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CNN Top Stories
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September 30, 2020

Some believe the President crashed and burned in the first debate. One adviser called it 'a disaster.'
6 takeaways | Watch the full debate | Opinion: Who won? ... click to read more

Trump says he doesn't know far-right group he name-checked at debate
When asked about his remarks during the first 2020 presidential debate telling right-wing extremist group the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by," President Donald Trump claimed he didn't know the group. CNN's Kate Bolduan and Kaitlan Collins break down the President's comments. ... click to read more

Debate commission says it will change format to 'ensure a more orderly discussion'
The Commission on Presidential Debates said Wednesday it would be making changes to the format of the remaining presidential debates after the first debate between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump devolved into a chaotic disaster the night before. ... click to read more

Analysis: Changing debate rules won't solve the real problem
In the wake of the single worst debate in modern American politics, the Commission on Presidential Debates is pledging to make some changes. ... click to read more

'Sh*tshow': See Bash and Tapper's blunt reaction to debate
• Kamala Harris reacts to chaotic debate ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump just couldn't say it. Still, he said so much.
President Donald Trump likes to make the false assertion that, perhaps save for Abraham Lincoln, "nobody has ever done for the Black community" what Trump has done. But what he said -- or rather, what he didn't say -- during the first 2020 presidential debate on Tuesday illustrated anew just how re... click to read more

Trump's debate antics were front of mind with undecided voters
President Donald Trump took four years of personal venom and outright lies and stuffed it all into 90 minutes of chaotic sparring with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night -- a performance that, for all its sound and fury, even his allies said afterward was unlikely to change the dynami... click to read more

Trump's shocking moment of the first debate that you probably missed
• Fact-checking the first presidential debate • Live Updates: Trump again refuses to explicitly condemn White supremacists ... click to read more

Van Jones describes the debate moment that upset him
• Kamala Harris reacts to chaotic debate • Analysis: Why it's impossible to believe Trump misspoke about the Proud Boys ... click to read more

Biden lights up Twitter after using 'inshallah' in response to Trump
During one of the more charged moments of the chaotic US presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden dropped a phrase from everyday Muslim and Arab vocabulary and lit up the internet. ... click to read more

AG given until Friday to release grand jury recordings in Breonna Taylor case
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has asked for a one-week delay in the release of the grand jury recordings in the Breonna Taylor case. ... click to read more

Stephen Colbert: Watching that debate sterilized me
Late-night hosts mocked the chaotic first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and democratic rival Joe Biden. ... click to read more

The police officer who fatally shot Breonna Taylor is crowdfunding money to retire
The Louisville police officer who fatally shot Breonna Taylor is currently raising money to fund his retirement. ... click to read more

Pelosi announces Democrats will vote on $2.2 trillion stimulus, but talks continue
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats will press ahead with a vote Wednesday night on their own $2.2 trillion stimulus proposal, a sign that a bipartisan deal still has yet to be struck to deliver further pandemic relief. ... click to read more

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren drop out of The New Yorker Festival in solidarity with magazine's union
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Elizabeth Warren will no longer participate in The New Yorker Festival in an act of solidarity with the magazine's staff union. ... click to read more

Undecided voters weigh in on debate
Undecided voters in Ohio share their thoughts on the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. ... click to read more

'Fox & Friends' attempts to coach Trump after his disastrous debate performance
"Fox & Friends," the Fox News morning program that has never been subtle about its support for President Donald Trump, played the role of debate coach Wednesday morning following the President's widely-panned performance at his first face-off with Democratic nominee Joe Biden. ... click to read more

Avlon: What Trump said sounds like a call for voter intimidation
CNN's John Avlon breaks down President Donald Trump's comments during the first presidential debate where Trump again cast doubts on the legitimacy of the upcoming election. ... click to read more

Police say man made up story about being an ISIS executioner
The details were gory and vivid, the emotion was raw, but Canadian police say 25-year-old Shehroze Chaudhry lied about being a foreign fighter for ISIS and in so doing, perpetrated a terrorist "hoax." ... click to read more

