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CNN Top Stories
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February 19, 2020

John Rood, the Pentagon's top policy official, had warned against withholding Ukraine aid
The Pentagon's top policy official is expected to depart his post soon, according to two sources familiar with the matter. John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon, lost support among senior national security leadership and has been asked for his resignation, one of the sour... click to read more

Judges postpone meeting to discuss Trump/Barr concerns
A group of federal judges hastily postponed an emergency meeting that was scheduled to take place Wednesday to discuss concerns about President Donald Trump and the Justice Department's intervention in politically charged cases. ... click to read more

Opinion: Bill Barr got it right on Roger Stone
More than 2,000 former Department of Justice officials, including career prosecutors, have called for Attorney General Bill Barr to quit. ... click to read more

'I'm a Trump-ocrat': Blagojevich thanks Trump for commuting sentence
Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday thanked President Donald Trump for commuting his sentence, saying he is "tough and outspoken but also has a kind heart." ... click to read more

Ex-Fox News correspondent: Trump adding to swamp, not draining it
Former Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron discusses the flood of pardons from President Donald Trump, saying Trump's campaign promise to "drain the swamp" is seeming more like "deepening it." ... click to read more

Trump just granted clemency to 11 people. Here's a look at each.
President Donald Trump on Tuesday granted clemency to 11 individuals, using his presidential pardon power to political advantage in many highly politically sensitive cases. ... click to read more

Founding father warned against presidents abusing pardons
CNN's John Avlon warns that President Trump's recent pardons are helping further normalize corruption. ... click to read more

Buttigieg fires back at Trump over his marriage and gets a big reaction
• How to watch tonight's Democratic debate • Sanders spokeswoman distorts Bloomberg's heart issues • Allegations loom over Bloomberg's first debate • Opinion: Town hall proved Trump should be worried ... click to read more

Here's how deadly coronavirus is, according to China
• Worried about coronavirus? Hear out this doctor's message ... click to read more

Rapper Pop Smoke killed in home invasion, officials confirm
The rapper Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion at a Hollywood Hills, California, residence early Wednesday, a police official and federal law enforcement source confirmed to CNN. ... click to read more

Authorities confirm they have found the body of a missing college student in Georgia
• Student was last seen on Valentine's Day ... click to read more

What Obama is saying in private about Sanders, NY Magazine reports
New York Magazine reports that President Obama has privately made clear to Bernie Sanders' campaign that he will support Sanders if he is the nominee. ... click to read more

Off-duty cops pause date night to stop robbery
... click to read more

Ex-rugby star allegedly doused car in gas and killed family, reports say
... click to read more

Melania receives award from university
First lady Melania Trump received a Palm Beach society award on Wednesday at a luncheon held at The Breakers, a local luxury resort. ... click to read more

Watch Klobuchar's awkward moment trying to woo voters
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) had an awkward moment on the campaign trail when she shared her fourth grade Spanish name speaking to the Las Vegas Culinary Workers Union. ... click to read more

A 12-year-old was given a black doll with a noose around its neck at a parade
When a person gets called up to a float Mardi Gras parade, it's usually a sign they're about to get something special -- what seasoned paradegoers might call a "good throw." ... click to read more

An 88-year-old crossing guard was struck by a speeding car after telling 2 boys to stop
Bob Nill helped students safely cross the street outside of their school in Kansas City, Kansas, every morning for the past 5 years. The kids loved him. ... click to read more

Lark Voorhies 'a bit slighted and hurt' by 'Saved by the Bell' reunion snub
Lark Voorhies has shared how she is feeling about not being invited to participate in "Saved by the Bell" reunion events. ... click to read more

Child unaware pizza man suffered horrific tragedy. See moment that brought hope.
A sweet moment of a young boy running up to a man delivering pizza and hugging him was captured on a doorbell camera. The man's recent loss made the exchange that much more meaningful. CNN affiliate WLNE reports. ... click to read more

Ja'Net DuBois, 'Good Times' star, dies at 74
Ja'Net DuBois, an actress who left her stamp on television playing beloved neighbor Willona Woods on "Good Times" and the voice behind the theme song to "The Jeffersons," has died, according to Kesha Fields, DuBois' youngest daughter. She was 74. ... click to read more

Opinion: Our economy needs this tax cut to become permanent
While the budget proposal released from the White House last week has led to some partisan bickering, there is at least one provision of the Trump administration's budget proposal that already has bipartisan backing: the extension of the 2017 small business tax cuts. ... click to read more

Michelle Obama posts epic prom picture
Michelle Obama inspired celebrities to share their prom pictures after she posted a throwback to her prom to encourage students to vote. ... click to read more

