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CNN Top Stories
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August 14, 2020

President Trump spent years pushing lies about the birthplace of President Obama. Now Kamala Harris is the target.
President Donald Trump spent years pushing lies about the birthplace and presidential eligibility of President Barack Obama, the first Black president. ... click to read more

Trump and first lady request mail-in ballots despite attacks
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have requested mail-in ballots for Florida's primary election on Tuesday, according to Palm Beach County records, despite the President's frequent attacks on voting by mail. ... click to read more

Collins pushes Trump on USPS money and mail-in ballots
CNN's Kaitlan Collins pushes President Donald Trump on comments he made to Fox Business about withholding money from USPS over mail-in ballots. ... click to read more

Postal Service removes some mail-sorting machines, sparking concerns ahead of election
The US Postal Service plans to remove hundreds of high-volume mail-processing machines from facilities across the country, leading some postal workers to fear they may have less capacity to process mail during election season. ... click to read more

Pennsylvania election officials seek to extend deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, citing slowdown in mail
Pennsylvania officials said Thursday that they are willing to count mail-in ballots up to three days after the November general election, provided they are mailed by November 3, a significant change in a key swing state. ... click to read more

New Jersey to adopt mail-in voting for November, source says
New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is expected to announce as soon as Friday that the state's November election will be conducted largely through mail-in ballots, a source familiar with the move confirmed to CNN. ... click to read more

Thousands of new coronavirus cases reported in Georgia
• Russia offers to help with vaccine. US declines • CDC director: This could be the worst fall, from a health perspective, we've ever had • 'Um, wow': Donald Trump's briefing remarks stun John Berman ... click to read more

GOP governor compares kids going back to school to the killing of Osama bin Laden
• Biden calls for national mask mandates ... click to read more

DOJ accuses Yale of discriminating against Asian and White applicants
The Justice Department accused Yale University of discriminating against Asian American and White applicants in its undergraduate admissions process. ... click to read more

GOP candidate on defensive over social media post of visit to Hitler retreat
Twenty five-year-old North Carolina GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn is on the defensive over photos on his Instagram page that show him in 2017 visiting Adolf Hitler's vacation house in Germany known as the "Eagle's Nest." ... click to read more

US calls to ease shower rules after Donald Trump complained about his hair
The US Department of Energy released a proposal to roll back water efficiency standards for showerheads following President Donald Trump's comments that he was unable to wash his "beautiful hair properly." CNN's Bill Weir has more. ... click to read more

Opinion: Kamala Harris throws Trump off balance
Everyone knew that Sen. Kamala Harris was a frontrunner to get the nod as Joe Biden's running mate; everyone, it seems, except President Donald Trump and his brain trust of loyalists and paid staffers. ... click to read more

Lemon: Guess how many of Harris' GOP colleagues stood up for her?
After President Trump floated a baseless birther theory about Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), CNN's Don Lemon said his producers reached out to all 53 of Harris' GOP colleagues in the Senate for comment. ... click to read more

Opinion: In Trumpian times, Israel and a Gulf State find common ground
In a broken, angry, dysfunctional Middle East, most matters associated with Arab-Israeli peace rarely turn out well. In fact, for a Trump administration that has demonstrated an uncanny clumsiness and obtuseness, this has been a region where American ideas go to die. The formal statement today anno... click to read more

Brianna Keilar reacts to Dr. Atlas: I'm sorry but what the hell is he talking about?
Months into the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump announced Dr. Scott Atlas as a medical adviser for the White House coronavirus task force. CNN's Brianna Keilar breaks down Dr. Atlas's controversial stance on Covid-19. ... click to read more

Salt Lake City police officer ordered his K9 to bite a Black man's leg repeatedly, lawyers say, and now it may need to be amputated
A man's leg may need to be amputated after the Salt Lake City Police Department allegedly used excessive force against him by ordering a police dog to bite the man repeatedly, leaving him severely injured. ... click to read more

Pentagon to launch task force to investigate UFO sightings
The Pentagon is forming a new task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft, according to two defense officials. ... click to read more

Stephen Colbert: Kamala Harris unleashed a 'zinger' on President Trump
Late-night hosts picked on President Trump and his reaction to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden's selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate. ... click to read more

A stash of beer and gum that dates back to the 1980s was discovered hidden behind the shelves of a Washington library
It was a real whodunit when a stash of beer and gum from the 1980s was discovered behind the walls of the Mystery section at a Washington library. ... click to read more

James Corden's parents review racy new Cardi B music video
The parents of late-night host James Corden joined "The Late Late Show" to offer their review of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's new music video for their hit song "WAP." ... click to read more

RIP jeans. We're all eating our feelings now
A version of this article first appeared in CNN Business' new Nightcap newsletter. Sign up here for all the business news you missed while you were busy doing other stuff all day. ... click to read more

