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CNN Top Stories
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December 4, 2020

This order speeds up the timeline of the state's regional stay-at-home order and affects some business operations
Six San Francisco Bay Area governments issued a stay-at-home order Friday ahead of California's statewide mandate, restricting activities in a drastic effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 as hospitals cope with a surge of patients. ... click to read more

California shatters daily Covid-19 case record
... click to read more

'Worst-case scenario' is coming, expert warns
Across the US, preparations are underway to quickly distribute Covid-19 vaccines once authorized, but experts say before that relief occurs, the coming months will be difficult. ... click to read more

Biden on Trump administration distributing vaccine: 'There is no detailed plan'
President-elect Joe Biden said Friday that the Trump administration had shared information with his transition team about distributing a vaccine to various states, but Biden said his team had not seen a "detailed plan." ... click to read more

Some Black and Latino Americans are still hesitant to take the vaccine. Here's what is fueling that distrust
When a Covid-19 vaccine becomes widely available to Americans, Joe Cunningham says he won't be taking it. ... click to read more

Biden's team following Elvis Presley's footsteps on vaccine
Before his performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," viewers watched Elvis Presley get his polio vaccine on television. It made headlines and, critically, also helped convince teens and young adults that they needed to be vaccinated to help defeat the deadly disease. Dr. Geeta Nayyar tells CNN's Brian... click to read more

The dilemma over whether to vaccinate our most frail
The vote to recommend long-term care residents be among the first to receive Covid-19 vaccinations was not unanimous. ... click to read more

Trump's criticism of GOP Senate candidates has Republicans worried
President Donald Trump heads to Georgia on Saturday to campaign for two Republican senators one month ahead of a critical runoff that will determine which party controls the Senate. But Trump's visit comes as he has spent the last several weeks consumed by his own election loss while attacking part... click to read more

White House exodus begins even as Trump continues to baselessly claim victory
White House staffers at all levels are plotting their departures as a growing number of aides to President Donald Trump are abandoning his quest to overturn the 2020 election results -- some in frustration with the building they are leaving behind. ... click to read more

Biden's top attorney general contenders
Political questions from Democrats and a new Republican litmus test have suddenly become complicating factors in one of President-elect Joe Biden's most critical choices: picking a new Attorney General to lead the Justice Department out of its highly politicized era. ... click to read more

Opinion: Mike Pence is going to put the seal on Donald Trump's defeat
While most Americans expect to find out who the next President of the United States will be on election night, the official selection process involving the Electoral College is always a bit more complicated. ... click to read more

She could be Trump's biggest threat out of office
CNN's Erin Burnett speaks to New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) who says the investigation into the Trump Organization will continue after he leaves the White House. ... click to read more

Opinion: What Biden gets about being president -- and Trump doesn't
It was especially refreshing to see President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris use their CNN interview with Jake Tapper on Thursday to make clear that leading America is, first and always, a complex effort requiring the cooperation and good will of millions. ... click to read more

Biden discusses what his inauguration will look like in a pandemic
... click to read more

Giuliani's witness draws audible laughter during testimony
Matthew Travis, a former US election security official, evaluates the unfounded testimony of Melissa Carone, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, who spoke with Rudy Giuliani at a hearing in Michigan. ... click to read more

Avlon: No wonder Trump isn't conceding
CNN's John Avlon reports on President Trump's refusal to concede and takes a look at the potential financial incentives for the Trump campaign to deny the election results. ... click to read more

Trump purges Pentagon advisory board and give seats to loyalists, including Corey Lewandowski
President Donald Trump has purged a Pentagon business advisory board and replaced its members with his former campaign manager and deputy campaign manager, neither of whom have served in the military or have any apparent experience with the defense industry. ... click to read more

Sources: Presidential pardon investigation involves Kushner lawyer and a GOP lobbyist
The Justice Department bribery-for-a-presidential-pardon investigation, which became public this week, involves the past efforts of well-connected Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell and Republican lobbyist and fundraiser Elliott Broidy in the early days of the Trump White House, sources tell CNN. ... click to read more

Trump orders a near total withdrawal of US troops from Somalia
President Donald Trump has ordered the majority of US troops to leave Somalia "by early 2021," in just the latest major military policy decision being taken in the final days of the Trump administration. ... click to read more

