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CNN Top Stories
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October 15, 2021

The President gave some clues during a Connecticut speech, admitting 'we're not going to get $3.5 trillion'
President Joe Biden laid out areas of potential compromise to his massive 10-year spending plan during a speech on Friday at a childcare center in Connecticut. ... click to read more

Tapper presses Psaki about WH chief of staff's inflation tweet
CNN's Jake Tapper presses White House press secretary Jen Psaki about a tweet from President Joe Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain endorsing the idea that inflation is a "high-class problem." ... click to read more

Manchin and Sinema detail key disagreements over Biden agenda
The two leading Democratic moderates made clear to their colleagues this week that a deal on the party's sweeping economic package is far from secured, raising new questions about the fate of President Joe Biden's first-term agenda, according to sources familiar with the matter. ... click to read more

CNN Poll: Most Democrats favor a bigger bill on social safety net and climate
As congressional Democrats negotiate the size and scope of a budget bill that could significantly remake the social safety net in the United States, a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds 75% of the party's rank-and-file prefer a bill that goes further to expand the social safety net and combat cli... click to read more

Jill Biden makes high-stakes campaign appearances for the first time as first lady
Jill Biden on Friday afternoon will flex her considerable campaigning muscle for the first time as first lady of the United States when she travels to New Jersey and Virginia. ... click to read more

Opinion: For families like mine, the social services in Biden's budget proposal are a choice between life and death
In the fall of 2019, my husband and I had to decide whether we could afford for him to stay alive. ... click to read more

British lawmaker David Amess stabbed to death at constituency meeting
• Essex police confirm arrest of 25-year-old suspect • Stabbing met with shock from lawmakers across Britain's political spectrum ... click to read more

US Capitol Police officer indicted on obstruction of justice charges in connection with January 6
• Analysis: Jan. 6 committee exposes a dark truth in going after Bannon ... click to read more

Police officer attacked by woman carrying a baseball bat near US Capitol
A US Capitol Police officer was attacked on Friday morning by a woman carrying a baseball bat along First Street SW in Washington, Capitol Police said in a statement. ... click to read more

FDA advisers recommend J&J booster shot at least two months after first dose
• LIVE UPDATES: Nearly 14 million people may be eligible for a J&J booster shot soon ... click to read more

'Beautiful woman': Putin accused of mansplaining at event
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of making a sexist remark to a female journalist at an event this week. CNN's Sam Kiley reports. ... click to read more

New CDC data shows the risk of dying from Covid-19 is 11 times higher for unvaccinated adults than for fully vaccinated adults
Throughout August, the risk of dying from Covid-19 was 11 times higher for unvaccinated adults than for fully vaccinated adults in the United States, according to new data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ... click to read more

Watchdog files Hatch Act complaint against Jen Psaki over comments on Virginia governor's race
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a Hatch Act complaint against White House press secretary Jen Psaki, alleging that she appeared to have endorsed Terry McAuliffe during a White House press briefing on Thursday. ... click to read more

Alex Murdaugh waives his extradition hearing, will return to South Carolina to face charges
Alex Murdaugh waived an extradition hearing in Florida on Friday, according to the Orange County Corrections office, and is expected to return to South Carolina to face charges related to the misappropriation of settlement funds in connection with the 2018 death of his family's longtime housekeeper... click to read more

The United States has a reopening date. Here's what travelers need to know
The United States' new international travel policies are just weeks away from going into effect. ... click to read more

CNN reporter asks Sen. Grassley about flip-flop on Trump
CNN's Gary Tuchman talks to longtime Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley about his change in opinion on former President Donald Trump after Grassley accepted an endorsement from him. ... click to read more

Nikolas Cruz intends to plead guilty to Parkland shooting charges, his lawyer says
Nikolas Cruz intends to plead guilty to the charges stemming from the deadly 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, his attorney said Friday in court in Florida. ... click to read more

Biden speaks with Bill Clinton after former President's hospitalization
President Joe Biden will speak with former President Bill Clinton on Friday after Clinton was hospitalized for an infection, the White House said Friday. ... click to read more

