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CNN Top Stories
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October 15, 2018

The President repeatedly highlighted the Saudi King's denial of involvement two weeks after a journalist entered a Saudi consulate and never emerged
President Donald Trump said Monday that Saudi Arabia's King Salman denied having any knowledge of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, even as questions continue to swirl in Washington about the Saudi regime's possible involvement in the Saudi journalist's disappearance. ... click to read more

Trump: Saudi King denies knowledge of Khashoggi
President Trump says he spoke with Saudi Arabia's King Salman, who denied any knowledge of what happened to missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi. ... click to read more

Analysis: Trump's HUGE 'denial' double standard
On Monday morning, President Donald Trump said he spoke with Saudi Arabia's King Salman about Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and left seemingly convinced that the Saudi government played no role in the reporter's disappearance in Turkey earlier this month. ... click to read more

Source: Saudis to allow search of consulate
Saudi Arabia has given Turkey permission to search its Istanbul consulate, nearly two weeks after journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing there, a Turkish diplomatic source told CNN's Clarissa Ward. ... click to read more

Here's who is still planning to attend Saudi's big conference
Some of the biggest names in US business and finance have canceled plans to attend a big investment conference in Saudi Arabia because of the unexplained disappearance of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. ... click to read more

Pressure on Mnuchin rises as top CEOs pull out of conference
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin still plans to go to Riyadh for a high-profile economic summit later this month, even as top bank executives and investors continued to drop out after the disappearance of a dissident Saudi journalist. ... click to read more

Opinion: How Trump set up the Saudi crisis
In Saudi Arabia in May 2017, President Donald Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and key members of the US Cabinet were treated to a royal, red carpet visit designed to appeal to Trump's fetish for being fawned over, featuring elaborate, ceremonial sword dances in a blinged out, opulent palace tha... click to read more

Warren's DNA never mattered to Trump
Of course it's come to this. ... click to read more

Trump offered Warren $1 million. Now, he says 'who cares?'
President Donald Trump, in response to Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA test results released Monday morning, said he "didn't say" that he would pay $1 million to Warren. ... click to read more

Analysis: What Warren's DNA test reveals
On Monday morning, we learned that Elizabeth Warren is probably-almost-definitely-I-mean-nothing-is-100-percent partially Native American. ... click to read more

Analysis: Why Elizabeth Warren is No. 1 in our new 2020 rankings
Even before the 2018 election, we already know one of the winners: Women. And Democratic women in particular. ... click to read more

World's priciest weapon faces criticism
The F-35 is the world's most expensive weapon system, but the jet has faced criticism for problems with the software, engines and systems. ... click to read more

Opinion: Trump on '60 Minutes': A master class in deception and denial
He delivered all the tired lines about "fake news" and the "very unfair" investigation into Russian election meddling. Once again, he complained about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and bragged that "I'm president and you're not." ... click to read more

Trump voter: He has no empathy
Independent voter Anthony Miles expresses regret for voting for President Trump in 2016, saying Trump doesn't have "empathy for anything." ... click to read more

Idaho commissioner pressured to resign after bragging about killing a family of baboons
Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Blake Fischer is in hot water over his account of a hunting trip to Africa, and former commissioners are now suggesting he resign. ... click to read more

Senator grabs phone after this question
Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) grabbed a constituent's phone after he asked a question about allegations of voter suppression in the state. ... click to read more

They summoned aid by spelling out 'HELP' with logs
Some residents trapped in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael sent out a satellite SOS. Lucky for them, their family got the message. ... click to read more

Crews search Hurricane Michael's ruins for 30 people
It's been five days since Hurricane Michael decimated Mexico Beach, Florida, and dozens of residents are still nowhere to be found. ... click to read more

Trumps take an aerial tour
... click to read more

Deficit balloons to highest level since 2012
The federal government is running up its credit bill again. ... click to read more

Global warming is drowning this region. Will voters choose a Republican to save it?
Rep. Carlos Curbelo's district is drowning. ... click to read more

Meghan and Harry expecting their first child
... click to read more

Kanye back on Twitter and raps from Uganda
It didn't take long for Kanye West to return to social media. ... click to read more

Several dead after floods hit southern France
Six people have died after flash flooding hit the Aude region of southern France, local officials said Monday. ... click to read more

Priscilla Chan's $61 billion mission
Priscilla Chan always knew her life's work would be helping children, but she didn't anticipate having billions of dollars at her disposal to try and change the fate of an entire generation. ... click to read more

White woman blocks black man from entering his home
A woman in St. Louis was fired from her job after a video went viral of her following a man around the apartment building they both live in and calling the police. ... click to read more

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson end engagement
The romance between "Sweetener" singer Ariana Grande and "SNL" performer Pete Davidson has turned sour. ... click to read more

Colorado to vote -- again -- on slavery
Next month, Colorado will vote on changing the language in its state constitution so that it no longer allows slavery as a form of punishment. Slavery is technically -- technically -- still legal in many states. ... click to read more

11 infant bodies found in ceiling
Eleven bodies of infants have been discovered in a drop ceiling of a former funeral home in Detroit. ... click to read more

Teresa Giudice and daughters post about Joe Giudice's planned deportation
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice is dealing with her husband's pending deportation. ... click to read more

NFL's biggest trash talker gets humbled
... click to read more

Scooter companies may have a loophole
City governments' tight control of scooter and e-bike rentals may be short lived. ... click to read more

It was a regular business meeting until this
In China, bank employees were startled when a giant python crashed a staff meeting as it fell from the ceiling. ... click to read more

