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CNN Top Stories
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July 20, 2019

Potentially life-threatening heat wave broils from the Midwest to East Coast
"Take the heat seriously." ... click to read more

It's so hot, police have asked residents to refrain from crime until it cools off
It's dangerously hot across much of the country this weekend -- so hot, in fact, that police in Braintree, Massachusetts, are imploring would-be criminals to hold off on illegal activity until Monday. ... click to read more

Heat dome causing blistering temperatures in US
An area of high pressure referred to as a heat dome is causing extremely hot temperatures in the eastern half of the US this weekend. CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar has the details. ... click to read more

A heat wave in Chicago 24 years ago left more than 700 dead
A Chicago heat wave in 1995 took the lives of hundreds of people. And now the city is facing another. ... click to read more

Why you should be concerned about massive US heat wave
Millions of Americans are under extreme heat watches and warnings. CNN's Miguel Marquez has the latest. ... click to read more

Super Bowl champion dies of heatstroke at 32
Former NFL offensive lineman Mitch Petrus died Thursday night in Arkansas due to heatstroke, officials said. The former Super Bowl champion was 32 years old. ... click to read more

How heat waves can kill -- and how to stay safe
As a potentially record-breaking heat wave grips the nation this weekend, doctors are warning people to find air conditioning and stay cool -- or risk a trip to the emergency room and a hospital ice bath. ... click to read more

Justin Bieber: I appreciate Trump helping A$AP Rocky, but 'can you also let those kids out of cages?'
Justin Bieber supports President Donald Trump's decision to help rapper A$AP Rocky, who is currently in the custody of Swedish police. But the "What Do You Mean" singer thinks others could benefit from the president's attention, too. ... click to read more

Why two Trump voters are seeing 2020 very differently
They both voted for Donald Trump for president in 2016, but now these coworkers are splitting the ticket. CNN's Randi Kaye reports from Wisconsin as the 2020 election gets closer. ... click to read more

Megan Rapinoe calls out Trump's racist tweets
... click to read more

Sheila Dikshit dies at age 81
Indian politicians have paid tribute to Sheila Dikshit, a senior Congress Party leader and the former chief minister of Delhi, who died on Saturday at the age of 81. ... click to read more

SE Cupp calls out Republicans: What a load of crap
CNN's SE Cupp hammers Republican lawmakers for continuing to support President Donald Trump despite his "vile rhetoric" against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and three other congresswomen of color. ... click to read more

Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to meet next week
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have been working to schedule a one-on-one sit-down, will meet on Thursday of next week, a spokesman for Pelosi confirmed to CNN. ... click to read more

Anderson Cooper reacts to Lara Trump's racist chant defense
CNN's Anderson Cooper calls out President Donald Trump's numerous lies and flip flops on attacks he made against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). ... click to read more

Protesters bang pots and pans outside Puerto Rico governor's mansion
Demonstrators calling for Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's resignation gathered in streets outside the governor's mansion again on Saturday afternoon, chanting and banging pots and pans in the latest of several days of protests on the US territory. ... click to read more

An American visited her boyfriend in Canada. They were both found dead
A young American woman and her Australian boyfriend had set out to explore British Columbia when they were found dead on a remote Canadian highway. ... click to read more

Iran says UK tanker wrongly used exit lane to enter the Strait of Hormuz
... click to read more

Baltimore's deputy police commissioner robbed at gunpoint
A Baltimore deputy police commissioner was robbed at gunpoint, the police department said Saturday. ... click to read more

Mexican-Americans were shot, killed and left to rot 100 years ago.
From the sedan's back seat, Melba Coody watched as the mesquite-lined flatland of South Texas rushed by. About a century ago, she explained, her family owned all this property, as far as the eye could see. ... click to read more

ESPN personality goes on politically charged Trump rant
ESPN radio and TV personality Dan Le Batard called his own network "cowardly" for not addressing President Donald Trump and his supporters' racist remarks about four Democratic congresswomen of color. ... click to read more

General Mills is trying to save cereal
General Mills has a cereal problem. It thinks children and aging boomers can help solve it. ... click to read more

She's the most prominent female politician in her country. Days ago she was abducted
One of Libya's most prominent female politicians has been abducted from her home in Benghazi by an armed militia, according to her family, and has not been heard from for three days. ... click to read more

Ex-news anchor reveals turning point from sex and drug addiction
Former TV anchor Brandon Lee opens about his struggles with addiction and his push to change the public perception and stigma surrounding addiction in the US. ... click to read more

