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CNN Top Stories
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December 6, 2019

With unemployment at a 50-year low, one thing is clear -- the President can now take credit for a strong economy in the 2020 race
The latest economic numbers -- 266,000 jobs created in November, unemployment at a 50-year low -- make one thing very clear: President Donald Trump has a path to win a second term next year. ... click to read more

US hiring rebounds in wake of GM strike
The US labor market appears to be back on track. ... click to read more

How to read the jobs report
Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a jobs report. From underemployment to labor participation, CNN's Christine Romans explains what the numbers mean. ... click to read more

Opinion: Democrats' wealth tax numbers don't add up
Ever since former President George H.W. Bush coined the phrase to criticize then-candidate President Ronald Reagan's tax policies, Democrats and progressives have been accusing Republicans of "voodoo economics." They are right to do so. The oft-repeated mantra that tax cuts for the rich will trickl... click to read more

Retailers are scrambling to find holiday help
If you're looking for a store employee to help you out while shopping this holiday season, you're not alone. Retailers themselves are having a lot of trouble finding the help they need. ... click to read more

Health care jobs will keep the US labor market going — even if there's a recession
America's health care sector is an employment powerhouse that is keeping the US labor market strong. Health care hiring is so robust, the industry would be pretty much immune to a recession or changes in politics. ... click to read more

Opinion: America is too focused on the unemployment rate. Here's what we need to be looking at
On Friday, headlines touted two big numbers from the monthly jobs report: the unemployment rate and the number of new jobs created. But there is much more to it. ... click to read more

Bloomberg to his reporters: Your paycheck comes with restrictions on reporting
Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate, said employees at his news organization "just have to learn to live with some things" when asked about their frustrations over the outlet's 2020 election policy forbidding the investigation of Democratic presidential contenders. ... click to read more

Trump asks Supreme Court to block House subpoenas to banks for financial documents
President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Friday to put on hold House subpoenas requesting his financial documents from two banks in the latest case concerning Trump's personal records to reach the high court. ... click to read more

Independent lawmaker says he's ready to vote to impeach Trump
Rep. Justin Amash said Friday that he is prepared to vote for three articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, ensuring that Democrats won't be the only ones to impeach the President when the historic vote hits the floor as soon as this month. ... click to read more

Nancy Pelosi's daughter has a message for Trump
Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine Pelosi reacts to President Trump's comments about the House Speaker's reaction to a question from a reporter. ... click to read more

Virginia counties move to become 'Second Amendment sanctuaries'
Less than a month after the Democratic takeover of the Virginia state legislature, nearly half the state's counties have passed resolutions in support of Second Amendment rights. ... click to read more

North Carolina Republican won't seek re-election after congressional map redrawn
North Carolina Republican Rep. George Holding announced Friday that he will not seek reelection, saying in a statement that "newly redrawn congressional districts were part of the reason" for his decision. ... click to read more

Senior State Dept. aide once called Obama a Kenyan and Pelosi a Nazi
A senior adviser at the State Department once said he thought then-President Barack Obama was a Kenyan and called House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi a Nazi whose Botox had worn off. ... click to read more

Farmer who voted for Trump: He is backstabbing the people who elected him
CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich takes a closer look at how the US-China trade wars are negatively impacting farmers in Pennsylvania, and how this can ultimately sway President Donald Trump's chances of reelection in 2020. ... click to read more

Agents in Saudi Arabia assisting in Pensacola shooting probe
... click to read more

Florida governor says Saudi Arabia owes a debt to victims
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and officials speak to the press after a shooter opened fire at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida. At least three people were killed by the gunman, who was a member of the Saudi military training at the station. ... click to read more

Man sentenced after pleading guilty in $400,000 GoFundMe scam
A man who was the instigator behind a false feel-good story that raised more than $400,000 as part of a GoFundMe scam plead guilty Friday in New Jersey court, according to prosecutors. ... click to read more

A storm brought some of the largest waves ever recorded off the California coast last week. One was 75-feet tall
The bomb cyclone that pounded the West Coast last week brought with it some of the tallest waves ever recorded off the California coast. ... click to read more

