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CNN Top Stories
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April 10, 2021

A Marine Corps spokeswoman says there are a number of potential reasons a Marine may choose not to receive a vaccine, including waiting until it becomes mandatory
Nearly 40% of US Marines are declining Covid-19 vaccinations, according to data provided to CNN on Friday by the service, the first branch to disclose service-wide numbers on acceptance and declination. ... click to read more

Wearing masks could save at least 14,000 people from Covid-19 deaths by August, model predicts
An influential Covid-19 model has predicted the total number of US deaths from the virus by August 1, a number that researchers say will be impacted by how many Americans continue to wear masks as vaccinations continue. ... click to read more

Covid-19 long hauler describes relief after getting vaccine
Jessamyn Smyth, a Covid-19 long hauler, hopes that two Pfizer vaccine doses may be what finally delivers her from the lasting effects of a virus that wreaked chaos in her life. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has more ... click to read more

How to speak to someone who's hesitant to get vaccinated
As a pediatrician, Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez spends many of her days with nervous moms and dads listening to reasons why they're worried about their kids receiving vaccinations. ... click to read more

Key coronavirus model projects more than 618,000 Covid deaths in the US by August
... click to read more

Watch out for Covid-19 vaccines for sale on the dark web
Covid-19 vaccines are being sold on the dark web in exchange for bitcoin in a scam that preys on those desperate to secure a vaccine or passport. CNN's Anna Stewart reports. ... click to read more

Supreme Court again blocks California Covid restriction on religious activities
The Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote on Friday blocked another state Covid-19 restriction on religious services, with another late-night order, over protests from California officials that the limits affecting some Bible study sessions did not impinge on religious rights and were to be lifted within day... click to read more

Analysis: Red states are vaccinating at a lower rate than blue states
One of the biggest obstacles in America's race to vaccinate against the coronavirus has been that substantial proportions of certain groups choose not to vaccinate. ... click to read more

State GOP chairman Allen West falsely said Texas could secede from the US
• ADL calls on Fox News to fire Carlson over racist comments about 'replacement' theory • Texas GOP rolls out series of bills to restrict voting ... click to read more

The Queen has lost her 'strength and stay'
• A muted mourning for Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's longtime consort, as Covid changes funeral plans • Prince Philip's outbursts complicate his legacy • Opinion: Prince Philip was flawed. He was also family ... click to read more

The world's largest freshwater lake is under threat
Lake Baikal, Russia's 'Sacred Sea,' has been a lifeline for inhabitants of southern Siberia for thousands of years, thanks to its pristine water and rich fauna. ... click to read more

Volcano erupts for a second time on St. Vincent
A volcano on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean erupted, authorities reported Friday, sending ash plumes 20,000 feet into the air. ... click to read more

Inside Cup Foods, where it seems George Floyd never left
Walking up to Cup Foods, you pass the outline of a body drawn on the street. It shows where George Floyd took his last breath. ... click to read more

NRA CEO says he needed to take shelter on a yacht
Prosecutors are accusing the National Rifle Association (NRA) of exploiting the bankruptcy process to sidestep its growing legal troubles. CNN's Brynn Gingras has the details. ... click to read more

Wastewater from Piney Point has Tampa Bay on edge for possible red tide, algae bloom
Scientists are ramping up their efforts to track the nutrient-rich wastewater, contaminated by the Piney Point phosphogypsum stack, that's being dumping into Florida's Tampa Bay, as concern remains high that it could supercharge potential toxic algae blooms, including red tide. ... click to read more

'I think it's gross': Katie Hill on Gaetz using her name in op-ed
Former California Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned amid allegations of inappropriate relationships with campaign staffers, reacts to Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz invoking her name in an op-ed he wrote declaring he would not resign over allegations of violating sex trafficking... click to read more

Stolen Jefferson Davis' chair recovered and 2 people arrested
New Orleans Police have arrested two people in connection with the theft from an Alabama cemetery of a chair previously owned by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy. ... click to read more

Levi's CEO has a message for McConnell
President and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, weighs in on Georgia's new voting law and tells CNN's Poppy Harlow what the company is doing to ensure "fair and equal access to the polls." ... click to read more

