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CNN Top Stories
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December 11, 2019

The majority leader will likely hold a vote to clear Trump, not just dismiss impeachment charges, two GOP senators say
... click to read more

House holds marathon 2-day impeachment debate
Opening statements from House Judiciary debate: Nadler, Collins ... click to read more

President minimizes historic impeachment while stewing privately
... click to read more

Analysis: Trump: Abusing power 'not even a crime'
Donald Trump is seeking to survive impeachment the same way he built his powerful presidency -- by assaulting facts and seeking to expand the limitations of the office he is accused of abusing. ... click to read more

See Oval Office photo of Trump that shocked McCabe
Ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe explains why the photograph tweeted by President Trump of his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office is so extraordinary. ... click to read more

GOP comes around to idea of not having impeachment witnesses
Senate Republicans are starting to coalesce around the idea of a shorter Senate impeachment trial -- one that, contrary to President Donald Trump's stated desire, wouldn't include witnesses. ... click to read more

Lemon mocks Trump team's troll: Are you people insane?
CNN's Don Lemon slams a Twitter meme put out by the Trump War Room trolling Democratic leaders as "stupid and juvenile." ... click to read more

Opinion: Are Trump impeachment articles legally flawed?
On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler introduced two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. The first charges that the President committed an abuse of power to pressure Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate Trump's political opponent, Joe Biden. The second charges Trump obstru... click to read more

Takeaways from Senate hearing with DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz
• Rudy Giuliani: Watchdog investigates possible leaks to Trump's lawyer ... click to read more

House votes to provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of farmworkers
• House passes bill with paid family leave for federal workers and a Space Force • Opinion: A space force? Trump may be right ... click to read more

See man's quick thinking when dog's leash gets caught between elevator doors
Security footage shows a Texas man leap into action and save his neighbor's Pomeranian after its leash got caught in elevator doors. ... click to read more

Broward County deputy terminated for slamming teen's face in viral video
A Broward County sheriff's deputy has been fired after he was seen on a cell phone video slamming a teenager's face onto the pavement at a South Florida strip mall earlier this year, authorities said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Man rescued after shouting, 'Siri, call 911,' after his car plunged into an icy river
"Siri, call 911." ... click to read more

Family whose toddler fell to her death from a cruise ship sues the company
The family whose child died falling from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in July has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the cruise line. ... click to read more

Why Trump rolls out red carpet for Russia
CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses the significance of President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the day House Democrats unveiled articles of impeachment. ... click to read more

Michael Cohen asks judge to cut his prison sentence, says Attorney General Barr is biased against him
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, on Wednesday asked a federal judge to reduce his three-year prison term while claiming that Attorney General William Barr and the Justice Department are biased against him. ... click to read more

Cooper: Barr smart enough not to say this
CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses Attorney General William Barr taking aim at the FBI over the inspector general's report into the FBI's Russia investigation. ... click to read more

Trump aims to counter anti-Semitism on college campuses with civil rights protections
President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to include discrimination against Jews as a violation of law in certain cases, with an eye toward fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses. ... click to read more

Shocking video shows suspect firing in New Orleans
Surveillance video obtained by CNN affiliate WDSU shows a suspect firing into a crowd of civilians on Canal Street in New Orleans. ... click to read more

Doctor bought Olivia Newton-John's 'Grease' jacket for $243k then gave it back to her
When Olivia Newton-John's iconic black leather jacket from the movie "Grease" sold for $243,200 last month at a charity auction, the Grammy-winning singer and actress probably thought it was gone for good. ... click to read more

Attorneys for alleged Weinstein victim reject tentative settlement
• Weinstein arrives to bail hearing using a walker ... click to read more

IHOP experiments with a new restaurant concept
... click to read more

'80s pop icon was suicidal after diagnosis
Singer Huey Lewis says he was "suicidal" after being diagnosed with hearing loss. HLN's Melissa Knowles explains. ... click to read more

Woman sues hotel chains alleging they failed to stop sex trafficking at their properties
A woman who says she was the victim of sex trafficking in 2012 and 2013 at multiple hotels in Oregon and Washington is suing six major hotel chains in federal court, saying they neglected trafficking happening "openly on hotel properties" and failed to intervene "to continue earning a profit." ... click to read more

Harry Styles refuses to answer this question about Kendall Jenner
Harry Styles ate something disgusting on "The Late Late Show" to avoid telling Kendall Jenner which songs from his last album were written about her. ... click to read more

Opinion: If Pelosi ran for president, she'd win
If she were in the market for the job, it is now clear which Democrat would have the best chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020: Nancy Pelosi. ... click to read more

Alyssa Milano drops out of Yang fundraiser citing sexual misconduct allegations against aide
Actress and political activist Alyssa Milano said on Tuesday night that she was pulling out of a fundraiser for Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang over "repeated allegations of sexual misconduct against a campaign staffer by a campaign staffer." ... click to read more

Singer dies after long battle with cancer
Singer Marie Fredriksson from the popular Swedish group Roxette has died after a long battle with cancer. ... click to read more

Kosher market shooter has been linked to Black Hebrew Israelites, report says
One of the assailants of the deadly attack at a Jersey City kosher market has been linked to the Black Hebrew Israelites movement and published anti-Semitic post online, The New York Times reported on Wednesday. ... click to read more

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?
A man suspected of killing a police officer and three people at a kosher market in Jersey City, New Jersey, was linked Wednesday to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, which has published anti-Semitic posts online, a law enforcement official said. ... click to read more

Mayor reacts after six killed in standoff
Four people, including a police officer and three people believed to be civilians, were killed during an hours-long standoff and shootout between two suspects and law enforcement in Jersey City, New Jersey. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