Opinion: Biden did the one thing he had to do to win the debate
History will record that Joe Biden won Tuesday night's debate by demonstrating one important thing: he is not senile. ... click to read more

Disinfecting the Texas water supply from a brain-eating amoeba could take months, officials say
Texas officials said that it could take months to disinfect the brain-eating amoeba contaminated water that claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy. ... click to read more

Tractor runs over and kills woman sleeping on California beach
A woman sleeping on a beach in Oceanside, California, has died after being run over by a piece of construction equipment, police told CNN. ... click to read more

'Glee' star takes helm of game show reboot
A rebooted version of the trivia game show "Weakest Link" made its debut with "Glee" actress Jane Lynch as host. ... click to read more

Walmart is redesigning its stores. This is what they'll look like
Walmart is giving its massive stores a makeover, with a redesign that mimics its app so shoppers can more easily find what they're looking for. ... click to read more

Drew Barrymore kept this 'E.T.' prop
The iconic 1982 film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" made Drew Barrymore a famous child actress and she has passed on a piece of history from the movie to her children. ... click to read more

Jet suit can fly up mountains at 85 mph
An ambulance service in the UK's Lake District has tested a new jet suit that could help "save lives," according to the paramedics. ... click to read more

The first known person to be cured of HIV has died of cancer
After a five-month battle with leukemia, the first known person to be cured of HIV has died of cancer, according to the International AIDS Society. ... click to read more

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée are going to be parents soon
Patrick Mahomes will soon be a dad. ... click to read more

Beachgoers scramble from tornado
An EF-0 tornado with 75-mph winds sent beachgoers scrambling in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. ... click to read more

There is no getting 'back to normal,' experts say
As 2020 slides into and probably infects 2021, try to take heart in one discomfiting fact: Things are most likely never going "back to normal." ... click to read more

Coronavirus task force continues to urge mask usage in states without mandates
... click to read more

The pandemic could push an alarming number of women out of the workforce
First the good news: There are more women in senior-level positions across corporate America. ... click to read more

Airlines prepare for tens of thousands of job cuts unless 11th hour bailout is reached
Tens of thousands of good-paying airline jobs could be lost as soon as Thursday, as a federal prohibition on jobs cuts in the industry is set to expire. But hopes still remain for an 11th hour deal to avoid the cuts. ... click to read more

As Covid-19 rates tick up in much of country, some communities loosen restrictions
Communities across the US are loosening restrictions meant to curb the spread of Covid-19 ahead of a fall and winter season experts warn could be especially challenging. ... click to read more

'I am woman' singer Helen Reddy has died
Helen Reddy, singer of the 70's feminist anthem "I Am Woman," died Tuesday, according to a statement on her Facebook fan page. She was 78. ... click to read more

Photos: People we've lost in 2020
A look back at notable people who have died in 2020. ... click to read more

Mac Davis, Elvis songwriter and country star, dead at 78
Legendary country singer and songwriter Mac Davis has died at the age of 78. ... click to read more

Legendary journalist Sir Harold Evans dies at 92
Sir Harold Evans, the legendary British-American newspaper editor and publisher, has died at the age of 92, his employer Reuters confirmed Thursday. ... click to read more

The world from above: This year's Drone Photo Awards
Animals, landscapes, protests and empty streets, all caught by photographers from hundreds of feet above, have been highlighted by judges of the 2020 Drone Photo Awards. ... click to read more

Photos reveal melancholy and mystery in small-town America
Gregory Crewdson is a creature of habit. "I try to do almost the exact same thing each day," he said from his home in Becket, Massachusetts, explaining that his routine is structured down to the food he eats. Each morning, the photographer wakes up early to travel to a picturesque and remote pond i... click to read more

Watch what happened when CNN went to Proud Boys rally
CNN's Elle Reeve spent time with the Proud Boys, a far-right group, during a rally in Portland, Oregon. Hear what they have to say about their beliefs and reputation of being violent. ... click to read more

Shop these small businesses on Amazon and get $10 for Prime Day
Amazon Prime Day (well, days) is coming up on October 13 and 14, and many of us are already making our lists of what we're going to shop from Amazon's huge inventory — after all, it's a great time to score a deal on a big investment purchase (TV? Mattress?) or knock a few items off the holiday shop... click to read more

