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CNN Top Stories
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September 17, 2019

The drumbeat to hold Iran responsible is getting louder, and what happens next will have a profound bearing on the future of an entire region
After this weekend's attacks on the world's largest oil processing plant, the questions are simple: Who did it, from where and what will the response be? ... click to read more

Analysis: White House abandons reality after Saudi attack
On Sunday night, President Donald Trump tweeted this: ... click to read more

Investigators say there's a 'high probability' attack on a Saudi oil field launched from Iranian base near Iraq
Saudi and US investigators have determined "with very high probability" that the weekend attack on the Saudi oil industry was launched from an Iranian base in Iran close to the border with Iraq, according to a source familiar with the investigation. ... click to read more

Anderson Cooper: Trump is making stuff up about Iran
CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses the threat President Donald Trump directed at Iran over the suspicion that the country is behind the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. ... click to read more

Cuomo predicts this may be key to Trump's own undoing
CNN's Chris Cuomo takes a look at President Trump's history dealing with Iranian tensions and how he responded following an attack on an oil field in Saudi Arabia. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump gets amnesia on Iran
The leaders of Iran have reason to be confused about what President Trump's goals are when it comes to their country. Trump pulled the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal last year and then imposed draconian new sanctions on Iran. In June, Trump ordered military strikes against Iran and t... click to read more

Botched NYT Kavanaugh story is the latest in a series of blunders from Opinion section
Opinion: Rescue Kavanaugh? Trump's ridiculous idea Kamala Harris rode the Kavanaugh wave once. Can she do it again? ... click to read more

Opinion: Rescue Kavanaugh? Trump's ridiculous idea
Of all the norms -- and arguably laws -- that President Donald Trump has trampled during his time in office, few have done more damage than his habitual politicization of the Justice Department. Trump has made clear time and again that he views the Justice Department not as a beacon of truth and in... click to read more

Kamala Harris rode the Kavanaugh wave once. Can she do it again?
Simmering anger in the Democratic Party over the handling of Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing has suddenly roared back to life, amid new details about sexual misconduct allegations against the justice. And for Sen. Kamala Harris, who built her national profile in the contentious... click to read more

White House tells Lewandowski not to answer questions from a House committee
... click to read more

Man Trump called 'my African-American' leaves GOP
Gregory Cheadle, the man then presidential candidate Donald Trump referred to as "my African-American" in 2016, shares why he's leaving the Republican party with CNN's Don Lemon. ... click to read more

Lemon: Obama gets under Trump's skin
CNN's Don Lemon discusses why President Trump is unhappy with former President Obama's book and television deals. ... click to read more

Brexit fight goes to court
... click to read more

Analysis: Why race is at center stage for 2020
An escalating cycle of action and reaction between President Donald Trump and the Democratic presidential contenders is thrusting issues of race relations and American identity to the center of the developing 2020 campaign. ... click to read more

Man killed 3 masked teens as they tried to rob his home
A Georgia homeowner shot and killed three masked teens as they approached his residence with their faces covered, authorities said. ... click to read more

Snowden says he would like to return to US
Edward Snowden, who has been living in exile in Russia after leaking American intelligence secrets in 2013, said Monday that he would like to return to the United States if he is guaranteed a fair trial. ... click to read more

Cancer survivor becomes first person to swim English Channel four times non-stop
An American cancer survivor has become the first person to swim across the English Channel four times non-stop. ... click to read more

Explosion and fire break out at Russian lab known for housing deadly smallpox virus
An explosion has caused a fire at a Russian biological research facility that's one of only two centers in the world known for housing samples of the smallpox virus. ... click to read more

147 tigers were rescued from a Thai temple. Now, over half are dead
Over half of the tigers rescued from a Thai temple three years ago have died due to infectious diseases and inbreeding-related illnesses. ... click to read more

A visiting scientist resigned from MIT after comments he made about Jeffrey Epstein
A visiting scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has resigned over comments he made about Jeffrey Epstein, according to an email posted online. ... click to read more

Missing Florida mother and her four children all found dead, sheriff says
A Florida mother of four who had been missing for more than a month was found dead in Georgia on Monday, and her four children remain missing, authorities in Marion County, Florida, said. ... click to read more

