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CNN Top Stories
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August 9, 2020

As of this week, five states account for more than 40% of the nation's infections
The US is nearing five million cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic -- and as experts have highlighted in the past, the true number of infections could be many times higher. ... click to read more

John King breaks down latest Covid-19 numbers
CNN's John King breaks down the latest coronavirus numbers in the US, where cases are trending up in six states and down in 25. ... click to read more

Top White House economic adviser defends Trump
The White House's top economic adviser on Sunday defended a series of executive actions President Donald Trump signed a day earlier to provide economic relief amid the coronavirus pandemic, attempting to explain how states will be able to work with the federal government to provide assistance to Am... click to read more

Pelosi calls Trump's executive actions 'absurdly unconstitutional'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called President Donald Trump's executive actions on coronavirus relief "absurdly unconstitutional." ... click to read more

9 cases reported at Georgia high school days after photo taken of crowded hallway
... click to read more

Breaking down the executive actions Trump signed
With stimulus talks stalled, President Donald Trump announced he would go around Congress to deliver aid to Americans affected by the pandemic. ... click to read more

Opinion: Donald Trump's five revealing words
These five words may be the most un-Trumpian thing Donald Trump has ever said: "It is what it is." ... click to read more

Trump thinks he's been given vast new powers. Now he's going to use them
The good news is that President Donald Trump is aiming to help Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, signing executive actions to extend expanded unemployment benefits and a moratorium on evictions. ... click to read more

Stelter shows theme in right-wing talk radio's attack on Biden
CNN's Brian Stelter highlights a common theme as right-wing talk radio shows target 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden. ... click to read more

NYT: White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore
White House aides reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process of adding additional presidents to Mount Rushmore, the New York Times reported. ... click to read more

Ohio governor warns against seeing tests as unreliable after he received a false positive
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday warned Americans against seeing coronavirus tests as unreliable days after he received a false positive result before a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump. ... click to read more

CNN anchor to Trump supporter: What you're saying is unscientific
CNN's Boris Sanchez had a spirited exchange with Bikers for Trump Founder Chris Cox over his claims on the coronavirus pandemic and its origins. ... click to read more

In a shocking plea, a former aide confesses to killing an Arkansas state senator
The suspect in the killing of former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith has pleaded guilty -- a shocking twist to a case that rocked the small community of Pocahontas. ... click to read more

CNN reporter: That was a historic fact-check moment
When fact-checked by a reporter about his false claim that he signed into law the Veterans Choice bill, President Donald Trump swiftly ended a news conference with reporters. CNN's Daniel Dale has more. ... click to read more

How Trump's payroll tax holiday could affect your Social Security
President Donald Trump's push for a payroll tax holiday could leave Social Security and Medicare on even shakier ground. ... click to read more

Testers: Some commonly used coronavirus masks don't offer much protection
Schools are reopening, amusement parks are welcoming back visitors, and outdoor dining is the new way to eat out. But despite the signs that life is returning back to normal, the coronavirus pandemic has gone nowhere. ... click to read more

Europe's biggest countries are seeing Covid surges -- but not this one
A horrifying moment in the Covid-19 pandemic hit Italy on March 27, 2020, when the civil protection authorities announced that 969 people had died in just 24 hours. In the weeks before that, images of coffins stacked up in church parlors and being driven down the streets of the northern Italian tow... click to read more

One killed and off-duty officer among five injured in shooting at motorcycle club
One person was killed and an off-duty police officer was injured in a shooting at a motorcycle club in Alabama, authorities said. ... click to read more

Fareed: Trump's internet initiatives starting to look like China's
CNN's Fareed Zakaria gives his take on the Trump administration's plan to ban almost all Chinese IT products, including the popular video application TikTok, if it stays in Chinese hands. ... click to read more

1 dead and at least nine hospitalized after a Washington DC shooting
One person is dead and at least nine people were taken to nearby hospitals after an overnight shooting in Washington, DC, authorities told CNN. ... click to read more

Jill Biden plans to continue to teach if she becomes first lady
Jill Biden, a community college professor, says that if her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, is elected president and she becomes first lady, she plans to continue her work as a teacher. ... click to read more

6 injured in Philadelphia shooting, police say
Six people were shot in Philadelphia Saturday night, including a pregnant woman, police said. ... click to read more

NYPD lawsuit highlights the tension between police and oversight agencies
On the heels of protests shining a light on police brutality, law enforcement agencies are under pressure to be more transparent when addressing accusations of bad behavior by their officers. ... click to read more

'The rest of the world is laughing at us': Doctor blasts huge biker rally
CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner weighs in on the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. This year's gathering is expected to draw about 250,000 people from across the country, and Reiner says it has the potential to be a "super spreader" event. ... click to read more