Joe Biden said the economic recovery is 'K-shaped.' Here's what that means
The American economy is recovering. That's not up for debate. ... click to read more

The collapse of global air travel could wipe out 46 million jobs
The collapse in aviation caused by the coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 46 million jobs worldwide, according to new research that highlights just how damaging a prolonged downturn in air travel and tourism is for the global economy. ... click to read more

Thinking of relocating? Read this first
Editor's Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN's Work Transformed newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free, here. ... click to read more

Biden's secret body language weapon
The fact that Tuesday night's debate in Cleveland was more of a crash than a clash will no doubt dominate the media coverage and people's memory of the event. No matter how much we would like to wipe the image of that disgraceful spectacle from our consciousness, the indelible stain of a President ... click to read more

Debate coach: Why this debate went terribly wrong
That was the worst debate in the history of presidential debating. And I'm including primary debates. Nothing else comes close. ... click to read more

Who won the first presidential debate?
CNN Opinion asked contributors for their takes on how Donald Trump and Joe Biden did in the first presidential debate. The views expressed in this commentary are their own. ... click to read more

Young evangelicals are defying their elders' politics
Much of the American West is on fire, Atlantic hurricanes have exhausted the alphabet two months early, and along the way climate change has once again muscled its way back into the national conversation. ... click to read more

My grandma taught me how to say goodbye
My grandmother, Han Fong Hwu, died on Mother's Day. ... click to read more

Today's Electoral College not like Founders' vision
Every four years Americans are reminded of an institution that is controversial, poorly understood, and yet responsible for selecting the country's only nationally elected officials -- the Electoral College. Controversy over the body has only grown as two of the last five US presidential elections ... click to read more

NYC's rising cases are a warning
Unless we act now, the US could be in for a long, hard, deadly winter. ... click to read more

Debate quickly devolves into disgrace without strong moderation
"If you want to switch seats," moderator Chris Wallace said to President Trump at the 65 minute mark of Tuesday night's debate, "we can do that." ... click to read more

Daniel Dale fact checks key moments from the 1st presidential debate
CNN's Daniel Dale fact checks key moments from the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. See more CNN Facts First fact checks here. ... click to read more

CNN Voter Guide: All the info you need to make your voice heard
... click to read more

Facts First: Search our database
... click to read more

Road to 270: Predict your own electoral map
... click to read more

Understanding mail-in voting in the US
... click to read more

Save up to 40% - Hotel Stays in Myrtle Beach
... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.40% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2022
... click to read more

Greenland is seeing unprecedented melting. A new study shows it could get much worse
We've known for some time now that Greenland's ice sheet is melting at an alarming rate. ... click to read more

Brazil's Bolsonaro rejects Biden's offer of $20 billion to protect the Amazon
Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has slammed US presidential candidate Joe Biden for his remarks about the Amazon rainforest during Tuesday's presidential debate, saying it was "difficult to understand such a disastrous and unnecessary declaration." ... click to read more

Theme park operators fined for deadly malfunction
The operator of Australia's Dreamworld theme park has been fined 3.6 million Australian dollars ($2.5m) for a 2016 malfunction on one of its rides that killed four people. ... click to read more

Indian woman from Dalit community dies after alleged gang-rape
A 19-year-old woman from the Dalit community in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh died Tuesday, two weeks after she was allegedly gang-raped and strangled by upper caste men, local authorities said. ... click to read more

Parrots in wildlife park moved for cursing people
Five parrots have been removed from public view at a British wildlife park after they started swearing at customers. ... click to read more

Some of the most frequently banned books feature LGBTQ stories, library association says
Some school libraries ban books because characters use witchcraft. Others do because of profanity or sexual content, or because of uncomfortable themes like racism. ... click to read more

The death toll in ICE custody is the highest it's been in 15 years
The number of deaths in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody grew dramatically this year. ... click to read more

Man accused of driving into protesters is arrested over firearms and 'training camp' at family vineyard
A California man who allegedly drove his truck into a peaceful protest was arrested and charged with a federal crime. ... click to read more

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