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CNN Top Stories
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July 3, 2020

As Americans prepare for July 4, Covid-19 patients are rapidly filling hospitals across the South and West
As Americans head into a holiday weekend in the shadow of a ravaging coronavirus pandemic, some governors are rethinking their stance on face coverings after days of record infections. ... click to read more

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson tests positive for Covid-19
... click to read more

This is how Canada crushed the curve while the US struggles
CNN'S Paula Newton explains what measures Canadians are taking to flatten the curve as countries continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump has no idea why he wants a second term
Sometimes the simplest questions are the most revealing. ... click to read more

'Beyond irresponsible': Doctor slams Trump for tonight's event
Dr. Celine Gounder called the Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore, which President Trump is attending, "beyond irresponsible" as coronavirus cases increase in the US. The event will not require masks or social distancing. ... click to read more

Doctors: For all of our patients, we prescribe voting at home
One need not look any further than the primaries in states like Georgia and Wisconsin to see that Covid-19 has made voting a public health issue. In Georgia, absentee ballot delays meant that voters who'd planned to vote remotely had to risk infection by waiting for hours in crowded lines at pollin... click to read more

Doctor debunks Trump's latest tweet on coronavirus
Dr. Jennifer Lee explains to CNN's Jim Sciutto why Trump is wrong to blame the rise on Covid-19 to increased testing. ... click to read more

Of course Donald Trump wants fireworks over Mount Rushmore
• 5 American vacationers denied entry to Sardinia under new EU rules • Monument protection is top priority for Trump administration this July 4th weekend ... click to read more

High school baseball player says fans yelled, 'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'
... click to read more

Yes, all of these things have already happened in 2020
... click to read more

Analysis: Take a quick breath, 2020 is only half over
2020 has so far been a mess of frightening existential threats, previously unimaginable lifestyle changes and inspiring moments of genuine change all crashing into each other. ... click to read more

Sources: 8 Secret Service agents remain in Phoenix with coronavirus after Pence trip
At least eight Secret Service agents are currently holed up in a hotel in Phoenix, some suffering the flu-like coronavirus symptoms after coming down with the disease while preparing for a visit by Vice President Mike Pence, two people familiar with the matter say. ... click to read more

Mary Trump surfaces in written testimony as fight over publication of book rages on
• Court sides with publisher of tell-all book by Trump's niece ... click to read more

Fact check: Biden lambasts the President on coronavirus response
Hours after the June jobs report -- which announced an increase of 4.8 million jobs -- was released Thursday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech lambasting President Donald Trump over his response to the coronavirus. ... click to read more

Jake Tapper reveals what made him nervous about his best-seller that is now a movie
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Brooke Baldwin about the new movie, "The Outpost," which is based on his best-selling 2012 book about the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan. ... click to read more

Opinion: These are true patriots. Trump sees them as enemies
Marching and chanting, grieving and kneeling, countless Americans have braved tear gas and rubber bullets over the past six weeks to send an unequivocal message to their elected leaders: that they will not stand idly by as racial injustice continues to tear at our country. ... click to read more

Texas hospital brought reporter to tears
CNN's Miguel Marquez goes inside a San Antonio, Texas, hospital that is becoming overwhelmed with patients as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. ... click to read more

Ex-Trump supporter: Based on my friends, he has no chance
CNN's Jeff Zeleny speaks to longtime Republicans in Florida who say they will not vote for President Donald Trump in November because of his response to the coronavirus pandemic. ... click to read more

Brie Larson reveals the roles she lost out on
Before she was "Captain Marvel," Brie Larson says she missed out on some big movies. ... click to read more

Jellyfish the size of dinner plates are invading beaches this weekend
Some beaches in the northeastern United States are dealing with more than the threat of COVID-19 this holiday weekend. They have to contend with an unwelcome visitor: the Lion's Mane jellyfish. ... click to read more

Young daughter crashing mom's live BBC interview will be the best thing you see today
Two live home interviews on BBC and Sky News in England had adorable interruptions on the same day. ... click to read more

How to keep pets calm and safe around fireworks
Fireworks explode like magnified gunfire in the exquisitely sensitive ears of many of our pets. ... click to read more

