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CNN Top Stories
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September 18, 2020

After weeks of decline from a summer surge, the new daily cases average has risen the past five days
Track the spread | Covid-19 symptoms | Is in-person voting safe? ... click to read more

CDC testing guidance was published outside normal review process, sources say
... click to read more

Brianna Keilar calls out Fox News over Covid-19 misinformation
CNN's Brianna Keilar says "misinformation is a virus unto itself and Fox News is the vector." She breaks down the misleading and false claims on the coronavius pandemic broadcast by the network. ... click to read more

Opinion: Where's your health care plan, Mr. President?
Pandemics don't care about partisan politics. So when Robert Redfield — President Donald Trump's director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a lifelong conservative — testified to Congress Wednesday that a Covid-19 vaccine wouldn't be ready before the election and probably wou... click to read more

As many as 51% of all school employees are at increased risk of Covid-19, study finds
School districts across the country are navigating out how to reopen safely amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and the results of a new study could make those decisions more difficult. ... click to read more

An Idaho pastor skeptical of masks lands in the ICU for Covid-19
• Hundreds pose nude wearing only masks • As many as 51% of all school employees are at increased risk of Covid-19, study finds • The US doesn't need a vaccine to get Covid-19 under control, nation's top doctor says ... click to read more

Presidential town halls display a massive empathy gap
• 5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall • See moment Biden got upset at the CNN town hall • Opinion: Why I confronted Trump at the town hall in Philadelphia ... click to read more

US to block downloads of TikTok starting Sunday
• Trump's TikTok showdown is poised to reward his Silicon Valley political allies ... click to read more

Firefighter dies in fire sparked by gender reveal party
... click to read more

Carjacker held a couple hostage for hours then killed the husband, investigators say
... click to read more

Trump voter to Biden: Excuse me, if I could finish ...
During a CNN town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a small business owner and 2016 Trump voter asks Biden about decreasing regulatory burdens for farmers and small business owners. ... click to read more

Opinion: Biden's mistakes could cost him badly in debate with Trump
Joe Biden's campaign is no doubt feeling pretty good after the former vice president's Thursday night performance in the CNN drive-in town hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With 47 days until election day, Biden took full advantage of the national spotlight to address the issues, call for unity and a... click to read more

Michigan officials race to stop spread of a dangerous mosquito-borne disease
Not only are Michigan health officials dealing with the coronavirus, but they're also trying to contain the spread of a rare mosquito-borne disease. ... click to read more

Dentist who extracted a patient's tooth on a hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in jail
... click to read more

Ex-Trump official says he witnessed Pence praise Olivia Troye
Former senior Trump administration official Miles Taylor tells CNN's Chris Cuomo that he's personally witnessed Vice President Mike Pence praise former homeland security adviser to Pence, Olivia Troye, who slammed President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic in a new video. ... click to read more

Investigators say deputies fired 19 times at Dijon Kizzee after he tried to pick up a gun
Investigators looking into the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Black man Dijon Kizzee say he picked up a gun he had dropped before two deputies fired 19 rounds, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Thursday. But an attorney for the Kizzee family says video shows Kizzee running away. ... click to read more

Oregon environmentalist remains missing after wildfire destroys his home
An Oregon environmentalist who fought to protect the pristine Opal Creek Wilderness has been missing since a devastating wildfire swept through his home in the Oregon woods last week. ... click to read more

Washington Post: WH nixed plan to distribute 650 million face masks through USPS
The United States Postal Service had planned to distribute 650 million face coverings for the Trump administration in April to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to newly obtained internal documents reviewed by CNN. ... click to read more

Gupta on report: This is a gut punch
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reacts to a report from the Washington Post that claims the White House stopped a plan by the United States Postal service to mail 650 million masks to Americans. ... click to read more

Analysis: The most important moment in Biden's town hall
Former Vice President Joe Biden took questions from a socially-distanced crowd -- assembled in cars at a drive-in movie theater! -- and CNN's Anderson Cooper on Thursday night for two hours. But it was a single moment that stood out to me, a moment where Biden made his strongest possible case for n... click to read more

Uber self-driving car operator charged in pedestrian death
The Uber test driver who was responsible for monitoring one of the company's self-driving cars that hit and killed a pedestrian in 2018 was charged with negligent homicide this week. ... click to read more

Chrissy Teigen accidentally reveals the gender of baby #3
Chrissy Teigen let the cat out of the bag regarding her third pregnancy. ... click to read more