How a racist rant in 'The Great Gatsby' explains White identity politics today
White identity politics is arguably the most politically influential form of identity politics in America. In the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon: Extremist Beat," Avlon traces its evolution from slavery to a character in The Great Gatsby to Birtherism with CNN's Sara Sidner and Elle Reeve. ... click to read more

Texas administrator told teachers to include Holocaust books with 'opposing' views
A school district superintendent in North Texas apologized Thursday night after one of the district's administrators told teachers that if they have books about the Holocaust in their classroom libraries, then they should also include books that have "opposing" views of the Holocaust. ... click to read more

Couple finds unlikely guest in airport luggage
Airport security found a Texas couple's pet chihuahua stowed away in a boot inside their luggage before they left for a Las Vegas vacation. ... click to read more

Man injured in Kenosha protests shooting sues city, county and law enforcement
Gaige Grosskreutz, the sole survivor of the Kenosha protests shootings, is suing the City of Kenosha, Kenosha County and many of its officers, alleging "Kenosha law enforcement officers and white nationalist militia persons discussed and coordinated strategy" that led to the shooting that injured h... click to read more

Michael Myers and Universal are 'finding the customer where they are'
This weekend, millions of people will head to a movie theater to watch a film about an escaped inmate wearing a washed out William Shatner mask, who terrorizes a small Illinois town with a giant butcher knife. ... click to read more

Watch Billie Eilish punch late-night host
Pop star Billie Eilish visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and checked off some items from a bucket list she wrote when she was 12. ... click to read more

Adele's best songs for every mood
We know it seems like most of Adele's music is about heartbreak, but that's just because she does it so well. ... click to read more

Actress says she suffers panic attacks from alleged Cosby assault
Actress Lili Bernard and her lawyers, Jordan Merson and Jordan Rutsky, discusses her lawsuit against Bill Cosby alleging he drugged and raped her in Atlantic City in or around August 1990. ... click to read more

$80M superyacht concept has a 'gaping hole'
Previous offerings include a yacht in the form of a swan and another devised to resemble a shark, but Lazzarini Design Studio's latest superyacht concept may be one of its most daring yet. ... click to read more

TV OT: Joe Goldberg v. Dexter Morgan: Sizing up TV's serial killer kings. Plus, a critic's conundrum
A strike is looming but the work on TV OT continues. Here's this week's column: ... click to read more

Opinion: Why we need an 'I May Destroy You' standard on stealthing
Last week, California passed a law that makes stealthing, or non-consensual condom removal during intercourse, a civil offense. In doing so, they've officially moved this act out of a gray area: Stealthing is illegal, full stop. The state joins several countries, including the United Kingdom, Germa... click to read more

A look at China's unsold 'ghost towns,' which could house the population of Germany
Evergrande's unraveling is still commanding global attention, but its troubles are part of a much bigger problem. ... click to read more

China sends warning to US in new video
Tensions are high between between Taiwan and mainland China as state media shows Beijing training for an invasion in a new propaganda video. ... click to read more

China launches 6-month crewed mission as it cements position as global space power
China will launch a three-person crew into space in the early hours of Saturday -- a major step for the country's young space program, which is rapidly becoming one of the world's most advanced. ... click to read more

Analysis: China's new space station gets its first female astronaut
The first woman assigned to work on China's new space station will be aboard when the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft blasts off early Saturday local time, in what's set to be a landmark moment for female astronauts and the country's rapidly expanding space program. ... click to read more

Are the Taiwanese worried about a Chinese invasion?
China has stepped up pressure on Taiwan in recent weeks, flying dozens of warplanes near the self-ruled island in a show of strength that has put the entire region on edge. ... click to read more

PODCAST: Dr. Gupta shares science-backed tips for better decision making
... click to read more

Elizabeth Warren says Amazon is 'like a monster' that must be fed every minute
Senator Elizabeth Warren is accelerating her push to break up Amazon, arguing that the $1.7 trillion company is simply too powerful. ... click to read more

The Dow's top stock of 2021 continues to impress
Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs reported earnings that easily topped analysts' expectations, capping a stellar week of bank results and helping to power the broader market to solid gains Friday. ... click to read more

Virgin Galactic stock craters after commercial flights are delayed
Virgin Galactic has pushed back the start of full commercial service to the fourth quarter of next year, sending shares in the space tourism company founded by billionaire Richard Branson down sharply. ... click to read more

