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CNN Top Stories
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October 21, 2019

Many members of the President's Cabinet have been mentioned in the impeachment inquiry. Here's where five members stand.
... click to read more

Analysis: Trump seeks to head off Republican fury
Donald Trump is under severe pressure after a disastrous run which saw his impeachment defense shredded by current and ex-officials and, most stunningly, by his own acting White House chief of staff. ... click to read more

Trump calls on Schiff to be censured
... click to read more

Rick Perry isn't at today's cabinet meeting
... click to read more

Cupp: This 1 issue could undo Trump
SE Cupp says President Donald Trump's Syria policy is one of the only issues that has prompted swift criticism from the Republican party, and argues it may be the one issue that could put his presidency in danger. ... click to read more

Lindsey Graham does not rule out the possibility of Trump impeachment if new evidence emerges
In another sign of the dangerous predicament facing President Donald Trump, his longtime ally Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said in an interview that aired Sunday night that he could not rule out the possibility of impeachment if new evidence emerges. ... click to read more

Analysis: Mick Mulvaney's deeply cringey defense of his quid pro quo comments
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is flailing these days as he tries to appease his boss -- and keep his job -- with a series of less-than-impressive TV interviews. ... click to read more

Cooper: Trump does this when he's blocked on something
CNN's Anderson Cooper breaks down President Donald Trump's response after the Supreme Court ruled a citizenship question could not be included on the 2020 census. ... click to read more

Romney says he's secretly behind 'Pierre Delecto' Twitter account
Sen. Mitt Romney says he has been secretly using a Twitter account apparently intended to monitor political discussions on social media and to defend himself. ... click to read more

Analysis: What 'Pierre Delecto' tells us about the current Republican Party
These three things are amazing beyond words: ... click to read more

Canada's election today will be a cliffhanger
Nasty. It is not a word associated much with Canada -- except perhaps with the winters here. But during this election campaign, nastiness has been one of the only unifying themes, as parties trade insults and dig up scandals from coast to coast to coast. ... click to read more

Opinion: Why Democrats face an uphill battle against Trump
While the latest head-to-head polls show President Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, translating those polls into votes for the Democratic nominee next fall won't be easy. ... click to read more

Tapper to Buttigieg: Why aren't Democrats standing up for Gabbard?
CNN's Jake Tapper asked Democratic presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg to weigh in on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggesting that Russians are 'grooming' fellow 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard for a third-party run. ... click to read more

UK Parliament speaker refuses new Brexit vote
... click to read more

See civilians throw vegetables at troops
Kurdish civilians show their frustration toward US by chucking potatoes at military convey, as troops exit Syria and head to Iraq. ... click to read more

US vehicles pelted with rotten potatoes and tomatoes while leaving Syria
Hundreds of trucks carrying American troops have crossed into Iraq in a long military convoy Monday, marking the largest withdrawal of US forces from Syria to date. ... click to read more

Man in MAGA hat sprays Trump protesters with bear repellant
A man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat blasted anti-Trump protesters on Santa Monica Pier with bear repellent. ... click to read more

Dad stops funeral of woman shot by officer in her own home
A Texas judge Monday will hear arguments from the father of Atatiana Jefferson, who convinced a court to stop his daughter's weekend funeral so that he could be included in the arrangements. ... click to read more

A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says
A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, the military academy said after military, federal, state and local agencies conducted extensive searches to locate the man. ... click to read more

Felicity Huffman photographed in prison
• Official: Some who pleaded not guilty in college scandal may face more charges ... click to read more

Four killed in riot over offensive Facebook post
Four people were killed Sunday when Bangladesh police fired on a crowd after clashes erupted over a Facebook post that angered Muslims. ... click to read more

Victim was urinated on while racial slurs were hurled at them, police say
Two New Jersey teenagers face multiple charges after someone was urinated on and racial slurs were used at a high school football game, police said. ... click to read more

Missing girl seen following man in surveillance video
Police have released surveillance video in which a man is seen approaching missing Alabama 3-year-old Kamille McKinney while she played outside her family's housing complex on the night she disappeared. ... click to read more