5.1-magnitude earthquake strikes along North Carolina-Virginia border
A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit about 2 miles from the town of Sparta, North Carolina, along the state's border with Virginia, according to the US Geological Survey. ... click to read more

What not to do in a bear attack? Push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself, says the National Park Service
If you're being confronted by a bear, there's a few things you should know before running away. ... click to read more

This police dog found a missing mom and her baby during its first shift on the force
A missing mother and her 1-year-old baby were found after a very good boy named Max discovered them on the edge of a ravine. ... click to read more

Watch twins lose it while listening to '80s hit song for first time
A video of twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams listening to Phil Collins' 1981 debut single "In the Air Tonight" for the first time is lighting up the internet. CNN's Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell have more. ... click to read more

66 NFL players have opted out over virus concerns. What this means for the season
For a full-contact sport like football -- in which it's virtually impossible to avoid being close to others, even under the strictest guidelines -- it is all but certain more players will test positive for the coronavirus, experts say. ... click to read more

Father saves kids from huge alligator
Andrew Grande, a Texas father, saved his kids from an approximately 12-foot alligator looming in a canal they were near. ... click to read more

Gandhi's glasses, worth more than $19,000, were left hanging out of an auctioneer's letterbox
... click to read more

Woman attacks another after she is asked to put on mask
A woman has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attacking another woman after she asked her to properly wear a face mask at a New Jersey Staples store, police said. ... click to read more

Why the George Floyd protests are different than previous demonstrations
The George Floyd police brutality protests are different -- bigger, fiercer, more sustained -- than demonstrations prior. ... click to read more

After a White man erased a girl's 'Black Lives Matter' drawing, neighbors stepped up
Every day for nearly a week, Manette Sharick and her 3-year-old daughter, Zhuri, drew "Black Lives Matter" in chalk across the sidewalk outside their home in Concord, California. ... click to read more

Colorado DA orders investigation after police draw guns on Black mom and kids in mixup
Colorado's district attorney is launching an investigation into an incident in which Aurora police drew their guns on a Black woman and four minors after mistaking her car for one that had been stolen. ... click to read more

Portland Police declare a riot after people tried to start a fire at police office
Portland Police said a peaceful demonstration turned into a riot on Saturday night after a group of people broke into a Portland Police Association office and tried to start a fire. ... click to read more

Milwaukee police chief demoted after multiple incidents of 'failed leadership'
As cities across the country rethink community policing, Milwaukee's police oversight board has demoted the city's police chief due to lack of communication and following the use of tear gas against protesters in the wake of George Floyd's death. ... click to read more

Wendy's is eating McDonald's breakfast
On March 2, Wendy's finally launched its highly anticipated breakfast menu nationwide. Then, two weeks later, the morning commute basically collapsed because of lockdown measures encouraging people to work from home. ... click to read more

College dining will look completely different this fall
As the pandemic continues to surge across the country, colleges and universities are making multiple changes to try to keep students and staffers safe. ... click to read more

The latest US food trend is 1950s nostalgia with the return of carhops
When the coronavirus pandemic shut down his restaurants, Colton Weiss knew that to survive, he would need a creative (and safe) solution to keep serving his customers. ... click to read more

Opinion: Covid's next casualty is American restaurants
Restaurants help establish the unique character of our communities. But "restaurants are dying," says legendary chef Marcus Samuelsson. "Four out of five of our favorite independent restaurants may not survive this shutdown." ... click to read more

He's been stung 1,000 times -- for science
Justin Schmidt is in the business of pain. ... click to read more

Actor's hilarious quarantine videos take internet by storm
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to actor Leslie Jordan about his life during the coronavirus pandemic in a new segment called "You and Your Quarantine." Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm ET. ... click to read more

These are the twins whose first-time reaction to hearing Phil Collins has captured the internet
The almost eight-minute long video begins with Tim Williams and his twin brother, Fred, sitting side by side. ... click to read more

The best liquid eyeliners of 2020
Is there any better feeling than nailing the perfect cat-eye on your first attempt and confidently sauntering through the day, knowing that it'll still be intact the next time you pass a mirror? (Well, probably — but it's pretty up there, is what we're saying.) ... click to read more

Instacart went on a hiring spree. These workers got squeezed
After Kenneth Bloom retired from a career in the grocery business, he didn't stray far. The 61-year-old focused on delivering groceries for Instacart, a role he'd been doing as a side-gig before retirement. The work gave him more flexibility, a source of income to supplement his pension, and the ch... click to read more

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway earnings jumped 87% as it recovers from the pandemic
Berkshire Hathaway is recovering from a rough start to a year in which it was hard hit by the coronavirus. Its second quarter earnings, released Saturday morning, were up almost 87% from last year, and a big turnaround from its huge first quarter loss. ... click to read more