Singer slams Netflix over film she says 'glamorizes' sexual violence
... click to read more

Comedian opens up about moment he collapsed on stage
Comedian D.L. Hughley talks with CNN's John Berman about his recovery from coronavirus, and explains what lead up to him passing out and collapsing during one of his performances. ... click to read more

Kobe Bryant will be memorialized on the cover of NBA 2K21
Kobe Bryant will be memorialized on the cover of NBA 2K21. ... click to read more

Dad stunned by what he saw on his family's home security camera
A Connecticut man says he was stunned to see his 9-year-old son hiding from police on home surveillance video despite his family having positive experience with officers in the community. CNN affiliate News 12 Connecticut reports. ... click to read more

Think of these babies the next time you question wearing a mask
... click to read more

Brooke Baldwin brought to tears by colleague's harrowing story
CNN's Brooke Baldwin shares a story from her friend and coworker Chelsea McGinnis, who recently delivered premature twins but can't take them home because of coronavirus. ... click to read more

Booking a cabin this Fourth of July? Here's what's safe and what's not
It's almost the Fourth of July, and while most of us are used to spending the day with friends at the beach or by the pool, this year we're celebrating a little differently. ... click to read more

Analysis: This is a wake-up call for the American dream
This fourth of July, nationwide protests and the Covid-19 crisis have forced America to recognize the ugly inequality lying just beneath its star-spangled surface. ... click to read more

UFC star's father dies 'from Covid-19 complications'
The father and trainer of UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Abdulmanap, has died, the fighter's management team confirmed on Friday in a statement sent to CNN. ... click to read more

4th of July sales are in full swing
... click to read more

The best blenders of 2020
... click to read more

How to go on the safest road trip possible
... click to read more

Apple Watch Series 3 is down to $169 on Amazon
... click to read more

20 of our favorite face masks on Etsy
... click to read more

A vintage clothing store isn't arguing with customers about wearing masks
Antique Sugar co-owner Sarah Bingham is tired of arguing with customers who don't want to put on a mask before coming into the vintage clothing shop in Phoenix, Arizona. ... click to read more

Every dog year isn't equal to 7 human years, researchers say
How do you compare a dog's age to that of a person? A popular method says you should multiply the dog's age by 7 to compute how old Fido is in "human years." ... click to read more

Chris Cuomo: Florida governor had a chance to speak, and he spoke too soon
CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) praising his own response to the pandemic in May now that Florida has recorded nearly 10,000 new daily cases of coronavirus. ... click to read more

The week in 30 photos
Take a look at 30 photos of the week from June 26 through July 2. ... click to read more

Jeff Bezos is so rich he just set a new record
The economy might be a shambles, but Jeff Bezos' wallet couldn't tell. He's now worth nearly $172 billion, a new record for the world's richest person, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. ... click to read more

It's a scary time to be unemployed. These people still chose to get laid off
Wendell Stinnett had been planning to work for at least another four years, maybe even eight. Instead he agreed this summer to walk away from the job he's had for 31 years. ... click to read more

Coca-Cola is shutting down Odwalla juice
Coca-Cola is shutting down the juice and smoothie brand Odwalla at the end of July. ... click to read more

Ghislaine Maxwell is in a tough spot
More than 10 months after the death of Jeffrey Epstein and Attorney General William Barr's declaration that Epstein's "co-conspirators should not rest easy," the next domino has fallen with the Southern District of New York's indictment of Epstein's alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell for operatin... click to read more

Black Lives Matter redefined July 4
Racial justice protests around the nation make this Fourth of July perhaps the most important in American history. Independence Day 2020 is imbued with new meaning about what it means to be an American, rooted in a collective effort to squarely confront the bitter and beautiful struggles that shape... click to read more

One surefire way to stop Covid-19
If you're venturing outside this holiday weekend, there is now more evidence than ever that wearing a face mask may be the single most important step you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones. ... click to read more

When the pandemic got serious, we got creative
The pandemic has forced everyone -- including students -- indoors. And like many, they've struggled to figure out how to navigate this new reality. In the absence of club meetings, sports practices and social outings, several have turned to their old friend -- creativity -- reimagining a world in w... click to read more

What the fall of the 'girlboss' reveals
Last month several female founders stepped down after they were accused of creating toxic workplaces for the people of color they employed. ... click to read more