Student admits pretending to be a person of color
A graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has resigned from a teaching position after admitting on social media that they falsely claimed to be a person of color. ... click to read more

Scientists win award for giving an alligator helium and making it shout
A team of scientists who put an alligator in a helium-filled box and made it shout have won an Ig Nobel Prize, a prestigious(ish) award that commemorates the science world's more unorthodox experiments. ... click to read more

Actress got a shock when she checked on daughters' Zoom class
HLN's Melissa Knowles reports on Kristen Bell's story of finding her kids drinking non-alcoholic beers during school Zoom class. ... click to read more

Opinion: Why we left California and just kept driving east
... click to read more

Bear caught on video nudging sleeping man
A Massachusetts man was woken up by a bear nudging his foot after falling asleep in his backyard. ... click to read more

The town of Asbestos will pick a new name - but many aren't thrilled with the choices
You'd think anything would be better than having your town named after a highly toxic building material, but the residents of Asbestos, Canada, might disagree. ... click to read more

Voter who grilled Trump over healthcare: I cried after
Ellesia Blaque, who lives with the the chronic medical conditions sarcoidosis and neurosarcoidosis, asked President Donald Trump about his healthcare plan at an ABC town hall. She tells CNN's Brianna Keilar about the experience and how she reacted to Trump's answer. ... click to read more

Nurse arranges for a plane to fly a dying father to see his son play football one last time
For a father and son, a hug before the first game of football season is a special moment. For Scott and Cade Sullivan, it was the moment of a lifetime. ... click to read more

Amateur soccer team loses 37-0 after practicing social distancing during game
You know what they say, safety always comes first. ... click to read more

Once a homeless street vendor, this 18-year-old cricketer has now been signed in a $327,000 deal
... click to read more

Naomi Osaka will not play in the French Open
Less than a week after she won the US Open, three-time major champion Naomi Osaka of Japan announced on social media that she will not play in the French Open in Paris. ... click to read more

Chiefs fan who attended game tests positive for Covid-19
A fan who attended the Kansas City Chiefs' opening night game at Arrowhead Stadium on September 10 has tested positive for Covid-19. ... click to read more

WNBA star marries man she helped free from prison
WNBA star Maya Moore announced her marriage to Jonathan Irons, who she helped exonerate after he served 22 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. ... click to read more

Couple's 20-year search for extinct fruit finally pays off
On a crisp December afternoon, as the sun slowly fell behind the nearby Sawatch Range, Addie and Jude Schuenemeyer stared at a nearly dead tree, a few apples dangling off its last living branch. ... click to read more

Spider-like venom found in Australian stinging trees
Australia is synonymous with venomous spiders and snakes -- but scientists have discovered new toxins in what they label a "truly venomous" plant. ... click to read more

Oldest animal sperm discovered in 100-million-year-old amber
Scientists have found the oldest sample of animal sperm, concealed in a 100 million-year-old piece of amber. ... click to read more

Covid has stopped most adventures. But this family is still setting sail
... click to read more

Opinion: I watched 'Mulan' so you don't have to
With the new live-action version of "Mulan," Disney missed the mark with viewers in China and the United States. How did they mess this up so badly? There are numerous controversies surrounding the film's release, but most of them do not even have to do with the fact that the movie itself is a bori... click to read more

Break out the tissues. See child's reaction to hearing mom's voice for first time
A toddler is fitted with hearing aids and hears his mom's voice for the first time. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the moment. ... click to read more

30 of the coolest products at Wayfair you never knew about
This we know: Wayfair is synonymous with home furnishings. As one of the largest online retailers in the world for all things home, it's easy to see why — the mega e-tailer has an inventory of tens of thousands of tables and chairs, desks, rugs, couches and more, all of which can be shipped to you ... click to read more

The hot tech IPOs just keep coming
Snowflake isn't the only buzzy upstart to cash in on investors' enthusiasm for new software companies. ... click to read more

Amazon's stock is getting beat by a warehouse chain this year. And it's not Costco
For years, Costco and Sam's Club have dominated warehouse club retail, where members pay an annual fee to buy large quantities of goods at low prices. But a much smaller warehouse chain has gained steam as shoppers load up on groceries in the pandemic: BJ's Wholesale Club. ... click to read more

Workers fear cyborgs will steal their jobs by 2035
Workers worry that in the not-too-distant future they will be sidelined by humans implanted with performance-enhancing microchips. ... click to read more

New reality show to send winner to space for 10 days
A planned reality show will seek to give the winner of its on-air competition "the greatest prize ever given out on Earth" — a 10-day stay on the International Space Station. ... click to read more