Jersey City shooting victims are an officer who responded and civilians in a kosher deli
One of the victims in the shooting at a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Tuesday was the police department's officer in charge of getting guns off the street, the police chief said. ... click to read more

In the last 50 weeks, 38 officers have been shot to death in the line of duty
In 50 weeks, 38 officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty in 2019. ... click to read more

We found the best, 5-star rated gifts available on Amazon
... click to read more

25 genius ways to spend your FSA dollars
... click to read more

The best gifts for every woman in your life
... click to read more

Ugly holiday sweaters that are too fun to pass up
... click to read more

The best tech gifts to give under $100
... click to read more

Analysis: This 'person of the year' pick will drive Trump crazy
• Time magazine names its person of the year ... click to read more

Copenhagen's new Metro is a thing of beauty
In Copenhagen, traffic is usually caused by the two-wheel variety of transportation: the bicycle. ... click to read more

Man tries to steal woman's wheelchair out from under her
After a man tried to steal a woman's wheelchair from under her, a group of bystanders stepped in and successfully wrestled the wheelchair back from him. ... click to read more

The biggest news and most eye-catching photos from 2019
... click to read more

Apple's new Mac Pro could cost you more than $52,000
Apple's new Mac Pro is about to go on sale. The top-of-the-line Mac, anticipated by power users for its jaw-dropping specs, and by Apple design fans for its cheese-grater-like appearance, will be available for preorders beginning Tuesday. ... click to read more

GM unveils even bigger Tahoe and Suburban SUVs
General Motors unveiled all-new versions of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban Tuesday night. Now the two popular large SUVs are even longer and roomier than before. ... click to read more

Asian markets move higher after the Fed holds interest rates steady
Asian markets mostly rose Thursday after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates steady, putting an end to the year's series of rate cuts. ... click to read more

UK is facing a 'Love Actually'-themed disaster
As if to prove a Christmas election can be even more painful than it sounds, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out with a "Love Actually"-style campaign video. In the video posted to his Twitter page on Monday, Johnson is shown ringing a woman's doorbell, message boards underarm. He pro... click to read more

Hold Trump's top aides in contempt
House Democrats have already introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, because they believe they have the evidence they need. But without taking additional steps, they risk diminishing the House's oversight power in the long term. ... click to read more

Houston police chief's furious shaming of the GOP
The Republican allegiance to the gun lobby appears to be more important than the lives of vulnerable women and small children. More important, even, than the lives of law enforcement officers. And finally, some of those officers are pushing back. ... click to read more

Donald Trump is Democrats' star witness
Now that House Democrats have announced they will introduce two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump -- one for abuse of power and one for obstruction of Congress -- the focus will turn to the evidence supporting those charges at a seemingly inevitable Senate trial. ... click to read more

The Peloton ad is a faux controversy
In the past week, a faux controversy has erupted surrounding the Peloton holiday ad, which shows a husband gifting his already thin wife a Peloton stationary bike. She's thrilled and timidly hops on with a cautious face that's been the inspiration for countless memes and tweets since the video went... click to read more

The truth died in Afghanistan
Many of those opposed to President Donald Trump's self-created political fictions might say that the truth died with the Trump administration. ... click to read more

How FBI boss is rebuilding bureau's image
It should come as no surprise that consumers of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's long-awaited report related to the origins of the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation into Russian election-meddling see exactly what they anticipated. ... click to read more

$349 & up - Europe Flight Sale from 5 Cities
... click to read more

$2075 - England, Italy, France & more in 9 Nights
... click to read more

Refi rates at 3.06% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Tourists describe 'horrific' aftermath of eruption
• New Zealand orders 1,290 square feet of skin for victims ... click to read more

Israel heads for unprecedented election
Israel will hold an unprecedented third national election in less than a year, following the failure of political leaders to break the ongoing deadlock. ... click to read more

Japanese island imposes a tourist tax
Visiting a bucket list destination is getting slightly more expensive as the Japanese island of Miyajima has voted to charge tourists more money to visit. ... click to read more

India could pass controversial citizenship bill that excludes Muslims
India could be set to pass a bill that would give Indian citizenship to immigrants from three neighboring countries -- but not if they are Muslim. ... click to read more

Child prodigy leaves university without graduating
Nine-year-old child prodigy Laurent Simons, who was due to finish his studies in electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), has left his university course, following a dispute over his graduation date. ... click to read more

He'll be the first federal prisoner executed in 17 years. His victims' relatives don't want that
The family of Daniel Lewis Lee's victims were packing bags and planning an hours-long drive to Indiana last week as prison officials there prepared for the first federal execution in nearly 17 years. ... click to read more

Federal prosecutors ask judge to revoke bail for indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani
Federal prosecutors in New York have asked a federal judge to revoke bail for indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and jail him while he awaits trial, alleging in a court filing Wednesday that he failed to disclose $1 million he received from a Russian bank account the month before he was ch... click to read more

Sinclair drops political commentary segments by former Trump aide
Sinclair Broadcast Group, an influential owner of TV stations across the country, will no longer require stations to carry political commentary segments. ... click to read more

Bystanders spring into action after a man tried to steal a woman's wheelchair
The day after Thanksgiving, a man in reindeer slippers tried to steal a woman's wheelchair right from under her on a light rail car in Phoenix, authorities said. ... click to read more

Houses built in impossible places
... click to read more

Why India wants to redesign the old air conditioner
... click to read more

Waiting game: An extended look at how we queue
... click to read more

10 most famous paintings in the world
... click to read more

Never-before-seen photos of Rihanna
... click to read more

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