Pelosi defiant over handling of stimulus: Rejecting GOP proposals was 'not a mistake'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday stood by the way she has handled the stimulus negotiations, telling reporters during her weekly news conference that both she and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agree Covid-19 relief should be tied to the government funding bill facing a December 11 dead... click to read more

Supreme Court agrees to consider work requirements for Medicaid
The Supreme Court agreed Friday to review whether the Trump administration can allow states to impose work requirements in their Medicaid programs. ... click to read more

Pelosi scolds CNN reporter after stimulus question
House speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back at CNN's Manu Raju after he asked about her handling of the Covid-19 relief package. ... click to read more

Trump administration must accept new DACA applications, judge orders
The Trump administration must post a public notice that it will accept new applications for the Obama-era program shielding undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation, a federal judge ordered Friday. ... click to read more

Canadian premier issues urgent plea: If you don't think Covid is real, you're an idiot
As coronavirus cases rise, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister issued an impassioned plea to his constituents, urging them to refrain from gathering over the upcoming Christmas holiday. ... click to read more

Football player tackles ref after being ejected from game
A South Texas high school football player was charged with assault after rushing from the sideline and knocking a referee to the ground during a game. ... click to read more

The median price of a home here is $2.125 million, and real estate is on fire
With its large, stately million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, Greenwich, Connecticut, has long been a serene enclave that veteran hedge fund managers and financial services executives call home. But after the pandemic hit, a new wave of wealthy New York City residents have flocked to the town s... click to read more

Woman leaves $7.5 million to her neighbors
Residents of a community in central Germany have unexpectedly inherited property and a stock portfolio worth €6.2 million ($7.5 million), following the death of an elderly neighbor. ... click to read more

Opinion: 'It felt like I never had a bigger enemy to fight,' Pamela Brown writes
It was the day after Thanksgiving. I was alone in the studio, sitting in front of the camera on live national television, when the tears started to fall. I was listening to Hina Patel, a pharmacist who had written a wrenching Twitter thread about her family's experience with Covid-19. Her story was... click to read more

Queen Elizabeth II has lost another of her beloved dogs
Queen Elizabeth II has lost another of her beloved dogs, British tabloid The Sun reports. ... click to read more

CNBC's Rick Santelli starts shouting match on air over Covid-19 restrictions
CNBC anchor Rick Santelli is once again under fire for misguided comments about coronavirus after a screaming match erupted on air Friday morning during a discussion about how businesses are coping with the pandemic. ... click to read more

Ryan Reynolds' ad featuring Satan goes viral
Internet falls for Satan meeting his match on dating website. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. ... click to read more

Pharrell Williams launches nonprofit to help Black and Latino start-ups
Pharrell Williams is not only a Grammy award-winning artist and producer, but he is also quite the entrepreneur. And this week he announced an initiative to help Black and Latino start-up founders achieve their dreams. ... click to read more

Comedian chronicles battle with Covid-19, dies days later
Comedian Joe Luna, whose stage name is "Joe El Cholo," documented his battle with Covid-19 on social media. He died days later. ... click to read more

Tiny company is disrupting $200B auto industry
... click to read more

While Trump rants about votes, none of his election security officials support him
President Donald Trump is increasingly isolated in his claims of election fraud as a growing number of senior administration officials are either directly contradicting his baseless allegations or refusing to echo them. ... click to read more

Trump nominee spreads debunked conspiracies and tweets suggesting martial law
President Donald Trump's nominee to become a senior Pentagon official spread debunked conspiracies on Twitter that called Trump's election loss to Joe Biden a "coup" attempt and shared tweets that suggest Trump should declare martial law. ... click to read more

Analysis: Some Trump supporters are turning to Parler, a platform for a parallel universe
After years of standing idly by, companies like Facebook and Twitter are, to varying degrees, calling bullshit on some of President Donald Trump's lies — most prominently, his false claim that he didn't lose the election. ... click to read more

Facebook didn't label some Georgia-related election misinformation, activist group says
... click to read more

Analysis: Social media must prepare for flood of Covid-19 vaccine misinformation
Nearly two years ago, public health experts blamed social media platforms for contributing to a measles outbreak by allowing false claims about the risks of vaccines to spread. ... click to read more

