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CNN Top Stories
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June 18, 2019

The congresswoman criticized Amazon CEO and billionaire Jeff Bezos for underpaying warehouse workers. The company says she's 'just wrong.'
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for being a billionaire while his company pays its warehouse workers "starvation wages." Amazon says Ocasio-Cortez is "just wrong." ... click to read more

Ocasio-Cortez hesitates when asked about Joe Biden
Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) showed discomfort when asked about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's history of unwanted touching, but said she would support Biden if he became the Democratic nominee. CNN's Arlette Saenz reports. ... click to read more

Analysis: How many stinking rich people are there in the US?
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in the midst of a long Twitter exposition the other day about wages and taxes and her adjustment from being a waitress relying on tips to making a congressional salary of $174,000 a year when she made a provocative statement about how many rich people she'd like to tax.... click to read more

2020 candidates compete for her endorsement
Democratic presidential candidates are eager to tap into Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's massive online following in the 2020 election. CNN's Jason Carroll reports. ... click to read more

House leaders want to give Congress a pay raise. It's a tough sell
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is actively talking to members of both parties, searching for enough support to get the first member pay raise in a decade across the finish line. ... click to read more

Amazon will pay $10,000 and 3 months' salary to help workers start delivery businesses
Amazon wants its employees to quit their jobs and create their own delivery businesses. It turns out that's an expensive proposition. So Amazon is upping the ante. ... click to read more

Biden's bold prediction
Joe Biden isn't the Democratic presidential nominee just yet, but that fact didn't stop him from making a very bold prediction on Monday. ... click to read more

Analysis: The 78 wildest lines in Donald Trump's epic ABC interview
• Opinion: What Trump is good at ... click to read more

US to send more troops to the Middle East
The US will send 1,000 additional US forces and more military resources to the Middle East amid tensions with Iran, the Pentagon announced Monday. ... click to read more

Erin Burnett: This is why US allies don't trust Mike Pompeo
CNN's Erin Burnett breaks down President Donald Trump's decision to send 1,000 additional US forces and more military resources to the Middle East amid tensions with Iran. ... click to read more

Opinion: What Trump is good at
The soothsayers brought the king bad news. Rival Joe Biden was leading President Donald Trump in key battleground states. After the press began to report the facts, Trump first tried to say the polls just didn't exist. When this claim was refuted, his campaign abruptly fired the pollsters. Welcome ... click to read more

Manafort moved to NYC facility
Paul Manafort was moved by the federal prison system to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan on Monday morning, according to a person familiar with his case. ... click to read more

Pete Buttigieg says the U.S. has probably already had a gay president
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says it's likely he wouldn't be America's first commander-in-chief if he's elected in 2020. ... click to read more

Spotlight on Elaine Chao after public appearances with family members
Ethics experts are raising concerns about whether Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao used her office to help her family's business. CNN's Drew Griffin investigates. ... click to read more

At least 50K license plates leaked in hack of border contractor not authorized to retain them
At least 50,000 American license plate numbers have been made available on the dark web after a company hired by Customs and Border Protection was at the center of a major data breach, according to CNN analysis of the hacked data. What's more, the company was never authorized to keep the informatio... click to read more

See Anderson Cooper pay tribute to his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt
• Gloria Vanderbilt dies at 95 • Gloria Vanderbilt's life in pictures • Opinion: Gloria Vanderbilt was the ultimate master of reinvention ... click to read more

Gloria Vanderbilt's life in pictures
Fashion designer. Artist. Actress. Author. Socialite. ... click to read more

Millionaire gets prison time after man dies trying to build secret tunnels under his home
A millionaire stock trader was sentenced to nine years in prison Monday in the death of a worker he'd hired to dig tunnels beneath his house in suburban Washington, DC, as protection from potential North Korean missile strikes. ... click to read more

McConnell: Jon Stewart 'bent out of shape' over 9/11 funding
CNN's Chris Cuomo chastises Congress and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for playing politics over funding healthcare for 9/11 first responders, saying they have repeatedly needed to be shamed into doing the right thing. ... click to read more

Parkland shooting survivor says Harvard rescinded his admission over racial slurs
A Parkland shooting survivor and pro-Second Amendment activist said Harvard University rescinded his acceptance as a result of racist remarks he made before the 2018 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. ... click to read more

