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CNN Top Stories
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January 22, 2019

Twitter rules forbid 'fake and misleading accounts,' and shortly after CNN Business asked the company about the account, it was suspended
Twitter suspended an account on Monday afternoon that helped spread a controversial encounter between a Native American elder and a group of high school students wearing Make America Great Again hats. ... click to read more

CNN watched the WHOLE video. Here is what happened
A video that shows white high school students in Make America Great Again hats and shirts mocking a Native American elder shocked the country, leading to widespread denunciations of the teens' behavior. ... click to read more

LZ: The tricky lesson of MAGA hat confrontation
It was such an easy sell -- images of white kids from Kentucky wearing Make America Great Again hats and antagonizing elderly Native Americans seemed like racism personified. Right? ... click to read more

Viral video sparks outrage
A viral video of a standoff between a Native American elder and Catholic school teens at the Lincoln Memorial has sparked outrage; but as with any viral video, there is more to the story than what you see online. CNN's Sara Sidner reports. ... click to read more

In 4 days, 3 viral videos showed there's always more to the story
A series of viral videos over the past few days proved that there's always more than one side to every story. But whether they give us the full picture is another question. ... click to read more

Teenager gives his account of the incident
I am providing this factual account of what happened on Friday afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial to correct misinformation and outright lies being spread about my family and me. ... click to read more

Source: Chris Brown arrested in Paris on allegations of rape
Singer Chris Brown has been arrested in Paris, accused of aggravated rape and drug violations, a French judicial source told CNN. ... click to read more

US man accused of spying was found with Russian 'state secrets,' lawyer says
Paul Whelan, the US citizen accused of spying in Russia, was found with "evidence that constitutes state secrets," his lawyer told CNN on Tuesday. ... click to read more

Doctors who cared for Arizona sexual assault victim no longer working there
Two doctors who led care for a woman who gave birth after being sexually assaulted at an Arizona health care facility are no longer treating its patients, Hacienda HealthCare said Monday. ... click to read more

Dozens of children get cancer in suburb
An alarming number of childhood cancer diagnoses in an Indiana suburb have parents wondering whether their environment is safe and challenging the Environmental Protection Agency to do something about it. CNN's Miguel Marquez reports. ... click to read more

GM responds to backlash after racism allegations: 'This is not who we are'
General Motors is responding to consumers who are angry at its brand after a story on CNN about alleged widespread racism in its Toledo, Ohio, plant. ... click to read more

Analysis: Why Trump's border wall is not just a wall
It's uncertain whether President Donald Trump's proposed border wall will ever separate the US from Mexico. But it's already clear that the wall is reinforcing the fundamental fault line separating blue from red America. ... click to read more

Greenland ice melt reaching 'tipping point,' study finds
Climate change is causing Greenland's massive ice sheets to melt much faster than previously thought, a new study has found, and it may be "too late" to do anything about it. ... click to read more

Lady Gaga stops song to slam Pence
Lady Gaga stopped her show in Las Vegas to slam President Donald Trump for the partial government shutdown. ... click to read more

Democratic congressman calls Trump 'grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'
The chairman of the House Democratic Caucus called President Donald Trump "the grand wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event Monday. ... click to read more

Analysis: 2020 Democrats confront how to deal with Trump
There is a common challenge confronting all of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls: how to take on Donald Trump while maintaining their dignity, sanity and message control. ... click to read more

This government worker voted for Trump. Hear his take on the shutdown
CNN's Randi Kaye spoke to several federal workers not receiving a paycheck due to the now longest ever government shutdown. ... click to read more

House and Senate keep shutdown blame game going with more show votes
The longest US government shutdown ever still has no end in sight. ... click to read more

Shutdown has hit much more than wallets -- it's affected workers' health
The government shutdown has hit much more than some workers' wallets -- it has affected their health. ... click to read more

Cooper on Giuliani's defense: That's 'not the way the English language works'
CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani's attempt to walk back a claim he previously made about Trump's knowledge of discussions about a proposed Trump Tower in Moscow. ... click to read more

Giuliani tries to clean up comments about Trump Tower Moscow
President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani said Monday that the President had no recollection of whether discussions about a proposed Trump Tower Moscow project went through the 2016 election, distancing himself from a claim he made Sunday. ... click to read more

Comics poke fun at Giuliani's comments
Late-night comics had some fun marking the two years since President Trump took office, but they also took jabs at Rudy Giuliani's comments about a proposed Trump Tower Moscow project. ... click to read more

Stressed out and at risk: Inside Uber's special investigations unit
The internal investigators tasked with keeping Uber safe were overworked, underpaid and at times emotionally traumatized as they struggled under the burden of nearly 1,200 cases every week, a confidential internal memo obtained by CNN says. ... click to read more

Soccer star Emiliano Sala was on missing plane, French officials say
The Argentinian soccer star Emiliano Sala was on a plane that went missing over the English Channel on Monday evening, French aviation officials told CNN. ... click to read more

How likely are you to live to 90? Depends on your gender and body size
Living to the ripe old age of 90 may depend on your body size -- both height and weight -- as well as your level of physical activity, and seems to influence a woman's lifespan more than it does a man's, according to a new study published Monday in the medical journal BMJ. ... click to read more

Tony Romo confirms he's received NFL offers
... click to read more

'Missing link' in human history discovered
The fossils of Australopithecus sediba have fueled scientific debate since they were found at the Malapa Fossil Site in South Africa 10 years ago. ... click to read more

Florida State apologizes for MLK Jr. tweet
... click to read more

Founder of skincare brand has died at 40
Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Canadian skincare company Deciem, has died at the age of 40, the firm announced in an Instagram post. ... click to read more