50 Cent offers fighter $2 million to leave UFC
... click to read more

Mom uses body to shield baby during a hailstorm
A young mother in Australia acted as a human shield for her baby, protecting her from a severe hailstorm. ... click to read more

Magic Leap's new AI assistant looks human
The tech world's latest virtual assistant looks so realistic, you might mistake her for an actual human. ... click to read more

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2020
... click to read more

The store that changed America declares bankruptcy
Sears, the once-dominant retail chain that changed how Americans shopped and lived, has filed for bankruptcy. ... click to read more

It's a gift to Walmart and Home Depot
The battle for Sears customers is underway. Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Home Depot, and Best Buy are poised to capitalize from Sears' bankruptcy filing. ... click to read more

Craftsman, Prodigy and other Sears brands
A timeline of Sears' extraordinary history ... click to read more

Landlords across America are cheering
Landlords are telling Sears: Don't let the door hit you on the way out. ... click to read more

These Kmart and Sears stores are closing soon
Sears and Kmart's parent company filed for bankruptcy, and it plans to close 142 of its worst-performing stores. ... click to read more

15 airlines that no longer exist
In the little more than 100 years of commercial air travel, thousands of airlines have come and gone as casualties of oil prices, politics, mismanagement or financial loss. ... click to read more

17 hours in the air? World's longest airline routes
If you're already finding long-haul flights to be at the limits of human endurance, then assume the brace position -- some of the world's longest flying legs are about to get even longer. ... click to read more

Historic airliner trucked 300 miles to be a hotel bar
Drivers outside Boston along US interstate I-495 this week got a unique view of an iconic airplane that might very well belong in a museum. ... click to read more

Airlines with the best Wi-Fi and inflight tech
Plush seats and gourmet meals are all very well, but when it comes to jetting around the world, many of us have just three questions: Is there Wi-Fi? Where can I plug this in? And what movies have you got? ... click to read more

How to cope with jet lag
My watch tells me it's 7.30 p.m. My body believes it's the middle of the night. My brain doesn't care -- it's just frazzled from tiredness and travel. ... click to read more

Seven plus-size modeling pioneers
Only recently have brands and designers begun casting plus-size models. But this community was thriving long before "inclusivity" entered the collective vocabulary. Many of us remember wanting America's Next Top Model hopeful Toccara Jones to win as the first black plus-sized supermodel -- but what... click to read more

Watch Alyssa Milano's moving #MeToo video
Actress and activist Alyssa Milano released a video message that she recorded for her daughter to explain why she went forward with her own sexual assault story. ... click to read more

The vintage cars with a high-tech secret
While most vintage car enthusiasts seek to return vehicles to their former glory, Jonathan Ward prizes and preserves the beauty in their decay, while hiding some high tech secrets under the hood. ... click to read more

How Pressed Juicery fed the juice craze
The co-founder of Pressed Juicery swears by the lifestyle benefits of juice, but he didn't always feel that way. ... click to read more

This is the new frontier of home decorating
After four emails in about as many hours, I was almost certainly driving Lyndsi Lee crazy. ... click to read more

How to invest in real estate without buying a home
... click to read more

A tale of two first ladies
... click to read more

The power and perils of Poliwood
Poliwood -- the intersection of politics and Hollywood -- can be a powerful combination, capable of elevating policy debates and inspiring broad audiences. Unfortunately, it can also dumb us down to a nation of slack-jawed spectators. ... click to read more

Why world will go wild for Meghan and Harry's baby
... click to read more

Trump is doing Democrats a big favor
... click to read more

My unlikely Harvard story sheds light on race lawsuit
I grew up less than 30 minutes away from Harvard, but it might as well have been a world away. My world was small and static. Most of my friends were brown or poor like me, with some version of parents like mine -- blue-collar, hardworking immigrants. We went to the same after-school programs for "... click to read more

Saudi Arabia has a lot of cards to play vs. US
Every week, I offer a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States. Modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, or PDB, which the director of national intelligence prepares for the President almost daily, my Presidentia... click to read more

How to pay off your house ASAP (it's so simple)
... click to read more

Motley Fool issues rare "double down" buy alert
... click to read more

Transfer your debt and pay no interest until 2020
... click to read more

Rebranding Kevin McCarthy
Here are the stories our top political reporters are talking about in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast, where you get a glimpse of tomorrow's headlines today. ... click to read more

Behind the science (and art) of electoral forecasting
On Friday, CNN launched "The Forecast" -- Harry Enten's predictive model of what the heck is going to happen in the 2018 election. ... click to read more

Kanye and Taylor get political
In this week's State of the Cartoonion, Jake Tapper imagines a world where Kanye West and Taylor Swift step aside from their feud on the stage and take a more political route into the Oval Office. ... click to read more

Trump: James Mattis is 'sort of a Democrat'
President Donald Trump said in an interview with "60 Minutes" that he was unsure how long Defense Secretary James Mattis planned to stay in his administration. ... click to read more

Scientist: EPA changes are an effort to 'gut rules' that protect public
Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has appointed five new members of an independent committee that provides advice to the EPA on national air quality standards, replacing the current members, while reducing the amount of support it gets from other scientists, according to an agency statement a... click to read more

Former WeWork employee sues for sexual harassment, retaliation
A former employee at WeWork, the coworking community mecca, claims she was sexually assaulted at two company events and ultimately fired in retaliation for reporting the incidents, according to a new lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday. ... click to read more

Tech CEOs Dorsey and Benioff face-off over San Francisco homeless tax
Two of San Francisco's wealthiest tech leaders clashed on Twitter over the best way to address the city's homeless problem. ... click to read more

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