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CNN Top Stories
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May 27, 2019

The British climber is one of nine to have died on Everest in the 2019 season as conditions on the world's highest mountain turned lethal
Mountaineer warned of overcrowding before dying on climb ... click to read more

Everest claims three more victims after deadly week
Three more climbers have died on Mount Everest, bringing the toll of those dead or presumed dead to nine across the 2019 climbing season. ... click to read more

What happens to the body on Everest
British Olympian Victoria Pendleton and adventurer Ben Fogle put their bodies to the test to see how they cope at altitude. ... click to read more

Everest traffic jam creates lethal conditions for climbers
Two mountaineers have died on Mount Everest after crowds of people became stuck in a queue leading to the summit of the world's highest mountain. ... click to read more

Nepal Sherpa breaks own record by climbing Everest 24 times
A Nepali mountaineer has broken his own record by climbing Mount Everest an unprecedented 24 times -- completing the last two ascents in the same week. ... click to read more

The human impact on Everest
This year, 28,000 pounds of human waste was removed from base camp. The Mount Everest Biogas Project plans to convert this waste into a usable product. ... click to read more

Tons of trash removed from Everest as cleanup unearths bodies
Mount Everest is covered in trash. ... click to read more

Trump meets Japan's Prime Minister Abe
... click to read more

Trump says Rolling Thunder ride will return to DC, organizers say not so fast
As hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists arrive in the nation's capital Sunday to participate in the final Rolling Thunder, where they pay tribute to service members killed in action or taken as prisoners of war, President Donald Trump says the event will continue next year -- even as the group's ... click to read more

Opinion: Donald Trump, stable genius
If Washington politics were a movie, this week might be the time you turn to your companion and say, "Who writes this stuff?":  ... click to read more

Klobuchar says John McCain 'kept reciting' dictator names during Trump's inauguration
Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar on Saturday told a crowd of voters in Iowa that late Arizona Sen. John McCain "kept reciting" the names of dictators to her during President Donald Trump's inauguration speech in January 2017. ... click to read more

Sarah Sanders confronted over Trump's tweet
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is confronted by NBC's Chuck Todd over a tweet sent by President Trump regarding North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. ... click to read more

Opinion: This may be Trump's worst cover-up
Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines -- and outraged Donald Trump -- this week by declaring that, "We believe that the President of The United States is engaged in a cover-up." In this case, Pelosi was speaking of Trump's stonewalling of requests by House Democrats for information, such as his tax r... click to read more

Retired Lt. Gen. on Trump tweet: I don't even know what that means ...
Retired Lt. Gen Mark Hertling criticizes President Trump for saying he doesn't find North Korea's missile tests disturbing while on a visit to Japan. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump and the right-wing gang up on Pelosi
To the casual observer, two seemingly unrelated political stories broke Thursday in Washington. First, The Washington Post reported that doctored videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which she appears intoxicated at a political event, had spread across the internet and social media platforms. (... click to read more

SE Cupp explains Trump's 'perfect' exit ramp out of office
CNN's SE Cupp says President Donald Trump enjoys the fun parts of being President but hates doing the hard work. ... click to read more

Search for missing 5-year-old girl continues. Her uncle has been arrested
Police in Logan, Utah, are continuing their search for a missing 5-year-old girl but they warned the case is "not going to end well." ... click to read more

Officials: Shark attack kills man swimming off Maui
A shark attack killed a 65-year-old man as he was swimming off the coast of Maui Saturday morning, according to authorities. ... click to read more

10 people shot, one fatally, at Memorial Day weekend gathering
Gunfire broke out at a neighborhood gathering in Virginia, leaving at least eight people hospitalized with injuries, authorities said. ... click to read more

Former 'CBS Evening News' host's explosive reason why he was fired
"60 Minutes" correspondent Scott Pelley explains why he lost his job as host of "CBS Evening News." ... click to read more

Judge suspended over anti-Trump digs
A Utah judge has been suspended for six months over anti-Trump comments he made in court and on social media. ... click to read more

Woman suffers 'significant bite injuries' in Florida alligator attack
A woman has been airlifted to a hospital after she was bitten by an alligator in Florida, according to the Brevard County Fire and Rescue service. ... click to read more