Keanu Reeves once again gifts the internet with 'breathtaking' surprise for a fan
Most excellent, Keanu Reeves fans: The affable actor heard your prayers, and he answered with a "breathtaking" act of kindness. ... click to read more

A missing toddler drove himself down to the county fair on his toy tractor
How far can a little one really go? ... click to read more

Golfers in war of words after caddie's mom hit by stray ball
His drive hit his playing partner's caddie's mom, but Kyle Stanley's refusal to shout "fore" sparked a war of words in the Open at Royal Portrush Friday. ... click to read more

YouTube star opens up about her eating disorder
In a new video, YouTube influencer Eugenia Cooney opened up about her struggles with her body image. ... click to read more

Lakers reportedly feel 'they got played' by NBA star
... click to read more

See man miss huge tree fall by seconds
A Mississippi man was working in his shed when he heard a tornado quickly approaching and had to run for safety. ... click to read more

GM unveils a radically new Corvette
General Motors has unveiled the eighth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette. The model is, arguably, the biggest change for the Corvette since the sports car was first introduced in 1953. ... click to read more

Penguins break into sushi restaurant ... again
A pair of pesky penguins broke into a sushi restaurant, were removed by officials and then decided to head back to the scene of the crime. ... click to read more

Seeing a dark side in dollar stores
As dollar stores sweep across America, they are facing growing scrutiny from opponents who argue that discount chains stifle local competition and limit poor communities' access to healthy food. ... click to read more

Man jumps on plane wing as it prepares for takeoff
A man who climbed onto the wing of a plane as it prepared for takeoff at the airport in Nigeria's Lagos city has been arrested, authorities said. ... click to read more

Remember Cronkite's words on the anniversary of the moon landing
Think back, if you remember the day July 20, 1969. Or imagine, if you weren't born yet. It is a Sunday evening in the middle of a sultry summer. Television screens are aglow with live coverage of the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are about to step onto an alien surface, never qu... click to read more

Former NASA intern gets $1.82 million for moon landing videos he bought for $217.77
While the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing Saturday, Sotheby's auctioned off three original NASA videotapes of the event for a whopping $1.82 million. ... click to read more

11 things you probably forgot about the Apollo 11 mission
Saturday is the anniversary of what many consider to be the greatest achievement of the 20th century. ... click to read more

Her software put men on the moon. Fifty years later, Margaret Hamilton got a glowing moonlit tribute
The first footsteps on the moon belonged to two men, but they may never have made it there if not for Margaret Hamilton. ... click to read more

How the moon landing laid the groundwork for Mars missions
CNN's Paul Vercammen explores how the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon helped pave the way for the next big frontier: Mars. ... click to read more

California 'Daffodil Hill' closing because of overtourism
McLaughlin's Daffodil Hill, a field of beautiful yellow and white flowers outside of California's state capital of Sacramento, has announced that it will be closing indefinitely due to fallout from its unexpected popularity on social media. ... click to read more

Instagrammers warned against swimming in lake that's actually a toxic water-filled quarry
Instagrammers have been warned not to dive into an idyllic-looking, turquoise lake in northern Spain, because its toxic waters could lead to health issues. ... click to read more

This couple has 7 Instagram-famous pets
Nala the cat, a Siamese and tabby mix, is slightly cross-eyed with gray and white fur. She likes being petted but isn't a fan of being held. She was rescued from an animal shelter and really loves men with beards. ... click to read more

If Val Kilmer is in 'Top Gun: Maverick,' what's the deal with the trailer?
Does the Iceman cometh or not? ... click to read more

The story of Veronica Mars is a reality for some young adults
"Veronica Mars," the noir-style drama that starred Kristen Bell as a teen gumshoe known for her pithy one-liners and fearless investigation techniques, found a fan-base in the underappreciated or outsiders when it aired on UPN and then The CW in the mid-aughts -- and has the potential to do the sam... click to read more

Shawn Johnson reveals pregnancy complications
Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, opened up about complications she is facing during her pregnancy. ... click to read more

'The Lion King' could seal Disney's reign over the box office
The US box office is struggling, but you wouldn't know it if you only looked at Disney's coffers. ... click to read more

Elon Musk hopes to put a computer chip in your brain. Who wants one?
This week Elon Musk unveiled his most sci-fi project thus far: a computer chip connected to exceptionally slender wires with electrodes on them, all of which is meant to be embedded in a person's brain by a surgical robot. The implant would connect wirelessly to a small behind-the-ear receiver that... click to read more

