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CNN Top Stories
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June 26, 2019

The committee chair warned his panel would vote to hold Conway in contempt if she ignores the subpoena
Committee chair warned he'd vote to hold the White House counselor in contempt if she ignores the subpoena ... click to read more

Trump's protocol chief suspended pending investigation
President Donald Trump's protocol chief, Sean Lawler, has been suspended indefinitely just ahead of the G-20 meeting in Japan pending the outcome of a State Department investigation into his conduct, according to multiple State Department officials with direct knowledge of the matter. ... click to read more

Analysis: Mueller's encore could be a serious blow to Trump
... click to read more

Analysis: 7 key questions Congress needs to ask Mueller
The news broke late Tuesday night: Special counsel Robert Mueller agreed to come to Congress and testify on July 17 about his nearly two-year long investigation into Russia's attempts to interfere in the 2016 election and any possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. ... click to read more

READ: Letter from House chairmen to Robert Mueller
... click to read more

Nadler: Mueller won't let White House defy subpoena
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler talks to CNN's Chris Cuomo about his committee's decision to issue a subpoena for special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony. ... click to read more

Opinion: Star-studded play brings Mueller report to life
On Monday night, at the historic Riverside Church in Manhattan, an audience was treated to a powerful live reading of "The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts," by stars including John Lithgow, Jason Alexander, Annette Bening, Kyra Sedgwick and Alyssa Milano. The play, written by the ... click to read more

Judge releases court details that show speed, scope of Mueller investigation following CNN request
At the request of CNN, a federal judge in Washington on Monday released about 230 pages of data from the court showing new details about the scope and speed of Robert Mueller's investigation. ... click to read more

A climate crisis is unfolding in Florida as Democrats debate
Presidential candidate Jay Inslee was not happy when the Democratic National Committee shot down his request to hold a climate crisis-focused debate. ... click to read more

Analysis: First Democratic debates mark the real start to the 2020 campaign
It's the moment that Democrats have been anticipating since the tearful trauma of Election Night 2016 -- when their campaign to make Donald Trump a one-term President really begins. ... click to read more

Trump hints at why he talks about serving more than two terms
CNN's Jeanne Moos looks back at all of President Trump's tweets and comments playing off the Constitutional two term limit. ... click to read more

Trump claims Japan 'doesn't have to help' if US is attacked
President Donald Trump again lamented what he views as an unequal military alliance Wednesday, claiming that if the US is attacked, Japan "doesn't have to help us at all" and "can watch it on the Sony television." ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump's casual talk of a hypothetical war underestimates dangers
President Donald Trump is adopting an increasingly cavalier attitude to the consequences of a war with Iran amid fears the current confrontation could spill over into a military conflict. ... click to read more

Pompeo soothes trade tensions on India trip
Recent trade tensions between the US and India won't impact ties between the two nations, and their partnership is "already beginning to reach new heights," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a visit to New Delhi Wednesday, less than two weeks after India increased tariffs on some US export... click to read more

Eric Trump says he was spit on at a restaurant
Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, said Tuesday he was spat on by an employee at a Chicago-area restaurant. ... click to read more

Trump rips Federal Reserve chief: I have right to fire him
CNN's Christine Romans says President Donald Trump ripped Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell during an interview on Fox Business Channel to send a signal that he wants the Federal Reserve bank to lower interest rates. ... click to read more

Two GOP senators say rape allegation against Trump should be investigated
Two Republican senators said Tuesday the rape allegation made against President Donald Trump by writer E. Jean Carroll should be explored to determine the veracity of the allegation against the President -- even as many Senate Republicans sidestepped questions over the matter and defended Trump. ... click to read more

Beth Chapman, 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star, has died
Beth Chapman, who with her husband Duane "Dog" Chapman starred in the popular reality series "Dog the Bounty Hunter," died Wednesday in a Honolulu hospital, a spokesperson for the family confirmed to CNN. ... click to read more

He could be Trump's next border chief. Watch his racist comments.
Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan is expected to take over as acting head of Customs and Border Protection, according to a DHS official. CNN's Paul Begala calls "hateful, racist" comments Morgan made back in January to Fox News' Tucker Carlson about children in detention facilities shocking. ... click to read more