These doctors risked their careers to expose the dangers children face in immigrant family detention
Dr. Scott Allen and Dr. Pamela McPherson were used to working behind the scenes, quietly documenting the devastating things they'd seen. ... click to read more

How a Utah assault case upended the cutting-edge DNA website that caught the Golden State Killer
Curtis Rogers, the founder of the free DNA website GEDMatch, wanted to do all he could to help police solve a disturbing assault case out of Utah. ... click to read more

NFL star J.J. Watt announces engagement
Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and Houston Dash forward Kealia Ohai made their engagement official on Sunday. ... click to read more

Moby apologizes to Natalie Portman
Moby is apologizing for what he wrote about Natalie Portman in his new memoir, "Then It Fell Apart." ... click to read more

The Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr dies at 85
Bart Starr, the Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback who won the first two Super Bowl titles in the 1960s, died at the age of 85 in Birmingham, Alabama, the Packers said. ... click to read more

Photos: People we lost in 2019
A look back at notable people who have died in 2019. ... click to read more

Hiker's survival story: 17 days in Hawaii forest on berries, river water and smarts
It had been more than two weeks that she had been lost in a thick Hawaiian forest, and Amanda Eller was at an end. ... click to read more

A 2-year-old was having trouble getting around. Home Depot employees built him a walker
Imagine your child having a disorder that impacts his motor skills, such as walking. And imagine not knowing if your insurance would cover a basic item he needs to help him walk. ... click to read more

West Point's diverse grad photo goes viral
The 2019 graduating class at The United States Military Academy features the most African-American women graduating together in the school's history. ... click to read more

Stephen Curry's wife calls out comment body-shaming her son
Ayesha Curry shuts down commentator who body-shamed her 10-month-old son on Instagram ... click to read more

He thought he could jump a bridge in his Chevy Cruze. Now he and his passenger are dead
Two men died early Friday when a driver tried to jump a car over an opening created by a pontoon swing bridge in southwestern Louisiana, state police said on Facebook. ... click to read more

Kids lose it when they spot Obama at practice
Former President Barack Obama surprised students at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. ... click to read more

The world's most lucrative match is worth at least $215 million
It may not be the most famous nor the most prestigious, but the English Championship play-off final is the world's most lucrative soccer match to win. ... click to read more

US soccer star says FIFA isn't 'doing nearly enough' to help women's game
With the Women's World Cup around the corner, American soccer star Megan Rapinoe called out the sport's top brass for not doing enough to level the pitch for men and women players. ... click to read more

Ex-football coach hired despite sexual assault scandal
Art Briles, the former Baylor University football coach who was ousted in May 2016 amid a sexual assault scandal involving some team players, will return to the sidelines this fall as the head coach of a Texas high school football team. ... click to read more

Simon Pagenaud becomes the first French driver to win the Indianapolis 500 in more than a century.
Simon Pagenaud just became the first French driver to win the Indianapolis 500 in more than a century. ... click to read more

Raptors slay one giant, but another awaits in finals
... click to read more

Your A-Z guide to the top Memorial Day sales happening right now
... click to read more

Save big on bedding and mattresses this Memorial Day
... click to read more

Upgrade your wardrobe during Cole Haan's massive 40% off Memorial Day sale
... click to read more

Score big on the Instant Pot, Roomba and more this Memorial Day
... click to read more

Artist takes $20 bill design into his own hands with Harriet Tubman decorative stamp
Supporters of an Obama-era plan to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill were disappointed last week by news that the Treasury Department has delayed the bill's redesign. ... click to read more

Inspiring photo shows college grad standing in the fruit fields where her immigrant parents work
Erica Alfaro says she never forgot the advice her mom gave her when the two worked long hours together in California's Central Valley tomato fields. ... click to read more

Mailman gets epic surprise from entire neighborhood
Longtime mail carrier Floyd Martin retired from his neighborhood route in Georgia and neighbors decorated their mailboxes for him, presented him with gifts and threw a tearful block party. CNN's Jake Tapper reports. ... click to read more

This Gillette ad shows a man teaching his transgender son to shave
A man's first shave is a milestone no matter who you are. But for transgender man Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, it was memorable for several reasons. ... click to read more

