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CNN Top Stories
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November 17, 2018

The President visits areas destroyed by the California wildfires. While there, he talked about the need for raking the forest floor.
... click to read more

How California's deadliest wildfire unfolded
What started as the wind-driven wildfires common in California escalated into fast-moving infernos, roaring through homes and sending thousands fleeing in the middle of the night. ... click to read more

Trump: Lack of raking, not climate change, to blame for fires
In an interview with Fox News, President Donald Trump suggests poor land management is more to blame for raging wildfires in California than climate change. ... click to read more

'This is unprecedented:' 71 dead, more than 1,000 missing
More than 1,000 people are unaccounted for and thousands of survivors are living in cars and tents as California's deadliest wildfire enters a second week. ... click to read more

See Paradise before and after the deadly Camp Fire
These images show the extent of devastation from the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. ... click to read more

93-year-old knew she had to get out. Then her garbageman showed up.
When Margaret Newsum saw the news that the Camp Fire was not far from her home, the 93-year-old knew she'd have to evacuate. ... click to read more

In pictures: Wildfires tear across California
Major wildfires in California have destroyed a record number of buildings and displaced more than 300,000 people. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump is wrong about wildfire prevention
With the shocking loss of thousands of homes and dozens of lives in the Camp and Woolsey fires in Northern and Southern California, people are looking for answers as they try to understand how a tragedy such as this can be prevented in the future. ... click to read more

Trump says 'good time' for a shutdown
• President denies questioning VP's loyalty • President threatens to walk if reporters act up • Trump to hold rallies in Mississippi before runoff • 666 days in, Trump has spent 0 visiting troops ... click to read more

Ocasio-Cortez calls out journalist who called her 'girl'
• Ocasio-Cortez shows off her swag bag from Congress ... click to read more

Norway sinks its own warship by accident
A maritime blunder then a ruinous rescue attempt has left a multi-million dollar warship under NATO command almost entirely submerged in a Norwegian fjord. ... click to read more

Analysis: The Khashoggi case just won't go away for Trump and his Saudi allies
The death of Jamal Khashoggi continues to hang over the heads of both US President Donald Trump and his allied Saudi officials. ... click to read more

County official says he's from 'master race'
The ACLU and other officials in Leavenworth County, Kansas, are calling for county commissioner Louis Klemp to step down following a remark Klemp, who is white, made in a county meeting about being part of the "master race" to a black woman. CNN's Don Lemon reports. ... click to read more

Joe Biden adopts German shepherd
Former Vice President Joe Biden has a new four-legged addition to his family: a German Shepherd named Major. ... click to read more

Top US military officer says Taliban 'are not losing'
The top US military officer said Saturday that the Taliban "are not losing" in Afghanistan, and much more needs to be done to bring peace to the war-torn country. ... click to read more

Monica Lewinsky reveals details of affair
A new docuseries looks back at Monica Lewinsky and former President Bill Clinton's affair at the White House. ... click to read more

Argentine sub found a year after it vanished
A missing Argentine naval submarine has been found, exactly a year and a day after it vanished in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board, authorities said Saturday. ... click to read more

New images show submarine's wreckage
The ARA San Juan submarine has been found a year after it vanished with 44 crew members on board. ... click to read more

John Hinckley can move out of his mother's house, judge rules
John Hinckley, the man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981, can move out of his mother's house and live independently or with roommates or a family member, according to a court ruling issued Friday. ... click to read more

Opinion: Sheer luck has helped us avoid nuclear war so far. Now we need action
The 100th anniversary of the World War I armistice last weekend underscored the great folly of President Donald Trump's threat to pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. President Vladimir Putin's response that "there would be nothing left except an arms race" shows ou... click to read more

Amanda Knox gets engaged after sci-fi-themed proposal
Amanda Knox, whose legal drama gripped the world after she was accused of murder in Italy, is engaged to her longtime boyfriend. ... click to read more

Ariana Grande debuts new look
Ariana Grande is known to rock a high ponytail, but those days are long gone -- for now. ... click to read more

