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CNN Top Stories
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December 14, 2019

The Wisconsin Elections Commission was instructed to remove voters who may have moved recently
Roughly 234,000 voters are to be removed from Wisconsin's rolls because they may have moved recently, a county judge ruled Friday. ... click to read more

We've been fighting over who gets to vote since 1787
The United States is a democracy, which means everyone gets to vote in US elections, right? Wrong. Who gets to vote and how easy it is for those voters to cast their ballots has been an ongoing fight since the U.S. Constitution was written. ... click to read more

2020 Democrats say they won't participate in December debate if they have to cross picket line
All seven Democratic presidential candidates who met the qualifications to participate in next week's debate declared their support on Friday for a local labor union and said they would not participate in the debate if they have to cross the union's picket line. ... click to read more

Buttigieg releases list of major fundraisers after sparring with Warren about transparency
Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign on Friday released a list of its bundlers following weeks of trading barbs with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren over campaign transparency. ... click to read more

Swing state voter: I dislike Trump, but this is drastic
CNN's Miguel Marquez speaks with voters in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state, about how views of President Donald Trump have evolved as the impeachment inquiry heats up. ... click to read more

Nearly all-white debate stage frustrates Democrats seeking more representative field
The most diverse field of Democratic presidential candidates in history is now boiled down to a debate stage that lacks black or Latino candidates. ... click to read more

Ex-Breitbart Editor: Stephen Miller is a white supremacist. I know, I was one too.
• More than 900 emails between Breitbart and Miller revealed. Here's what they said ... click to read more

McConnell's coordination with White House on impeachment worries Democrats
• Watch: 'Why is it ever OK?' CNN reporter presses lawmaker • Opinion: McConnell's impeachment plan is a sham to protect Trump ... click to read more

Analysis: The Supreme Court just jumped into the political deep end with Trump taxes lawsuit
Supreme Court will decide whether the President can keep his financial records secret ... click to read more

North Korea says it conducted another 'crucial test' at missile site
North Korean state media has reported that "another crucial test" was successfully conducted at the country's Sohae Satellite Launching Ground late Friday. ... click to read more

New Orleans mayor declares state of emergency in wake of city cyberattack
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell declared a state of emergency Friday after the city was hit by a cyberattack. ... click to read more

'Nobody is allowed': Access to Trump's calls with foreign leaders tightens
President Donald Trump's senior aides have further restricted the number of administration officials allowed to listen to the President's phone calls with foreign leaders since his July 25 call with Ukraine's President was revealed and became the centerpiece of the impeachment inquiry, according to... click to read more

Man convicted of beheading a woman among outgoing governor's hundreds of pardons and commutations
Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin issued hundreds of pardons and commutations of sentence in his final days in office after his November defeat to Democrat Andy Beshear, some of which are for violent offenses. ... click to read more

CNN's Brooke Baldwin: I've got to get this off my chest
CNN's Brooke Baldwin responds to President Donald Trump's Twitter attacks on 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. ... click to read more

Oregon officers can no longer ask random questions during traffic stops
When Mario Arreola-Botello was pulled over, he didn't understand much of what the Oregon police officer was telling him. ... click to read more

Jeffrey Toobin: Trump's Thunberg attack is fair game
A CNN panel debates a tweet by President Donald Trump attacking climate activist Greta Thunberg after she was named Time magazine's Person of the Year. ... click to read more

A runner who smacked a reporter's backside on air now faces charges
The man accused of slapping a news reporter on the backside while she was reporting live in Savannah, Georgia, last week has been arrested and charged with sexual battery, according to her employer, CNN affiliate WSAV. ... click to read more

SuperShuttle airport business is shutting down for good at the end of the year
Commuter company SuperShuttle, which has ferried fliers to and from dozens of airports since 1983, said it will shut down permanently effective December 31. ... click to read more

Man who slapped reporter's backside on live TV apologizes
WSAV TV reporter Alex Bozarjian was reporting live from a race in Savannah, Georgia, when a runner hit her on her backside. ... click to read more