These unknown brands took over store shelves while Purell and Clorox disappeared
Walk into any drug store, grocery chain or market today, and you'll be hit with a wall of hand sanitizers and cleaning products that help fight against the coronavirus — but most have names that are unfamiliar to the average shopper. ... click to read more

GM unveils its first fully-electric Cadillac SUV
In a major bid to compete with Tesla and other electric vehicle makers, General Motors unveiled the Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV Thursday night. The Lyriq is the first fully-electric Cadillac introduced by GM, which is preparing to unveil a whole new lineup of electric cars, trucks and SUVs. ... click to read more

The mystery of Dr. Birx
As the Covid-19 debacle continues to worsen, Dr. Deborah Birx, who entered the scene in March as Corona Task Force Chair Vice President Mike Pence's "right arm," has emerged as a new person to blame. ... click to read more

What Cameron Diaz doesn't have to explain
In an interview this week with Gwyneth Paltrow, the actress Cameron Diaz discussed her decision to quit acting, offering reasons that focused on bettering her quality of life. "I had gone so hard for so long," she told Paltrow in an episode of "In goop Health: The Sessions" series, and mentioned 12... click to read more

Michelle Obama and Melinda Gates: What worries us
Today should have been a school day for 15-year-old Fortunate Ayomirwoth. But for the past five months, her school has been closed. Fortunate now spends her days at home in a small suburb of Kampala, Uganda, doing chores, caring for her four younger siblings, and hoping there will be enough food to... click to read more

Susan Rice is the VP Biden needs
Joe Biden has a high-class problem. He has a short list of highly qualified women, who would all serve as excellent running mates. ... click to read more

Don't blame fate for Beirut's cruel tragedy
Sometimes, it seems as if fate is trying to prove its unlimited capacity for cruelty. When the skies over Beirut exploded on Tuesday, sending shockwaves felt all the way to Cyprus, 150 miles away in the Mediterranean, and devastating much of a city that was once known as the Paris of the Middle Eas... click to read more

Refi rates at 2.47% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

Pay 0% interest until 2021 with a better card
... click to read more

5 stocks under $49 could be worth $2.2T
... click to read more

'Everything is gone.' Flooding is bad news for the world's second-largest economy
... click to read more

Presidential candidate flees her apartment on eve of election in Belarus
The main opposition candidate in Belarus' Sunday presidential election went into hiding the night before challenging longtime leader Alexander Lukashenko, who is seeking his sixth term. ... click to read more

World leaders pledge aid to Beirut, a day after violent protests
French President Emmanuel Macron will bring together world leaders via video on Sunday to pledge aid to help Lebanon rebuild after the devastating explosion that ripped through its capital, Beirut, five days ago. ... click to read more

London endured plagues, fires and wars. Will it weather Covid-19?
The impact of Covid-19 is being felt in London, where previously bustling streets are now often deserted and some shops are still shuttered. But the British capital has a long history of enduring hardship. CNN's Phil Black reports. ... click to read more

This is what happens when the liberal WNBA and a Republican senator collide
The WNBA took the political center stage this week. Players from the Atlanta Dream wore shirts endorsing a political opponent (Raphael Warnock) of team co-owner and Georgia Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Loeffler had been critical of Black Lives Matter; many of the players endorse the movement. ... click to read more

Two police officers in Georgia put on leave after shooting at minors
Two police officers in Georgia are on administrative leave after shooting at five minors during a vehicle stop Saturday morning. ... click to read more

High-speed police chase kills 2 bystanders, hurts 2 more
Two bystanders were killed Friday and two more injured by a suspect vehicle in a high-speed police chase, Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said. ... click to read more

Couple restores antique sewing machine to make face masks
After sitting idle for several decades, a nearly 100-year-old sewing machine has been put to good use during the Covid-19 pandemic. ... click to read more

Inside the federal prison where three out of every four inmates have tested positive for coronavirus
When James Giannetta first called his brother Russ in late June to tell him that the coronavirus was beginning to spread in his Texas federal prison, Russ could hear the fear in his voice. "This place is exploding," James warned. ... click to read more

Kendall Jenner opens the doors to her bohemian LA home
Kendall Jenner may hail from one of America's most lavish celebrity families, but her Los Angeles home is more toned-down than you might expect. ... click to read more

Beyoncé's 'Black Is King' is a feast of fashion and symbolism
There are many quotable lines and lyrics in "Black Is King," Beyoncé's new visual album, which dropped today on Disney+. But two in particular seem especially apt to describe the stylistic feast the artist has created. The first comes three minutes in: "Let Black be synonymous with joy." ... click to read more

China's Three Gorges Dam is one of the largest ever created. Was it worth it?
Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower project ever built. ... click to read more

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