Adele's new single, 'Easy On Me,' has finally dropped. So what's the verdict?
The moment Adele fans have been waiting for has finally arrived -- the singer has released her first music in six years, dropping the single "Easy On Me" on Friday. ... click to read more

Meet the 63-year-old college athlete with a killer golf swing
Debbie Blount is, for the most part, your average college undergrad, trying to make it through the semester amid piles of homework and a packed after-school schedule. ... click to read more

World's newest national airline is revealed
They've long dominated the food and fashion worlds, this year they've dominated sports, and now they're aiming for the skies. ... click to read more

Actor's impersonation of Robin Williams leaves fans wanting whole film
Actor Jamie Costa is making waves online after posting a video to his YouTube channel, showing a scene featuring himself as Williams and Sarah Murphree as Pam Dawber on the set of "Mork & Mindy." ... click to read more

This world-famous restaurant ditched meat, but it's still charging $335 a person. Will people pay?
There was a moment last year, as Covid-19 brought the entire planet to a standstill, when the chef and owner of one of the world's most renowned and expensive restaurants thought he might lose everything. ... click to read more

Bitcoin tops $60,000 as investors bet on ETF approval
Bitcoin prices continued their October surge on Friday, topping $60,000 on hopes that the Securities and Exchange Commission will soon approve a bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund. ... click to read more

The glitzy electric Mercedes EQS could be the most important Mercedes in decades
The all-electric Mercedes EQS may well be one of the most important cars in company's history. And that's saying a lot, because that's a whole bunch of history. ... click to read more

Our favorite smokeless fire pit is on sale for a limited time
... click to read more

Nordstrom's 2021 holiday guide is live: Here are 24 items you should buy
... click to read more

Advent calendars sell out quickly: Here are 34 that will make December so much merrier
... click to read more

Shop the best picks from the Bed Bath & Beyond 50th Anniversary Sale
... click to read more

We tested 6 smart garage door controllers: This $30 option won us over
... click to read more

We cooked 48 meals to find the best nonstick pans. Here are our favorites
... click to read more

Apple Watch Series 7 review: Is the bigger display worth it?
... click to read more

Can a VR headset help you stay calm? Here's what we think of the HTC Vive Flow
... click to read more

24 REI essentials you need this fall
... click to read more

The best sales to shop this weekend: Columbia, Ancestry, Reebok and more
... click to read more

We tried more than a dozen pairs of leggings: Lululemon's were the best
... click to read more

Start planning your dream vacation with the best travel credit cards of 2021
... click to read more

Trump is sabotaging himself
There Donald Trump goes again. Abandoning the path to possible victory just to prove a point. ... click to read more

Why Democrats are nervous about Virginia
Democrats are anxiously following the gubernatorial race in Virginia. ... click to read more

60 years ago, we saw the face of evil
Sixty years ago, the world saw the face of evil. ... click to read more

Ivanka almost landed one of the world's biggest jobs
She has his last name, for goodness sake. She sat in his chair at his first G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. No doubt the picture pleased him, his daughter smack between British Prime Minister Theresa May and China's President Xi Jinping. In fact, she has warmed lots of important chairs without in... click to read more

Parental control is a smoke screen for right-wing activists
School drop-off used to be a happy occasion, a time for children to reunite with their friends and parents and caregivers to socialize. For a growing number of Americans, that's no longer the case. ... click to read more

Dave Chappelle's bogus 'cancel culture' claim
Dave Chappelle apparently has an unusual obsession with the LGBTQ community. ... click to read more

Alabama's shocking use of Covid relief funds
Nearly 60 years after Alabama stood in the national spotlight for its resistance in ending racial segregation in American schools, the state's current governor, Kay Ivey, signed into law earlier this month a string of bills that will use coronavirus relief funds to build new prisons. ... click to read more

The Handoff: Dave Chappelle, comedy and commentary
... click to read more

Harry Enten: Why more Americans are choosing cremation
... click to read more

Clarissa Ward shares stories of resistance from around the world
... click to read more

Recalculate Your House Payment in Minutes
... click to read more

These are the Best Credit Cards of 2021
... click to read more

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