Scientists think they now know why salmon have been dying mysteriously on the West Coast
For decades, scientists say something alarming has been happening in the streams and rivers where coho salmon return from the Pacific Ocean to spawn along the West Coast. ... click to read more

Hurricanes are becoming more dangerous
... click to read more

China to expand program to seed artificial rain and snow
China this week revealed plans to drastically expand an experimental weather modification program to cover an area of over 5.5 million square kilometers (2.1 million square miles) -- more than 1.5 times the total size of India. ... click to read more

2020: The year in pictures
... click to read more

Invoking 'Tiger King,' House passes bill banning big cat ownership
The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bipartisan bill that would ban private ownership of big cats like lions and tigers, after the wildly popular Netflix docuseries "Tiger King" helped renew attention on the issue. ... click to read more

The world's first commercially printed Christmas card is for sale
The world's first commercially printed Christmas card is up for sale, depicting a merry scene that scandalized some of 19th-century Britain's more puritanical citizens. ... click to read more

Watch enormous smokestack get imploded
The Tennessee Valley authority demolished a historic smokestack to clear the land for new development. ... click to read more

Meet the woman tasked with turning around scandal-plagued Bon Appétit
When a friend reached out to Dawn Davis about the editor in chief opening at Bon Appétit, she was quick to recommend someone else — a writer she had just signed at her Simon & Schuster imprint, 37 Ink. ... click to read more

The number of Black female founders in the million dollar club just doubled
... click to read more

What's next for America's favorite news podcast
The New York Times' podcast "The Daily" typically airs every day of the week except for Saturdays. But on November 7, a major news event took place that warranted a special Saturday episode. That event also proved to be a turning point in the podcast's history. ... click to read more

We tested the best flannel sheets to keep you warm this winter
... click to read more

23 little things you can buy on Amazon that make a big difference
... click to read more

Cyber Week is still going: Today's most popular deals
... click to read more

32 of the best gifts our editors ever gave or received
... click to read more

Got a PS4 or Xbox One collecting dust? Here's what to do with it
... click to read more

51 of the best holiday gifts to give (or get) this year
... click to read more

26 gifts kids will want from the 2020 Amazon Toy List
... click to read more

Dyson's fancy $400 hair dryer is worth every penny
... click to read more

Getting engaged? Here's how to find the perfect ring
... click to read more

19 useful yet thoughtful gifts to wow your family
... click to read more

3 reasons you shouldn't wait to refinance your mortgage
... click to read more

The best coupons at JCPenney
... click to read more

Biden should consider these four people for Attorney General
Joe Biden's pick for Attorney General needs to be a person of color. We live in a time of racial division and strife not seen since the 1960s struggle for civil rights -- and we've watched as the Republican Party enabled a race-baiting president for the last four years -- so we need an Attorney Gen... click to read more

It's time to end the nation's failed war on marijuana
This year has brought the tangible impacts of deep-rooted systemic racism in our country to the forefront. From our criminal justice system to public health disparities, the last several months have revealed what we already knew to be true: Communities of color bear the brunt of our nation's most e... click to read more

Donald Trump is not a political genius
There remains a widespread view that, regardless of whether you agree with President Donald Trump's policies, we must all admit that he is a shrewd politician. Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller, one of Trump's senior advisers, have called him a "political genius" while Dilbert creator... click to read more

The day I woke up to find my industry gone
What if you woke up one day and discovered that your industry had just disappeared? The industry you had spent years learning, loving, building and becoming respected within just ... gone? ... click to read more

What 'Queen's Gambit' is whispering to us
In this season's final episode of "The Crown," Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth have one last meeting, perhaps the most touching of their 11 years sparring over the direction of the United Kingdom. ... click to read more

This can help decide who gets vaccinated first
It appears that the seemingly too good to be true data on the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine actually is as good as advertised. Meanwhile, it was announced Wednesday that its rival vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer has been approved for use in the UK, with a plan to begin vaccinating the public next week.... click to read more

I am trying to put the brakes on Trump's pardons
The United States Constitution was designed to meet the evolving demands of our nation. In just a few short pages, it lays out a robust system of representative government that continues to serve as the basis for the oldest modern democracy in the world. That isn't just because of the brilliance of... click to read more

Biden's popular vote margin over Trump tops 7 million
President-elect Joe Biden's margin over President Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote is now more than 7 million votes and may continue to grow as several states continue counting votes. ... click to read more

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