"Englewood Amateur Radio Society Hunts for the 'Fox' in Ann Dever Park

February 12, 2024 at 2:50 p.m.


Members of the Englewood Amateur Radio Society got together at Ann Dever Park during the afternoon of Saturday, January 13, to find a “Fox” during a club Fox Hunt Exercise. This particular “Fox” was a tiny transmitter hidden in the woods at Oyster Creek Park and the objective was to locate it by picking up its radio signal, using a directional receiving antenna to get a bearing to where it was. Two or three receivers spaced well apart would then triangulate their headings on a map to start the hunters in the right direction. The fox was hidden twice and everyone found it at least once! There was a nice array of equipment, ranging from a paper clip antenna to a cubical quad. It really did appear that a fun time was had by all. This was the first of many exercises in hidden transmitter location that will happen this year. The skills being honed here may come in handy for locating missing persons. Pictured here are (l-r): Steve Bishop, KM4GX, Steve Froggatt, KN4NFX, Bob McCallister, KN4RKE, Mike Reid, N3MR, Matthew Henry, KE4VEM, Jim Porter, KA8PBA, Steve Malone, KN4YIV, Shirley Duke, KN4YIU, Bob Bowes, KC1MAM, Herman Hoffman, WA9LFQ, and Kelly Combes, WO4KAC.