Eugene Levy tears up as Steve Martin and stars pay tribute in touching video
Actor Eugene Levy won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival this year, and the organizers sent him a special video to celebrate. ... click to read more

An officer saved a man in a wheelchair stuck on train tracks. Her bodycam shows the rescue
A California police officer rescued a man in a wheelchair from the path of an oncoming train. ... click to read more

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend expecting third child
Things are going to get even more "Wild" in Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's home. ... click to read more

The long, and now controversial, career of Ellen DeGeneres
After years as one of America's most well-known celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres is facing waves of backlash amid investigations into the workplace culture of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." ... click to read more

Prosecutors say 30 women have come forward with groping accusations against Cuba Gooding Jr.
Manhattan prosecutors in Cuba Gooding Jr.'s groping case said in court Thursday that more women have come forward with accusations of unwanted touching by the Oscar-winning actor, bringing the total number of women to come forward to 30. ... click to read more

Kushner claims Kanye West meeting was a 'policy' talk
White House senior adviser Jared Kushner confirmed on Thursday that he had a "friendly discussion" about policy with Kanye West in Colorado, saying the conversation wasn't necessarily focused on the rapper's presidential campaign. ... click to read more

Michael Cohen offers a glimpse of upcoming Trump book
Michael Cohen released the cover of his upcoming book, kick-starting the publicity campaign for his tell-all book promising graphic and unflattering details from his years working as President Donald Trump's personal attorney and fixer. ... click to read more

Legendary journalist set to release new book about Trump
CNN's Kaitlan Collins discusses investigative journalist Bob Woodward's new book on President Donald Trump -- titled "Rage" -- which has details about the President's behavior and decision making, according to sources familiar with the book. ... click to read more

Details revealed for Bob Woodward's upcoming book on Trump
First it was fear, now it's rage. ... click to read more

The week in 44 photos
Take a look at 44 photos of the week from August 7 through August 13. ... click to read more

A scientist found a tongue-eating parasite in the mouth of a fish
In the course of studying wrasse skulls, an evolutionary biologist found a parasite hiding inside a fish's mouth. And not only had the louse eaten the fish's tongue -- it effectively replaced it. ... click to read more

Former 'Jackass' star tapes himself to billboard in publicity stunt
TV personality and former "Jackass" star Steve-O attached himself to a billboard in Los Angeles as a publicity stunt for a new comedy special. ... click to read more

The best over-ear headphones of 2020
When you're looking to get the most out of your music, a great pair of headphones can make all the difference. Over-ear headphones, at times affectionately referred to as cans, can give you some of the best sound. But with such an abundance of options, it's not always easy to find the pair that'll ... click to read more

REI is selling its brand-new, unused headquarters to shift to remote work
It's the beginning of the end for office culture. ... click to read more

This is what it's like when a country actually bans TikTok
Jaya Lall first joined TikTok in early March to make a slideshow set to music for her friend's birthday. But the short-form video app took on new significance to her three weeks later when India went into a coronavirus lockdown, forcing her to close the preschool she runs in the country's capital, ... click to read more

Europe isn't going on vacation. That spells trouble for millions of workers
Europe's summer tourist season may be officially past saving. ... click to read more

Give the political reins to millennials
The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the American economy. But one group has been hit particularly hard: already struggling millennials. ... click to read more

The world won't be mended by chickens, but it's a start
We did not get the chickens because the pandemic was coming. We did not get them to survive what has often felt like the end of the world and has certainly been the end of the world as we knew it. ... click to read more

Georgia teen is being persecuted for telling the truth
The treatment Hannah Watters has received since she highlighted the lack of social distancing at the recently-reopened North Paulding High School by posting a now-viral photo of its hallways crowded with many unmasked students has been -- from an outside perspective -- incredible. ... click to read more

What's stopping Putin from expanding further?
With mass protests erupting in Belarus over a disputed presidential election on Sunday, after which incumbent Alexander Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory, the Kremlin must be watching nervously. ... click to read more

The hidden metaphor in 'Perry Mason' finale
For me and many others, HBO's "Perry Mason" reboot has been a dark mirror -- but after its season finale last week, an immensely satisfying one. (Like CNN, HBO is a unit of WarnerMedia.) ... click to read more

Why it's so hard to keep young people inside
Covid-19 numbers are bad and getting worse. At the time of writing, there have been over 20.5 million cases and nearly 750,000 deaths worldwide. In the United States alone there are over 5 million cases, and the pandemic has now claimed more lives than those lost in the nearly two decades of the Vi... click to read more

The importance of the poor person's vote
For the last three years, the Poor People's Campaign has organized among the 140 million Americans who are in poverty or one emergency away from poverty, and who have decided it's time to build the power to change their country. From California to the Carolinas, Mississippi to Maine, the mountains ... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.47% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Pay 0% interest until 2021 with a better card
... click to read more