Lawyer reported as missing died in car crash, police say
An attorney was reported missing in Atlanta earlier this week was injured in a car wreck and died at a local hospital, the South Fulton Police Department said Friday in a press release. ... click to read more

Sally Field arrested at climate protest
Sally Field was the latest star to join Jane Fonda's weekly climate protests. She left Friday's rainy demonstration in front of the Capitol in plastic cable tie handcuffs. ... click to read more

Deaf baby reacts to hearing mom's voice
Each morning, 4-month-old Georgina Addison's parents turn her hearing aids on, and video of her reacting to her mother's voice has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Twitter. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

Finalists from LSU, Oklahoma and OSU vie for the 2019 Heisman Trophy
The most outstanding player in college football will be awarded the 2019 Heisman Trophy on Saturday night. ... click to read more

Radio legend Tom Joyner signs off after 25 years on the air
"Oh, oh, oh, it's the Tom Joyner Morning Show!" has been heard for the last time. ... click to read more

Science teacher's epic experiments go viral
The internet is falling in love with a physics professor at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after his students tweeted videos of his lessons. CNN affiliate WTKR reports. ... click to read more

Reality TV show host charged with assault
Caroline Flack, the presenter of hit British reality TV show "Love Island," has been charged with assault, police confirmed on Friday. ... click to read more

PGA golfer busted in Florida sex crime sting
PGA golfer Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey was among more than 100 people arrested over a six-day sex crime sting in Florida. ... click to read more

The best Christmas markets around the world
From Toronto to France, here are a few destination-worthy Christmas markets ... click to read more

A shop owner went into hospice. This competitor helped out for free.
Dave McAdams and his wife, Tina, opened their coffee shop in Oak Grove, Oregon, a year ago, but he's been an active part of the community for years as a youth pastor, a baseball coach, the Rotary Club and even the Portland Ghostbusters group. ... click to read more

Video shows man's quick reaction when neighbor's dog its leash stuck in elevator doors
A man saved his neighbor's dog after its leash got caught in an elevator door on Monday and their apartment security cameras captured the rescue. ... click to read more

Meet the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year
It's something that girls and young women in western countries can't imagine: missing school, even dropping out, because of their periods. Yet as many as half the girls in rural parts of Ethiopia miss school for reasons related to their periods -- and that can have a devastating effect on their ed... click to read more

Opinion: What heroes do that most of us don't
December is a time to take stock of the year gone by. We look back, congratulating ourselves for the good we've already achieved and identifying those goals to which we're still aspiring. Often, we're grateful that a whole new year lies before us, offering a path to fulfilling those very aspiration... click to read more

Transit worker rescued man from oncoming train
A California rapid transit employee is being hailed as a hero for rescuing a man who fell onto the tracks as a train was approaching the platform. ... click to read more

She sued Tinder, founded Bumble, and is now CEO of a dating empire
... click to read more

Disney's CEO just took the biggest risk of his career
Bob Iger is on top of the world. ... click to read more

World's biggest brands have a garbage problem
The world's largest consumer goods companies have a big problem: The plastic waste that piles up in landfills and oceans has their corporate logos all over it. ... click to read more

He wants to change how Americans spend money
To say that Vijay Shekhar Sharma is ambitious is an understatement. The founder of Paytm, India's largest digital payments company, has already revolutionized the way 400 million people spend money — whether it's buying dinner, paying an electric bill or sending money to a friend. ... click to read more

13-year-old arrested in stabbing death of college student
• Slain Barnard student 'was committed to music. It was her art form' ... click to read more

This US city will pay you $15,000 to move there
... click to read more

This community of 3D-printed homes will stun you
Housing non-profit New Story has partnered with ICON to create the first 3D printed housing community. The houses will be granted to families in Mexico living in extreme poverty and who are currently in make-shift housing. ... click to read more

The luxury yacht that turns into a submarine
It looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie, but this concept might just signal that the future of superyachts is sub-aquatic. ... click to read more