4 pharmaceutical companies accused in the opioid epidemic reach a $235 million settlement just before trial
Four defendants accused in thousands of lawsuits over the opioid epidemic reached a settlement Monday, averting a high-profile trial that was just hours away from starting. ... click to read more

There are more wealthy Chinese than Americans for the first time
For the first time, there are more rich Chinese than Americans in the top 10%. ... click to read more

Death toll in Chile protests rises to 11
At least 11 people have died in Chile, according to the mayor of capital city Santiago, as protests and violence in the country continued. ... click to read more

Jennifer Lawrence ties the knot
Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney have officially tied the knot. ... click to read more

2 cranes toppled at Hard Rock Hotel
After two cranes at the partially collapsed Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans were toppled, crews can begin searching for two bodies that remain in the debris, city officials say. CNN affiliate WVUE reports. ... click to read more

4 parents in college admissions scam flip to guilty plea as some may face more charges
Four parents who initially fought charges in the college admissions scam have agreed to plead guilty over the past few days, according to the US Attorney's Office in the District of Massachusetts. ... click to read more

Powerful tornado leaves more than 100,000 without power in Dallas
A tornado that touched down in northern Dallas left more than 100,000 without power, as the severe storm system lashes parts of the Great Plains. ... click to read more

Kim and Kanye West renew vows
No more babies for Kim and Kanye West. ... click to read more

A driver is rescued alive after his car is impaled by logs from a truck
A Georgia driver made it out alive after he rear-ended a log truck, and his car was impaled by logs from the front windshield to the back window. ... click to read more

Mysterious move strips elites of penthouse views
North Korea has blocked windows in several high-rise buildings in Pyongyang in what experts believe is an attempt to crack down on spying. CNN's Brian Todd reports. ... click to read more

How authorities caught a 23-year-old running a global child exploitation site from his home
For almost three years, "Welcome To Video" was a covert den for people who traded in clips of children being sexually assaulted. ... click to read more

Shay Mitchell gives birth to first child
Shay Mitchell is now a pretty little mama. ... click to read more

Family makes a bloody discovery in basement
An Iowa family is left in shock and forced to evacuate their home, after discovering blood from a neighboring slaughterhouse seeping into their basement. ... click to read more

The Tulsa race massacre in the 'Watchmen' premiere was real. Here's what happened
When the police shooting of unarmed father Terence Crutcher happened on September 16, 2016, in Tulsa, the city's reaction was furious -- but peaceful. ... click to read more

'Daybreak' and 'Looking for Alaska' unleash streaming teen troubles
Every demographic gets its own slice of the streaming pie, but teenagers remain one of the highest-profile niches. Enter a pair of series devoted to teen troubles, Hulu's "Looking for Alaska," adapted from a young-adult novel; and Netflix's "Daybreak," a strange construct set in a post-apocalyptic ... click to read more

Five Disney fans could get $1,000 for binge-watching movies
Calling Disney fans — some of you could earn $1,000 by binge-watching your favorite movies. ... click to read more

Disney's streaming service will cost this much
Disney announced that its new streaming bundle will cost consumers $12.99 monthly. CNN's Paul La Monica reports. ... click to read more

How Netflix led the way on abortion rights in Hollywood
We're all familiar with Hollywood and Bollywood — but what about Y'allywood? While Atlanta's moniker might not be as well known, it's not for lack of trying. ... click to read more

Harry acknowledges tensions with brother William for the first time
Britain's Prince Harry has acknowledged tensions with his older brother Prince William for the first time, saying they are on "different paths." ... click to read more

5 new things we learned from Harry and Meghan's revealing documentary
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed just how difficult life in the spotlight can be in an emotional documentary broadcast in the UK on Sunday. ... click to read more

Prince Harry gets emotional during speech
The Duke of Sussex teared up as he recounted his wife Duchess Meghan's pregnancy and the birth of the couple's first child, Archie. ... click to read more

