Leadership Englewood Announces 2024 Legacy Project

January 29, 2024 at 8:55 p.m.

Leadership Englewood is thrilled to announce its 2024 legacy project – an inspiring First Responders Memorial set to be located at Veterans Park, 641 W Dearborn Street. 

The 2024 legacy project reflects Leadership Englewood’s commitment to community service and acknowledges the vital role played by first responders in safeguarding and enriching the lives of Englewood residents. The memorial will stand as a lasting tribute to their dedication, courage, and sacrifice. “This project represents more than a monument; it symbolizes our collective gratitude and recognition for the brave men and women who selflessly serve our community as first responders,” Leadership Englewood Class of 2024’s President Barbara Wastart said. “We believe this memorial will serve as a powerful reminder of their sacrifices and inspire a sense of unity and appreciation within our community.” Fire Chief Kevin Easton’s support and vision makes the First Responders Memorial exemplary of the commitment, dedication and sacrifice first responders undertake in the community. The memorial’s chosen location at Veterans Park on Dearborn adds a poignant layer to the project, emphasizing the interconnectedness of those who have served in both military and first responder capacities. The site will be carefully curated to create a serene and reflective space, inviting community members to pay their respects and connect with the stories of local heroes. Leadership Englewood encourages local businesses and community members to get involved in supporting this significant endeavor. As the project takes shape, there will be various opportunities for sponsorship, volunteerism, and engagement. Stay tuned for updates on how you can contribute to this meaningful tribute to first responders. For more information about Leadership Englewood and the 2024 legacy project, please visit Leadership Englewood’s Facebook page or contact Jessica Orlando at [email protected].