Disturbing video shows brutal robbery in broad daylight
Police in Minneapolis are struggling to combat an alarming rise in robberies throughout the city. One precinct specifically has seen a 50% increase in the last year. ... click to read more

Cause of death released for Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the new wave rock band The Cars, died Sunday in New York City, police said. He was 75. ... click to read more

Man dies in seventh vaping-related illness
A California man has become the seventh person to die from a vaping-related illness in the United States as the nation's leading health agency activates emergency operations to better investigate the outbreak of lung injuries associated with e-cigarettes. ... click to read more

Chipotle adds a new meat to its menu
Chipotle is adding a new protein to its menu for the first time in a year. ... click to read more

Kamala Harris is the first woman to 'Slow Jam the News' with Fallon
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) became the first woman to "Slow Jam the News" on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon." ... click to read more

General Mills recalls Gold Medal flour
Making cookies with Gold Medal flour this week? It may be best to check the date before you bake. ... click to read more

See Sean Spicer dance to the 'Spice Girls'
On the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars," the former White House press secretary danced a salsa to the Spice Girls. Spicer isn't the first politician to take on the dance competition. ... click to read more

China to release 10,000 tons of pork from reserves
... click to read more

Man who dragged shark to death is sentenced
... click to read more

Daughter roasts Alec Baldwin and leaves him stunned
In Comedy Central's annual celebrity roast, celebrities took turns shredding Alec Baldwin. His daughter joined in too. ... click to read more

State Supreme Court rules two designers can refuse to make wedding invitations for same-sex couple
... click to read more

Israelis go to polls to decide Netanyahu's fate
Israelis will vote on Tuesday in the second national election in five months, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition following weeks of negotiations. ... click to read more

'SNL' fires new hire Shane Gillis
"Saturday Night Live" has fired one of its most recent hires, Shane Gillis, just days after videos of comedian making bigoted comments came to light. ... click to read more

Andrew Yang believes Shane Gillis 'deserved another chance to keep his job'
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang reiterated on Monday his belief that Shane Gillis should have kept his job on "Saturday Night Live" after the comedian's bigoted comments against Chinese Americans came to light. ... click to read more

Shane Gillis defends his comedy after bigoted comments surface
New "Saturday Night Live" cast member Shane Gillis has issued a statement in response to criticism over racially insensitive comments he made as part of his podcast. ... click to read more

Yang: Racial epithets hurt, but different with comedians
In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said racial epithets hurt, but in the case of comedians, words should be taken in a different light. This comes after Yang jumped into controversy on Twitter by responding to Shane Gillis', a new cast member on "S... click to read more

'Saturday Night Live' adds show's only Asian American series regular
NBC's "Saturday Night Live" has added comedians Chloe Fineman, Shane Gillis and Bowen Yang as featured players for the upcoming 45th season. ... click to read more

Most massive neutron star ever detected strains limits of physics
Astronomers have detected the most massive neutron star ever, and it almost shouldn't even exist. ... click to read more

Astronomer spots possible new interstellar visitor
Almost two years after the first interstellar visitor was detected in our solar system, astronomers believe they've found one that's incoming, according to NASA. The first object, known as 'Oumuamua, was found in October 2017. Interstellar means that the object originated from outside of our solar ... click to read more

This may be the world's first space hotel
A US company has released designs for the Von Braun Station, a cruise-like rotating wheel with room for researchers and space tourists. ... click to read more

The Milky Way's supermassive black hole is feasting
Earlier this year, astronomers were surprised to spot "unprecedented" changes in the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Now, they may have a better understanding of what they witnessed: the black hole enjoying an interstellar feast of gas and dust. ... click to read more

Did they or didn't they? Jennifer Lawrence and fiancé spark marriage speculation
A sighting at the New York City Marriage Bureau has some people wondering if Jennifer Lawrence is now a married woman. ... click to read more

The world's largest amphibian is this newly discovered giant salamander
A giant salamander that once lived in the London Zoo and was later on display at the Natural History Museum represents a new species that may be the world's largest amphibian. ... click to read more

Veterinarians surprised by what was underneath nine pounds of hair
Veterinarians and groomers worked to save a neglected dog who "looked like a container of mops" due to her matted fur when she was brought in to the Nebraska Humane Society. ... click to read more