Wayfair employees protest company's bed sales to migrant camps
... click to read more

A father and daughter drowned crossing the Rio Grande. Here's how their journey began
More than 1,000 miles from the river bank where the bodies of her son and granddaughter washed ashore, Rosa Ramírez wept. ... click to read more

On the Senate floor, Schumer showed the dramatic border photo
... click to read more

GOP Senate leaders won't negotiate with House Dems on border funding bill
Republican Senate leaders said Wednesday they won't negotiate with House Democrats over differences in their chambers' emergency funding bills for the border, essentially daring the House to take or leave the Senate bill, which has bipartisan backing and the expected support of President Donald Tru... click to read more

Manafort to be arraigned Thursday in NYC on state charges
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will be arraigned Thursday afternoon in New York City on state fraud charges, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN. ... click to read more

Mailman spent a year delivering over 100-kilos of marijuana along his route
A Baltimore postman pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiracy to distribute marijuana on his mail route, court documents say. ... click to read more

Boaters scramble as tornado hits marina
Surveillance video shows a marina at Moors Resort & Marina in Gilbertsville, Kentucky, being torn apart by a tornado. ... click to read more

US World Cup star: 'I'm not going to the f*****g White House' if we win
American women's soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe is not planning to go to the White House if the national team wins the World Cup. ... click to read more

ESPN anchor retires after 40 years
Bob Ley, the longest-tenured anchor at ESPN and a journalistic legend, says he is retiring at the end of this month. ... click to read more

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul spark 'Breaking Bad' reunion buzz
What does it all mean?! ... click to read more

Jimmy Fallon: This is what Bernie Sanders would sound like at a drive-thru
Late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Trevor Noah joined forces to give their impressions of political figures in hilarious situations. ... click to read more

An Alabama car dealership is giving away Bibles, flags and 12-gauge shotguns for July 4
... click to read more

Mindy Kaling celebrates her 40th with B.J. Novak
... click to read more

These Ikea homes only cost what the buyer can afford to pay
Ikea conquered the world with inexpensive furniture. Now it's turning its attention to affordable homes in Britain. ... click to read more

TV anchors sue for age and gender bias
Five female anchors at NY1, a reputable local station in New York, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the news organization, alleging systematic age and gender discrimination. CNN's Alisyn Camerota reports. ... click to read more

Pop star drops singer during dance rehearsal
Singer Shawn Mendes released behind-the-scenes footage of his music video with Camila Cabello, "Señorita," including a moment when he accidentally dropped Cabello while they were rehearsing their dance moves. ... click to read more

7-year-old can't go near unvaccinated kids
When his daughter Angela was gravely ill, Nicola Pomaro made her a solemn promise: If she recovered, he would do all he could to help her live life to the full. ... click to read more

Maisie Williams will play another badass in her next TV role
The Night King was no match for Arya Stark, so it stands to reason that the murderous gangster who sets his sights on Maisie Williams in her next project doesn't stand a chance. ... click to read more

HBO's 'Chernobyl' and the dangerous ground of 'dark tourism'
It's the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, responsible for causing an incalculable number of deaths and exposing millions to dangerous radiation. ... click to read more

Tourists are flocking to explore the eerie grounds of Chernobyl
Chernobyl, the site of a nuclear disaster in 1986, is experiencing a bump in tourism since the start of HBO's series "Chernobyl." CNN's Matthew Chance reports. ... click to read more

'The Office' is leaving Netflix in 2021
Netflix is losing "The Office" in 2021. It's a sign of how intense the streaming wars have become. ... click to read more

Meryl Streep set to star in Ryan Murphy's all-star adaptation of 'The Prom'
Ryan Murphy is adapting the Tony Award-nominated and LGBTQ-friendly musical "The Prom" for Netflix, with big names Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Awkwafina, Keegan-Michael Key and Andrew Rannells set to star, Deadline reports. ... click to read more

LGBTQ people wouldn't be where they are without these 6 activists
Activism takes different forms, whether it's marching in the streets, speaking on behalf of marginalized people or influencing pop culture to embrace people from society's fringes. ... click to read more

A colorful history of the rainbow flag
The rainbow flag, which has become a universal symbol of hope for LGBTQ people around the world, first flew in San Francisco's United Nations Plaza for Gay Pride Day, on June 25, 1978. ... click to read more