Biden showed his kind of leadership
For a couple of hours Thursday night, America was treated with honesty and compassion by a man who wants to hold its highest office. That could be the entire review right there, how jarring and unusual it was to visualize a president who could clear the extremely low bar of telling the truth and ca... click to read more

A monstrous allegation against ICE can't be ignored
In 1961, famed civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer's uterus was removed by a White doctor without her consent while she was undergoing surgery to remove a tumor. Sterilization of Black women was so common at the time that the practice was dubbed a "Mississippi appendectomy." ... click to read more

Barr's undermining of election is dangerous
By repeating false and misleading statements about the potential for voter fraud and post-election violence, Attorney General William Barr has stepped out of his role as the nation's chief law enforcement officer and marred the 2020 elections. This parroting of President Donald Trump's unsupported ... click to read more

College leaders deserve an F for their reopening
College life right now is a mess: there has been an explosion of Covid-19 cases on college campuses since some schools resumed in person. According to The New York Times weekly tally updated on September 10, there have been 88,000 Covid-19 cases across 1,190 college campuses. Of these, "more than 6... click to read more

Why America needs presidential debates
It is unlikely that anyone would make a hiring decision without interviewing them, based only on some combination of the candidate's resume, testimonials from family members, social media comments and scurrilous accusations from anonymous critics. That's why we disagree with those who want to scrap... click to read more

Unmasking Trump's real governing philosophy
Has America ever seen a presidential campaign like this one? One that involves a candidate as out-of-the-ordinary as President Donald Trump, with his small but rabid base, running for reelection during a global pandemic, a crushing economic crisis and a deadly season of back-to-back-to-back natural... click to read more

The college reopening mess didn't have to happen
We shouldn't be surprised that every day seems to bring new reports about another college or university experiencing an outbreak of coronavirus and students having to be sent home. College students are of an age where they -- or their dorm mates -- are likely to be unable, or unwilling, to practice... click to read more

Understanding mail-in voting in the US
... click to read more

What Trump and Biden said when asked similar questions
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump answered questions on Covid-19 and policing at two separate town halls hosted by CNN and ABC News. ... click to read more

Facts First: Search our database
... click to read more

Americans abroad face major obstacles ensuring their vote is counted in November
For Americans living abroad, voting in US elections has always required extra patience and planning. ... click to read more

How to make sure your 2020 mail-in vote is counted
A lot of people have concerns about mail-in voting (is the Postal Service being sabotaged? Will their vote be counted?), and also about the state of American democracy in general. ... click to read more

Send your stories about voting issues
Are you having difficulty registering or voting, whether in person or by mail? Are you worried about receiving or returning your mail-in ballot? Do you believe you have seen or received disinformation relating to voting information or the election? ... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.42% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2022
... click to read more

You'll never guess who just put $91B on 1 5G stock
... click to read more

Island province is so frustrated with China that it's pushing for independence
... click to read more

See how Indonesians who didn't wear mask were dealt with
Villagers who refuse to wear masks are being forced by local authorities to dig graves for victims of Covid-19 in one part of rural Indonesia to help convince others to do their part to help stop the pandemic. CNN's Selina Wang reports. ... click to read more

There's no such thing as safety when you're a Putin critic in Russia
Alexey Navalny is out of a coma and off a ventilator, just weeks after his near-fatal poisoning. Now the Kremlin critic is planning his return home to Russia, where his list of enemies is as long as it is powerful. ... click to read more

Saudi Arabia announces UN aid funding to stricken Yemen after CNN report
Saudi Arabia has signed a series of deals to provide more than $200 million in funding to United Nations aid agencies operating in Yemen, just days after a CNN investigation highlighted a crisis in aid funding for the war-stricken nation. ... click to read more

No, the pandemic didn't solve climate change
• Latest on Covid-19: Global cases have passed 30M ... click to read more

A White police chief lays out why BLM protests matter in small towns
Even though there hasn't been a single Black Lives Matter protest in the predominantly White city of Canal Fulton, Ohio, their White police chief wrote an article welcoming them, saying "the Black community needs us." ... click to read more

Louisville council passes vote of no confidence against mayor over Breonna Taylor case
The Louisville Metro Council passed a resolution Thursday night that expresses no-confidence in Mayor Greg Fischer for his lack of transparency and mishandling of the Breonna Taylor case, a 26-year-old EMT killed in her home by police. ... click to read more

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