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CNN Top Stories
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December 13, 2019

Chairman cuts off daylong debate on articles of impeachment over Republican objections. They're likely to get voted out of committee in a 10 am ET session
... click to read more

Trump tweets his defenders were 'fantastic yesterday'
... click to read more

Nadler suddenly ends impeachment hearing
... click to read more

See what made GOP congressman so angry
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler paused his committee's debate on articles of impeachment before final votes until the following morning, prompting howls of protest from Republicans after a session that had stretched more than 14 hours. ... click to read more

McConnell: 'No chance the President is going to be removed'
... click to read more

Analysis: What happened last night. What comes next
The House Judiciary Committee is now expected to vote Friday, likely on party lines, to send two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the House floor for consideration next week. ... click to read more

Lawmaker's personal retort to Gaetz draws laughter
Rep. Hank Johnson (D) took a not-so-subtle jab at his colleague, Rep. Matt Gaetz, after Gaetz criticized Hunter Biden's past struggles with substance abuse. ... click to read more

'Person of the Year' trolls Trump after he mocks her in tweet
When President Donald Trump mocked teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, she trolled him in response. CNN's Jeanne Moos wonders which one needs "anger management." ... click to read more

Boris Johnson won the election but he may struggle to keep the UK together
• Live Updates: What happens next? • Analysis: The risk of a nightmare Brexit for business hasn't gone away ... click to read more

We should all be appalled by Trump's Greta Thunberg tweet
• Michelle Obama to Greta Thunberg: 'Ignore the doubters' • Toobin: Trump's Thunberg attack is fair game • Trump again mocks teen climate activist ... click to read more

Another coastal storm will impact the East this weekend
Another coastal storm is taking shape in the East, making for a wet and icy weekend. ... click to read more

A shooting has been reported at a Georgia plant. Schools are on lockdown
Authorities say they're looking for a shooter after gunfire was reported at a food-service packaging plant in north Georgia, and area schools are on lockdown. ... click to read more

Judge extends order to keep 10-month-old on life-support, reports say
A Fort Worth judge has extended a temporary restraining order against a children's hospital that planned to take a 10-month-old girl off life-support, according to CNN affiliate KTVT. ... click to read more

'Peloton wife' actress says her face is to blame for backlash
The Peloton wife has spoken, and from now on, she'd like to be known as anything but the star of the ad that exploded the internet's collective brains. ... click to read more

Cuomo: Trump attacked a vulnerable kid on Twitter and GOP did nothing
CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out Republican lawmakers for their silence following President Trump's Twitter attack on 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. ... click to read more

Two killed in protests over controversial Indian citizenship bill
Hundreds of people joined a hunger strike in northeast India after a controversial citizenship bill was approved this week, which opponents worry will marginalize non-Hindu voices in one of India's most ethnically diverse regions. ... click to read more

Man who slapped reporter's backside on live TV apologizes
WSAV TV reporter Alex Bozarjian was reporting live from a race in Savannah, Georgia, when a runner hit her on her backside. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump's anti-Semitism order does not make me feel safer
President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to reinforce that Jewish people targeted through anti-Semitic acts can be covered under the federal civil rights laws that ban discrimination based on national origin. The administration says this is to protect us from people saying and doi... click to read more

Trump signs off in principle on tentative China trade deal agreement
US and Chinese negotiators have agreed in principle to the "phase one" trade deal, according to a person familiar with the talks. ... click to read more

LAPD officer charged after allegedly fondling a dead woman's breast
Los Angeles Police Department officer David Rojas was charged Thursday with one felony count of having sexual contact with human remains without authority, officials said, after he allegedly fondled a dead woman's breast. ... click to read more

Ex-NFL stars indicted for $3.9 million scam
Clinton Portis is among a group of former NFL players who were indicted for allegedly making $3.9 million in fraudulent claims to the NFL's health benefit plan for retirees. ... click to read more

An attorney went to a bar with friends in Atlanta last week and hasn't been seen since
A week after an attorney went missing following a night out with friends in Atlanta, police say they are still looking for him. ... click to read more

She sued Tinder, founded Bumble and now, at 30, is the CEO of a $3 billion dating empire
... click to read more

An octopus caught an eagle in a death grip. Salmon farmers helped the eagle survive
A team of salmon farmers are feeling pretty proud after they were able to rescue a bald eagle from an octopus off the northwest tip of Canada's Vancouver Island. ... click to read more

PGA golfer busted in Florida sex crime sting
PGA golfer Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey was among more than 100 people arrested over a six-day sex crime sting in Florida. ... click to read more

Woman finds 10-foot python in her Christmas tree
... click to read more

Ellen DeGeneres gives Oprah a run for her money
Ellen DeGeneres has enlisted a lot of celebrities to give away a ton of stuff to some deserving people this holiday season. ... click to read more

Topeka will pay you up to $15,000 to move there
... click to read more

Taylor Swift honors women and slams Scooter Braun in speech
... click to read more

Plane's crash landing caught on camera
Surveillance footage caught the moment a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a street in Phoenix. ... click to read more

Atlanta Braves stadium to get obscure new name
Atlanta Braves fans will soon be watching baseball at the Truist stadium in sports. ... click to read more

'80s pop icon was suicidal after diagnosis
Singer Huey Lewis says he was "suicidal" after being diagnosed with hearing loss. HLN's Melissa Knowles explains. ... click to read more

Microsoft reveals new console at Game Awards
Microsoft just unveiled its next generation video game console: The Xbox Series X. ... click to read more

How Fortnite changed Nintendo and GameStop forever
In the age of "Fortnite," video game companies have to make changes to the way they market and sell games. ... click to read more

