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CNN Top Stories
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April 10, 2021

Experts weigh in on the risks of air travel and extra precautions people should consider before boarding a plane
Would-be travelers are crooning a new theme song: "Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away." ... click to read more

Dr. Fauci weighs in on the risk of flying
Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why he considers flying a low-risk activity at the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic, but emphasizes that the risk could be even lower if more travelers get vaccinated. ... click to read more

Now that you're vaccinated, can you go to church? What you should know
If you're wondering how to get back to in-person religious services, CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen recommends thinking about it like your finances. ... click to read more

Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks into the origins of vaccine hesitancy
CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses new polls on overall vaccinations against Covid-19 in the US and the origins of vaccine hesitancy. ... click to read more

How to quarantine your child exposed to Covid-19 at school
Ping! It's the email you've been dreading -- your child may have been exposed to Covid-19 at school. How are you to cope with the next two weeks of quarantine and the fear that your child -- or another member of the family -- may fall ill? ... click to read more

Opinion: The danger of a giant Covid belly flop
As more and more vaccinations are administered in the US, the Covid-19 story, which once was nothing more than a tale of enormous tragedy, now has a new plotline: how best to return to normal. A key element of this latter story arc is the poorly understood concept of "herd immunity." ... click to read more

Nearly 40% of Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine
Nearly 40% of US Marines are declining Covid-19 vaccinations, according to data provided to CNN on Friday by the service, the first branch to disclose service-wide numbers on acceptance and declination. ... click to read more

Donors gather to hear Trump in Palm Beach, the GOP's 'new political power center'
• Opinion: Is New York ready for a pro-Trump governor? • 'That is obviously false': CNN reporter on Trump supporter's attempt to rewrite history ... click to read more

Prince Philip's gaffes complicate his legacy
• Prince Harry will attend Prince Philip's funeral but Meghan was told by her doctor not to travel • Prince Charles pays tribute to his father ... click to read more

Third explosion reported at volcano in St. Vincent
The La Soufrière volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted a third time on Friday, according to officials. ... click to read more

Sixth victim dies days after mass shooting in South Carolina, coroner says
The sixth victim of a shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina, earlier this week has died, the York County coroner announced Saturday. ... click to read more

UN is 'very concerned' about Princess Latifa's situation and still waiting for 'proof of life'
The United Arab Emirates has not proven that Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum, the missing daughter of Dubai's ruler, is alive, the United Nations has said. ... click to read more

Levi's CEO has a message for McConnell
President and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, weighs in on Georgia's new voting law and tells CNN's Poppy Harlow what the company is doing to ensure "fair and equal access to the polls." ... click to read more

Police and volunteers search for LSU student who has been missing for days
Police and volunteers are searching for a Louisiana State University freshman who has been missing since Tuesday, the school said. ... click to read more

'Troubling': Ex-Harris County clerk reacts to leaked recording of Texas GOP official
Voting advocates leaked video from a presentation given by a Harris County GOP official, who talks about recruiting an "army" of poll watchers in mostly minority areas of Houston. ... click to read more

I-75 bridge is a reminder of the hurdle Biden faces as infrastructure negotiations begin
The Brent Spence Bridge, which spans the Ohio River, has long been a political football and a symbol of government dysfunction. ... click to read more

New York man arrested after alleged involvement in three anti-Asian hate crime incidents within a month
A Brooklyn, New York, resident was charged earlier this week with a series of hate crimes in connection with three violent incidents against Asian New Yorkers within a month, according to the New York Police Department. ... click to read more

Harry Reid reacts to colorful anecdote in John Boehner's book
Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) talks to CNN's Jim Acosta about how the current Republican Party compares to the one he worked with during his time in Congress. ... click to read more

Golfer has unfortunate slip at the Masters after removing shoes and socks for shot in water
The Masters is normally associated with its pristine course, the perfect foliage and the immaculate outfits. ... click to read more