America's infrastructure is crumbling. These people suffer every day
The fabric of America is crumbling. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives the nation's infrastructure a D+ grade -- that's the roads and bridges we drive on every day, the airports we use for business and vacation travel, and the schools where we send our children to learn. And newer... click to read more

Four injured in Toronto shooting
A shooting was reported Monday at or near the Toronto Raptors' NBA Championship celebration, Toronto Police said. ... click to read more

Another American tourist dies in the Dominican Republic, resort says
... click to read more

Ousted Egyptian president dies in court
... click to read more

Gunman who opened fire at Dallas federal courthouse shot and killed by police
A man opened fire at a federal courthouse in Dallas on Monday before he was shot and killed by federal officers, authorities said. ... click to read more

Dwayne Johnson's speech is proof he's a really nice guy
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took home the Icon Generation Award at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards Monday night and offered some nice advice. ... click to read more

Bella Hadid apologizes for Instagram post that some said disrespected Arab countries
Supermodel Bella Hadid faced a wave of internet backlash after she posted an Instagram photo that some felt disrespected the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. ... click to read more

Girl climbs Yosemite's El Capitan
Ten-year-old Selah Schneiter is believed to be the youngest person to ever climb Yosemite National Park's El Capitan. ... click to read more

Former Ohio gym teacher indicted over alleged sexual contact with first-graders
A former elementary school gym teacher was indicted Monday over the alleged inappropriate touching of more than two dozen first-grade girls, said a prosecutor in southwest Ohio. ... click to read more

Teen survives 10-inch knife lodged in face: 'It could have been the end of me'
When Dr. Koji Ebersole laid eyes on the boy whose face was impaled on a 10-inch knife, the neurosurgeon thought, "here we go again." ... click to read more

Here's the original ending to 'Pretty Woman'
Actress Julia Roberts revealed the original ending to the famous movie "Pretty Woman." ... click to read more

Opinion: Plus-size mannequins reveal our warped perception of 'normal'
Nike has introduced so-called "plus-size" mannequins at its flagship London store. They have been pictured in the shop wearing black crop tops and leggings, which has already prompted disgust from some who claim that their presence "celebrates obesity" and promotes a "dangerous lie." ... click to read more

Official booted from the room over a cough
Trump kicks out someone coughing and orders the Mooch to get a penicillin shot. Jeanne Moos reports on the Germophobe-in-Chief. ... click to read more

Cardi B performs in a bathrobe at Bonnaroo
Cardi B didn't let a little wardrobe malfunction stop her performance at Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival on Sunday night. ... click to read more

Wanted: Someone to eat ribs and travel the country. Salary: $5,000 a week
Summer barbeque just got a whole lot tastier. ... click to read more

What it takes to be a $200,000-a-year nanny
Child care positions aren't usually thought of as high-paying jobs. But with wealthier families seeking nannies that are trained in newborn care, child development or languages, it's becoming more common to see in-home caregivers earning six-figure salaries. ... click to read more

The Queen is hiring a social media manager
For those who know how to curate the perfect Instagram feed and write a killer tweet, a career opportunity has come up in the royal communications team. ... click to read more

Confessions of a VIP private jet flight attendant
For many, the thought of catching a plane is far from luxurious: from spending countless hours lining up at security, to wrestling arm rests with other passengers as you face a crammed long-haul flight in economy. ... click to read more

Retail jobs are notoriously low-paid. For some, that may change
Retail is one of the U.S.'s biggest industries, accounting for 1 in 4 American jobs. But retail workers generally don't earn that much, so some companies are trying to fix that. ... click to read more

These workers were paid to move to Vermont and work from home
Plenty of workers relocate for a job. But not many move to a new state to work from home -- and get paid to do it. ... click to read more

Photo of sled dogs walking through water shows reality of Greenland's melting ice sheet
Steffen Olsen, a scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute, was on a routine mission in northwest Greenland to retrieve oceanographic and weather monitoring tools placed by his colleagues on sea ice when he ran into a problem. ... click to read more

Climate change threatens nearly 40% of the world's primates, study says
As cyclones and droughts are expected to grow in frequency and intensity while global temperatures rise, humankind's closest relatives will become increasingly vulnerable to extinction, scientists say. ... click to read more