The real Russia hoax
President Donald Trump has termed the richly reported stories that the Russians paid Afghan militants bounties to kill US soldiers based in Afghanistan a "hoax." ... click to read more

At 57, my degree was my way of saying, 'I matter'
After racking up six college transcripts over 40 years, I was finally going to graduate with a master's in creative writing. At 57, there were a lot of people I was looking forward to celebrating this accomplishment with -- and many more I intended to thank for supporting me. ... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.53% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Pay 0% interest until 2021 with a better card
... click to read more

This may be the big winner of the market crash
... click to read more

Turkey convicts human rights activists on terror charges
A Turkish court sentenced four Amnesty International activists to between two and six years in prison on terrorism charges in a high-profile trial Friday, which the human rights group described as a "travesty of justice of spectacular proportions." ... click to read more

'Towering' musical activist laid to rest after week of anger
At least 81 people are dead in Ethiopia in massive protests that erupted after the killing of singer and activist Hachalu Hundessa, local police commissioner told state media. CNN's Eleni Giokos reports. ... click to read more

Celebrated Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan dies at 71
Saroj Khan, a celebrated Indian choreographer behind some of Bollywood's biggest productions, has died aged 71, her doctor has told CNN. ... click to read more

Agency warns hundreds of thousands more could die from Covid-19 in Latin America
More than 121,000 people have died of the coronavirus in Latin America and the Caribbean so far. ... click to read more

Trial begins for 20 Saudis charged Jamal Khashoggi's murder
The trial of 20 Saudi nationals charged with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi opened in an Istanbul courtroom on Friday, and his fiancée hopes the case will offer new clues to the whereabouts of the dissident journalist's remains. ... click to read more

Arizona health department demands gyms close or face legal action
The Arizona Department of Health Services has demanded that three gyms in Arizona close immediately or face a court action, according to a statement from the department's spokesman. ... click to read more

A Black man tried to cash his first paycheck. The teller called 911.
Paul McCowns walked into an Ohio bank clutching his first paycheck from a new job at an electric company. But instead of cashing the check worth about $1,000, the teller called 911. ... click to read more

A police officer in photos near where Elijah McClain was put in a chokehold has resigned
An Aurora, Colorado, police officer under investigation for photos taken near the site where Elijah McClain was placed in a chokehold last August has resigned, the police department said Thursday. ... click to read more

A Miami-Dade officer who struck a woman at an airport will be terminated, officials say
Termination proceedings have been initiated against a Miami-Dade police officer who struck a woman who he said struck him during an argument at Miami International Airport. ... click to read more

NFL will play the Black national anthem before Week 1 games
The NFL plans to have the song "Lift Every Voice and Sing" -- known as the Black national anthem -- performed live or played before every game in Week 1 of the NFL season, a source familiar with the league's discussions told CNN on Thursday. ... click to read more

Why gay-friendly Taiwan is a creative haven for LGBTQ art
Around this time last year, Taiwan was gearing up to host Asia's largest ever Pride parade having just become the first place on the continent to legalize same-sex marriage. ... click to read more

Kanye West's latest music video was directed by artist Arthur Jafa
Artist Arthur Jafa created the artwork and directed the music video for Kanye West's latest song, "Wash Us in the Blood." The song will appear on West's forthcoming album, "God's Country," and was released as part of a larger roll out of upcoming projects called #WESTDAYEVER. ... click to read more

Francis Bacon painting sells for $84M at first-of-its-kind virtual auction
A Francis Bacon triptych sold for over $84 million during a virtual auction at Sotheby's, on what was an encouraging -- and highly unusual -- evening for the coronavirus-hit art market. ... click to read more

The drama that changed TV history 30 years ago
Before Netflix, before sagas like "Game of Thrones" -- before high-speed internet -- there was "Twin Peaks." ... click to read more

People are calling for museums to be abolished. Can whitewashed American history be rewritten?
After years of resisting calls for its removal, New York's American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) has asked the city to dislodge from its front steps an equestrian monument to Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth US president, which depicts him charging forward, and towering over two mostly nude... click to read more

'Hamilton' -- 4 things to know in honor of July 4th
... click to read more

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