MMA fighter struggles to stand at weigh-in
... click to read more

Pregnant Amy Schumer hospitalized
Actress and comedian Amy Schumer reveals in an Instagram post that she is in the hospital suffering from a condition called hyperemesis. ... click to read more

20-year-old could end NBA's longest playoff drought
... click to read more

Refugee children react to snow for the first time
Toronto resident Rebecca Davies posted an adorable video of two Eritrean refugees experiencing snow for the first time, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took notice. ... click to read more

Plant-based protein company files for IPO
Plant-based protein company Beyond Meat has filed for a $100 million initial public offering, as vegan and meat alternative food products gain in popularity. ... click to read more

SE Cupp: Is this a tale of 2 Trumps?
President Trump has shifted his tone following fallout from the Midterm elections, California wildfires and questions with the Mueller investigation. SE Cupp questions whether Trump's softened tone will last. ... click to read more

QB furious his 22-0 team is overlooked
... click to read more

Creator of sports' most distinctive jersey dies at 83
If the likes of Garrincha, Pele, Socrates, Zico, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar have come to define the distinctive style of Brazil's international football side over the years so too did Aldyr Schlee, the man who created the team's distinctive yellow shirt and who has died at the... click to read more

Non-Brits guide to Brexit (It affects you too)
The European Union is arguably the world's most powerful bloc. But it's about to lose the United Kingdom, one of its biggest members. Just how and when the UK leaves the EU will have implications that ripple around the globe. ... click to read more

Pfizer will raise prices on 41 drugs
Pfizer is planning to raise prices on 41 drugs in January, a few months after the company agreed to defer hikes under heavy pressure from President Donald Trump. ... click to read more

17 Gadgets Most Likely To Sell Out This Holiday
... click to read more

Democrats seek to turn opponent's comments into a surge in black turnout in Mississippi Senate runoff
To have a shot at another stunner in a Senate race in the Deep South, Democrats knew their candidate, Mike Espy, needed something dramatic to shift the landscape. ... click to read more

Gillum concedes Florida governor's race to DeSantis
Andrew Gillum, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida, conceded to his Republican opponent, former Rep. Ron DeSantis, on Saturday, ending a protracted fight that saw the Tallahassee mayor take back his Election Day concession during a statewide recount. ... click to read more

Gillum responds to Trump's 'thief' comment
Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum fired back at President Donald Trump following an appearance on Fox News where Trump called Gillum a "stone-cold thief" without providing an explanation. ... click to read more

Mia Love pulls ahead in House race after Trump knocked her for losing
Two-term Republican Rep. Mia Love on Friday took the lead over her Democratic challenger in Utah's 4th District House race more than a week after election night and after President Donald Trump mocked her for losing. ... click to read more

Nelson suffers court setbacks in FL recount
Sen. Bill Nelson's already improbable path towards victory in a recount has gotten narrower, with the Democrat suffering a series of setbacks in court and in county election offices across the state. ... click to read more

Abrams acknowledges Kemp win in Georgia
Democrat Stacey Abrams on Friday said she acknowledged that Republican Brian Kemp will become the next governor of Georgia. ... click to read more

Deadly salmonella outbreak forces USDA to recall raw turkey
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service has recalled turkey products linked to a salmonella outbreak. ... click to read more

How to cook the perfect turkey
Thanksgiving comes but once a year, but the stakes couldn't be higher for making the pièce de résistance -- a perfectly bronzed and juicy turkey. ... click to read more

Would you serve this on Thanksgiving?
It's not ham. It's not turkey. What is this mysterious food and would you serve it on Thanksgiving? ... click to read more

Don't fear the vegan at your table
Chances are you have a vegan in your life -- a real dyed-in-the-natural-fiber-cruelty-free-wool vegan for whom all animal products are off limits. And perhaps that vegan is threatening a visit to your Thanksgiving table this year. ... click to read more

These are the world's 'most excellent' airlines
One airline has literally gone to great lengths to prove it's the best in the past 12 months, and it appears to have paid off. ... click to read more