They want to create floating islands to convert sunlight into energy. Here's how they'd work
What if we could recycle carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? And what if we used it to make fuel? ... click to read more

Airbus launches world's 'longest range' narrow-body plane
Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has unveiled designs for the A321XLR -- an aircraft it claims will be the world's "longest range single-aisle airliner." ... click to read more

Couple use Twitter to rescue newborn girl abandoned on Indian garbage dump
Vinod Kapri, an Indian filmmaker based in New Delhi, checks Twitter first thing every morning -- like virtually every journalist on the planet. ... click to read more

Teddy bear drops big news on unsuspecting dad
A Father's Day teddy bear left a man speechless after it surprised him with the news that he is going to be a grandfather. ... click to read more

Flesh-eating bacteria in New Jersey reveal one possible effect of climate change, study says
Climate change may lead to unlikely illnesses in unexpected places, new research suggests: In the past two years, five cases of Vibrio vulnificus, a flesh-eating bacterial infection spread by handling or eating contaminated seafood, have been tied to Delaware Bay, where water temperatures have been... click to read more

Boeing is open to changing the name of the 737 Max
Boeing is open to renaming its troubled 737 Max, its most important and currently its most infamous aircraft. ... click to read more

Beyond Meat will start making 'ground beef'
Beyond Meat is taking a new shape. The alternative meat maker is debuting a plant-based "ground beef," which marbleizes and tenderizes just like the real thing. ... click to read more

Airbus bests Boeing on day one of the Paris Air Show
Airbus kicked off the Paris Air Show by unveiling a new jet and announcing orders for over 100 new planes. Its chastened rival Boeing was meanwhile stuck playing defense over the 737 Max. ... click to read more

Gloria Vanderbilt was the ultimate master of reinvention
... click to read more

What rural America wants from Democrats
The Democratic candidates for president have been visiting Iowa in preparation for next February's caucus, as is customary at this time in the election cycle. Iowa is a great place to visit to get a feel for a state with an independent streak. ... click to read more

Hong Kong protesters face powerful enemy
The people of Hong Kong have secured a remarkable victory, but they have far more cause to worry than to celebrate. A cloud of anxiety hangs over Hong Kong's future. ... click to read more

Using Saudi death penalty vs. children is barbaric
The shameful ledger of Saudi human rights abuses accrues by the day. Since Mohammad bin Salman became the Kingdom's crown prince in 2017, the list includes the jailing and alleged torture of prominent Saudi women's rights activists, a mass execution in April of largely Shia citizens convicted in ... click to read more

Shakeup in the House of Trump
Within a few hours last week, two pillars of the Trump White House shook. ... click to read more

Mitch McConnell is worse than the Grim Reaper
On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell finally found common ground. They both agreed that McConnell is the "Grim Reaper." ... click to read more

15 yr fixed rates just plummeted. Lock in now!
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

5 stocks for building wealth after 50
... click to read more

Iran's latest blow to nuclear deal
... click to read more

His father buried his family with his own hands
... click to read more

Hong Kong's masses press their point
... click to read more

Three countries went dark and no one knows why
... click to read more

Xi gets Russian ice cream from Putin for his birthday
Chinese President Xi Jinping celebrated his 66th birthday Saturday alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin, who surprised him with ice cream, the Kremlin said in a statement. ... click to read more

He was killed after attacking a cop, police say. His cousin says he was a 'gentle giant'
The cousin of a man shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in a California Costco has questions about what happened because the shooting victim was nonverbal and had an intellectual disability, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times. ... click to read more

One killed and 7 others shot at a graduation party
Police are searching for a gunman who opened fire at a graduation party in Philadelphia Sunday night. ... click to read more

Will you take in a dead gray whale?
Are you a waterfront owner who does not mind dead whales on your property? There's a special offer for you in Washington state. ... click to read more

Arizona family in police confrontation gets backing from Jay-Z group
A philanthropy affiliated with Jay-Z's Roc Nation, said it is offering support an Arizona family after a confrontation with police in Phoenix last month following an alleged shoplifting incident. ... click to read more

The history and evolution of the Royal Ascot dress code
Royal Ascot is one of the world's most prestigious horse races and a highlight of the British summer social season. Each June, more than 300,000 visitors travel to the five-day event -- among them Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess ... click to read more

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