Here's the latest from Davos
... click to read more

Rock star offers free meals to federal workers
Jon Bon Jovi's New Jersey restaurant announced in a Facebook post that federal workers are welcome to a free meal. ... click to read more

Scaramucci debuts on 'Big Brother'
On the season premiere of CBS's "Celebrity Big Brother," President Trump's one-time communications director Anthony Scaramucci shared details of his brief time in the White House. ... click to read more

The usually rushing waters at Niagara Falls have frozen
It's so cold, parts of Niagara Falls are frozen. ... click to read more

Ridiculously cold temps in the Northeast break records
Even by New England standards, this winter cold is brutal. ... click to read more

Deadly storm brings dangerous temperatures
At least eight people have died, including a 12-year-old girl, as a winter storm brings snow and the coldest air of the season from the Midwest to the Northeast. ... click to read more

Avalanches claim the lives of two more skiers
Western avalanches have claimed the lives of two more skiers, law enforcement officials and family members said. ... click to read more

How to survive winter weather in your car
If you're stranded in your car in snowy conditions, having the right supplies could mean the difference between life and death. CNN's Jennifer Gray explains what you need to be prepared. ... click to read more

Two controversial games decided who is in the Super Bowl. Trump tweeted about one.
... click to read more

NFL will reportedly consider making pass interference reviewable
... click to read more

Look: Controversial call decides NFC Championship
... click to read more

All of the Super Bowl rings
Over the years, the Super Bowl ring has gotten much more elaborate. ... click to read more

Oscars could benefit from power of 'Black Panther'
Can "Black Panther" and Lady Gaga help save the Oscars? ... click to read more

Starbucks expands delivery program in San Francisco
... click to read more

Trump thought he was on the phone with a random citizen ... it was a reporter
Washington Post reporter Dan Balz discusses an unexpected phone call he received from President Donald Trump. ... click to read more

$5 billion Dubai megaresort rises from The World
Four kilometers off the Dubai coastline lies Europe. Or a version of it, at least. ... click to read more

6 things to know before the bell
Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. ... click to read more

Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters
The New York Harbor for years has been polluted and depleted of marine life. But one nonprofit is working to clean the murky water and revive its long-lost ecosystem — one oyster at a time. ... click to read more

Her company wants you fitted with the right bra - at home
Heidi Zak thought she was going to revolutionize the way women buy bras. But two years after she launched her company, ThirdLove, she was still trying to attract customers. ... click to read more

Trump's MAGA hats are potent symbol of racism
It matters that they wore "Make America Great Again" hats. ... click to read more

Why conservatives can't claim MLK
It is a sign of progress that Martin Luther King is now a broadly acknowledged American hero, the only non-president honored with a national holiday, celebrated by left, right and center. But we do history a disservice by whitewashing MLK's legacy. ... click to read more

Trump is smart to skip Davos
On Tuesday, the worlds of wealth, privilege and celebrity will converge on Davos, the lush Swiss retreat, where some 3,000 make their annual pilgrimage to congratulate themselves on their accomplishments and paint a vision that, for many, seems increasingly divorced from global reality. ... click to read more

Mia Love: Politicians, forget the optics & cut a deal
As the partial government shutdown drags on, many members of Congress seem to be finding creative new ways to wage an optics war instead of viewing this as an opportunity to tackle pressing or longstanding issues facing the nation. ... click to read more

March For Life teen's encounter reveals ugly divide
I attended the March for Life probably 20 times, first as a child with my family and later as an adult. There exist several pro-life groups that span the political spectrum -- and I identified with those fighting for women's rights and justice. I stopped attending several years ago however, when it... click to read more

20% Mortgage savings: Too good to be true?
... click to read more

Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt
... click to read more

Motley Fool issues rare "Ultimate Buy" alert
... click to read more

'Ted Bundy Tapes' adds to TV's 'celebrity' monsters
The appetite for true-crime programming has created a bit of a logjam, to the point where coverage of notorious murderers and serial killers is beginning to recycle. The question is whether the sheer volume of coverage risks somehow romanticizing these infamous figures. ... click to read more

Gladys Knight slammed for Super Bowl gig
Gladys Knight's decision to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl has stirred controversy. ... click to read more

Molly Ringwald crowns a new teen queen
Molly Ringwald's name is synonymous with the '80s and teenage angst. ... click to read more

Cardi B is worried about the shutdown
Cardi B is upset and worried. And she wants the world to know. ... click to read more

Technology is changing how we grow old and die
This is a story about how life could end for many of us: at home surrounded by high-tech sensors, voice assistants and automated pill dispensers. And there's a "companion" robot to ward off loneliness. ... click to read more

WhatsApp limits message forwarding
WhatsApp is imposing stricter limits on how widely its users can share messages in a bid to crack down on the spread of false information. ... click to read more

Facebook and Germany team up to fight election interference
Facebook will partner with German officials ahead of the European Union elections in May to crack down on fake accounts and misinformation. ... click to read more

This tech is transforming business travel
If you travel for business, you've likely interacted with artificial intelligence (AI). ... click to read more

Donald Trump said more than 6,000(!) untrue things in 2018
That President Donald Trump often doesn't tell the whole truth, or even part of it, is not new. ... click to read more

Sen. Kamala Harris announces 2020 bid for president
With her announcement on Good Morning America on Monday, the junior senator from California joins a growing field of 2020 contenders. ... click to read more

Biden: 'I haven't always been right' on criminal justice
Former Vice President Joe Biden said in remarks at a Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast Monday that he has made mistakes when it comes to criminal justice issues, an area of his career that could be scrutinized if he launches a 2020 presidential bid in a competitive Democratic field. ... click to read more

This is how much of the border wall has been built so far
Nearly two years into Donald Trump's presidency, the border wall that was a signature promise of his campaign hasn't been built. ... click to read more

New brain training app could keep you focused
... click to read more

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