UPS employee who died after truck hijacking was covering for another driver, brother says
UPS employee Frank Ordonez was killed Thursday after armed robbery suspects hijacked the UPS truck he was driving and led police on a chase that ended in a fatal shootout in Broward County, Florida, his brother said. ... click to read more

Boy who died in federal custody was on the floor for hours before anyone found him
A sick Guatemalan boy who died in government custody was lying on the floor for hours before someone found him dead, a video first obtained by ProPublica shows. ... click to read more

Teen admits attempting to murder 6-year-old at London gallery
A teenager who threw a young French boy from a viewing platform at the Tate Modern art gallery has pleaded guilty to attempted murder, the PA Media news agency reported. ... click to read more

Corrections officer class suspended for shocking photo
A number of employees of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation have been suspended amid an investigation into a photograph showing a training class apparently giving a Nazi salute, officials said. ... click to read more

Police say singer was speeding and drunk at the time of fatal crash
Kylie Rae Harris, a rising country star who died in a car wreck in September, was drunk and speeding at the time of the crash that killed her and a teenage driver in New Mexico, police said. ... click to read more

The stars of 'A Christmas Prince' franchise understand its ridiculousness
"A Christmas Prince" and its fantasy royal family are back just in time for the holidays. ... click to read more

If you think Gen Z is entitled and lazy, you haven't met these four kids
Kids today sometimes get a bad rap -- they're on their phones too much, they don't respect their elders, they're entitled. ... click to read more

Camila Cabello sings a strange version of 'Bad Guy'
Watch Camila Cabello sing a unique rendition of Billie Eilish's "Bady Guy" on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". ... click to read more

KFC is selling a chicken-scented fire log
Ahhhh yes, the chill of winter has descended upon us once again. And that means the time has come to slip on your fluffiest socks, snuggle up next to a crackling fire, and bask in the smoky scent of....chicken? ... click to read more

Jumping on a trampoline suspended in the air
The acrobatic basketball team Dunking Devils are back? with a new stunt - jumping off a trampoline suspended 100 ft in the air. ... click to read more

For the first time, this name is on the top 10 list for baby boys in the US
For the first time, Muhammad is one of the top 10 most popular baby names for boys in the United States, according to data from the parenting website BabyCenter. ... click to read more

You know this song by heart. Now it's a documentary
Amazon is debuting a mini documentary, "Mariah Carey is Christmas" on Carey's 1994 record, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The film will look into the history of the 25-year old song. ... click to read more

Why the college football playoff picture hinges on this one team
The four-team field for the College Football Playoff will be revealed Sunday, and depending on this weekend's conference championship games the selection committee's task will either be straightforward or tricky. ... click to read more

Box of dirt is a treasured college football artifact
Coy Wire goes on a tour of College Football's Hall of Fame vault, filled with over a million artifacts. ... click to read more

A comeback, redemption and broken records are just some of the storylines in 2019 sports
Despite all the doom and gloom in the news in 2019, this year in sports unified an ever-polarizing world. ... click to read more

Michigan State football senior bring his dogs to senior day
Michigan State, defensive cornerback, Josh Butler lost both of his parents before his final collegiate game. He walked onto the field with his two dogs instead. ... click to read more

His entire kindergarten class showed up for his adoption hearing
A boy in Michigan showed up at the courthouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday for an adoption hearing with his foster parents, and he had a crowd of unusual supporters. ... click to read more

A great-grandpa's Christmas song finally made it on the radio
Ho ho ho, ... click to read more

Meet 10 amazing men and women making the world a better place
CNN's Anderson Cooper reveals the top 10 CNN Heroes of the year. These individuals will be honored live on December 8 during "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute," and one will be named CNN Hero of the Year. ... click to read more

The week in 25 photos
Take a look at 25 photos of the week from November 28 through December 5. ... click to read more

Friendly floating robot CIMON-2 headed for International Space Station
On Sunday, SpaceX's Dragon capsule will dock at the International Space Station, bringing supplies, experiments including "mighty mice" -- oh, and a friendly robot to keep the astronauts company for the next three years. ... click to read more

Joe Biden goes off on voter over Ukraine question
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden confronts a voter at a New Hampton, Iowa, town hall after being asked about his son Hunter. ... click to read more