Here's the worst-case scenario for the US-China trade war
It turns out trade wars are not short and not so easy to win, as President Donald Trump once tweeted. As the US-China trade war drags on, economists are sharpening their pencils, forecasting what a protracted trade war would cost. ... click to read more

'We could talk ourselves into a recession,' one Fed official says
The economic mood in the United States has changed quickly over the past six months. At the end of last year, the stock market suffered a steep decline, consumer spending tanked, and economists were forecasting a recession around the corner. ... click to read more

Bitcoin hit $8,000 again. What's behind the rise
Bitcoin just surged past $8,000 on Tuesday, hitting its highest mark since last July. It tapered off slightly by mid-afternoon, but is still trading at its highest level in nearly a year. ... click to read more

The World War II veteran said he didn't do anything. I almost believed him
The old man said he didn't do anything. I only half believed him. ... click to read more

China is not the source of our economic problems
China is not an enemy. It is a nation trying to raise its living standards through education, international trade, infrastructure investment, and improved technologies. In short, it is doing what any country should do when confronted with the historical reality of being poor and far behind more pow... click to read more

Kids need our presence more than presents
The hardest decision I ever made as a father was leaving my then-5-year-old son in Atlanta with his mother (my ex-wife) so I could take a better-paying job in New York. I did so with one singular goal in mind: to be in a better position to pay for his college tuition. ... click to read more

The two viral outbreaks plaguing our country
Right now, our country is facing two viral outbreaks. Both are incredibly dangerous and one fuels the spread of the other. The first: More than 800 cases of measles have been confirmed in the United States this year. The second? A plague of misinformation. ... click to read more

What awaits John Walker Lindh after prison?
The message arrived as we were passing through airport security. A US returnee from ISIS-held territory needed help. Reintegrating back into his American community was not going well. His past was doggedly blocking his prospects for the future. And the same drivers that often push people into extre... click to read more

Kellyanne Conway takes her sexist cues from Trump
This is surreal. On Thursday the President of the United States tweeted a mashup of the Speaker of the House to make it look as if she is drunk, incapacitated or slurring her words. The video was originally spread on social media before a Fox Business Network program featured it on air, prompting s... click to read more

Forget your 401k if you own a home (do this)
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

5 stocks for building wealth after 50
... click to read more

China is building hundreds of new airports
... click to read more

Pope likens abortion to 'hiring a hitman'
Pope Francis likened having an abortion to hiring a "hitman" while speaking at the "Yes to Life" anti-abortion conference in Rome Saturday. ... click to read more

Polish priest blames 'devil' when confronted by alleged victim
"Father, I wanted to look you in the eye ... I wanted to ask you why?" demands Anna Misiewicz as she confronts the parish priest she says abused her when she was just seven and eight years old. ... click to read more

These schoolgirls want an end to child marriage
... click to read more

2 dead after possible tornado in Oklahoma
Officials are going door to door to assess damage after a possible tornado ripped through Oklahoma late Saturday night. ... click to read more

San Francisco police chief says raid on journalist's home may have violated law
San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott called for an independent investigation Friday into the department's handling of leaked documents and the subsequent raid of a journalist's home. ... click to read more

Soldier braves rain to honor fallen comrades
When a severe storm swept through the Washington area before the start of Memorial Day weekend, it didn't stop the 3rd US Infantry Regiment from placing flags at the graves of fallen soldiers, including at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. ... click to read more

FAA investigating two airports where Chick-fil-A restaurants were excluded
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating religious discrimination claims against two airports because plans for Chick-fil-A restaurants were scrapped after complaints about the fast food chain's stance on LGBTQ issues. ... click to read more

Massive boulder blocks Colorado highway
A road in Colorado is closed indefinitely due to a massive rock slide that produced two boulders large enough to wipe out a significant portion of the pavement. ... click to read more

Genius behind world's creepiest monsters
Chances are, H.R. Giger has given you a nightmare. The Swiss-born painter was responsible for creating one of the most iconic monsters in the history of the human imagination: the xenomorph, the unrelenting alien species that oozes at the center of the "Alien" film franchise. ... click to read more

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