DMX, rapper and actor, dies at 50
DMX, a rapper known as much for his troubles as his music, has died, his family announced in a statement. He was 50. ... click to read more

Four gray whales have been found dead in California's Bay Area within eight days
Gray whales are visible just twice a year in California as they migrate from the southern tip of the West Coast up toward Alaska and back again. They delight residents as they appear briefly in coastal waters before returning to the open ocean. ... click to read more

What's behind the recent violence in Northern Ireland?
For over a week, riots have marred the streets across five cities and towns in Northern Ireland. Cars and a bus have been hijacked and burned, young people have thrown petrol bombs at police, and at least 74 officers have been injured. ... click to read more

'You think I'm racist': Former Fox News host storms off camera
Former Fox News host Eric Bolling exited a live BBC interview after getting into a heated exchange over boycotts of Georgia-based businesses that have opposed the state's new, restrictive voter laws. ... click to read more

Giants fan throws ceremonial first pitch 10 years after a near-fatal attack
Bryan Stow triumphantly held up a baseball before throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the San Francisco Giants' home opener Friday. ... click to read more

This 'Lord of the Rings' adaptation is barely recognizable
Russia's Channel Five digitized and posted a 1991 adaptation of "The Fellowship of the Ring" that already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. ... click to read more

Si Woo Kim breaks putter in frustration, forced to putt with wood at the Masters
All amateur golfers have been there: Hit a bad shot or miss a putt and you want to slam your club to the ground in frustration. ... click to read more

The 'Rain Man' of golf who amazed even the greats of the game
Dubbed golf's "Rain Man," Moe Norman didn't fit into the sport's traditional mold. Norman was known for his funky clothing, eccentric personality and highly distinctive swing which even the greats of the game admired. ... click to read more

How to help siblings get along better
Sibling rivalry is often taken as an unexamined fact of family life -- as much a part of parenting as potty training or bedtime stories. ... click to read more

Scientists will study brain of former NFL player who police say killed five people then took his own life
The brain of a former NFL player who police said shot and killed five people before taking his own life will be studied by researchers at Boston University, officials said Friday. ... click to read more

Pentagon police officer charged in shooting deaths in Maryland
A Pentagon police officer was charged with two counts of second-degree murder Friday in the shooting deaths of two men in Maryland this week, authorities said. ... click to read more

Biden on gun reform: If I could get 1 thing, it would be this
In his address calling for gun policy reform, President Biden said Congress should ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines as well as end immunity for gun manufacturing companies that prevents them from being sued. ... click to read more

Opinion: I was apathetic about gun violence -- until my 6-year-old son was killed
For a few days, the news focuses on coverage of whatever the most recent shooting is and the devastation it caused the families and communities. But like with most horrific stories, the majority of people will move on with their lives, unaware (or disbelieving) that the same violence could happen i... click to read more

NASA's Artemis program will land the first person of color on the moon
The Artemis program will land the first person of color on the moon, according to NASA. The new goal for the program, which seeks to land the first woman and the next man on at the lunar south pole by 2024, comes from the Biden-Harris administration. ... click to read more

The Ingenuity helicopter will fly on Mars this weekend. What to expect
The Ingenuity helicopter is preparing for its historic flight on Mars this weekend. The first powered, controlled flight on another planet will take place Sunday at 12:30 p.m. local Mars solar time, or about 10:54 p.m. ET. ... click to read more

NASA releases stunning new images from Mars
NASA provides an update on Perseverance rover's "firsts" and milestones so far, as well as what's next. ... click to read more

Hometown pitcher throws the first no-hitter in San Diego Padres history
Pitcher Joe Musgrove tossed the first no-hitter in Padres franchise history on Friday night, as San Diego defeated the Texas Rangers 3-0 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. ... click to read more

In pictures: Paying respects to Prince Philip
Tributes are pouring in for the late Prince Philip. ... click to read more

Whoops! Couple accidentally defaces $500,000 painting
A couple at a Seoul art gallery defaced a painting estimated to be worth $500,000 after they mistook it as a participatory artwork. Here's what the artist has to say about it. ... click to read more

The grandmothers around the world sharing their best recipes
It's an experience most of us have had while traveling. ... click to read more

