more

The words Trump couldn't bring himself to say
On November 7, 1962, Richard Nixon met with reporters to concede that he had lost his bid for governor of California -- and to grumble about the way the press covered his campaign. It was two years since he had lost his race for president against John F. Kennedy, and few thought Nixon would ever ru... click to read more

We can't stop looking at the Murdaugh saga
Money, power and so much death. The saga of the Murdaugh family is still unfolding, and it's no wonder so many Americans are gripped by it. ... click to read more

Harry Enten: How the paranormal became, well, pretty normal
... click to read more

Dr. Sanjay Gupta asks Scott Gottlieb how we can prepare for the next pandemic
... click to read more

Ken Burns realized his career digging into the past was a way to wake the dead'
... click to read more

Recalculate Your House Payment in Minutes
... click to read more

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