Artist: I'm going to destroy $730K Banksy work
... click to read more

Glasses help man see 'a different world' in color
A Humboldt County, California, Sheriff Department surprised a colorblind fellow deputy with special glasses that allow him to see color for the first time. ... click to read more

The week in 21 photos
Take a look at 21 photos from November 9 through November 15. ... click to read more

A tired dad and his hungry infant led to a radical new baby bottle
It was the middle of the night and Ayal Lanternari was rushing to warm up refrigerated breast milk for his three-month-old baby. ... click to read more

A new app can help you stop buying bottled water
A new startup called Tap has a bold ambition: convince people to stop buying plastic bottles of water. ... click to read more

How to get started in alternative investments
I want to put some money into alternative investments, but I'm not sure where to begin. What's the safest alternative for an average investor? ... click to read more

'Who are those guys?' The artistry of William Goldman
When we watch movies, we're tempted to take what they say in one ear and out the other because we're there to look more than listen. ... click to read more

Democrats, think twice before you reject Pelosi
A few years back, when Nancy Pelosi was on my "The Axe Files" podcast, I asked her what she had learned about politics as the daughter of Baltimore mayor and Democratic ward leader Thomas D'Alesandro. The first and only woman to serve as speaker of the House needed no time to consider her answer. ... click to read more

Judge's ruling in CNN case a victory for free press
Friday's ruling by US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly -- a 2017 appointee of President Donald Trump -- requiring the White House to return CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's "hard pass" struck an important victory for the free press. ... click to read more

My sister wanted to be a Broadway star. Now I'm grieving her death and hoping others don't also die of opioid addiction
Time is behaving strangely these days. I'm told that is one of the side effects of grief -- days muddled by sadness and pierced by moments so unbearable they bring me literally to my knees, general confusion over what time it is, when to eat or sleep. But I'm always aware of how long it has been si... click to read more

Your best refinance rates for November 2018
... click to read more

5 credit cards offering $150 cash sign-up bonus
... click to read more

Billionaire's prediction will give you goosebumps
... click to read more

How to retire by 40: 3 proven tips from someone who has
... click to read more

3 tricks billionaires use to make their money work for them
... click to read more

4 things you can do to be recession-ready
... click to read more

'Green Book' cruises on star power
"Green Book" can't avoid "Driving Miss Daisy" comparisons, and probably doesn't want to, as the film -- amid unease about political polarization and racial division -- conspicuously strives to be uplifting and bridge building. To the extent it achieves those objectives credit Viggo Mortensen and Ma... click to read more

'Dogs' is a feel-good tale
In case you've missed the memo, feelings are big on TV right now. ... click to read more

Kanye West's surprising karaoke partner
Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg walked into a karaoke bar and jammed out to the Backstreet Boys. ... click to read more

'Narcos: Mexico' moves drug war
Netflix has flashier shows, but none better than "Narcos," which moves to a new chapter in its fourth season, titled "Narcos: Mexico." Sweeping in scope, the series remains as addictive as ever in chronicling the bleak history of the drug war, delivering a drama so crisp and smartly executed as to ... click to read more

Mandy Moore's sweet 'This Is Us' song
Mandy Moore and fiancé Taylor Goldsmith make music together on Tuesday's episode of "This Is Us." ... click to read more

Google wants to be in every room of your house
Google is teasing the future it thinks you want. ... click to read more

This app puts a personal trainer in your ear
"Keep your elbows as close to your sides as possible," the personal trainer tells me as I start my last set of push-ups. ... click to read more

Your banking info is safe from Facebook — for now
You're in the market for a new home, and are chatting with your realtor on Facebook Messenger. Next time you log on to look at your timeline, there's a banner at the top of the screen: Based on information from your bank, it looks like you could be approved for a $500,000 mortgage. ... click to read more

WeWork's first school teaches math and science but yoga and farming, too
Inside WeWork's New York City headquarters on a Thursday morning, a handful of kids are selling radishes, kale and peppers. ... click to read more

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