He makes $500K per month playing video games
If you've heard of Fortnite, you've probably heard of Ninja -- the gaming world's biggest star. ... click to read more

GameStop's rough year continues with more weak earnings
GameStop's CEO said in September that it's in a "tough place." Things haven't changed. ... click to read more

The Nintendo Switch just had its best weekend ever. Here's why
The Nintendo Switch just had its best week of sales yet in the United States. ... click to read more

'Magic mushroom' ingredient could treat depression, study says
"Magic mushrooms" may have moved one step closer to becoming a treatment for depression. ... click to read more

New Zealand has ordered more than 1,290 square feet of skin for volcano victims
New Zealand has ordered 1,292 square feet of skin to treat patients injured in Monday's volcanic eruption on White Island, authorities said Wednesday. ... click to read more

Asking yourself 'What's the meaning of life?' may extend it
"What is the meaning of life?" ... click to read more

Student stabbed to death blocks from Manhattan college
An 18-year-old student at Barnard College was stabbed to death just blocks from the Manhattan school in an armed robbery on Wednesday, Barnard College President Sian Leah Beilock said. ... click to read more

The luxury yacht that turns into a submarine
It looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie, but this concept might just signal that the future of superyachts is sub-aquatic. ... click to read more

See salt truck plunge into Lake Michigan
Security footage captures the moment when a salt truck plunges into Chicago's Lake Michigan. The two men inside the truck managed to escape without incident. CNN affiliate WLS' Karen Jordan reports. ... click to read more

Hasbro rolls out official Baby Yoda toys
It's what we've all been waiting for. ... click to read more

Relief floods markets as uncertainty over trade and Brexit lift
Happy Friday. A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. ... click to read more

A hacker accessed a family's Ring security camera and told their 8-year-old daughter he was Santa Claus
Someone gained access to the Ring security camera of a Mississippi family and used the speaker feature to harass their 8-year-old daughter, telling her he was Santa Claus and encouraging her to destroy the room. ... click to read more

Lyft is rolling out a car rental service
Lyft has spent years battling Uber in the ride-hailing market. Now, it's taking on Hertz and Avis, too. ... click to read more

The woman who could beat Trump
If she were in the market for the job, it is now clear which Democrat would have the best chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020: Nancy Pelosi. ... click to read more

6 words that describe a 'real American'
"Six words describe a real American: 'Gee, I guess I was wrong.' When's the last time you said that within someone else's hearing?" ... click to read more

Hold Trump's top aides in contempt
House Democrats have already introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, because they believe they have the evidence they need. But without taking additional steps, they risk diminishing the House's oversight power in the long term. ... click to read more

Sound the alarm on deadly US-Russia threat
As I looked around the large square conference table, I watched the faces settle into worried frowns. Russians and Americans, several of whom once had responsibility for their nations' nuclear weapons, all members of the Dartmouth Conference, the oldest continual bi-lateral dialogue between America... click to read more

This is the silent political revolution of 2020
As the Democratic Primary kicks into high gear, it is increasingly clear that 2020 could give America a choice that it has not had since Richard Nixon resigned: An election that promises critical change to our political system. At least 7 of the remaining candidates in the Democratic primary have c... click to read more

The 'Love Actually'-esque holiday horror show
As if to prove a Christmas election can be even more painful than it sounds, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come out with a "Love Actually"-style campaign video. In the video posted to his Twitter page on Monday, Johnson is shown ringing a woman's doorbell, message boards underarm. He pro... click to read more

Lots of like, but little love for Cory Booker
The clock is ticking on Cory Booker's candidacy. He is barely registering in most polls and is struggling to make the December 19th debate stage for the Democratic primary because of it.​ Despite meeting the donor threshold to qualify, he has yet to register at least 4 percent in four early-state o... click to read more

Refi rates at 3.06% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?
... click to read more

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
... click to read more

The one stock for the death of the iPhone
... click to read more

Johnson has cleared an election hurdle. Now he faces a US-China balancing act
... click to read more

Corbyn: I will not lead party into next election campaign
Leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn announced that he will not lead his party into the next election. Corbyn spoke after winning his seat in the UK election. Corbyn's Labour party has suffered a disappointing night of results and exit polls project heavy losses. ... click to read more

Rapist on death row in India has unique argument for why he should be spared hanging
... click to read more

New Zealand eruption death toll rises
A specialist team recovered six bodies from White Island on Friday, days after the island's volcano erupted while a tour group was visiting. ... click to read more

ISIS claims responsibility for Niger attack
An attack on a military base in Niger has left 71 soldiers dead and 12 wounded, Defense Minister Issoufou Katambe said on Wednesday. ... click to read more

Survivor of the attack on a Jersey City kosher supermarket came face-to-face with shooter, reports say
When two shooters opened fire on a kosher supermarket in Jersey City on Tuesday, one person was able to escape. ... click to read more

Crews have finished removing 320,000 gallons of oil and water from overturned cargo ship
Crews have completed removing fuel from the Golden Ray, a cargo ship that has been overturned in St. Simons Sound off Georgia since early September, the St. Simons Sound Unified Command said Thursday. ... click to read more

FCC unanimously approves proposal for new 3-digit number as Suicide Prevention Hotline
The Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with plans to designate a three-digit number to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 988. ... click to read more

Boston Marathon bomber appeals his death sentence, alleging juror bias
The surviving Boston Marathon bomber who was sentenced to death for his role in the terror plot that killed four and left the city under siege in April 2013, is hoping his legal team's appeal will give him his life back. ... click to read more

The artificial glacier growing in the desert
... click to read more

England's oldest horse race is a curious tradition rich in history
... click to read more

10 most famous paintings in the world
... click to read more

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