Secret Smoked Mullet Society honors community leaders

May 16, 2024 at 1:43 p.m.

Kathy and Charlie Hicks


On May 10, the Englewood Chamber honored those who have had a significant impact on the Englewood community at the 2024 Secret Society of Smoked Mullet Luncheon. Members of the community, along with past award recipients, gathered at The Hills to celebrate the winner. Last year’s Smoked Mullet recipient, Carolyn Pope, had the pleasure of presenting the Smoked Mullet Award to Leo Pfliger. Leo grew up in Englewood and now runs a successful construction company. When help is needed in the community, like moving the Green Street Church, Leo always says “Yes”. Nothing seems to be too big or too small for Leo to tackle. The Smoked Mullet Award was started in 1996 to recognize an individual who helped create the Englewood of today and who has never been recognized with an award for their hard work and dedication.

Carolyn Pope and Leo Pfliger 


Carolyn Pope, the 2023 Smoked Mullet recipient, had the privilege of presenting Leo Pfliger with the 2024 Smoked Mullet Award.

The Hicks Family was awarded The Legends Award, and Charlie and Kathy Hicks were on hand to accept the award. The Hicks family moved to Englewood in 1947 from Polk County, Fla. Charlie’s father and uncle bought the land where Stump Pass Marina is today and cleared the land by hand and dug out the boat basin. He went to high school in Venice and also worked for Scott’s Outboard and Repair and learned boat motor mechanics. Eventually he went to work for Delta Airlines. Today Charlie is active with the Lemon Bay Historical Society and the Englewood Methodist Church. Legends Award honors historic families of the area who contributed to the settlement and growth of the area. 

Pictured above are the previous Smoked Mullet Award winners: In back (l-r): Carolyn Pope (2023), Charlie Hicks (2013), Eric Fogo (2022), David Dignam (2007), and Fred Beck (2016). Seated in front (l-r): Gary Schroeder (2018), Larry Nicole (2012), Leo Pfliger (2024), Tom Dignam (2005), Nancy Willie (2021) and Esther Horton (2015).