A girls soccer team was penalized for their 'equal pay' shirts
When a girl's high school varsity soccer team in Vermont played a game wearing matching shirts emblazoned with a bold message hidden under their jerseys, they fully expected to be heard. ... click to read more

Oprah surprises fan with a new phone after seeing this
Oprah Winfrey cracked a joke about a fan's phone when he asked for a selfie during her visit to Morehouse College in Atlanta, but she later surprised him with a new phone. ... click to read more

The largest indoor theme park in North America opens this week
All your favorite Nickelodeon characters are coming to New Jersey. ... click to read more

What a shot! 28 amazing sports photos
Take a look at 28 amazing sports photos from October 13 to October 20. ... click to read more

Sales of tiny Coke cans are soaring. Here's why
Good things came in small sizes for Coca-Cola last quarter. The company reported sales that topped forecasts, thanks in part to a double-digit increase in volume for its 7.5-ounce mini cans. ... click to read more

We asked a hacker to try and steal our tech reporter's data. She got it in seconds
I share, therefore I am. ... click to read more

Opinion: Despite the odds, I became a rocket scientist. Other women can do the same
One of the most enduring lessons I learned as a Girl Scout growing up in poverty in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is that once you believe you can do something and you develop the courage and confidence to persevere, you can be fearless. ... click to read more

These three words make all the difference
"Get over it." ... click to read more

What I learned teaching Brexit to freshmen
This past spring, I first taught a new freshman seminar titled "Imagining Europe," focusing on the shifting geographic, political, economic, social and cultural identities that constituted Europeanness. ... click to read more

With a baby in the NICU, I lost my job
"Back then, you had to be married for nine months before delivering your baby or your maternity insurance wouldn't kick in." ... click to read more

Facebook policy opens a frightening new world
Tuesday's Democratic debate featured something we have never witnessed before on a presidential debate stage: 15 full minutes of open back-and-forth about how the government should contend with the increasing power of Silicon Valley. ... click to read more

A letter to Kurdish soldiers from a US military wife
Dear Kurdish soldiers, ... click to read more

Trump is hanging Israel and Netanyahu out to dry
With a single stroke, President Donald Trump has effectively brought a newly resurgent and potent triad—Syria, Russia and Iran—to the very doorstep of their declared enemy, Israel, and given aid and comfort to Israel's longtime and persistent foe, Hezbollah, in Lebanon. ... click to read more

Refi now. Rates as low as 3.04% APR (15yr)!
... click to read more

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

Apple's $7 trillion bet
... click to read more

It's another crunch week for Brexit (no, we really mean it this time)
... click to read more

West is 'paying the price for supporting riots in Hong Kong,' Chinese state media claims
Chinese state-run media has published a series of editorials and opinion pieces drawing parallels between violent protests in Hong Kong, Spain and Chile -- accusing the West of hypocrisy in its response. ... click to read more

Prince Harry opens up about tensions with Prince William
In an interview with ITV, Prince Harry acknowledges tensions with his older brother, Prince William, saying the two are on "different paths." ... click to read more

Students wear boxes on their heads during exam
A school in India has apologized after photos emerged of students wearing cardboard boxes on their heads during an exam to discourage cheating. ... click to read more

A man who survived a week in his car at the bottom of a ravine has died, police say
A Missouri man who survived a week at the bottom of a ravine after his car went off the road has died, police said Sunday. ... click to read more

This high school football coach disarmed a student. Then he hugged him.
A high school football and track coach in Portland, Oregon, was celebrated as a hero earlier this year after he disarmed a student with a shotgun. ... click to read more

2 charged with poaching and selling 4,000 native Florida turtles in 6 months
Two men have been charged for poaching thousands of Florida turtles and selling them illegally, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. ... click to read more

Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder
Johnson & Johnson announced on Friday that it's initiating a voluntary recall in the United States of its popular Johnson's Baby Powder due to low levels of asbestos contamination. ... click to read more

Will the Louvre display Leonardo's 'Salvator Mundi?'
... click to read more

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