The United Arab Emirates has announced its first female astronaut
A woman has made history in the United Arab Emirates as the country's first female astronaut. ... click to read more

The 'Rain Man' of golf who amazed even the greats of the game
Dubbed golf's "Rain Man," Moe Norman didn't fit into the sport's traditional mold. Norman was known for his funky clothing, eccentric personality and highly distinctive swing which even the greats of the game admired. ... click to read more

South Korea's dangerous ghost doctors are putting plastic surgery patients' lives at risk
One Friday night, Kwon Tae-hoon received a call. ... click to read more

This 'Lord of the Rings' adaptation is barely recognizable
Russia's Channel Five digitized and posted a 1991 adaptation of "The Fellowship of the Ring" that already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. ... click to read more

Gulf Coast in for severe weather
A Louisiana man died Friday night after strong winds knocked a tree into his mobile home, authorities say, as severe weather along the northern Gulf Coast puts nearly 65 million people at risk.  ... click to read more

Watch a huge waterspout loom over Panama City Beach
The massive tornado funnel cloud was spotted tumbling over the Gulf of Mexico. ... click to read more

Inside the case that bankrupt the Klan
At first, Cecelia Perry thought she knew what happened to her younger brother when he failed to return from a late-night trip to a service station on March 20, 1981. ... click to read more

'The People v. The Klan': Viewer's guide
Forty years ago, on the night of March 20, 1981, Michael Donald left his sister's home in Mobile, Alabama, to pick up a pack of cigarettes from a nearby service station. ... click to read more

America's legacy of lynching isn't all history. Many say it's still happening today
When Heather Coggins saw George Floyd cry out, "Mama!" as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck, she thought of her uncle. ... click to read more

Watch the new CNN Original Series Sunday at 9p
"The People v. The Klan," produced by Blumhouse Television, will make its debut on Sunday, April 11 with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET/PT. ... click to read more

World's largest freshwater lake is under threat
... click to read more

Opinion: Biden's infrastructure plan would reduce our reliance on cars
The infrastructure of the United States is built for cars. The impulse to build around cars is hard-wired into almost all our funding formulas, institutional norms and culture. ... click to read more

Our video streaming habits impact the planet. Here's how
Watching Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube have exploded during the pandemic. But streaming video has a growing and significant environmental impact that goes far beyond your tv or phone. ... click to read more

These lifelike dolls are helping women heal
... click to read more

BJ's Wholesale Club CEO dies unexpectedly at 49
Lee Delaney, CEO of BJ's Wholesale Club, died unexpectedly on Thursday. He was 49. ... click to read more

See how CNN anchor prepared to welcome her co-host to New York
After his almost nine years anchoring CNN's "New Day Weekend," Victor Blackwell receives some advice from his new co-anchor, Alisyn Camerota, before the pair moves to their new roles covering weekday afternoons. ... click to read more

Female truckers have become TikTok influencers, and they're changing the transportation game
Before Clarissa Rankin goes out on a job, a few things need to be in order. First up, a morning meditation. ("Dealing in transportation, you have to be calm to be a great driver," she says.) Then, she heads to the yard to hitch up Sparkle, her 2019 Freightliner Cascadia. Sparkle's a big girl: With ... click to read more

Inside the cottage industry popping up around SpaceX
For a few hours one recent Saturday, Jack Beyer stood on the roof of his Land Rover, watching as SpaceX employees toiled under a 160-foot-tall silver rocket prototype that towered like an otherworldly visitor over the otherwise barren landscape. ... click to read more

Bitcoin's popularity could be terrible for the environment
Bitcoin's soaring popularity could have a long-lasting negative effect on the environment. ... click to read more

Starbucks' experimental new cup costs extra, but it's worth it
Starbucks is launching an experimental "borrow a cup" program at select locations in its hometown, Seattle. ... click to read more

We tested 10 single-serve coffee makers: These 3 won us over
... click to read more