Why Netflix may need to cut prices and run ads
Netflix executives have repeatedly said the company will not run ads to generate more revenue. But with competition getting more intense, one Wall Street analyst thinks Netflix should offer a cheaper ad-supported service. ... click to read more

IHOP is trying out a new restaurant concept
IHOP, known for booth seating, table service and, of course, pancakes, is trying something a little different — a new restaurant concept called Flip'd by IHOP. ... click to read more

Using machine learning to make work 'suck a little less'
Technology is a blessing and a curse for the modern office worker. Lightning-fast computers make the impossible possible. But constant distraction and friction slows work down. ... click to read more

Nancy Pelosi gave in to Trump's haters
I believe Nancy Pelosi. ... click to read more

A warning sign for Democrats
Democrats should be paying close attention to the Labour Party's brutal beating in the UK elections last night. ... click to read more

'Moonstruck' actor was a hero to late bloomers
Danny Aiello, the Brooklyn-born, Oscar-nominated character actor who died at 86 Thursday, was, among many things, a paradigm of the late bloomer and an inspiration for anybody who believes their best selves are never far removed from discovery, no matter how old they are. ... click to read more

Christi Paul: I connected with other abused women -- and it changed me
Several years ago, I walked into an auditorium full of women in Atlanta. I was there to participate in a panel alongside other women to talk about something we all had in common: abuse. We knew what it felt like to be hurt, to feel threatened, to feel forgotten by someone we loved. ... click to read more

6 words that describe a 'real American'
"Six words describe a real American: 'Gee, I guess I was wrong.' When's the last time you said that within someone else's hearing?" ... click to read more

Sound the alarm on deadly US-Russia threat
As I looked around the large square conference table, I watched the faces settle into worried frowns. Russians and Americans, several of whom once had responsibility for their nations' nuclear weapons, all members of the Dartmouth Conference, the oldest continual bi-lateral dialogue between America... click to read more

Refinance today and you could save $23,000
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

The one stock for the death of the iPhone
... click to read more

Johnson may have stormed to victory, but he's got a problem
• See full UK election results • Watch Johnson's speech at Downing Street ... click to read more

Watch Johnson's first full speech as returning PM
Boris Johnson urged a message of unity for the UK in his first speech as Prime Minister since securing a majority in the UK's 2019 election. Watch the full address at 10 Downing Street. ... click to read more

Rapist on death row: Let the pollution kill me
... click to read more

Qantas picks Airbus over Boeing
Qantas is choosing Airbus over Boeing as a partner to fly the world's longest passenger routes. It's yet another blow to the embattled American aircraft maker, which continues to weather fallout from the 737 Max crisis. ... click to read more

Hundreds of people join hunger strike in India
... click to read more

The ex-concierge who killed these Boston doctors gets life in prison
... click to read more

Jersey City attack survivor came face-to-face with shooter, reports say
When two shooters opened fire on a kosher supermarket in Jersey City on Tuesday, one person was able to escape. ... click to read more

Crews have finished removing 320,000 gallons of oil and water from overturned cargo ship
Crews have completed removing fuel from the Golden Ray, a cargo ship that has been overturned in St. Simons Sound off Georgia since early September, the St. Simons Sound Unified Command said Thursday. ... click to read more

Police release 911 calls from shootout with men who stole UPS truck
After a police chase in Florida ended in a shooting at a crowded intersection last week, leaving four people dead, authorities released audio of several 911 phone calls that depict the chaos and fear prevalent among the bystanders. ... click to read more

The artificial glacier growing in the desert
... click to read more

England's oldest horse race is a curious tradition rich in history
... click to read more

10 most famous paintings in the world
... click to read more

Never-before-seen photos of Rihanna
... click to read more

The most notorious modern-day jewelry heists
... click to read more

A short history of the fashion show
... click to read more

The rise of the 'Star Wars' trolls
"Star Wars" has always enjoyed a strong bond with fans, which has become one of its defining features. Yet as "The Rise of Skywalker" brings the original saga to a close, the rise of trolls threatens to fundamentally change that relationship. ... click to read more

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