Jenna Dewan is engaged
This year looks like it will be a big one for Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee. ... click to read more

Teens plead not guilty in stabbing death of Barnard College student Tessa Majors
A third teen allegedly involved in the stabbing death of Barnard College student Tessa Majors turned himself into authorities in New York Wednesday morning, according to a law enforcement official. ... click to read more

Officer takes girl without dad to father-daughter dance
A school resource officer in Arkansas took an 8-year-old girl, whose father passed away, to her school's father-daughter dance. ... click to read more

Harry and Meghan to return to UK for final round of official royal duties
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return to the UK later this month to carry out their final official engagements before they step down as senior members of the royal family, a spokesperson for the couple said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Burger King thinks moldy Whoppers will get you to buy more burgers
Burger King is re-"molding" the image of its signature Whopper in a nauseating new ad campaign that promotes efforts to eliminate artificial preservatives and other additives from the company's menu. ... click to read more

A new use for McDonald's used cooking oil: 3D printing
Professor Andre Simpson had a problem. The University of Toronto's Scarborough campus was paying through the nose for a crucial material for its 3D printer. Few would have guessed McDonald's would come to the rescue. ... click to read more

A classic is coming back to McDonald's for a limited time. Here's why
The Shamrock Shake is back again. ... click to read more

Hard seltzer is king. Big beer owns it
Hard seltzer sales have exploded. Big beer saw it coming. Here's why White Claw, Truly and Bon & Viv's success is good news for the biggest names in beer. ... click to read more

Chipotle will give away free guacamole with launch of 'Guac Mode'. Here's the scoop
Yes, you can have guacamole. And no, it's not extra. ... click to read more

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman released from hospital two days after crash
NASCAR driver Ryan Newman was released from the hospital Wednesday, just two days after his terrifying crash Monday during the last lap of the Daytona 500. ... click to read more

Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs apologize for celebrating win in wake of crash
NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin and his team's owner have apologized for celebrating their Daytona 500 win in the wake of Ryan Newman's fiery crash in the race's final lap. ... click to read more

A NASCAR driver survived a horrifying crash. Here are the safety measures that may have helped
NASCAR driver Ryan Newman had his fans holding their breath Monday night as they waited for updates after his car flipped and went airborne in a fiery crash on the race course. ... click to read more

Kendall Jenner appears as wax model on magazine cover by viral artist
How do you follow up charging $120,000 for a banana duct-taped to a wall? Well, try this. ... click to read more

The oldest, most iconic bars in New York City
In a city where new bars and restaurants open all the time, the old, revered favorites take on a different meaning. ... click to read more

Thief interrupts off-duty police couple's date night, then this happened
Two off-duty police officers were having date night at a Raising Cane's in Louisville, Kentucky, when a robber walked in. ... click to read more

Here's what happened at London Fashion Week
A haze of melancholia colored the proceedings at London Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2020. In contrast to previous seasons, there were few overt political messages seen on the runways. Vivienne Westwood was the only designer to use her platform for literal protest, when she staged a call to arms to f... click to read more

Who's responsible for what you buy on Amazon? A court is about to decide
When David Wilk, a lawyer in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, got a call from a woman looking to sue Amazon, little did he know it would become the most high-profile case of his career. ... click to read more

The price of wine is dropping fast
Let's raise our glasses and toast to cheaper wine. ... click to read more

GM is killing off an iconic 160-year-old brand
General Motors is killing off the iconic Holden brand and pulling out of Australia and New Zealand, the latest in a series of moves to shrink the US carmaker's global presence as it ramps up investments in electric and autonomous vehicles. ... click to read more

Bloomberg didn't make the cut to be Obama's VP. Here's why it matters now
Michael Bloomberg, now a contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, once failed to make the cut for the nation's second highest position. In 2008, Bloomberg was a potential vice-presidential pick for Barack Obama. His name was on a list with about 20 others at the very earliest sta... click to read more

In Stone case, a blast from the Obama past
The new sentencing memorandum that Attorney General William Barr directed to be filed in the Roger Stone case is more consistent with Obama administration policy than that of his boss, Donald Trump. The irony is rich. ... click to read more

Trump's pardons show his contempt for the law
The first pardon issued by the president of the United States happened to be issued by the first president of the United States, George Washington. ... click to read more

What to expect at this Dem presidential debate
The best presidential primary debates have conflict and clash. The candidates participating in the ninth Democratic debate, happening Wednesday night in Las Vegas, look ready to level attacks on each other's policies and past positions. Good. ... click to read more