The best sales to shop this weekend: Casper, Sephora and more
... click to read more

20 Amazon products our readers loved in March
... click to read more

34 Asian-owned brands you'll wish you'd known about sooner
... click to read more

It's 2021, you should own a printer: This is our favorite
... click to read more

26 of the coolest home essentials at Amazon under $100
... click to read more

TripAdvisor's top 25 all-inclusive resorts for your post-Covid trip
... click to read more

Is a password manager worth it? Absolutely. Here's the best one
... click to read more

Grandmillennial is the latest decor trend: Here's what to know
... click to read more

Shop these beauty buys at Sephora's Spring Savings Event
... click to read more

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card now has a record-high bonus
... click to read more

Rewards members: Score an extra 30% off with this Kohl's coupon
... click to read more

What's really behind the GOP's attacks on transgender athletes
You've surely read about girls' sports recently. State legislators across the country have introduced dozens of bills that would bar transgender girls from competing in girls' sports, based on the misguided concern that their participation would somehow hurt their cisgender teammates and competitor... click to read more

Jill Biden is rocking a new look for first ladies
First lady Dr. Jill Biden stepped off a plane last week in a short black leather skirt, black patterned tights (floral fishnets, InStyle called them) and black stiletto booties. Cue the uproar. Some on Twitter deemed her ensemble -- often in quite unkind terms -- more appropriate for a woman half ... click to read more

Tucker Carlson and the GOP's new lies
"Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening," President Donald Trump told veterans in 2018, referring to the media's criticisms of his administration. It was one of more than 30,000 documented falsehoods told by the then-President, the biggest being the Big ... click to read more

Chauvin's defense team has slender reed to cling to
As dramatic as the evidence has been in the ongoing trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd, the case could ultimately come down to cold, hard science. Whil... click to read more

Prince Philip was flawed. He was also family
In 2016, Queen Elizabeth II turned 90. Devoted subjects crowded outside Buckingham Palace to cheer. One told a newspaper that they'd come to celebrate "the mother of the nation." ... click to read more

The problem with Joe Manchin
President Joe Biden has a Sen. Joe Manchin problem. Following the passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the Democrat from West Virginia is starting to exert more of his legislative muscle. As Biden attempts to move forward with his ambitious infrastructure package, Manchin is threateni... click to read more

Politically Sound: What Schoolhouse Rock didn't teach you
... click to read more

Political Briefing: The politics of cancel culture
... click to read more

Axe Files: Former MLB commissioner Bud Selig
... click to read more

The Point: Why Thursday explains America's gun debate
... click to read more

The easiest way to supervise your kids online
... click to read more

50% Off - Sonoma Valley: Wine & Relaxation Await
... click to read more

2 minutes could save over $40K on your refi
... click to read more

CNN showed a Myanmar military spokesman evidence of soldiers shooting children. This is what he said
"This is not a coup," said Maj. Gen. Zaw Min Tun from a gilded hall in Myanmar's purpose-built capital Naypyidaw, the city where his comrades recently ousted an elected government, detained the country's leadership, and installed a military junta. ... click to read more

What's behind the recent violence in Northern Ireland?
For over a week, riots have marred the streets across five cities and towns in Northern Ireland. Cars and a bus have been hijacked and burned, young people have thrown petrol bombs at police, and at least 74 officers have been injured. ... click to read more

Why did thousands of Brazilian politicians change their race?
Last year, more than 43,400 politicians in Brazil declared themselves to be a different race than in previous election years. ... click to read more

Tributes to Prince Philip pour in from around the world
World leaders, politicians and celebrities have sent their condolences after the announcement of Prince Philip's death. ... click to read more

Scientists will study brain of former NFL player who police say killed five people then took his own life
The brain of a former NFL player who police said shot and killed five people before taking his own life will be studied by researchers at Boston University, officials said Friday. ... click to read more

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