Inside the cottage industry popping up around SpaceX
For a few hours one recent Saturday, Jack Beyer stood on the roof of his Land Rover, watching as SpaceX employees toiled under a 160-foot-tall silver rocket prototype that towered like an otherworldly visitor over the otherwise barren landscape. ... click to read more

Bitcoin's popularity could be terrible for the environment
Bitcoin's soaring popularity could have a long-lasting negative effect on the environment. ... click to read more

Starbucks' experimental new cup costs extra, but it's worth it
Starbucks is launching an experimental "borrow a cup" program at select locations in its hometown, Seattle. ... click to read more

Samsung has five new budget smartphones — here's how they all compare
... click to read more

The best sales to shop this weekend: Casper, Sephora and more
... click to read more

This $15 exfoliating towel is the best thing to happen to showers
... click to read more

Spanx's bestselling moto leggings are half off for one day only
... click to read more

34 Asian-owned brands you'll wish you knew about sooner
... click to read more

It's 2021, you should own a printer: This is our favorite
... click to read more

Is a password manager worth it? Absolutely. Here's the best one
... click to read more

Grandmillennial is the latest decor trend: Here's what to know
... click to read more

Shop these beauty buys at Sephora's Spring Savings Event
... click to read more

26 of the coolest home essentials at Amazon under $100
... click to read more

Earn a whopping 80k bonus with a Chase Sapphire Preferred card
... click to read more

Rewards members: Score an extra 30% off with this Kohl's coupon
... click to read more

The problem with Joe Manchin
President Joe Biden has a Sen. Joe Manchin problem. Following the passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the Democrat from West Virginia is starting to exert more of his legislative muscle. As Biden attempts to move forward with his ambitious infrastructure package, Manchin is threateni... click to read more

The pipeline that President Biden needs to stop
By the Mississippi River headwaters -- the mighty river running through the center of our country and powering much of Minnesota -- is a small, clear stream. Its bends hold marshy reeds surrounded by towering pines. It's one of the places where traffic noise is a rarity and the forest looms large. ... click to read more

DMX was a Gen X icon. His legacy will live on
The death of hip-hop artist Earl "DMX" Simmons at the age of 50 represents not just an occasion for mourning, but one of celebration and commemoration for the iconic rapper who culled soaring artistry from personal trauma and grief. A Generation X impresario who burst onto the scene during the Clin... click to read more

Biden's infrastructure plan could score big points
Nobody owns the American suburbs. While Democrats dominate in big cities and Republicans prevail in rural parts of the country, neither party can lay complete claim to suburban areas. ... click to read more

The new lies Tucker Carlson and the GOP
"Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening," President Donald Trump told veterans in 2018, referring to the media's criticisms of his administration. It was one of more than 30,000 documented falsehoods told by the then-President, the biggest being the Big ... click to read more

The danger of a giant Covid belly flop
As more and more vaccinations are administered in the US, the Covid-19 story, which once was nothing more than a tale of enormous tragedy, now has a new plotline: how best to return to normal. A key element of this latter story arc is the poorly understood concept of "herd immunity." ... click to read more

What Pence knows about Donald Trump
With so many Trump-related books already on the shelf, publishing houses have reached the point where perhaps the only author still worth hearing from would be the fly that landed on former Vice President Mike Pence's head during his debate with now Vice President Kamala Harris. Absent the fly, Sim... click to read more

Politically Sound: What Schoolhouse Rock didn't teach you
... click to read more

Political Briefing: The politics of cancel culture
... click to read more

Axe Files: Former MLB commissioner Bud Selig
... click to read more

The Point: Why Thursday explains America's gun debate
... click to read more

The easiest way to supervise your kids online
... click to read more

50% Off - Sonoma Valley: Wine & Relaxation Await
... click to read more

2 minutes could save over $40K on your refi
... click to read more

Her babies taken, this Indigenous woman died alone in a police cell — the victim of a problem Australia can't seem to fix
Rebecca Maher didn't get to hold her youngest child. ... click to read more

Canada's third wave on track to become its worst yet as hospitalizations spike
Canada's third wave of the pandemic is now more serious than the previous two, as hospitalizations and critical care admissions spike and the vaccine rollout is unlikely to change things over the next few weeks. ... click to read more

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