5 stocks under $49 could be worth $2.2T
... click to read more

Power lifter fractures both knees while attempting to squat nearly 900 pounds
A Russian power lifter broke both his knees while trying to lift nearly 900 pounds. ... click to read more

Israel and UAE establish 'full normalization of relations,' Trump says
President Donald Trump announced Thursday that Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a "historic" peace agreement. ... click to read more

New Zealand was acclaimed a world leader in handling Covid-19. Now it's dealing with a fresh outbreak
New Zealand reported 13 new community coronavirus cases on Thursday as the country tackles a fresh outbreak that ended an enviable run of more than 100 days without any locally transmitted infections. ... click to read more

Video shows enormous oil leak in pristine lagoon
Mauritius is facing an environmental catastrophe after a stricken Japanese-owned ship began leaking oil into the ocean. ... click to read more

NCAA president says no fall championships this year, except FBS football -- for now
The NCAA has officially canceled fall championships -- a decision that could potentially push fall sports to the spring. ... click to read more

Michigan plans to redesign road for self-driving cars
Michigan announced Thursday that it's teaming with tech and auto companies to attempt to retrofit a roughly 40-mile stretch of two roads outside Detroit exclusively for self-driving vehicles. ... click to read more

Fortnite's maker is suing Apple after being removed from its App Store
The maker of Fortnite is suing Apple after Apple blocked the wildly popular online video game with hundreds of millions of registered players from its app store Thursday. ... click to read more

$8 million in drugs seized in largest heroin bust in Georgia's history, officials say
An Atlanta man has been indicted on federal charges related to the largest heroin bust in Georgia's history, according to officials. ... click to read more

The re-emergence of charming 'little wine holes' in Florence
Bars and restaurants around the world are having to rethink the way they interact with customers during the pandemic. In the Italian city of Florence, some are looking to the past: using centuries-old wine windows to dole out food and drinks. ... click to read more

The 'fox eye' beauty trend continues to spread online. But critics insist it's racist
"Ching chong eyes!" That's what elementary school kids used to call Sophie Wang. It was an insidious racist slur casually thrown around as they mocked her Asian ethnicity while pulling on the corner of their eyes. Upward for Japanese. To the side for Chinese. Downward for Korean. ... click to read more

Beauty of mastectomy tattoos revealed in powerful photo project
In the portrait series "Reclaim" women in diffuse pink lighting reveal delicately tattooed designs inked across their chests, unfurling over scar tissue in explosions of color or in black and gray. Nude, with nothing else in the frame, the women embody a sense of openness. ... click to read more

Gothic architecture: Can the 12th-century style radically change how we build today?
Little over a year ago the world nearly lost one of its most recognizable examples of Gothic architecture, as the spire and a sizeable part of the roof of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris burned to ashes. Now the debate carries on about what to do with the damaged building. Should the missing s... click to read more

Step inside Latin superstar J Balvin's luxury homes in Colombia
Latin music superstar J Balvin is known for his bold style -- including his mix of streetwear and couture, and his ever-evolving hair color. But he likes to keep things more subdued on the interior design front. ... click to read more

Pop culture nostalgia can help ease the pain of 2020
Can we please go back in time before 2020? ... click to read more

Sarah Cooper, viral video star, lands a Netflix special
Sarah Cooper may want to send President Donald Trump a muffin basket. ... click to read more

'Diana' musical streaming prior to Broadway
With Broadway shut down because of the pandemic, shows have had to pivot. ... click to read more

Leslie Odom Jr. fought for fair pay
Leslie Odom Jr.'s performance in "Hamilton Live" as Vice President Aaron Burr almost didn't happen. ... click to read more

Late-night hosts head back to studios
Late night is cautiously leaving the house and getting back to work in what is the new normal. ... click to read more

What Kamala Harris as VP would mean for Silicon Valley
With Sen. Kamala Harris ascending to become former Vice President Joe Biden's running mate, Silicon Valley can breathe a little easier, at least for now. ... click to read more

How Trump's war on WeChat could upend the global tech industry
President Trump's executive order last week banning TikTok if it doesn't find a buyer by next month potentially threatened to upend a vibrant social network and the broader social media marketplace. ... click to read more

After TikTok and WeChat, Alibaba could be the next target in Trump's tech war
The United States has taken aim at some of China's biggest tech champions, from Huawei and ByteDance's TikTok to Tencent's WeChat. Alibaba, one of the world's largest retail and internet conglomerates, could be next. ... click to read more

Tim Cook is now a billionaire. Why that's unusual
Apple CEO Tim Cook has become a billionaire as he nears a decade at the helm of the world's most valuable company. ... click to read more

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