A short sentence for Stone wouldn't be a Trump win
When Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentences Roger Stone on Thursday in federal court in Washington, DC, she likely will have little sympathy for him. A jury convicted Stone, based on powerful evidence, of all counts against him, including making false statements to Congress and witness tampering. ... click to read more

I'm a Nevadan who switched to Sanders. Here's why
The Nevada caucus is wide open, with Bernie Sanders best positioned to take advantage of a fragmented field and the deep passion of his base. This is setting off rounds of hand-wringing as establishment types in the state and nationally (again) misjudge the mood of an angry electorate. ... click to read more

This museum isn't the only one that's long overdue
Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed a bill to establish a National Women's History Museum. The announcement of the new museum immediately sparked praise on social media as long overdue. The most common criticism was not about the museum but was reserved for Liz Cheney as the onl... click to read more

$1,641 - Costa Rica: 7 day guided eco-experience
... click to read more

$3,099 & up - New Zealand Highlights
... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.994% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Harry and Meghan's use of the word 'Royal' being reviewed, source says
The use of the word "Royal" by Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, for their new venture is being reviewed, according to a royal source. Discussions are still underway but the likely direction is that the term will not be a part of the Sussex's branding. ... click to read more

Murder of 7-year-old girl in Mexico fuels anger and protests over brutal killings
A young girl, known only as Fátima, was last seen being picked up from school by an unidentified woman in Mexico City on February 11. ... click to read more

In Hong Kong, the coronavirus outbreak is reopening political wounds
In a video widely circulated earlier this month, a crowd of people swarm a cart of toilet rolls in a Hong Kong supermarket, pushing, shoving, and even elbowing each other out of the way for the coveted goods. ... click to read more

Report ranks US lower than 38 countries when it comes to children's wellbeing
The United States ranks lower than 38 other countries on measurements of children's survival, health, education and nutrition -- and every country in the world has levels of excess carbon emissions that will prevent younger generations from a healthy and sustainable future, according to a new repor... click to read more

'Master virus hunter' voices concerns about coronavirus
Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, known as a "master virus hunter" speaks to CNN's Anderson Cooper under quarantine after his trip to China. He said there's still a lot to be learned on the virus. Watch "Full Circle" every weeknight at 5pm E.T. ... click to read more

A man who drove a school bus for 55 years will be laid to rest in a school bus casket
Glen Davis was arguably the best-known driver in all of Grand Meadow, Minnesota. ... click to read more

Faye Swetlik died from asphyxiation hours after abduction, coroner says
Faye Marie Swetlik, a South Carolina 6-year-old who went missing from her home, was abducted and killed by a neighbor who died by suicide, authorities said Tuesday. ... click to read more

A woman's class ring that she lost in Maine in 1973 was just found buried in a forest in Finland
If only rings could talk. ... click to read more

Her son was killed in a 'stand your ground' shooting. Read her message to him on what would have been his 25th birthday
Lucy McBath celebrated her son's 25th birthday on Sunday without him. ... click to read more

Why do so many Egyptian statues have broken noses?
The most common question that curator Edward Bleiberg fields from visitors to the Brooklyn Museum's Egyptian art galleries is a straightforward but salient one: Why are the statues' noses broken? ... click to read more

A surreal and dreamy look at Japan
Issui Enomoto knows Tokyo and Yokohama's nooks and crannies intimately. ... click to read more

In world's quietest room, the silence is deafening
If you stand in it for long enough, you start to hear your heartbeat. A ringing in your ears becomes deafening. When you move, your bones make a grinding noise. Eventually you lose your balance, because the absolute lack of reverberation sabotages your spatial awareness. ... click to read more

Raphael's tapestries return to the Sistine Chapel
For the first time in centuries, 10 magnificent tapestries designed by Renaissance master Raphael will hang together on the walls of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. ... click to read more

The supertall ceramic tower that 'breathes'
How to stand out beside the world's tallest building? ... click to read more

Famous buildings in New York: 20 favorites we love
By historical standards, New York is still a relatively new city -- a youngster compared with the likes of London, Cairo or Beijing. But in its short life, New York has captured the world's collective attention like no other. ... click to read more

'To All the Boys' sequel and more movies to love
Two movies open in theaters this weekend promising romance for Valentine's Day. But the real action is on television, with a pair of sequels, "Zombies 2" and "To All the Boys P.S. I Still Love You," catering to a demographic where a sizable portion of the audience can't even drive itself to the mul... click to read more

'Downhill' hits the slopes and the skids
"Downhill" is an unfortunate title for a film that starts out with an intriguing cast pairing (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Will Ferrell) and premise, before going you know where. The bottom line is a plot intended to make one consider life's big issues merely reminds us it's too short to sit through movie... click to read more

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