50 years after Stonewall New York City hosts WorldPride
As anticipation builds for New York City's celebration of WorldPride 2019, we go behind-the-scenes of this historic event. ... click to read more

Paris names four squares and streets for LGBTQ icons
Paris has renamed three squares and one street to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, dedicating them to LGBTQ icons. ... click to read more

Kim Kardashian's Kimono lingerie line sparks Japanese anger
Kim Kardashian West has been accused of cultural appropriation after launching a brand of figure-hugging underwear called Kimono. ... click to read more

Dad doesn't let 4-foot fence stop him when he spots toddler in pool
Albert Passavanti dove over a four-feet fence to rescue his one-year-old son Rocco after he fell in the pool. ... click to read more

A-Rod says Kylie Jenner spent the Met Gala talking about her wealth. She says she didn't
Kylie Jenner may be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. But she did NOT talk about it at the Met Gala. ... click to read more

Artist: 'Black Panther' made it easier to talk about my work
On the opening day of "Get Up, Stand Up Now -- Generations of Black Creative Pioneers," lines of visitors snaked around the courtyard of London's Somerset House. ... click to read more

Bill Gates reveals the biggest mistake of his career
Bill Gates has a resume of career highs, but he calls Microsoft's failure to become Apple's chief iOS rival his "greatest mistake." ... click to read more

Amazon Prime Day will be two days this year
Amazon's Prime Day will return for the fifth time next month, and this year the discount holiday will run for two entire days. ... click to read more

There is only 1 question at tonight's debate

What Trump can't get wrong in Japan
If President Donald Trump gets it right, the G20 meeting -- which begins Friday in Japan -- could resolve the planet's biggest trade war, strengthen America's hand in its standoff with Iran and make progress against the climate crisis. ... click to read more

100-year-old peace treaty still shapes our world
... click to read more

Trump is doing all the wrong things on immigration
Since his presidential campaign began, President Trump promised to decrease illegal immigration. In recent months, his administration has pushed for additional border wall funding, expanded our military presence at the border, and threatened to increase deportations unless congressional Democrats a... click to read more

Dems can't decide if US is great or total disaster
... click to read more

Why pilots are seeing UFOs
For centuries, people have witnessed unexplained lights in the sky and thought that perhaps they might be ghosts or angels. However, it was in the summer of 1947 when a different explanation became popular. Following a widely reported incident over Mt. Rainier in Washington state, people began to... click to read more

Save up to 50% -- Summer Deals in Myrtle Beach
... click to read more

8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

10 foods that fight cancer
... click to read more

World's 50 best restaurants features a surprise No. 1
There's a new world's best restaurant -- and it isn't the one that many were expecting. ... click to read more

Far-right supporter admits killing politician
A far-right supporter has confessed to the killing of the German pro-immigration politician Walter Lübcke, according to a German security source. ... click to read more

US isn't interested in dialogue with Iran, France says
... click to read more

Istanbul mayor's thinly veiled warning to Erdogan
The winner of Istanbul's mayoral election re-run has issued a thinly veiled warning to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to respect democracy, and that whoever "decides not to serve the people and prioritizes their political future" will be exposed. ... click to read more

Florida police arrest woman suspected of killing her stepfather and daughter
A 28-year-old woman living at her parents' house shot and killed her stepfather and her own daughter after midnight on Monday, police in Florida said. ... click to read more

Med school grad who was missing says he can't recall what happened in Mexico
Jessy Pacheco of Arkansas was reported missing for most of last week after his graduation from medical school in Mexico. ... click to read more

Dead man's wounds look like alligator bites, authorities say
A man's body found in a South Carolina pond looks like it has alligator bite marks, authorities say. ... click to read more

Sam Cooke was turned away from a Louisiana hotel in 1963. Now a local mayor is apologizing
A Louisiana mayor is apologizing more than 50 years later for Shreveport's mistreatment of the late singer Sam Cooke. ... click to read more

The Lost Leonardo: Where is da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi'?
When bids for Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi" hit $200 million there was an audible gasp in the auction room. At the $300 million mark, onlookers broke into applause. ... click to read more

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