Toys 'R' Us is coming back to the United States
Toys "R" Us' long-awaited comeback is finally official. ... click to read more

An open letter to officials who won't meet with a woman alone
... click to read more

Axelrod: Potential disaster for Biden
I can imagine two reactions at Biden headquarters Thursdsay night when the lineups for the CNN debates in Detroit were drawn. ... click to read more

'The Squad' is a gift to Trump
I'm glad President Donald Trump disavowed the "send her back" chant that broke out at his North Carolina rally. US Rep. Ilhan Omar and the rest of her "Squad" of House Democratic freshmen are as American as the rest of us, live under the same Constitution and enjoy the same First Amendment rights. ... click to read more

Women in Puerto Rico know all too well why Rossello must resign
Puerto Rican women warned us. They have been alerting us for years that there is a crisis of violence against women on the island. After Hurricane Maria, the crisis became an emergency. Nonprofits that provide services to survivors of domestic violence reported a surge in requests for help. ... click to read more

What a doctor wishes patients knew about the end
... click to read more

'Bachelorette' sex argument comes at a bleak price
There are few more unifying spectacles than that of someone who seems terrible making a conspicuous fool of himself on television. This week, audiences -- and seconds later, Twitter -- lit up as Luke P., the villain of this season of reality dating show "The Bachelorette," was finally sent packing ... click to read more

Refinance rates at 3.018% APR. Do you qualify?
... click to read more

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

5 stocks for building wealth after 50
... click to read more

How this documentary uncovered rare footage of the moon landing
You might think that 50 years after humankind's first steps on the moon, the world would have seen all of the best footage from that historic event. ... click to read more

Her job was crucial to Apollo 11's launch, but she needed special permission to be in the room
During the historic launch of Apollo 11 which put the first men on the moon, rows of men in shirts and ties lined the consoles inside Kennedy Space Center. ... click to read more

When President Nixon called the moon
After Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's successful 1969 moon landing, President Richard Nixon placed a very long-distance phone call to the astronauts. For more, watch CNN Films' "Apollo 11" on Saturday, July 20 at 9 and 11 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

Watch Buzz Aldrin step onto the moon
CNN Films' documentary "Apollo 11" uses newly discovered footage and hours of uncatalogued audio recordings to tell the story of the 1969 moon landing with new clarity. The film airs Saturday, July 20 at 9 and 11 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

Photos: The Apollo 11 mission from start to finish
Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin made history when they became the first humans to set foot on the moon. ... click to read more

A $61 billion trade. Record-breaking busts. Rock-bottom prices. The meth crisis is spiraling out of control
Deep in the jungle in Thailand's northern Chiang Mai province, a unit of armed border officers were on duty late last month when they stumbled on a cave stuffed with drugs. ... click to read more

Ancient mosque found in Negev desert
Archaeologists working in Israel's Negev desert have discovered an ancient rural mosque, thought to be one of the earliest in the world. ... click to read more

Londoners surprised after police tweet profanities
Late on Friday night, the Twitter account of London's Metropolitan Police Service began tweeting unusual announcements. "XEON IS THE BEST FIGHTER IN SCOTLAND," it proclaimed, alongside the challenge: "what you gonna do call the police?" ... click to read more

Why mayor blocked plans for 'Tulip' skyscraper
London's mayor Sadiq Khan has blocked plans for a controversial tower known as the Tulip, saying the structure would be of "limited" public benefit and "detrimental" to the capital's skyline. ... click to read more

UK vows 'serious consequences' if Iran doesn't release British-flagged tanker
Britain warned Friday there would be "serious consequences" if Iran did not release a UK-flagged oil tanker it seized in the Strait of Hormuz Friday, the latest confrontation in the increasingly tense standoff in the important shipping route. ... click to read more

A carpenter saved his whole life and helped 33 strangers go to school for free
Four years ago, one of the happiest days of Kira Conard's life carried a cloud of sadness. ... click to read more

Puerto Rico braces for more protests amid calls for governor's ouster
The streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, were relatively quiet Friday morning, when they're typically bustling with locals and tourists. ... click to read more

Man who drove wife and autistic sons off pier charged with murder
The California father whose two autistic sons died after he drove off a wharf in the Port of Los Angeles has been charged with capital murder, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced. ... click to read more

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