The real-life 'Downton Abbey' is being listed on Airbnb
Highclere Castle, the British stately home better known to millions as Downton Abbey, is now listed on Airbnb. But don't start packing your evening wear just year -- only two guests will get to experience the home, and there'll be plenty of competition. ... click to read more

Warning lights are still flashing about the risk of a recession
The Dow is brushing up against all-time highs, suggesting the coast is clear for the American economy. Yellow lights, however, are still flashing in the bond market about the risk of a recession. ... click to read more

The job market is so good that new hires are ghosting on their first day
The labor market is going strong, and job candidates have plenty of opportunities to choose from. So much so that some are bailing on their new employers before they even start. ... click to read more

'Seinfeld' is heading to Netflix
Netflix may be losing Michael Scott and Chandler Bing, but it's gaining Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer. ... click to read more

America is running out of White Claw. Here's why
America is running out of White Claw hard seltzer, and the shortage might not end until next year. ... click to read more

The only way to deal with Trump the whiner
Everyone's unfair to Donald Trump. Just ask him. ... click to read more

Iceland P.M.: Where #MeToo goes from here
It's been almost two years since millions of women across the world used the simple, yet powerful, hashtag #MeToo. During this time, women have exposed, in various ways, the everyday nature of gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination. Drawing from the origins of the term Me Too, the mov... click to read more

Ric Ocasek's darkness beneath sunny surface
He was at the leading edge of '80s New Wave, but Ric Ocasek, who died on Sunday at 75, was about the age of Bob Dylan and most of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. ... click to read more

Something Warren may not have a plan for
Sen. Elizabeth Warren likes to say that she has a plan for almost every problem that the nation faces -- the latest being the anti-corruption plan she unveiled Monday. ... click to read more

Texas may spell the end of Electoral College
Freshmen House members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Dan Crenshaw recently sparred over the merits of the Electoral College. Ocasio-Cortez claimed the Electoral College was "electoral affirmative action" for some voters (those in less populated states) over others (those in more populated states). C... click to read more

Andrew Yang is right about 'SNL' and Gillis
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang didn't have to wade into the controversy engulfing Shane Gillis after video and audio clips showed the newly hired "Saturday Night Live" cast member making racist, sexist and homophobic comments. ... click to read more

Weinstein and Kavanaugh stories changed us
The epilogue to "She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement" is written around a scene that would land on the cutting room floor even of a feminist dream film. ... click to read more

Silence of Netanyahu's centrist rivals is deafening
Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex the Jordan Valley, announced one week before Israel's election re-do, is an act of desperation by an embattled prime minister looking to shore up his right-wing base. Yet without the acquiescence of his friend in the White House, President Donald Trump, and the vi... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.875% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

5 stocks that could set you up for life
... click to read more

China's economy is getting worse. That makes a trade deal more likely
... click to read more

A high-stakes Brexit court case could force the Queen to pick a side
The United Kingdom, once a beacon of political and diplomatic stability, has descended into chaos since it voted to leave the European Union in 2016. ... click to read more

Prince Harry praises rugby star for disclosing HIV status
Prince Harry showed support for Gareth Thomas after the Welsh rugby star was forced to disclose his HIV-positive status. ... click to read more

Epstein accusers can't receive damages over plea deal
A federal judge in Florida handed down a loss Monday to Jeffrey Epstein's accusers, who have for years been trying to get payments and undo Epstein's 2007 plea deal in a sex trafficking case. ... click to read more

Florida is looking to hire 50 new citizen python hunters
No, this is not an announcement about a new reality show on TLC. ... click to read more

After 50 years, the university apologizes for the dismissal of 14 black football players
Nearly 50 years ago, in 1969, 14 black football players at the University of Wyoming wanted to protest a racist policy. ... click to read more

Walmart's car seat recycling program starts
Walmart is partnering with TerraCycle -- a global waste management company that works with consumer product companies, retailers, cities and facilities to recycle "difficult-to-recycle" products and packaging -- to offer the nation's largest car seat recycling event, with nearly 4,000 Walmarts part... click to read more

OxyContin maker files for bankruptcy
Purdue Pharma filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York Sunday as part of its framework for settling litigation with multiple states and governments. ... click to read more

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