Greta Thunberg delivers sharp criticism at climate conference
Teen activist Greta Thunberg on Friday again criticized world leaders gathered for the COP25 conference in Madrid for not doing enough to stop the ecological crisis that's damaging the planet. ... click to read more

Peloton says you 'misinterpreted' its much-maligned holiday ad
Peloton hears the criticism lobbed at that holiday ad. But the company says critics just misread its inspiring message. ... click to read more

In New Zealand, McDonald's new McVeggie burger is not strictly vegetarian
McDonald's New Zealand has launched its McVeggie burger, but there's a catch that could leave meat-free patrons dismayed: It's not strictly vegetarian. ... click to read more

4 popular brands that came back from the dead
Everything old is new again — especially in retail. ... click to read more

Trump was elected to disrupt elite. Of course they want to impeach him
When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning. ... click to read more

Ajo is the story of a better America
Take a walk through the oasis of green grass and palm trees in the central plaza of the tiny Sonoran Desert town of Ajo in southwest Arizona. You're likely to run into a Native American from the Tohono O'odham tribe, a Hispanic from the United States or nearby Mexico, or a white person, whom the wh... click to read more

What's behind Pelosi's 'don't mess with me'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been using one phrase about her political and spiritual upbringing since long before she held elective office: ''We were all christened into the Roman Catholic Church and the Democratic Party.'' ... click to read more

If we are going to argue, let's do it right
Orlando Bailey, a 30-year-old black community organizer and lifelong Detroit resident, believes in the power of a good argument. ... click to read more

I went 'Looking for America' and found this
"Build the wall. Don't let the refugees in," said my immigrant mother not long after the 2016 election. She'd finagled 17 members of our family into the US resettlement program when Vietnam fell to the communists after the withdrawal of American forces in 1975. Our family ended up in Richmond, Virg... click to read more

Kasparov: I see post-truth Soviet world in the US
The totalitarian Soviet Union where I grew up tried to dominate the truth, to distort it and control it. Reality was whatever the Party put out on the nightly news, or in the official newspapers, Pravda, which means "Truth" and Izvestia, which means "News." ... click to read more

Move over, Joker. It's time for the original Superman
Superman was the first superhero ever created, and is still perhaps the best-known. But he isn't thought of as an especially relevant or timely character these days. He can outrun a speeding bullet, turn back time and come back from the dead. The one thing he can't do, apparently, is anchor a hit f... click to read more

$25 & up - Discounts on Orlando Theme Parks
... click to read more

Refi rates at 3.06% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

The vote that could destroy the United Kingdom
... click to read more

Watch bushfire rips through treetops
More than 100 blazes are burning across the southeastern state of New South Wales in Australia, and some right on the doorstep of Sydney. ... click to read more

'Princess Anne' is trending after NATO reception
• London mayor: Trump cares about white America • Macron corrects Trump: Let's be serious ... click to read more

How to live longer from what you eat
Want to live a long, healthy life? So do I. That's why for the past 15 years I've explored places around the world where people have done exactly that — places I dubbed "blue zones." And I'm convinced that the foods the people in these areas eat are a big part of their secret. ... click to read more

Global emissions will hit another record high
Carbon dioxide emissions are expected to reach another record high this year, a new report found Wednesday, with scientists warning the world is losing time to make the drastic reductions needed to avert a climate catastrophe. ... click to read more

3 killed in National Guard Black Hawk helicopter crash
Three members of the Minnesota National Guard have died after the Black Hawk helicopter they were in crashed 16 miles southwest of St. Cloud, Minnesota, Gov. Tim Walz said at a news conference Thursday. ... click to read more

A plumber returning home from work talked a man off the Brooklyn Bridge in a snowstorm
A New York plumber was on his way home from work in the middle of a snowstorm Monday afternoon when he saw someone standing on top of one of the Brooklyn Bridge's many beams. ... click to read more

A seasonal UPS employee confessed to stealing more than $1,000 worth of packages
A seasonal worker for UPS has been arrested following accusations of package theft. ... click to read more

Stunning photos show our complex relationship with animals
... click to read more

Waiting game: An extended look at how we queue
... click to read more

The artificial glacier growing in the desert
... click to read more

10 most famous paintings in the world
... click to read more

Never-before-seen photos of Rihanna
... click to read more

A short history of the fashion show
... click to read more

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